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6 <title>JDT/Core Release Notes 3.2</title>
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13 <font size="+3"><b>jdt core - build notes 3.2 stream</b></font>
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21 Here are the build notes for the Eclipse JDT/Core plug-in project
22 <a href=""><b>org.eclipse.jdt.core</b></a>,
23 describing <a href="" target=new>bug</a> resolution and substantial changes in the <a href=""><b>HEAD</b></a> branch.
24 For more information on 3.2 planning, please refer to <a href="">JDT/Core release plan</a>,
25 the next <a href="">milestone plan</a>,
26 the overall <a href="">official plan</a>,
27 or the <a href="">build schedule</a>.
28 <!--
29 This present document covers all changes since Release 3.0 (also see a summary of <a href="">API changes</a>).
30 Older changes which occurred up to Release 3.0 can be found in
31 <a href="">build notes R2.1</a>.
32 -->
33 This present document covers all changes since Release 3.1 (also see a summary of <a href="">API changes</a>).
34 <br>Maintenance of previous releases of JDT/Core is performed in parallel branches:
35 <a href="">R3.1.x</a>,
36 <a href="">R3.0.x</a>,
37 <a href="">R2.1.x</a>,
38 <a href="">R2.0.x</a>,
39 <a href="">R1.0.x</a>.
40 </font>
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44<a name="v_671"></a>
46Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
47Java development tools core</h1>
48Eclipse SDK 3.2 - 6th June 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE (R3_2)
49<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_671
50(<a href="">cvs</a>).
51<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
53<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
54<a href="">145248</a>
55MD5 checksums missing for JDT Core Batch Compiler JARs
57<a name="v_670"></a>
59Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
60Java development tools core</h1>
61Eclipse SDK 3.2RC7 - 2nd June 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 7
62<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_670
63(<a href="">cvs</a>).
64<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
66<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
67<a href="">140879</a>
68Spontaneous error &quot;java.util.Set cannot be resolved...&quot;
70<a name="v_669"></a>
72Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
73Java development tools core</h1>
74Eclipse SDK 3.2RC7 - 2nd June 2006
75<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_669
76(<a href="">cvs</a>).
77<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
79<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
80<a href="">144504</a>
81JDT Core model JUnit tests fail when ordering of methods reversed
82<br><a href="">143718</a>
83[1.6][compiler] ClassFormatError : wrong stack map frame is used
85<a name="v_668"></a>
87Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
88Java development tools core</h1>
89Eclipse SDK 3.2RC6 - 26th May 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 6
90<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_668
91(<a href="">cvs</a>).
92<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
94<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
95<a href="">142793</a>
96NPE in core.dom.ASTConverter.createFakeEmptyStatement results in java.lang.OutOfMemory
97<br><a href="">142653</a>
98[1.5][compiler] JDT Internal Compiler Error: NullPointerException in MethodVerifier.computeInheritedMethods(), Eclipe 3.2RC4
100<a name="v_667"></a>
102Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
103Java development tools core</h1>
104Eclipse SDK 3.2RC5 - 19th May 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 5
105<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_667
106(<a href="">cvs</a>).
107<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
109<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
110<a href="">142087</a>
111[1.5][compiler] NPE in computeCompatibleMethod
112<br><a href="">141800</a>
113[1.5][compiler] Necessary cast is marked as "unnecessary" for cast check in 3.2RC4
114<br><a href="">141949</a>
115Missing usage restrictions specification
116<br><a href="">142001</a>
117[batch][options] Typo in help message
118<br><a href="">141797</a>
119Spelling mistakes in JDT error messages
120<br><a href="">141704</a>
121[1.5][compiler] Eclipse 3.2RC4 Doesn't recognize implemented method by abstract class
123<a name="v_666"></a>
125Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
126Java development tools core</h1>
127Eclipse SDK 3.2RC4 - 11th May 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 4
128<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_666
129(<a href="">cvs</a>).
130<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
132<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
133<a href="">139931</a>
134[1.5][compiler] Unnecessary cast warning and varargs
135<br><a href="">140569</a>
136[1.5][compiler] Ambiguous conversion from generic to parameterized/raw type confuses Eclipse's way of resolving unresolved binary references
137<br><a href="">141155</a>
138[1.5][compiler] Enum valueOf(String) method should not be final
139<br><a href="">127766</a>
140[1.5][compiler] inconsistent treatment of explicit subclasses of Enum
141<br><a href="">140750</a>
142java.lang.IllegalStateException: zip file closed on typing while &quot;Computing additional info&quot;
143<br><a href="">140318</a>
144AST: Invalid annotation binding for incomplete code
145<br><a href="">140873</a>
146No version range specified when requiring bundles
147<br><a href="">140643</a>
148[compiler] $foo() not found in anonymous type
149<br><a href="">140301</a>
150API documentation of CharOperation.camelCaseMatch/4 is wrong or misleading
152<a name="v_665"></a>
154Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
155Java development tools core</h1>
156Eclipse SDK 3.2RC3 - 5th May 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 3
157<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_665
158(<a href="">cvs</a>).
159<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
161<li>Reverting change for bug <a href="">140262</a>.
162 Note that ver665 is no longer used and has been removed from CVS.</li>
165<a name="v_664"></a>
167Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
168Java development tools core</h1>
169Eclipse SDK 3.2RC3 - 4th May 2006
170<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_664
171(<a href="">cvs</a>).
172<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
174<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
175<a href="">140168</a>
176Ambiguous Failure in Connection with Varargs
178<a name="v_663"></a>
180Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
181Java development tools core</h1>
182Eclipse SDK 3.2RC3 - 4th May 2006
183<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_663
184(<a href="">cvs</a>).
185<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
187<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
188<a href="">138577</a>
189Package content disapear in package explorer
190<br><a href="">139937</a>
191CompletionContext not automatically accepted when using IEvaluationContext
192<br><a href="">139689</a>
193NPE in packages explorer
195<a name="v_662"></a>
197Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
198Java development tools core</h1>
199Eclipse SDK 3.2RC3 - 2nd May 2006
200<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_662
201(<a href="">cvs</a>).
202<h2>What's new in this drop</h2>
204<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
205<a href="">139099</a>
206[compiler] Ambiguous method regression error
207<br><a href="">139137</a>
208Increment build failure
209<br><a href="">139160</a>
210IMethod#getParameterNames() should not throw JME if javadoc not parseable
211<br><a href="">139279</a>
212Fup of bug 134110, got CCE changing an external jar contents and refreshing the project
213<br><a href="">138999</a>
214Regression: Fix for 128258 introduces regression in JavaProject.exists()
215<br><a href="">139569</a>
216Batch compiler should check if java home is null when trying to set the extDirs and endorsed dirs
217<br><a href="">139525</a>
218[1.5][compiler] Valid generics involved assignment is flagged as an error
219<br><a href="">106631</a>
220Access rule has no effect
223<a name="v_661"></a>
225Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
226Java development tools core</h1>
227Eclipse SDK 3.2RC2 - 28th April 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 2
228<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_661
229(<a href="">cvs</a>).
231What's new in this drop</h2>
233<li>Released an improvement for performance tests</li>
236<a name="v_660"></a>
238Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
239Java development tools core</h1>
240Eclipse SDK 3.2RC2 - 27th April 2006
241<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_660
242(<a href="">cvs</a>).
244What's new in this drop</h2>
246<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
247<a href="">95839</a>
248[ast rewrite] problems with single line comments
249<br><a href="">138672</a>
250Bad code completion formatting for Collections.synchronizedMap
253<br><a name="v_659"></a>
255Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
256Java development tools core</h1>
257Eclipse SDK 3.2RC2 - 27th April 2006
258<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_659
259(<a href="">cvs</a>).
261What's new in this drop</h2>
263<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
264<a href="">129814</a>
265NPE due to CompilationUnit.getContents() returning null
266<br><a href="">138684</a>
267Javadoc of ASTRewrite.getExtendedSourceRangeComputer() refers to inexistent class
268<br><a href="">135323</a>
269[compiler] Anonymous inner class scope error
270<br><a href="">138435</a>
271[search] Stack trace while searching
272<br><a href="">138167</a>
273Java Model Exception when proposal window opened
274<br><a href="">136095</a>
275Type Hierarchy incomplete with illegally parameterized superinterfaces
276<br><a href="">138507</a>
277exception in .class file editor for classes imported via plug-in import
278<br><a href="">138432</a>
279Spec of ICodeAssist#codeSelect() doesn't describe the behavior of empty selection
280<br><a href="">127570</a>
281[compiler][null] lazy initialization coding pattern within loops
282<br><a href="">136508</a>
283Inner Classes in Interfaces No Longer Compiles
284<br><a href="">97085</a>
285(3.1M7) Static import code assist shouldn't propose &lt;package&gt;.*;
286<br><a href="">137984</a>
287[search] Field references not found when type is a qualified member type [regression]
288<br><a href="">136580</a>
289[ast rewrite] Comma is missing between update expressions in the ForStatement
290<br><a href="">137649</a>
291grammar problem in progress message
292<br><a href="">133737</a>
293[1.5][compiler] Eclipse compiler compiles program but javac does not (1 of 2)
294<br><a href="">129388</a>
295[1.5][compiler] Non-public Junit Assert.format accessible to test cases
296<br><a href="">137634</a>
297CompilationParticipant not correctly recording new dependencies
298<br><a href="">135729</a>
299Cant resolve class A, if class A was enhanced in a post compilation step
300<br><a href="">90438</a>
301[compiler][1.5] Two problems: Automatically generated method has wrong generic type; Compilation error with JDK
302<br><a href="">95829</a>
303[assist] toArray proposed twice
304<br><a href="">137918</a>
305[1.5][compiler] instanceof accepts primitive type as left-hand-side
306<br><a href="">137623</a>
307Exception calculating java content assist
308<br><a href="">137744</a>
309[compiler] java.lang.ClassFormatError: test/B (Repetitive method name/signature)
310<br><a href="">80904</a>
311Quick Fix &quot;Assign parameter to new field&quot; doesn't appear with commented type
312<br><a href="">83685</a>
313[assist] Content assist fails when there's a dot ('.') after type name
314<br><a href="">137203</a>
315[1.5][compiler] enclosing parameterized types seem to confuse eclipse's build process
316<br><a href="">137619</a>
317Compiler doesn't log exceptions when a runtime exception occurs
318<br><a href="">112030</a>
319ContentAssist fails with IllegalArgumentException on primitive array class
320<br><a href="">137456</a>
321NPE when trying to view a class file with attached source
322<br><a href="">133491</a>
323Missing code assist in annotation
324<br><a href="">137298</a>
325[compiler] Local variables not reported as not been initialized when more than 64 locals are defined
326<br><a href="">136972</a>
327[reconciler] Error in static init blok with inner classes
328<br><a href="">137053</a>
329Better error reporting when the output directory is a file
330<br><a href="">126419</a>
331ecj should include value of &quot;java.endorsed.dirs&quot; system property in its bootclasspath
332<br><a href="">137087</a>
333Open Type - missing matches when using mixed case pattern
334<br><a href="">135997</a>
335[AST] invalid source range with recovered node
336<br><a href="">136678</a>
337missing @param in internal API (Compiler new constructors, options parameter) + spelling mistake
338<br><a href="">136946</a>
339[1.5][compiler] internal compiler error -- ArrayOutOfBoundException
340<br><a href="">136886</a>
341Open declaration gives NPE in Scope.minimalErasedCandidates
342<br><a href="">133071</a>
343Cycles are wrongly detected.
