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  1. e07f6a8 Bug 577447 - Version bumps for 4.23 stream by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 2 days ago master I20211126-0740 I20211126-1800 I20211127-1800
  2. 1c41e8a Bug 577442 - POM and product version change for 4.23 release by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 3 days ago I20211126-0230
  3. 2002e54 Bug 577278 - Readme file for 4.22 by Sarika Sinha · 4 days ago R4_22_maintenance I20211124-0600 I20211124-1800 S4_22_0_RC2
  4. 89f0bd6 Bug 577278 - Readme file for 4.22 by Sarika Sinha · 11 days ago I20211117-1830 I20211119-1800 I20211120-0600 I20211120-1800 I20211121-0600 I20211121-1800 I20211122-0820 I20211122-1800 I20211123-0600 I20211123-0750 I20211123-1800 S4_22_0_RC1
  5. 8a0cf70 Bug 531057 - Updating the org.eclipse.test plug-in to Java 11 by Lars Vogel · 3 weeks ago I20211103-1800 I20211104-1800 I20211105-1800 I20211106-0600 I20211106-1800 I20211107-0600 I20211107-1800 I20211108-0620 I20211108-1800 I20211109-0720 I20211109-0840 I20211109-1800 I20211110-0600 I20211110-0750 I20211110-1800 I20211111-0910 I20211112-2030 I20211113-0600 I20211113-1800 I20211114-0600 I20211114-1800 I20211115-0600 I20211116-0000 I20211116-0600 I20211116-1800 I20211117-0600 I20211117-0920 S4_22_0_M3
  6. c30d488 Bug 576895 - Fix pgp.trustedPublicKeys property by Mickael Istria · 4 weeks ago I20211029-1800 I20211030-1800 I20211031-1800 I20211101-1800 I20211102-1020 I20211102-1800 I20211103-0020
  7. 6937f65 Bug 576895 - Trust Eclipse Platform PGP signature by default by Mickael Istria · 4 weeks ago I20211028-1800
  8. ccb19c0 Fix o.e.test.performance.win32 bundle name by Alexander Kurtakov · 7 weeks ago I20211012-1800 I20211013-1800 I20211014-1800 I20211015-1800 I20211016-1800 I20211017-1800 I20211018-1800 I20211019-1800 I20211020-1800 I20211021-1800 I20211022-0130 I20211022-0920 I20211022-1800 I20211023-1800 I20211024-1800 I20211025-1800 I20211026-1800 I20211027-1800
  9. 0adb3b6 Bug 513735 - Add new Launch Configuration View Plug-in for platform.debug by Markus Duft · 9 weeks ago I20211001-1800 I20211002-0220 I20211002-1800 I20211003-1800 I20211004-2030 I20211005-1800 I20211006-1800 I20211007-0350 I20211007-1800 I20211008-1800 I20211009-1800 I20211010-1800 I20211011-1800
  10. 8176ad3 Bug 498252 - Migrate the e4 spies to PDE by Ed Merks · 10 weeks ago I20210923-1800 I20210924-0200 I20210924-1800 I20210925-0600 I20210925-1800 I20210926-0600 I20210926-1800 I20210927-0600 I20210927-1800 I20210928-0600 I20210928-1800 I20210929-0600 I20210929-1800 S4_22_0_M1
  11. 4f6aa9f Revert "Revert "Bug 575888 - Publish Eclipse 4.21 to maven central"" by Kit Lo · 2 months ago I20210915-0150 I20210915-0510 I20210915-0700 I20210915-1800 I20210916-1800 I20210916-2150 I20210917-0000 I20210917-1800 I20210918-1800 I20210919-0120 I20210919-1800 I20210920-1800 I20210921-1800 I20210922-1800
  12. 9d5fe46 Revert "Bug 575888 - Publish Eclipse 4.21 to maven central" by Kit Lo · 2 months ago
  13. 5d399b6 Bug 575888 - Publish Eclipse 4.21 to maven central by Kit Lo · 3 months ago I20210910-1800 I20210911-1800 I20210913-2050 I20210914-1800
  14. 007e277 Bug 575888 - Publish Eclipse 4.21 to maven central by Kit Lo · 3 months ago
  15. 1600278 Bug 575888 - Publish Eclipse 4.21 to maven central by Kit Lo · 3 months ago
  16. e863165 Bug 575793 - Version bumps for 4.22 stream by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 3 months ago I20210908-1800 I20210909-1800
  17. bc731f5 Bug 575782 - POM and product version change for 4.22 release by Kit Lo · 3 months ago I20210906-0610 I20210906-0820 I20210906-1000 I20210906-1800 I20210907-1800
  18. 54b48b2 Bug 575583 - Readme file for 4.21 by Sarika Sinha · 3 months ago R4_21_maintenance I20210825-0600 I20210825-1800 I20210827-1800 I20210828-0600 I20210828-1800 I20210829-0600 I20210829-1800 I20210830-0600 I20210830-1800 I20210831-0600 I20210831-1800 I20210901-0600 I20210901-1800 I20210906-0500 R4_21 S4_21_0_RC1 S4_21_0_RC1a S4_21_0_RC2 S4_21_0_RC2a Y20210826-0800 Y20210831-0840 Y20210901-0420 Y20210902-0350 Y20210902-0850 Y20210903-0800 Y20210904-0800 Y20210906-0920 Y20210907-0800 Y20210907-0830 Y20210908-0800 Y20210909-0800 Y20210910-0800 Y20210911-0800 Y20210912-0800 Y20210913-0800 Y20210914-0800 Y20210914-1110 Y20210914-1140
  19. ed6ce74 Bug 575375 - Update scm links in pom files to use https protocol by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 months ago I20210812-1800 I20210813-1800 I20210814-0600 I20210814-1800 I20210815-0600 I20210815-1800 I20210816-0600 I20210816-1800 I20210817-0600 I20210817-1840 I20210818-0600 I20210818-1250 I20210818-1800 I20210820-1800 I20210821-0600 I20210821-1800 I20210822-0600 I20210822-1800 I20210823-0600 I20210823-1800 I20210824-0600 I20210824-1800 S4_21_0_M3 Y20210812-0800 Y20210813-0710 Y20210817-0500 Y20210817-1030 Y20210818-0520 Y20210819-0340 Y20210819-0800 Y20210820-0230 Y20210822-0440 Y20210824-0840 Y20210824-0940
  20. 13133e1 Bug 574602 - Eclipse 4.21 prerequisites: Orbit by Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti · 4 months ago I20210729-0050 I20210729-1800 I20210730-1800 I20210804-0930 I20210804-1800 I20210805-1800 I20210806-1800 I20210807-1800 I20210808-1800 I20210809-1800 I20210810-1800 I20210811-1800 Y20210729-0800 Y20210730-0530 Y20210804-1030 Y20210805-0800 Y20210810-0500 Y20210810-0820