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Stephan Herrmann4c6c5002013-09-12 23:09:47 +02001Several bundles changed and need to be touched
Stephan Herrmann7a07c442020-03-10 14:14:45 +01002Bug 418646 - org.eclipse.jdt.core does not provide an artifact with classifier 'antadapter'
Stephan Herrmann607e1632019-12-02 22:31:36 +01003Bug 436266 - Use RC3 (plus) version of JDT compiler to build RC4
Stephan Herrmann7a07c442020-03-10 14:14:45 +01004Bug 551547 - The library org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.batch_*.jar should be signed
5Bug 549687 - Local ecj build has a SHA-256 digest error for org/eclipse/jdt/internal/compiler/apt/model/PackageElementImpl.class