344<br><a href="">136543</a>
345[1.5][compiler] Eclipse gives a "name clash" error while javac accepts the code
346<br><a href="">134110</a>
347[regression] Does not pick-up interface changes from classes in the build path
348<br><a href="">104293</a>
349[1.5][DOM] Extract local doesn't replace all occurences of expression.
351<a name="v_658"></a>
353Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
354Java development tools core</h1>
355Eclipse SDK 3.2RC1 - 13th April 2006 - 3.2 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1
356<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_658
357(<a href="">cvs</a>).
359What's new in this drop</h2>
361<li>Fixed failing test on Linux and MacOS</li>
364<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
366<a name="v_657"></a>
368Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
369Java development tools core</h1>
370Eclipse SDK 3.2RC1 - 12th April 2006
371<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_657
372(<a href="">cvs</a>).
374What's new in this drop</h2>
376<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
377<a href="">99729</a>
378[ast rewrite] first annotation not on new line
379<br><a href="">136313</a>
380Open Type is case-sensitive
382<a name="v_656"></a>
384Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
385Java development tools core</h1>
386Eclipse SDK 3.2RC1 - 12th April 2006
387<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_656
388(<a href="">cvs</a>).
390What's new in this drop</h2>
393CamelCase patterns now accept lowercases (see bug <a href="">130390</a>).<br>
394For example, <code>NuPoEx</code> type string pattern will match <code>NullPointerException</code> type but will not match <code>NoPermissionException</code>.<br>
395This allow user to reduce matches list on small or common patterns.<br>
398Search Engine now returns subclasses as exact matches while searching for implementors of a class
399(see bugs <a href="">124645</a> and
400<a href="">122442</a>).
404<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
405<a href="">81949</a>
406[1.5][compiler] Cycle detected / type hierarchy error
407<br><a href="">106450</a>
408[1.5][assist] Code assist doesn't propose methods when hinting generic methods
409<br><a href="">124645</a>
410[search] for implementors does not find subclasses of binary classes
411<br><a href="">133848</a>
412-sourcepath should also be supported for jars and zip files
413<br><a href="">136231</a>
414encoding of
415<br><a href="">136016</a>
416[refactoring] CCE during Use Supertype refactoring
417<br><a href="">135296</a>
418opening a special java file results in an &quot;out of memory&quot; message
419<br><a href="">135838</a>
420[search] Improve search progress monitor label
421<br><a href="">108180</a>
422[compiler] Sanity check error with try/finally block
423<br><a href="">130390</a>
424CamelCase algorithm cleanup and improvement
425<br><a href="">133351</a>
426[compiler] No effect assignment diagnosis range isn't correct
427<br><a href="">121734</a>
428Cycle in class hierarchy causes infinite loop in Decoration Calculation
429<br><a href="">115918</a>
430[1.5][compiler] Internal compiler error : NPE in Scope.minimalErasedCandidates
431<br><a href="">129330</a>
432strange statement recovery
433<br><a href="">135602</a>
434[compiler] Codegen bug for continue statement
435<br><a href="">86293</a>
436[search] Search for method declaration with pattern "run()" reports match in binary field instead of anonymous class
437<br><a href="">135292</a>
438[compiler] NPE in ProblemReporter.invalidField plus .log swamping
439<br><a href="">135217</a>
440Compiler class constructor change in 3.2
441<br><a href="">135083</a>
442RangeUtil#isInInterval(...) takes significant amount of time while editing
443<br><a href="">134976</a>
444[completion] relevance of some types aren't correct
445<br><a href="">125823</a>
446Buildpath marker not of marker type 'buildpath_problem'
447<br><a href="">89686</a>
448[1.5][search][enum] Reference to constructors does not include parameters
449<br><a href="">109691</a>
450Importing preferences does not update classpath variables
451<br><a href="">128562</a>
452Javadoc of ITypeBinding#isAssignmentCompatible() is unclear
453<br><a href="">132191</a>
454IMethodBinding.overrides(IMethodBinding) returns true even if the given argument is private.
455<br><a href="">135110</a>
456Duplicate Assert class in org.eclipse.core.internal.expressions
457<br><a href="">133562</a>
458Extract to local variable generates variable called 'enum'
459<br><a href="">108087</a>
460Java conventions default formatter settings confused
461<br><a href="">110811</a>
462[1.5] Raw type binding for reference to non-generic type
464<a name="v_655a"></a>
466Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
467Java development tools core</h1>
468Eclipse SDK 3.2RC1 - 5th April 2006
469<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_655a
470(<a href="">cvs</a>).
472What's new in this drop</h2>
474<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
475<a href="">131707</a>
476Cannot add classpath variables when starting with -pluginCustomization option
477<br><a href="">134839</a>
478[compiler] Incorrect compile errors reported in 1.3 compliance level
479<br><a href="">128423</a>
480[1.5][compiler] ClassCastException on illegal code fragment
481<br><a href="">107901</a>
482Clarify Javadoc for ASTParser#setUnitName
483<br><a href="">132841</a>
484[1.5][compiler] Incorrectly compared method parameters when member types
485<br><a href="">132831</a>
486[1.5][compiler] Compiler generate brige when not needed
487<br><a href="">119844</a>
488javadoc extraction: type comment
489<br><a href="">131519</a>
490JDK with attached source unnavigable.
491<br><a href="">92357</a>
492ITypeHierarchy#getType() should return an unresolved handle
493<br><a href="">97494</a>
494[1.5][compiler] Inappropriate error level and message for generic type mismatch
496<a name="v_654"></a>
498Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
499Java development tools core</h1>
500Eclipse SDK 3.2RC1 - 4th April 2006
501<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_654
502(<a href="">cvs</a>).
504What's new in this drop</h2>
506<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
507<a href="">134172</a>
508Crap Perfomance opening Java file with lots of imports
509<br><a href="">134255</a>
510Unoptimal JavaElementInfo construction
511<br><a href="">134645</a>
512[1.5][compiler] Java Compiler throws internal exception..
513<br><a href="">134118</a>
514[1.5][compiler] 'ambiguous' error on legal static import
515<br><a href="">96648</a>
516Batch compiler - error messages for duplicate output, bootclasspath, sourcepath and extdirs entries could be more explicit
517<br><a href="">86813</a>
518[compiler] step into switch statement locate wrong line
519<br><a href="">83318</a>
520[1.5] 'Open declaration' fails for type variables in class files
521<br><a href="">134345</a>
522Problems from CompilationParticipants do not get cleaned up unless there are Java errors
523<br><a href="">133918</a>
524[1.5][compiler] Duplicate return; in CastExpression line 258
525<br><a href="">89347</a>
526[compiler] public constructor of protected inner class invisible in subclass
527<br><a href="">134064</a>
528[1.5][compiler] Duplicate error messages when an annotation value expects a boolean but gets an array
530<a name="v_653"></a>
532Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
533Java development tools core</h1>
534Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 30th March 2006 - 3.2 MILESTONE 6
535<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_653
536(<a href="">cvs</a>).
538What's new in this drop</h2>
540<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
541<a href="">134064</a>
542recreateModifiedClassFileInOutputFolder only works in default package
544<a name="v_652"></a>
546Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
547Java development tools core</h1>
548Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 29th March 2006
549<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_652
550(<a href="">cvs</a>).
552What's new in this drop</h2>
554<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
555<a href="">133738</a>
556[compiler] Eclipse compiler compiles program but javac does not (2 of 2)
557<br><a href="">133748</a>
558Javac task includes all files from the extDirs list
560<a name="v_651"></a>
562Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
563Java development tools core</h1>
564Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 29th March 2006
565<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_651
566(<a href="">cvs</a>).
568What's new in this drop</h2>
570<li>Added new option to JavaCore
572* BUILDER / Recreate Modified class files in Output Folder
573* Indicate whether the JavaBuilder should check for any changes to .class files
574* in the output folders while performing incremental build operations. If changes
575* are detected to managed .class files, then a full build is performed, otherwise
576* the changes are left as is. Tools further altering generated .class files, like optimizers,
577* should ensure this option remains set in its default state of ignore.
578* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.builder.recreateModifiedClassFileInOutputFolder"
579* - possible values: { "enabled", "ignore" }
580* - default: "ignore"
585<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
586<a href="">131935</a>
587[1.5][compiler] Illegal generic conversion allowed.
588<br><a href="">129082</a>
589[regression] Refresh-&gt;Run action deletes all files in 'bin' directory and recompiles all classes
590<br><a href="">132613</a>
591NPE in java builder when trying to retrieve a file
592<br><a href="">106090</a>
593[generics] Method invocation resolution depends on declaration order
594<br><a href="">133440</a>
595[1.5][compiler] JDT allows annotation to have a null default
596<br><a href="">130982</a>
597META-INF directories shown as empty META-INF.* packages in J2EE Navigator
599<a name="v_650"></a>
601Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
602Java development tools core</h1>
603Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 27th March 2006
604<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_650
605(<a href="">cvs</a>).
607What's new in this drop</h2>
609<li>Types, fields and methods annotated with the @Deprecated annotation are now rendered as deprecated in the Outline view.</li>
612<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
613<a href="">133292</a>
614[compiler] Compiler accepts spurious semicolon in array initialiser
615<br><a href="">89807</a>
616Outliner should recognize @Deprecated annotation
617<br><a href="">123476</a>
618[compiler] misleading error message (root cause not reported)
619<br><a href="">133334</a>
620Indexing project 3 times during import
621<br><a href="">132494</a>
622JavaModelException opening up class file in non java project
625<a name="v_649"></a>
627Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
628Java development tools core</h1>
629Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 26th March 2006
630<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_649
631(<a href="">cvs</a>).
