1. 1bc55fa bug 264281 - Run Cleanup Source by dacarver · 15 years ago
  2. 54bae8a Added accessibility rules and XSLMarkupValidator. This could be used to help compile and validate the XPaths for as you type Validation. by dacarver · 16 years ago
  3. a82f012 Fixed auto completion proposal. by dacarver · 16 years ago
  4. 213ddd9 adjust access rules to work around PDE limitation (may be specific only to IBM JRE? Not sure.) by david_williams · 16 years ago
  5. a89978d Cleaned up and fixed issue with content assist. by dacarver · 16 years ago
  6. 20450cd Added basic content proposal support for XSLT. by dacarver · 16 years ago
  7. 88e9b51 initial checkin by david_williams · 17 years ago