Bug 514192: Target Platform for Neon has incorrect version for extras

Ensure that all plug-ins and features can be built using just

    mvn clean verify

at the root of the git workspace with Maven 3.3.9.  This includes
updating the 'release' TPs, which are the default, and certain
details of POMs:

* root POM needs to add the profile module (new since 0.9)
* RTS POM needs to not try the 'make' on non-Linux platforms
* xtumlrt Xtext POM requires git checkout in a 'source' directory
  which is only done on the build server


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How to build


Components in this project are built using Maven and its Tycho plugins for the build of Eclipse artifacts. To build locally, simply execute the command line in the root directory:

mvn clean verify

By default the build will be done using the latest Papyrus and Eclipse Nightly target platform. By default it will build tooling, profile, core, migration, cpp, common and junit tests

Specific profiles have been created to be run from Hudson Jobs:

Hudson Profiles

core , tooling , codegen

Those profiles build sub repos and java modules for the 3 main parts . For example the profile "core" builds core, common, profile, cpp and the oeprt.core.p2

To activate those profile launch the following :

mvn clean verify -Pcore
mvn clean verify -Ptooling

(not yet in place)

mvn clean verify -Pcodegen

By default the Target platform for those profile will be the nightly Papyrus, and the required Papyrus RT sub P2. For example: Tooling depends on core, thus the TP for the "tooling" profile will include "oeprt.core.p2"


This profile will build all the releng part of the Papyrus RT project:

  • oeprt.rcp
  • oeprt.feature
  • oeprt.p2
  • oeprt.product
  • oeprt.rcptt

This is run by the last job in charge of the industrialization, and itself triggered by the component jobs:

mvn clean verify -Preleng

core-gerrit, profile-gerrit, ...

The gerrit profiles are used by the gerrit jobs (one per component)

The TP for the gerrit jobs is common for all the components: and is based on the main p2 built during the industrialization phase: oeprt.p2

Some examples:

mvn clean verify -Pprofile-gerrit
mvn clean verify -Pcpp-gerrit
mvn clean verify -Pmigration-gerrit
mvn clean verify -Ptooling-gerrit


For the time being, Codegen is not symmetric compare to the tooling part. To build Codegen, you should run maven from the "org.eclipse.papyrus-rt/releng/codegen/" location and run the following command:

mvn clean verify -Prelease
mvn clean verify -Pmilestone

mvn clean verify -Pnightly

# Override Target platform # If you want to build the different profiles based on another Target Platform, you have to override the property <eclipse.targetrelease> with the appropriate value: *neon.core => TP with Papyrus nightly only *neon.tooling => TP with Papyrus nightly + Last core p2 *neon.rt.included => TP with Papyrus Nightly + All Papyrus RT Nightly *neon.releng => TP with Papyrus Nightly + Last Core P2 + Last Codegen P2 + Last Tooling P2 *neon.papyrusmilestones => TP with Papyrus Milestones *neon.papyrusreleases => TP with Papyrus Release *neon.papyrusnightly => TP with Papyrus Nightly To override a property the following command line option is availble:

mvn clean verify -Declipse.targetrelease=neon.rt.included

# Remarks and known issues # ## Known Issues ## When launching the Junit tests on a windows machine you could meet the following error: [ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-surefire-plugin:0.25.0:test (default-test) on project org.eclipse.papyrusrt.umlrt.profile.tests: Unable to parse configuration of mojo org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-surefire-plugin:0.25.0:test for parameter excludes: Cannot assign configuration entry 'excludes' with value '**/*AllTests.java' of type java.lang.String to property of type java.util.List -> [Help 1] This is probably a Tycho regression: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=496411