633What's new in this drop</h2>
635<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
636<a href="">130359</a>
637[compiler][null] wrong warning in try/catch with RuntimeException
638<br><a href="">128962</a>
639[compiler][null] incorrect analysis within try finally with a constructor
640<br><a href="">132974</a>
641[compiler] missing error on uninitialized final local
642<br><a href="">120892</a>
643[assist] inconsistent completions for constructors an methods
644<br><a href="">129371</a>
645[compiler][null] False positives from null reference analyzer with break
646<br><a href="">132651</a>
647Javadoc of CompletionContext#getTokenEnd() and CompletionProposal#getCompletionLocation are not correct.
648<br><a href="">94925</a>
649[search] Bad performance on showing package selection dialog when creating new import group
650<br><a href="">131720</a>
651[compiler] optimization: the distribution of the number of elements into CharArrayCache instances suggest that smaller instances should be optimized/removed
652<br><a href="">131921</a>
653NPE caugth in DefaultBindingResolver.resolveName(Name)
655<a name="v_648"></a>
657Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
658Java development tools core</h1>
659Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 22nd March 2006
660<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_648
661(<a href="">cvs</a>).
663What's new in this drop</h2>
665<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
666<a href="">132813</a>
667[compiler] NPE in Javadoc.resolve( + log swamped
668<a name="v_647"></a>
670Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
671Java development tools core</h1>
672Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 21st March 2006
673<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_647
674(<a href="">cvs</a>).
676What's new in this drop</h2>
678<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
679<a href="">123943</a>
680[1.5][compiler] Invalid ambiguous method error
681<br><a href="">129056</a>
682compiler fails to detect ambiguous method when autoboxing and implementing an interface
683<br><a href="">132575</a>
684Incorrect classpath are not reported inside the log xml
685<br><a href="">128276</a>
686Breakpoint Propertie Error.
687<br><a href="">129991</a>
688[refactoring] Rename sourcefolder fails with JME
689<br><a href="">131459</a>
690Java model returns stale resolved source type for binary type
691<br><a href="">131937</a>
692JDT core adding problem markers to non-java projects
693<br><a href="">132120</a>
694[compiler][null] NPE batch compiling JDT/Core from HEAD
695<br><a href="">132072</a>
696[compiler][null] AIOOBE in null check compiling
697from JDK 1.5 source
698<br><a href="">131681</a>
699NullPointerException during javaCompletionProposalComputer
700<br><a href="">128547</a>
701[compiler] null reference analysis: false positive in try/finally
703<a name="v_646"></a>
705Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
706Java development tools core</h1>
707Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 14th March 2006
708<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_646
709(<a href="">cvs</a>).
711What's new in this drop</h2>
713<li>The ASTParser can now be used without initializing JDT/Core. See bug <a href="">87852</a> for details.</li>
716<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
717<a href="">87852</a>
718ASTParser fails when called from another program
719<br><a href="">99114</a>
720[search] OOM Exception in Java search
721<br><a href="">121569</a>
722[Import/Export] Importing projects in workspace, the default build order is alphabetical instead of by dependency
723<br><a href="">131373</a>
724Verbose mode of the ant adapter should be a real verbose mode
725<br><a href="">122650</a>
726ASTParser.createBindings(IJavaElement[]) returns wrong element
727<br><a href="">130140</a>
728ASTParser should specify failure for IClassFile without source
729<br><a href="">130317</a>
730ASTParser with IClassFile as source creates type bindings that are not isEqualTo(..) binary bindings
731<br><a href="">130683</a>
732NPE in DeltaProcessingState.addElementChangedListener()
733<br><a href="">130980</a>
734[compiler] When the contents of the unit cannot be retrieved, the compiler should report an error
735<br><a href="">130330</a>
736bogus null check in BindingComparator#isEqual(MethodBinding, MethodBinding, HashSet)
738<a name="v_645"></a>
740Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
741Java development tools core</h1>
742Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 7th March 2006
743<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_645
744(<a href="">cvs</a>).
746What's new in this drop</h2>
748<li>Compilation participant reporting problems using <code>BuildContext#recordNewProblems(...)</code> now need to declare the problems
749 marker type as being managed for this problems to be persisted as markers by the Java builder. Declaring a managed marker type is
750 done using the 'managedMarker' sequence in the 'compilationParticipant' extension point.</li>
751<li>Compiler now supports <code>@SuppressWarnings("cast")</code> for silencing unnecessary cast diagnostics.</li>
754<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
755<a href="">130543</a>
756[1.5][compiler] Error creating array of generics of inner class.
757<br><a href="">130528</a>
758NPE in FieldBinding.getAnnotations(..) for length field of array
759<br><a href="">130516</a>
760[1.5][compiler] Add support for "cast" warning token
761<br><a href="">105801</a>
762[1.5][compiler] Too many warnings for non-matching types of arguments of varargs call
763<br><a href="">128418</a>
764[1.5][compiler] eclipse doesn't emit unchecked warning
765<br><a href="">129957</a>
766Binary class file editor shows &quot;implements&quot; instead of &quot;extends&quot; for an interface's super-interfaces
767<br><a href="">104536</a>
768[compiler] Ant adapter doesn't use the right source and target values
769<br><a href="">130117</a>
770[compiler] Wrong error generated "The method Inner in type Inner can only set one of public / protected / private"
771<br><a href="">129190</a>
772[1.5][compiler] Contrary behaviour to Sun's compiler concerning typed classes, non-static inner classes and inheritence
773<br><a href="">129909</a>
774Recovered AST - VariableDeclaratorId isn't recovered
775<br><a href="">130017</a>
776[1.5][compiler] @Override cannot be used for static methods
777<br><a href="">100919</a>
778Closing or deleting projects leads to Java model error
779<br><a href="">129624</a>
780AccessRuleSet#messageTemplates takes a lot of memory
781<br><a href="">117758</a>
782[compiler] private dropped from inner class constructor
783<br><a href="">128219</a>
784Builder participants should create their own marker types
785<br><a href="">61189</a>
786Error messages with "AssignmentOperator ArrayInitializer" could be improved
787<br><a href="">128063</a>
788[1.5][compiler] Compiler reports errors against compilabale code
789<br><a href="">116072</a>
790cached classpath containers not removed when project deleted
791<br><a href="">119238</a>
792[1.5][compiler] Unchecked generic type operation warning if access to static field of parameterized type
793<br><a href="">122775</a>
794[1.5][compiler] StackOverflow in compiler
795<br><a href="">114140</a>
796assertion failed when opening a class file not not the classpath
798<a name="v_644"></a>
800Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
801Java development tools core</h1>
802Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 28th February 2006
803<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_644
804(<a href="">cvs</a>).
806What's new in this drop</h2>
808<li>For 1.5 targets (or when toggling preference for Inlining Finally Blocks), the compiler is inlining finally blocks
809at every exit point inside a try statement. With fix for bug <a href="">128705</a>,
810the inlining got smarter, and identical exit point are now sharing the same inlined finally block (to be truly identical,
811exit points must denote the same break/continue label, or be return from void method, or return the same constant or null value.</li>
812<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 127628</a> required the index version to be incremented.
813 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
817<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
818<a href="">128814</a>
819[prefs] NPEs in log during tests
820<br><a href="">127628</a>
821[index] CodeAssist doesn't filter deprecated types
822<br><a href="">128848</a>
823closing bracket added into comment upon format
824<br><a href="">128258</a>
825Project name of java elements from external file is _E_X_T_E_R_N_A_L_P_R_O_J_E_C_T_
826<br><a href="">127241</a>
827SIOOBE in StubUtility.hasConstantName during quick fix
828<br><a href="">127395</a>
829AST: SimpleName must not be empty
830<br><a href="">128014</a>
831[compiler][null] invalid analysis when redundant check is done
832<br><a href="">129555</a>
833[dom] The length of a recovered fake SimpleName should be 0
834<br><a href="">129241</a>
835[Javadoc] deprecation warning wrongly reported when ignoring Malformed Javadoc comments
836<br><a href="">128877</a>
837[search] reports inexistent IMethod for binary constructor of inner class
838<br><a href="">127919</a>
839[compiler][null] non String objects references involved into string concatenation should not raise null ref. warnings
840<br><a href="">113371</a>
841Performance: discardWorkingPerCopyInfo emptys Cache before building Delta
842<br><a href="">128705</a>
843[Compiler][1.5] Jsr inlining limitation in the compiler
844<br><a href="">129305</a>
845[compiler] Could optimize "return null" in presence of subroutine
846<br><a href="">129306</a>
847[compiler] inlineJSR may cause entering twice finally block
848<br><a href="">129096</a>
849Wrong positions for array of parameterized type as a parameter
850<br><a href="">128961</a>
851AST: errors with parentheses expressions in for-init initialisers
852<br><a href="">128960</a>
853AST: errors with parameter array and full qualified types
854<br><a href="">129361</a>
855Uninitialized fields in jdt/core code
856<br><a href="">102160</a>
857[compiler][1.5] Only first error is reported on circularity references between annotations
858<br><a href="">127275</a>
859[compiler] Generalize ProblemReporter#localSourceEnd
860<br><a href="">128840</a>
861[compiler] Wrong warning for unnecessary semicolon as else statement
862<br><a href="">129316</a>
863[compiler] Incremental compile confuses unsound type hierarchy and deprecation
864<br><a href="">125956</a>
865[1.5][compiler] Failed to compile Jaxb 2.0
866<br><a href="">129142</a>
867VariableDeclarator isn't recovered by statments recovery
868<br><a href="">128594</a>
869Javadoc problems with category CAT_INTERNAL
870<br><a href="">128169</a>
871[codeassist] Type parameter name of method declaration proposal must not create conflit
872<br><a href="">128823</a>
873ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in log
877<a name="v_643"></a>
879Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
880Java development tools core</h1>
881Eclipse SDK 3.2M6 - 21st February 2006
882<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_643
883(<a href="">cvs</a>).
885What's new in this drop</h2>
887<li>In problem view, all optional errors treated as fatal are now grouped into the "Fatal errors" category.
888Note that there is an option to control whether optional errors are intended to be fatal or not, by default
889they are considered fatal (see <code>Preferences&gt;Java&gt;Compiler&gt;Building&gt;Treat configurable errors like fatal errors...</code></li>
890<li>Build states for very large projects should now save in a fraction of the time.</li>
891<li>Diagnosis for assignment with no effect can now recognize following patterns:
892 <ul>
893 <li><code>int i = i = 0;</code></li>
894 <li><code>i = i = 0;</code></li>
895 <li><code>i = ++i;</code></li>
896 </ul></li>
899<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
900<a href="">106446</a>
901[compiler] "Cannot be resolved to a type" errors for some default top-level class
902<br><a href="">128045</a>
903[assist] Autocomplete on variable names fails if name starts with a part of an existing prefix
904<br><a href="">100369</a>
905[compiler] No effect assignment diagnosis could be made smarter
906<br><a href="">127323</a>
907context assist exception when trying to autocomplete inside a malformed enum switch
908<br><a href="">127244</a>
909[compiler] Null reference analysis doesn't understand assertions
910<br><a href="">128560</a>
911[compiler] Java 1.4 compiler (UI?) incorrectly reports incompatible return type
912<br><a href="">128077</a>
913AST - instanceof - getLength returns wrong length
914<br><a href="">127996</a>
915Performance: long time spent in State.write(..) looping over ArrayList&lt;char[][]&gt;
916<br><a href="">128389</a>
917[compiler][1.5] generic inner type cannot extend Throwable
918<br><a href="">127583</a>
919[1.5][compiler] Call to constructor with mismatched type parameter and arguement not detected
920<br><a href="">128217</a>
921Grouping all fatal problems together
924<a name="v_642"></a>
926Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
927Java development tools core</h1>
928Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 16th February 2006 - 3.2 MILESTONE 5
929<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_642
930(<a href="">cvs</a>).
932What's new in this drop</h2>
934<li>Added API <code>CategorizedProblem#getExtraMarkerAttributeNames()</code> and <code>getExtraMarkerAttributeValues()</code> to allow to
935 specify extra attributes in problem markers.</li>
936<li>Added 'managedMarker' sequence on 'compilationParticipant' extension point to declare marker types that are persisted by the Java builder.</li>
939<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
942<a name="v_641"></a>
944Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
945Java development tools core</h1>
946Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 15th February 2006
947<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_641
948(<a href="">cvs</a>).
950What's new in this drop</h2>
952<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 128033</a> required the index version to be incremented.
953 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
957<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
958<a href="">128033</a>
959[1.5][search] Not all references are found in standard annotations
960<br><a href="">128008</a>
961type parameter with final bound is categorized as non-optional
964<a name="v_640"></a>
966Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
967Java development tools core</h1>
968Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 15th February 2006
969<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_640
970(<a href="">cvs</a>).
972What's new in this drop</h2>
974<li>The Java model now better accommodates very big JAR files (i.e. containing lots of packages). Before 3.2 M5, such JAR files would
975cause the Java model cache to overflow frequently, which induced poor performance, since the same JAR file kept being read over
976and over again. A workaround was to start Eclipse with more memory to enjoy good performance again (as the cache size is a function
977of the memory size).
978<p>JAR files are now read more selectively, and thus interesting portions remain in the cache longer without consuming lots of memory.
979User editing experience is thus significantly improved on large workspaces containing big JARs.
980As a consequence, our experiments show that the memory requirement for developing Eclipse in Eclipse can be lowered
981to 128MB only (i.e. passing -Xmx128m to the VM) as opposed to 256MB as currently specified in the eclipse.ini file.
983<li>Removed <code> IMethodBinding#isOverriding()</code> API introduced during 3.2 in DOM AST, as it doesn't meet
984client expectation, who isn't even using it (also see bug <a href="">90660</a>).
986Added optional compiler diagnosis for signaling fall-through switch cases.
988* COMPILER / Reporting Switch Fall-Through Case
989* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning if a case may be
990* entered by falling through previous case. Empty cases are allowed. *
991* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.fallthroughCase"
992* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
993* - default: "ignore"
995Fall-through warnings can be silenced using <code>@SuppressWarnings("fallthrough")</code>.<br>
996Also see bug <a href="">67836</a> for details.
999<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1000<a href="">67836</a>
1001[compiler] warning on fall through
1002<br><a href="">127393</a>
1003uncategorized problems
1004<br><a href="">127213</a>
1005Flags class missing methods
1007<a name="v_639"></a>
1009Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1010Java development tools core</h1>
1011Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 13th February 2006
1012<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_639
1013(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1015What's new in this drop</h2>
1017<li>Code Assist can filter deprecated types and members.<br>
1018When filtering is enabled all deprecated types and members aren't proposed unless
1019they are in the same compilation unit as the completion location.<br>
1020Added new options to control this new behavior.
1022 * CODEASSIST / Activate Deprecation Sensitive Completion
1023 * When active, completion doesn't show deprecated members and types.
1024 * - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.deprecationCheck"
1025 * - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
1026 * - default: "disable"
1027 *
1032<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1033<a href="">126564</a>
1034[1.5][compiler]Inconsistent error reporting between static import and direct field access
1035<br><a href="">127239</a>
1036BuildContext needs to be spec'ed
1037<br><a href="">127296</a>
1038[codeasist]Add the ability to hide deprecated methods from Code Assist
1040<a name="v_638"></a>
1042Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1043Java development tools core</h1>
1044Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 13th February 2006
1045<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_638
1046(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1048What's new in this drop</h2>
1050<li>Added optional null reference analysis for local variables. It can be activated using the following
1051 preference:
1052 <code>Window&gt;Preferences&gt;Java&gt;Compiler&gt;Errors/Warnings&gt;Potential programming problems&gt;Null reference</code>.
1053 Also see bug <a href="">110030</a> for details.
1054 <br>Note that the analysis is fairly conservative, aligned on definite assignment rules. It is intentionally not complaining on all
1055 possible cases, but only considering these for which a suspicion gets introduced (e.g. if later on a null check is performed).
1056 The analysis could be further improved by introducing annotations (@CanBeNull, @CannotBeNull) but these would need to
1057 get standardized first.
1058 <br> Null reference warnings can be silenced using <code>@SuppressWarnings("null")</code>.</li>
1061<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1062<a href="">126803</a>
1063Compile error in in source build
1064<br><a href="">127255</a>
1065[compiler] Compiler incorrectly reports &quot;variable may not have been initialized&quot;
1066<br><a href="">125731</a>
1067[api] Separate category id for 'type restriction' problems
1068<br><a href="">116647</a>
1069[compiler] Incorrect warning about unnecessary cast
1072<a name="v_637"></a>
1074Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1075Java development tools core</h1>
1076Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 10th February 2006
1077<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_637
1078(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1080What's new in this drop</h2>
1082<li>Added constants in the code formatter.<br>
1085<br>See bug <a href="">126625</a> for details.</li>
1086<li>Code Assist: Improve variable name completion<br>
1087Variable name completion try to keep typed characters even if they don't match to a part of the type name.<br>
1088e.g: Element rootE| is completed to Element rootElement.
1090<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.CorrectionEngine#getAllWarningTokens()</code> to
1091 get all the valid warning tokens, which can be used into <code>@SuppressWarnings</code>
1092 annotations. See bug
1093 <a href="">126326</a> for details.</li>
1094<li>Changed the way to flag DOM AST nodes as RECOVERED.<br>
1095Now only nodes which really contains added/removed/replaced tokens are flagged. A parent of these kind of node isn't flagged.
1096Sometimes our heuristic can't recognize the really recovered node, so in this case all potentially recovered nodes are flagged.</li>
1097<li>Fix for bug <a href="">119203</a>
1098has been removed due to bad side effects (see bug <a href="">127048</a>)</li>
1101<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1102<a href="">127048</a>
1103[search] References to Java element 'CorrectionEngine' not found
1104<br><a href="">98684</a>
1105[search] Code assist shown inner types of unreleated project
1106<br><a href="">127078</a>
1107[compiler] inappropriate error location for QualifiedNameReferences
1108<br><a href="">127181</a>
1109New API elements missing @since
1110<br><a href="">127144</a>
1111beginTask/done not called on progress monitor to ASTParser
1112<br><a href="">123470</a>
1113AST: new type IResolvedAnnotation
1114<br><a href="">108539</a>
1115Error popup at breakpoint in tomcat project
1116<br><a href="">99006</a>
1117Incorrect warning when a non-varargs method overrides a varargs method.
1118<br><a href="">120563</a>
1119Javadoc has many references to .java where all java source files are meant
1120<br><a href="">42253</a>
1121[plan][dom/ast] Make AST more robust against syntax errors
1122<br><a href="">125006</a>
1123ClassFile wastes memory
1124<br><a href="">126156</a>
1125IBinding#getJavaElement() should spec 'null' for anonymous constructor
1126<br><a href="">126326</a>
1127[api] all supported SuppressWarning tokens
1128<br><a href="">121652</a>
1129100% CPU usage when changing application focus or saving
1130<br><a href="">120838</a>
1131typos in spec of ICodeAssist
1132<br><a href="">126227</a>
1133default constructor not resolving for method-level classes
1134<br><a href="">124525</a>
1135[assist] Smarter Autocompletion for variable names
1136<br><a href="">126625</a>
1137Added missing options for formatting annotation types
1138<br><a href="">126673</a>
1139NPE in Buffer.addBufferChangedListener
1141<a name="v_636"></a>
1143Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1144Java development tools core</h1>
1145Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 7th February 2006
1146<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_636
1147(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1149What's new in this drop</h2>
1151<li>Added API to ASTRewrite to get actual value of a property as managed by the rewriter. See bug <a href="">96663</a> for details.</li>
1152<li>Added an application to format code in a headless environment. See bug <a href="">75333</a> for details.</li>
1153<li>Java projects can now depend on other Java projects that have replaced the default builder with their own builder, such as an Ant builder.
1154We will now trust that the Ant build was successful and propagate any changes to the affected class files.
1155<br>Note: When projects are associated with the Java builder, it is able to track structural changes to classfiles (signatures etc...) and only recompile
1156dependents of structurally changed classfiles. In the absence of a Java builder on a prereq project, all modified classfiles will be considered as
1157(potentially) structurally changed; and thus recompilation will be less optimal.</li>
1158<li>Access restriction warnings (discouraged &amp; non-accessible) can now be silenced using <code>@SuppressWarnings("restriction")</code>.
1159 Note: if certain restrictions are configured as errors, the annotation has no effect. </li>
1160<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.formatter.CodeFormatter#createIndentationString(int)</code> to return the indentation string corresponding to the given indentation level.<br>
1161See bug <a href="">111446</a> for details.</li>
1162<li>Added new class <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.formatter.IndentManipulation</code> to deal with indentations.<br>
1163See bug <a href="">111446</a> for details.</li>
1164<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 124469</a> required the index version to be incremented.
1165 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
1169<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1170<a href="">99497</a>
1171In some cases Java project refresh should kick clean build
1172<br><a href="">126598</a>
1173[DOM][AST] String[] s = {&quot;&quot;,,,} leads to wrong positions after conversion
1174<br><a href="">126347</a>
1175AIOOBE in CompilerUnitScope
1176<br><a href="">126148</a>
1177IAE when typing String[] s = {"",,,};
1178<br><a href="">126330</a>
1179Type reference not found in jar file if sources was not already opened
1180<br><a href="">126321</a>
1181[options] Add constant in JavaCore for nullReference
1182<br><a href="">126160</a>
1183method from outer scope not resolved with erroneous arguments
1184<br><a href="">97693</a>
1185[1.5][compiler] Unchecked generic cast gives false compiler error.
1186<br><a href="">125965</a>
1187[prefs] &quot;Export/Import preferences&quot; should let user to choose wich preference to export/import
1188<br><a href="">124469</a>
1189[1.5][search] does not find references to enum type in binary annotation
1190<br><a href="">75333</a>
1191[format] standalone code reformatter
1192<br><a href="">122987</a>
1193[1.5][compiler] Boxing conversion should be performed in conditional expression
1194<br><a href="">125807</a>
1195NPE in ResolvedMemberValuePair#init()
1196<br><a href="">79359</a>
1197Project cannot depend on a project built by ant
1198<br><a href="">126091</a>
1199[1.5][compiler] Java compiler generates extra field for enums with abstract methods
1200<br><a href="">126191</a>
1201Code formatter doesn't format properly empty enums
1202<br><a href="">126177</a>
1203[1.5][compiler] Visibility issue with intersection type
1204<br><a href="">126180</a>
1205[1.5][compiler] NPE reporting invalid enclosing type
1206<br><a href="">114456</a>
1207@SuppressWarnings for access restriction
1208<br><a href="">126087</a>
1209[1.5][compiler] Java compiler generates incorrect byte code for empty enums
1210<br><a href="">124611</a>
1211IAE in Signature.createCharArrayTypeSignature
1212<br><a href="">90660</a>
1213[plan] Consider surfacing override information available in compiler AST in DOM AST
1214<br><a href="">111446</a>
1215API to work with tabWidth/indentWidth and indents
1216<br><a href="">126015</a>
1217reconcile does not provide AST if there's no problem requestor
1218<br><a href="">125903</a>
1219[javadoc] Treat whitespace in javadoc tags as invalid tags
1220<br><a href="">125301</a>
1221Handling of classes with $ in class name.
1222<br><a href="">125961</a>
1223Add &quot;emacs style&quot; output to batch compiler
1224<br><a href="">125953</a> has non-UTF-8 character
1226<br><a href="">124853</a>
1227[compiler] Compiler generates wrong code (try-catch-finally)
1230<a name="v_635"></a>
1232Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1233Java development tools core</h1>
1234Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 31st January 2006
1235<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_635
1236(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1238What's new in this drop</h2>
1240<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.IVariableBinding#isParameter()</code> in order to fix bug <a href="">106545</a>.</li>
1241<li>Added API <code>BindingKey#toSignature()</code> to transform a binding key into a resolved signature.</li>
1242<li>Added marker attribute "categoryId" onto Java problem markers.
1243<li>Added API <code>WorkingCopyOwner#newWorkingCopy(String,IClasspathEntry[],IProblemRequestor,IProgressMonitor)</code>
1244 for editing compilation units outside the workspace.</li>
1245<li>The temporary option JavaCore.COMPILER_STATEMENTS_RECOVERY is removed</li>
1248<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1249<a href="">119452</a>
1250CategorizedProblem's category should be available from markers
1251<br><a href="">125676</a>
1252@category should not read beyond end of line
1253<br><a href="">125360</a>
1254IJavaProject#setOption() doesn't work if same option as default
1255<br><a href="">106545</a>
1256API: IVariableBinding.isMethodParameter
1257<br><a href="">125641</a>
1258Problems enabling AST with recovery
1259<br><a href="">125675</a>
1260@category not reflected in outliner in live fashion
1261<br><a href="">125570</a>
1262[1.5][compiler] Named inner inner classes have illegal names
1263<br><a href="">124943</a>
1264[1.4][compiler] 1.4 Compiler Compliance not working for compareTo
1265<br><a href="">124810</a>
1266Strange field binding has inconsistent hierarchy
1267<br><a href="">125291</a>
1268Enable conditional loading of APT
1269<br><a href="">125178</a>
1270[search] AIOOBE in PatternLocator when searching for dependency extent from manifest
1271<br><a href="">124388</a>
1272[DOM AST] Method defaults not resolved
1273<br><a href="">125270</a>
1274ASTParser fails to parse text to ArrayInitializer expression
1275<br><a href="">100869</a>
1276[1.5][compiler] The eclipse compiler thinks my method is ambiguous but javac does not
1277<br><a href="">65637</a>
1278[model] Excluded package still in Java model
1279<br><a href="">125217</a>
1280Two failures in the BatchCompilerTests on MacOS
1281<br><a href="">124290</a>
1282AbstractImageBuilder writeClassFileBytes creates resources before calling setDerived
1283<br><a href="">124145</a>
1284Questions on IAccessRule.ignoreIfBetter
1285<br><a href="">125047</a>
1286IMethodBinding#getJavaElement() should spec 'null' for default constructor
1287<br><a href="">120079</a>
1288[api] need solution for BindingKey#internalToSignature()
1289<br><a href="">125036</a>
1290ResolvedMemberValuePair#buildDOMValue(..) uses &quot;new Boolean(..)&quot;
1291<br><a href="">121715</a>
1292Util#getJavaLikeExtensions doesn't consider Java-like content types
1293<br><a href="">125067</a>
1294Should not resolved binary fields/methods when computing hierarchy
1295<br><a href="">61013</a>
1296[plan][model] Minimal support for editing units outside workspace
1298<a name="v_634"></a>
1300Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1301Java development tools core</h1>
1302Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 24th January 2006
1303<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_634
1304(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1306What's new in this drop</h2>
1308<li>Added EFS support for zip and jar files. JDT/Core now fully supports EFS.</li>
1309<li>Added support for optional classpath entries. When optional, a missing entry is not complained
1310 against, and simply ignored.
1311 In order to be optional, an entry must carry an <code>IClasspathAttribute#OPTIONAL</code>
1312 extra attribute. The possible values for this attribute are <code>"true"</code> or <code>"false"</code>.
1313 When not present, <code>"false"</code> is assumed. If the value of this attribute is <code>"true"</code>,
1314 the classpath entry is optional. </li>
1315<li>Added support for statement recovery in Parser<br>
1316 Currently this new behavior is incomplete (mapping non-terminals -&gt; terminals) and disabled. The option JavaCore.COMPILER_STATEMENTS_RECOVERY must be set to ENABLED to use it (It's a temporary option).</li>
1317<li>Added API for DOM ASTNode flag: <code>ASTNode.RECOVERED</code><br>
1318 It is a flag constant indicating that this node or a part of this node is recovered
1319 from source that contains a syntax error detected in the vicinity.</li>
1320<li>Added API: <code>ASTParser#setStatementsRecovery(boolean enabled)</code><br>
1321 This method allow to enable statements recovery for ASTParser.
1322 Statements recovery is disabled by default.</li>
1323<li>Added API: <code>ICompilationUnit#reconcile(int astLevel, boolean forceProblemDetection, boolean enableStatementsRecovery, WorkingCopyOwner owner, IProgressMonitor monitor)</code><br>
1324 This method allow to enable statements recovery for reconcile operation.</li>
1325<li>Added two warning tokens to the batch compiler options: <code>discouraged</code> and
1326 <code>forbidden</code>, so as to suppress warnings about access rules restrictions.</li>
1329<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1330<a href="">110030</a>
1331[compiler] Provide support for null reference analysis
1332<br><a href="">99620</a>
1333[compiler] The batch compiler should not print to the console when taking another output stream in input
1334<br><a href="">124212</a>
1335Eclipse compiler produces incomplete debug info for variables
1336<br><a href="">124533</a>
1337[batch] Ability to turn off discouraged references warnings
1338<br><a href="">124471</a>
1339ResolvedAnnotations are not completely resolved
1340<br><a href="">124346</a>
1341[1.5][compiler] Unexpected deprecation warning when @deprecated tag and @Deprecated annotation are mixed
1342<br><a href="">123522</a>
1343@SuppressWarnings("unused") does not suppress "unused import" warning
1344<br><a href="">122442</a>
1345[search] API inconsistency with IJavaSearchConstants.IMPLEMENTORS and SearchPattern
1346<br><a href="">123437</a>
1347Support EFS for zip/jar files
1348<br><a href="">124296</a>
1349Recovered ast nodes don't nest properly
1350<br><a href="">124101</a>
1351[compiler] NPE when resolving array initializer in fault tolerant mode
1352<br><a href="">95056</a>
1353[1.5][compiler] @Deprecated not recognized
1354<br><a href="">123514</a>
1355[1.5] [assist]ArrayStoreException in content assist for malformed field
1356<br><a href="">122615</a>
1357validate classpath propose to exlude a source folder even though exlusion patterns are disabled
1358<br><a href="">124117</a>
1359Optional classpath entry
1361<a name="v_633"></a>
1363Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1364Java development tools core</h1>
1365Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 17th January 2006
1366<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_633
1367(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1369What's new in this drop</h2>
1371<li>Added API <code>IAccessRule#IGNORE_IF_BETTER</code> that indicates that the rule should be ignored if a better rule is found.
1372 E.g. if a rule <code>K_NON_ACCESSIBLE | IGNORE_IF_BETTER</code> matches type p.X and a rule <code>K_DISCOURAGED</code>
1373 that also matches p.X is found after the first one, then p.X will be reported as discouraged.</li>
1374<li>Added the support to compute the stack map frames (requires a 6.0 VM to run). See bug <a href="">109980</a> for details.
1375<br>This is still experimental.</li>
1376<li>Added API for the configuration of the Import Rewrite: <code>ImportRewrite#setImportOrder()</code>, <code>ImportRewrite#setOnDemandImportThreshold()</code> and
1377<code>ImportRewrite#setStaticOnDemandImportThreshold()</code>. For compatibility reasons the actual configuration option values stay in
1381<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1382<a href="">98127</a>
1383Access restrictions started showing up after switching to bundle
1384<br><a href="">122316</a>
1385Problems using new Compilation Participant extension point
1386<br><a href="">123893</a>
1387CCE in ResolvedAnnotation
1388<br><a href="">124003</a>
1389JavaCore should spec 1.6 compliance/source compatibility
1390<br><a href="">87718</a>
1391Listener on build process on a per file basis.
1392<br><a href="">122881</a>
1393[1.5][compiler] Multiple interface inheritance is incompatible with Sun compiler
1394<br><a href="">109980</a>
1395[plan] Add support for StackMapTable attribute as per jsr-202
1396<br><a href="">122995</a>
1397[1.5][compiler] Access rules don't apply to generic types
1398<br><a href="">123721</a>
1399two types of 'remove' for TODO task tags
1400<br><a href="">123396</a>
1401Regression: NameLookup creation longs around 1mn on project with heavy hiearchy (200 src folders * 200 packages)
1402<br><a href="">103615</a>
1403[organize import] Organize imports should have separate "limit" for static import *-ing
1405<a name="v_632"></a>
1407Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1408Java development tools core</h1>
1409Eclipse SDK 3.2M5 - 10th January 2006
1410<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_632
1411(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1413What's new in this drop</h2>
1415<li>Added Import Rewrite as API (<code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.ImportRewrite</code>). The import rewriter is used to add new imports according
1416to a user specified import order. See bug <a href="">73054</a> for details.</li>
1417<li>Added new APIs for checking modifiers (<code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.Modifier#isPublic(), org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.Modifier#isStatic(), ...</code>). See bug <a href="">122460</a> for details.</li>
1418<li>Added new API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.IJavaElement#String getAttachedJavadoc(IProgressMonitor monitor)</code>. See bug <a href="">122506</a> for details.
1419The former API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.IJavaElement#String getAttachedJavadoc(IProgressMonitor monitor, String defaultEncoding)</code> has been deprecated.</li>
1420<li>Added new API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.ITypeBinding#getComponentType()</code> in order to retrieve the binding
1421corresponding to the component type of the array binding. See bug <a href="">120264</a> for details.
1422This API is still subject to change before 3.2 release.
1425Added optional compiler diagnosis for signaling method parameter assignments.
1427* COMPILER / Reporting Parameter Assignment
1428* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning if a parameter is
1429* assigned to.
1430* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.parameterAssignment"
1431* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
1432* - default: "ignore"
1437<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1438<a href="">123096</a>
1439[javadoc][assist] @linkplain no longer proposed when 1.4 compliance is used
1440<br><a href="">123078</a>
1441[1.5][compiler] Problem inferring from #getClass() invocation
1442<br><a href="">103839</a>
1443Format of variablesAndContainers.dat doesn't scale well
1444<br><a href="">121026</a>
1445[javadoc][assist] @link method proposal has superfluous space
1446<br><a href="">120130</a>
1447IField.getConstant() fails for a certain constant
1448<br><a href="">122755</a>
1449Exceptions thrown if you type a period immediately after final slash of Javadoc inside a method
1450<br><a href="">117282</a>
1451Package declaration inserted on wrong CU while copying class if names collide and editor opened
1452<br><a href="">118507</a>
1453Autobuild churn during classpath init
1454<br><a href="">119249</a>
1455codeResolve, search, etc. don't work on constructor of binary inner class
1456<br><a href="">118823</a>
1457[model] Secondary types cache not reset while removing _all_ secondary types from CU
1458<br><a href="">122763</a>
1459[builder] OutOfMemoryError while cleaning org.eclipse.jdt.core project - this fix triggers a
1460full rebuild of the workspace
1461<br><a href="">119161</a>
1462classes in &quot;deep&quot; packages not fully recognized when using tight inclusion filters
1463<br><a href="">108830</a>
1464[compiler] Improve switch fault-tolerance
1465<br><a href="">122610</a>
1466[1.5][compiler] Qualified this has generic type binding instead of parameterized one
1467<br><a href="">121076</a>
1468Wrong field gets renamed
1469<br><a href="">73054</a>
1470[import rewrite] Make Import Rewriter API
1471<br><a href="">122618</a>
1472[assist][javadoc] Javadoc code assist should support @category tag
1473<br><a href="">122616</a>
1474[javadoc] IMember.getCategories() only returns first category
1475<br><a href="">53773</a>
1476[compiler] Warning on assignments to parameters
1477<br><a href="">122460</a>
1478Why is checking a modifier so code intensive
1479<br><a href="">120816</a>
1480[search] NullPointerException at ...jdt.internal.compiler.lookup.SourceTypeBinding.getMethods
1481<br><a href="">76266</a>
1482[compiler] Access restriction should also apply to inherited members - this fix triggers a
1483full rebuild of the workspace
1484<br><a href="">122506</a>
1485[hovering] javadoc hover shows a broken string from DBCS javadoc html files.
1486<br><a href="">116833</a>
1487IMethodBinding#isEqualTo(..) returns true for methods in anonymous classes with error in parent
1488<br><a href="">120264</a>
1489[api] have array binding X[][][], want X[][] and X[]
1490<br><a href="">116615</a>
1491Use a publicID in the DOCTYPE of the compilation XML log
1492<br><a href="">120263</a>
1493[compiler] missing binding on array initializer
1494<br><a href="">120410</a>
1495Wasted space on problems due to large underlying char[]
1496<br><a href="">120875</a>
1497Javadoc extraction might includes optional annotation type member information for an annotation type
1498<br><a href="">121187</a>
1499Javadoc contains undefined HTML entity &amp;ast;
1500<br><a href="">119175</a>
1501[compiler] Wrong pc in the line number table attribute
1502<br><a href="">118897</a>
1503ASTParser resolves bindings without request
1506<a name="v_631"></a>
1508Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1509Java development tools core</h1>
1510Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 14th December 2005 - 3.2 MILESTONE 4
1511<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_631
1512(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1514What's new in this drop</h2>
1516<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1517<a href="">120902</a>
1518Member.getJavadocRange() causes AIOOBE
1521<a name="v_630"></a>
1523Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1524Java development tools core</h1>
1525Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 14th December 2005
1526<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_630
1527(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1529What's new in this drop</h2>
1531<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1532<a href="">120847</a>
1533[javadoc] AIOOBE while getting attached javadoc in Javadoc view
1535<a name="v_629"></a>
1537Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1538Java development tools core</h1>
1539Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 13th December 2005
1540<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_629
1541(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1543What's new in this drop</h2>
1545<li>The constant <code>JavaCore.CODEASSIST_TIMEOUT_FOR_PARAMETER_NAME_FROM_ATTACHED_JAVADOC</code> has been deprecated and it will be removed
1546after M4. Use <code>JavaCore.TIMEOUT_FOR_PARAMETER_NAME_FROM_ATTACHED_JAVADOC</code> instead.</li>
1549<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1550<a href="">120640</a>
1551[javadoc] Open External Javadoc fails for nested binary types
1552<br><a href="">120597</a>
1553JME extracting Javadoc for public fields from 1.5 doc
1554<br><a href="">120637</a>
1555javadoc extraction: includes field title for Java 5 classes
1556<br><a href="">120559</a>
1557Getting Javadoc from attached Javadoc gives JavaModelException
1558<br><a href="">120545</a>
1560<br><a href="">120522</a>
1561[assist] No proposal in @Target annotation attributes
1563<a name="v_628"></a>
1565Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1566Java development tools core</h1>
1567Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 12th December 2005
1568<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_628
1569(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1571What's new in this drop</h2>
1573<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1574<a href="">120350</a>
1575[model] Secondary type not found by code resolve
1577<a name="v_627"></a>
1579Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1580Java development tools core</h1>
1581Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 9th December 2005
1582<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_627
1583(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1585What's new in this drop</h2>
1587<li>Change the default value of JavaCore#CODEASSIST_CAMEL_CASE_MATCH to "enabled" as
1588<a href="">bug 114098</a> is fixed.</li>
1589<li>Added support for EFS on non zip file. Support for zip and jar files is blocked by
1590 <a href="">bug 119244</a></li>
1593<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1594<a href="">120092</a>
1595[search] Java like extensions functionality causes performance issue for search engine
1596<br><a href="">117740</a>
1597Parameter names completion should be done asynchronoulsy
1598<br><a href="">110422</a>
1599[search] BasicSearchEngine doesn't find all type declarations
1600<br><a href="">110291</a>
1601[search] BasicSearchEngine return constructor declarations that doesn't exist in source
1602<br><a href="">83064</a>
1603[plan][1.5] Unidentical bindings for declaration of and reference to Class.MethodArray
1604<br><a href="">119545</a>
1605[search] Binary java method model elements returned by SearchEngine have unresolved parameter types
1607<a name="v_626"></a>
1609Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1610Java development tools core</h1>
1611Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 6th December 2005
1612<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_626
1613(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1615What's new in this drop</h2>
1617<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1618<a href="">119430</a>
1619Potential performance problem in getViolatedRestriction()
1620<br><a href="">113944</a>
1621[plan] Support for refactoring of JAR files
1623<a name="v_625"></a>
1625Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1626Java development tools core</h1>
1627Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 6th December 2005
1628<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_625
1629(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1631What's new in this drop</h2>
1633<li>Added API methods on IJavaProject to find secondary types while searching for type
1634on a project (see bug <a href="">118789</a>):
1636 /**
1637 * Same functionality as {@link #findType(String)} but also look for secondary
1638 * types if given name does not match a compilation unit name.
1639 *
1640 * @param fullyQualifiedName the given fully qualified name
1641 * @param progressMonitor the progress monitor to report progress to,
1642 * or <code>null</code> if no progress monitor is provided
1643 * @exception JavaModelException if this project does not exist or if an
1644 * exception occurs while accessing its corresponding resource
1645 * @return the first type found following this project's classpath
1646 * with the given fully qualified name or <code>null</code> if none is found
1647 * @see IType#getFullyQualifiedName(char)
1648 * @since 3.2
1649 */
1650 IType findType(String fullyQualifiedName, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor) throws JavaModelException;
1651 /**
1652 * Same functionality as {@link #findType(String, WorkingCopyOwner)}
1653 * but also look for secondary types if given name does not match
1654 * a compilation unit name.
1655 *
1656 * @param fullyQualifiedName the given fully qualified name
1657 * @param owner the owner of the returned type's compilation unit
1658 * @param progressMonitor the progress monitor to report progress to,
1659 * or <code>null</code> if no progress monitor is provided
1660 * @exception JavaModelException if this project does not exist or if an
1661 * exception occurs while accessing its corresponding resource
1662 * @return the first type found following this project's classpath
1663 * with the given fully qualified name or <code>null</code> if none is found
1664 * @see IType#getFullyQualifiedName(char)
1665 * @since 3.2
1666 */
1667 IType findType(String fullyQualifiedName, WorkingCopyOwner owner, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor) throws JavaModelException;
1668 /**
1669 * Same functionality as {@link #findType(String, String)} but also look for
1670 * secondary types if given name does not match a compilation unit name.
1671 *
1672 * @param packageName the given package name
1673 * @param typeQualifiedName the given type qualified name
1674 * @param progressMonitor the progress monitor to report progress to,
1675 * or <code>null</code> if no progress monitor is provided
1676 * @exception JavaModelException if this project does not exist or if an
1677 * exception occurs while accessing its corresponding resource
1678 * @return the first type found following this project's classpath
1679 * with the given fully qualified name or <code>null</code> if none is found
1680 * @see IType#getFullyQualifiedName(char)
1681 * @since 3.2
1682 */
1683 IType findType(String packageName, String typeQualifiedName, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor) throws JavaModelException;
1684 /**
1685 * Same functionality as {@link #findType(String, String, WorkingCopyOwner)}
1686 * but also look for secondary types if given name does not match a compilation unit name.
1687 *
1688 * @param packageName the given package name
1689 * @param typeQualifiedName the given type qualified name
1690 * @param owner the owner of the returned type's compilation unit
1691 * @param progressMonitor the progress monitor to report progress to,
1692 * or <code>null</code> if no progress monitor is provided
1693 * @exception JavaModelException if this project does not exist or if an
1694 * exception occurs while accessing its corresponding resource
1695 * @return the first type found following this project's classpath
1696 * with the given fully qualified name or <code>null</code> if none is found
1697 * @see IType#getFullyQualifiedName(char)
1698 * @since 3.2
1699 */
1700 IType findType(String packageName, String typeQualifiedName, WorkingCopyOwner owner, IProgressMonitor progressMonitor) throws JavaModelException;
1702Note that previously existing find type API methods:
1705<li><code>IJavaproject#findType(String, WorkingCopyOwner)</code></li>
1706<li><code>IJavaproject#findType(String, String)</code></li>
1707<li><code>IJavaproject#findType(String, String, WorkingCopyOwner)</code></li>
1709will <b>not</b> find secondary types (same behavior than for 3.1 version).<br>
1710This means that fix for bug <a href="">36032</a>
1711was slightly modified as it introduced an non-deterministic behavior of these API methods
1712(see bug <a href="">118789</a> for the whole story...).
1714<li>Added API <code>SearchParticipant#removeIndex(IPath)</code> to remove both index file
1715 from a given location and its corresponding Index in IndexManager cache.
1717<li>Added API <code>IJavaProject#setRawClasspath(IClasspathEntry[], IPath, boolean, IProgressMonitor)</code>
1718 to change the output location as well as the classpath without touching resources.</li>
1719<li>Added constant constant JavaCore#JAVA_SOURCE_CONTENT_TYPE to retrieve the Java source content type from
1720 the content type manager (see org.eclipse.core.runtime.content.IContentTypeManager#getContentType(String))</li>
1723<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1724<a href="">119108</a>
1725Access Rules and Path separators
1726<br><a href="">110593</a>
1727[1.5][compiler] NPE in ProblemReporter
1728<br><a href="">115693</a>
1729[1.5][compiler] Unnecessary double checkcast instruction emmited
1730<br><a href="">118789</a>
1731IJavaProject#findType(String) returns null for secondary type quickly after creation
1732<br><a href="">118876</a>
1733[dom] TypeDeclaration nodes aren't flagged as MALFORMED
1734<br><a href="">105592</a>
1735Enum switch statement compile error
1736<br><a href="">118888</a>
1737Need an entry point to create a org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.classfmt.ClassFileReader using a stream
1738<br><a href="">118092</a>
1739Eclipse hangs on code assist when writing ?&lt;c
1740<br><a href="">116650</a>
1741[search] SearchParticipant has no way to remove specific index file from IndexManager cache
1742<br><a href="">118798</a>
1743Unexpected JME on IMethod.getParameterNames
1744<br><a href="">114571</a>
1745concurrent access to HashMap
1746<br><a href="">71460</a>
1747[model] Non *.java file association with Java contents.
1748<br><a href="">118397</a>
1749[javadoc][assist] No completion available while completing inside a qualified reference
1750<br><a href="">118393</a>
1751ICompilationUnit.findPrimaryType: Should use JavaCore.removeJavaLikeExtension
1753<a name="v_624"></a>
1755Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1756Java development tools core</h1>
1757Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 29th November 2005
1758<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_624
1759(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1761What's new in this drop</h2>
1763<li>Added API <code>IJavaProject#setRawClasspath(IClasspathEntry[], boolean, IProgressMonitor)</code>
1764 to set the classpath without touching the .classpath file.</li>
1765<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.CharOperation#equals(char[], char[], int, int, boolean)</code>.</li>
1766<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.CharOperation#replace(char[], char[], char, int, int)</code>.</li>
1767<li>Plugin version now respects new versionning requirements. See <a href="">plugin versioning</a> and bug <a href="">99393</a>.</li>
1768<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 36032</a> required the index version to be incremented.
1769 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
1771<li>Added API <code>IMember#getOccurrenceCount()</code> to return the relative position of the member in the source.</li>
1772<li>Added API <code>WorkingCopyOwner#newWorkingCopy(String,IProgressMonitor)</code> to create a new working copy
1773 without an underlying resource.</li>
1774<li>Added API on TypeReferenceMatch to report local element and other elements while
1775searching for type references (see bug <a href="">110336</a>):
1777 /**
1778 * Returns the local element of this search match.
1779 * This may be a local variable which declaring type is the referenced one
1780 * or a type parameter which extends it.
1781 *
1782 * @return the element of the search match, or <code>null</code> if none or there's
1783 * no more specific local element than the element itself ({@link SearchMatch#getElement()}).
1784 */
1785 public final IJavaElement getLocalElement()
1786 /**
1787 * Returns other enclosing elements of this search match.
1788 *
1789 * If {@link #getLocalElement()} is not <code>null</code>, these may be other
1790 * local elements such as additional local variables of a multiple local
1791 * variables declaration. Otherwise, these may be other elements such as
1792 * additional fields of a multiple fields declaration.
1793 *
1794 * @return the other elements of the search match, or <code>null</code> if none
1795 */
1796 public final IJavaElement[] getOtherElements()
1797 /**
1798 * Sets the local element of this search match.
1799 *
1800 * @param localElement A more specific local element that corresponds to the match,
1801 * or <code>null</code> if none
1802 */
1803 public final void setLocalElement(IJavaElement localElement)
1804 /**
1805 * Sets the other elements of this search match.
1806 *
1807 * @param otherElements the other elements of the match,
1808 * or <code>null</code> if none
1809 */
1810 public final void setOtherElements(IJavaElement[] otherElements)
1815<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1816<a href="">118246</a>
1817Definition of getJavaLikeExtensions() leads to programming errors
1818<br><a href="">118311</a>
1819type \@ in javadoc comment and code assist == hang
1820<br><a href="">117020</a>
1821[search] Search for '*' does not report empty packages
1822<br><a href="">111416</a>
1823[search] wrong potential matches on a static method open
1824<br><a href="">118214</a>
1825[completion] "has inconsistent hierarchy" field should not be proposed
1826<br><a href="">118105</a>
1827[javadoc][assist] Hang with 100% CPU during code assist on comment
1828<br><a href="">118064</a>
1829Access rules are not flushed between classpaths in batch mode.
1830<br><a href="">117451</a>
1831[compiler] Codegen could better optimize field access when value not required
1832<br><a href="">117120</a>
1833[compiler] VerifyError: Expecting to find integer on stack
1834<br><a href="">36032</a>
1835[plan] JavaProject.findType() fails to find second type in source file
1836<br><a href="">117183</a>
1837[javadoc][assist] No completion in text when cursor location is followed by a '.'
1838<br><a href="">116573</a>
1839wrong guess of binding with overloaded methods
1840<br><a href="">117861</a>
1841[1.5][compiler] invalid handling of static import
1842<br><a href="">110336</a>
1843[plan][search] Should optionaly return the local variable for type reference
1844<br><a href="">117890</a>
1845JavaElement.getURLContents(...) leaves file open
1846<br><a href="">117589</a>
1847Completion dialog shows html file name
1848<br><a href="">115040</a>
1849Provide API for getting occurrence count from initializers and types
1850<br><a href="">117121</a>
1851Can't create class called A$B in eclipse
1852<br><a href="">116858</a>
1853java code formatter problem with switch statements and comments
1854<br><a href="">117495</a>
1855Compiler: ternary ops return wrong type when condition is boolean literal
1856<br><a href="">61013</a>
1857[plan][model] Minimal support for editing units outside workspace
1858<br><a href="">117487</a>
1859Classpaths in the build scripts need to be updated
1861<a name="v_623"></a>
1863Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1864Java development tools core</h1>
1865Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 22nd November 2005
1866<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_623
1867(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1869What's new in this drop</h2>
1871<li><code>JavaCore#initializeAfterLoad(IProgressMonitor)</code> used to schedule a job to do its work.
1872 It now does it in the same thread. Note this is not an API change as the spec allows both scenarii.
1874<li> DOM type bindings for generics got adjusted. There were situations where a reference to a generic type from within itself would expose the declared
1875generic type binding, instead of a parameterized type binding (using its own type parameters as type arguments). This is now corrected, clients should
1876ensure they did not rely on the previous inconsistency (note: no change was required from direct JDT dependents).
1878<li>Added APIs <code>JavaCore#getJavaLikeExtensions(), isJavaLikeFileName(String), and removeJavaLikeExtension(String)</code>
1879 to get the available Java-like extensions (from the Java source content-type), checking if a file is a Java-like file, and removing
1880 the Java-like extension from a file name.
1882<li>Added new API for org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.CompilationUnit:
1884 /**
1885 * Returns the column number corresponding to the given source character
1886 * position in the original source string. Column number are zero-based.
1887 * Return <code>-1</code> if it is beyond the valid range or <code>-2</code>
1888 * if the column number information is unknown.
1889 *
1890 * @param position a 0-based character position, possibly
1891 * negative or out of range
1892 * @return the 0-based column number, or <code>-1</code> if the character
1893 * position does not correspond to a source line in the original
1894 * source file or <code>-2</code> if column number information is unknown for this
1895 * compilation unit
1896 * @see ASTParser
1897 * @since 3.2
1898 */
1899 public int getColumnNumber(final int position)
1900 /**
1901 * Given a line number and column number, returns the corresponding
1902 * position in the original source string.
1903 * Returns -2 if no line number information is available for this
1904 * compilation unit.
1905 * Returns the total size of the source string if <code>line</code>
1906 * is greater than the actual number lines in the unit.
