Initial commit to the PapyrusRT repository.

This is the initial commit as submitted to CQ 9646.

The repository contains two top-level folders:

- codegen: the code-generator
- rts: the run-time system

Also-by: Andrew Eidsness, Zeligsoft contractor,,
Barry Maher, Zeligsoft contractor,, Ernesto Posse,
Zeligsoft,, Tim McGuire, Zeligsoft,, Young-Soo Roh, Zeligsoft,,
Toby McClean, Zeligsoft,, Charles Rivet, Zeligsoft,, Andreas Henriksson, Ericsson,, Akos Horvath, IncQuery Labs,, Gabor Batori, Ericsson,, Abel Hegedus, IncQuery Labs,, Denes Harmath, IncQuery Labs,
Signed-off-by: Ernesto Posse <>
615 files changed
tree: a4db64a8e3fcf6166ac7b038a55c5312a5a13005
  1. codegen/
  2. epl-v10.html
  3. notice.html
  4. pom.xml
  5. rts/