[runtime] add initial changes to support cygwin

pthread_mutex_timedwait is not supported on cygwin, so
an alternate implementation of UMLRTMutex is required.

This version has manifested two known problems to date:

1. Bug 469428: On Linux, deadlock appeared to occur, resulting in
two threads waiting on the UMLRTMutexGuard associated with the
RTS global lock mutex - one thread while giving the global lock, 
one thread while taking the global lock.

2. Bug 469429: On Windows, (cygwin version) the rts-computer test 
model crashes shortly after de-registering the ComputerStatus
service port.

Change-Id: I7399febb290f97aac3e8abfc3b1d627480d5e87b
Signed-off-by: Barry Maher <bmaher@gpinc.ca>
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