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2<cheatsheet title="Utilize custom extension">
3 <intro>
4 <description>
5 This cheat sheet will demonstrate how to extend the example plug-in by adding a custom extesion using PDE.
6 <br/>
7 <br/>
8 To learn more about using cheat sheets, click the help button
9 in the top right corner (?).
10 </description>
11 </intro>
12 <item title="Open the plug-in development perspective" dialog="false" skip="true" href="/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tools/views/views.htm">
13 <description>
14 To open the plug-in development perspective,
15 select <b>Window-&gt;Open Perspective-&gt;Other...</b>
16 and choose <b>Plug-in Development</b>.
17 <br/>
18 <br/>
19 Alternatively, click the following button to perform the task.
20 </description>
21 <command serialization="org.eclipse.ui.perspectives.showPerspective(org.eclipse.ui.perspectives.showPerspective.perspectiveId=org.eclipse.pde.ui.PDEPerspective)" confirm="false">
22 </command>
23 </item>
24 <item title="Create a new plug-in" dialog="true" skip="false" href="/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tools/project_wizards/new_plugin_project.htm">
25 <description>
26 To create the plug-in perform the following steps
27 </description>
28 <subitem label="Select &quot;File-&gt;New-&gt;Project...&quot; from the main menu, expand the &quot;Plug-in Development&quot; category within the resulting &quot;New Project&quot; dialog box, and choose &quot;Plug-in Project&quot;" skip="true">
29 <command serialization="org.eclipse.ui.newWizard(newWizardId=org.eclipse.pde.ui.NewProjectWizard)" confirm="false">
30 </command>
31 </subitem>
32 <subitem label="Input &quot;org.eclipsecon.browser.extension&quot; into the &quot;Project Name&quot; text box" skip="false">
33 </subitem>
34 <subitem label="Accept the rest of the default preloaded values on the &quot;Plug-in Project&quot; page and click &quot;Next &gt;&quot;" skip="false">
35 </subitem>
36 <subitem label="Accept the default preloaded values on the &quot;Plug-in Content&quot; page and click &quot;Finish&quot;" skip="false">
37 </subitem>
38 </item>
39 <item title="Define a useful links extension" dialog="true" skip="false" href="/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tools/editors/manifest_editor/extensions.htm">
40 <description>
41 To define a view extension, perform the following steps:
42 </description>
43 <subitem label="Select the &quot;Extensions&quot; tab of the Manifest Editor (which should open automatically)" skip="false">
44 </subitem>
45 <subitem label="Click the &quot;Add&quot; button in the &quot;All Extensions&quot; section, to open the &quot;New Extension&quot; wizard" skip="false">
46 </subitem>
47 <subitem label="Deselect the checkbox labeled &quot;Show only extension points from the required plug-ins&quot;" skip="false">
48 </subitem>
49 <subitem label="Select &quot;org.eclipsecon.browser.usefulLinks&quot; from the &quot;Extension Points&quot; list box and click &quot;Finish&quot;" skip="false">
50 </subitem>
51 <subitem label="Select &quot;Yes&quot; when prompted &quot;Do you want to add plug-in org.eclipsecon.browser, declaring the usefulLinks extension point, to the list of plug-in dependencies?&quot;" skip="false">
52 </subitem>
53 </item>
54 <item title="Add new link object" dialog="false" skip="true" href="/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tools/editors/manifest_editor/extensions.htm">
55 <description>
56 To add an additional link object, perform the following steps:
57 </description>
58 <subitem label="Select &quot;org.eclipsecon.browser.usefulLinks&quot; in the list box under &quot;All Extensions&quot; heading in the &quot;Extensions&quot; page" skip="false">
59 </subitem>
60 <subitem label="Right-click and select &quot;New-&gt;linkObject&quot; from the context menu" skip="false">
61 </subitem>
62 <subitem label="Replace the content of the &quot;name&quot; text box under &quot;Extension Element Details&quot; with &quot;Eclipse Articles&quot;" skip="false">
63 </subitem>
64 <subitem label="Replace the content of the &quot;link&quot; text box with &quot;;" skip="false">
65 </subitem>
66 <subitem label="Replace the content of the &quot;description&quot; text box with &quot;Web site to find eclipse related articles&quot;" skip="false">
67 </subitem>
68 <subitem label="Select &quot;File-&gt;Save&quot; from the main menu" skip="false">
69 </subitem>
70 </item>
71 <item title="Test the plug-in" dialog="false" skip="false" href="/org.eclipse.pde.doc.user/guide/tools/launchers/eclipse_application_launcher.htm">
72 <description>
73 To test your Eclipse plug-in inside a target Eclipse platform,
74 perform the following steps:
75 </description>
76 <subitem label="Select the &quot;Overview&quot; tab of the Manifest Editor" skip="true">
77 <command serialization="org.eclipse.ui.navigate.openResource(filePath=/org.eclipsecon.browser.extension/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF)" confirm="false">
78 </command>
79 </subitem>
80 <subitem label="Click the &quot;Launch an Eclipse application&quot; hyperlink under the &quot;Testing&quot; heading" skip="false">
81 </subitem>
82 <subitem label="Select &quot;Window-&gt;Show View-&gt;Other...&quot; from the main menu in the newly launched Eclipse platform" skip="false">
83 </subitem>
84 <subitem label="Select &quot;EclipseCon&gt;Links&quot; and click the &quot;OK&quot; button" skip="false">
85 </subitem>
86 <subitem label="Note the &quot;Eclipse Homepage&quot; and &quot;Eclipse Articles&quot; links under the &quot;Useful Links&quot; section in the Links view" skip="false">
87 </subitem>
88 <subitem label="Select &quot;File-&gt;Exit&quot; from the main menu to exit the target Eclipse platform" skip="false">
89 </subitem>
90 </item>