1907 * Returns -1 if <code>column</code> is less than 0,
1908 * or the position of the last character of the line if <code>column</code>
1909 * is beyond the legal range, or the given line number is less than one.
1910 *
1911 * @param line the one-based line number
1912 * @param column the zero-based column number
1913 * @return the 0-based character position in the source string;
1914 * <code>-2</code> if line/column number information is not known
1915 * for this compilation unit or <code>-1</code> the inputs are not valid
1916 * @since 3.2
1917 */
1918 public int getPosition(int line, int column)
1919 /**
1920 * Returns the line number corresponding to the given source character
1921 * position in the original source string. The initial line of the
1922 * compilation unit is numbered 1, and each line extends through the
1923 * last character of the end-of-line delimiter. The very last line extends
1924 * through the end of the source string and has no line delimiter.
1925 * For example, the source string <code>class A\n{\n}</code> has 3 lines
1926 * corresponding to inclusive character ranges [0,7], [8,9], and [10,10].
1927 * Returns -1 for a character position that does not correspond to any
1928 * source line, or -2 if no line number information is available for this
1929 * compilation unit.
1930 *
1931 * @param position a 0-based character position, possibly
1932 * negative or out of range
1933 * @return the 1-based line number, or <code>-1</code> if the character
1934 * position does not correspond to a source line in the original
1935 * source file or <code>-2</code> if line number information is not known for this
1936 * compilation unit
1937 * @see ASTParser
1938 * @since 3.2
1939 */
1940 public int getLineNumber(int position)
1945<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1946<a href="">117382</a>
1947synthetic class$N fields generated unnecessarily
1948<br><a href="">115658</a>
1949ReconcileContext/CompilationParticipant clarifications
1950<br><a href="">61946</a>
1951AST: NPE in IVariableBinding.getConstantValue
1952<br><a href="">116472</a>
1953Ambigous API definition on CompilationUnit.getPosition()
1954<br><a href="">117032</a>
1955AST line numbers: Problems with single line source
1956<br><a href="">116745</a>
1957[compiler] VerifyError: Incompatible type for getting or setting field
1958<br><a href="">98154</a>
1959Code assist from Javadoc
1960<br><a href="">116464</a>
1961[javadoc] Unicode tag name are not correctly parsed
1962<br><a href="">114941</a>
1963Remove init job
1964<br><a href="">114935</a>
1965ASTParser.createASTs parses more CUs then required
1966<br><a href="">116311</a>
1967[search] NPE searching for reference to our Assert class
1968<br><a href="">115067</a>
1969Util#getJavaLikeExtensions should become API
1970<br><a href="">80472</a>
1971Binding of parameterized return type List&lt;E&gt; subList(...) should not be generic binding
1974<a name="v_622"></a>
1976Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1977Java development tools core</h1>
1978Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 16th November 2005
1979<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_622
1980(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1982What's new in this drop</h2>
1984<li>Added API <code>IMethod#getRawParameterNames()</code> that returns the invented names arg0...argn for a binary method.</li>
1985<li>Added API <code>IOpenable#findRecommendedLineSeparator()</code> that finds the line separator for the given Java element.</li>
1988<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1989<a href="">116419</a>
1990code assist regression: POTENTIAL_METHOD_DECLARATION not offered anymore
1991<br><a href="">84750</a>
1992[perf] BinaryMethod.getParameterNames does not follow IMethod API contract
1993<br><a href="">110650</a>
1994Need API for determining Java line delimiter
1996<a name="v_621"></a>
1998Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
1999Java development tools core</h1>
2000Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 15th November 2005
2001<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_621
2002(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2004What's new in this drop</h2>
2007Due to bug <a href="">110964</a> fix,
2008some javadoc compiler options default value have been changed.
2011 - old default value = "enabled"
2012 - new default value = "disabled"
2014 - old default value = "enabled"
2015 - new default value = "disabled"
2017 - old default value = "enabled"
2018 - new default value = "disabled"
2020 - old default value = "private"
2021 - new default value = "public"
2023 - old default value = "private"
2024 - new default value = "public"
2027<li>Added new API for org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.CompilationUnit:
2029 /**
2030 * Return the index in the whole comments list {@link #getCommentList() }
2031 * of the first leading comments associated with the given node.
2032 *
2033 * @param node the node
2034 * @return 0-based index of first leading comment or -1 if node has
2035 * no associated comment before its start position.
2036 * @since 3.2
2037 */
2038 public int firstLeadingCommentIndex(ASTNode node)
2039 /**
2040 * Return the index in the whole comments list {@link #getCommentList() }
2041 * of the last trailing comments associated with the given node.
2042 *
2043 * @param node the node
2044 * @return 0-based index of last trailing comment or -1 if node has
2045 * no associated comment after its end position.
2046 * @since 3.2
2047 */
2048 public int lastTrailingCommentIndex(ASTNode node)
2049 /**
2050 * Returns the column number corresponding to the given source character
2051 * position in the original source string. Column number are zero-based.
2052 * Return zero if it is beyond the valid range.
2053 *
2054 * @param position a 0-based character position, possibly
2055 * negative or out of range
2056 * @return the 0-based coloumn number, or <code>0</code> if the character
2057 * position does not correspond to a source line in the original
2058 * source file or if column number information is not known for this
2059 * compilation unit
2060 * @see ASTParser
2061 * @since 3.2
2062 */
2063 public int columnNumber(final int position)
2064 /**
2065 * Given a line number and column number, returns the corresponding
2066 * position in the original source string.
2067 * Returns 0 if no line number information is available for this
2068 * compilation unit or the requested line number is less than one.
2069 * Returns the total size of the source string if <code>line</code>
2070 * is greater than the actual number lines in the unit.
2071 * Returns 0 if <code>column</code> is less than 0,
2072 * or the position of the last character of the line if <code>column</code>
2073 * is beyond the legal range.
2074 *
2075 * @param line the one-based line number
2076 * @param column the zero-based column number
2077 * @return the 0-based character position in the source string;
2078 * returns <code>0</code> if line/column number information is not known
2079 * for this compilation unit or the inputs are not valid
2080 * @since 3.2
2081 */
2082 public int getPosition(int line, int column)
2085<li>A tool to automate the update of the build notes is available on this update-site:<br>
2087<p>This is matching the format of the JDT/Core buildnotes. But the code can be easily customized for a different format.</p>
2091<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2092<a href="">115662</a>
2093[javadoc][assist] link completion in types
2094<br><a href="">106140</a>
2095[compiler] Eclipse3.1.0: unrecognized class invisibility
2096<br><a href="">113108</a>
2097[API][comments] CompilationUnit.getNodeComments(ASTNode)
2098<br><a href="">110964</a>
2099[javadoc] Change compiler default options to have minimum javadoc warnings
2100<br><a href="">116028</a>
2101annotations only applied to first field in a declaration
2102<br><a href="">112843</a>
2103Cut blocked by background build
2104<br><a href="">116028</a>
2105annotations only applied to first field in a declaration
2106<br><a href="">110797</a>
2107In case of multiple task tags on a single line, the tasks view does not show the complete line for each tag
2108<br><a href="">110173</a>
2109[plan] API to extract the Javadoc as HTML from attached HTML
2110<br><a href="">110188</a>
2111[plan][assist] Provide hook for completing inside string literal
2112<br><a href="">107105</a>
2113[1.5][compiler] method override check does not detect differences in additional type bounds
2114<br><a href="">115408</a>
2115[compiler] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
2117<a name="v_620"></a>
2119Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2120Java development tools core</h1>
2121Eclipse SDK 3.2M4 - 8th November 2005
2122<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_620
2123(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2125What's new in this drop</h2>
2127<li>Added support for participating in reconcile (see <code>compilationParticipant</code> extension point as well as
2128 <code>CompilationParticipant</code> and <code>ReconcileContext</code> classes.)
2129 Note that this support is still work in progress and it is subject to change.
2130 Ability to participate in building will be added later.
2132<li>Code Assist: added support for completing on label in break/continue statement.
2134<li>Added new CompletionContext API (first part of fix for bug
2135<a href="">110181</a>) :
2138 * Returns the completed token.
2139 * This token is either the identifier or Java language keyword
2140 * or the string literal under, immediately preceding,
2141 * the original request offset. If the original request offset
2142 * is not within or immediately after an identifier or keyword or
2143 * a string literal then the returned value is &lt;code&gt;null&lt;/code&gt;.
2144 *
2145 * @return completed token or &lt;code&gt;null&lt;/code&gt;
2146 * @since 3.2
2147 */
2148public char[] getToken()
2151 * Returns the kind of completion token being proposed.
2152 *
2153 * The set of different kinds of completion token is
2154 * expected to change over time. It is strongly recommended
2155 * that clients do not assume that the kind is one of the
2156 * ones they know about, and code defensively for the
2157 * possibility of unexpected future growth.
2158 *
2159 * @return the kind; one of the kind constants declared on
2160 * this class whose name starts with &lt;code&gt;TOKEN_KIND&lt;/code&gt;,
2161 * or possibly a kind unknown to the caller
2162 * @since 3.2
2163 */
2164public int getTokenKind()
2167 * Returns the character index of the start of the
2168 * subrange in the source file buffer containing the
2169 * relevant token being completed. This
2170 * token is either the identifier or Java language keyword
2171 * under, or immediately preceding, the original request
2172 * offset. If the original request offset is not within
2173 * or immediately after an identifier or keyword, then the
2174 * position returned is original request offset and the
2175 * token range is empty.
2176 *
2177 * @return character index of token start position (inclusive)
2178 * @since 3.2
2179 */
2180public int getTokenStart()
2183 * Returns the character index of the end (exclusive) of the subrange
2184 * in the source file buffer containing the
2185 * relevant token. When there is no relevant token, the
2186 * range is empty
2187 * (&lt;code&gt;getTokenEnd() == getTokenStart()&lt;/code&gt;).
2188 *
2189 * @return character index of token end position (exclusive)
2190 * @since 3.2
2191 */
2192public int getTokenEnd()
2195 * Returns the offset position in the source file buffer
2196 * after which code assist is requested.
2197 *
2198 * @return offset position in the source file buffer
2199 * @since 3.2
2200 */
2201public int getOffset()
2206<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2207<a href="">115363</a>
2208java.lang.VerifyError in org.eclipse.ui.workbench from HEAD, using N20051107
2209<br><a href="">22072</a>
2210Code completion on continue label: broken.
2211<br><a href="">113950</a>
2212[1.5][compiler] Problems implementing inherited generic abstract methods and type erasure
2213<br><a href="">115181</a>
2214[1.5][compiler] