UMLRT RTS Model Library update

Changes for Bug 476238: Directions corrected.
Changes for Bug 476237:
Rename "UMLRTTimerProtocol" to "Timing"
Rename "UMLRTLogProtocol" to "Log"
Rename "UMLRTFrameProtocol" to "Frame"
Move "Timing", "Log", and "Frame" protocols to the root of the model
Create a new "Internal" package at the root  of the model library and
move the "UMLRTBaseCommProtocol" to it.

Added changes to ComputerSystem Test model so it can generate.

Change-Id: I9da1f4c806b62d1a8aa01d5c46ff32e587592e00
Signed-off-by: Charles Rivet <>
4 files changed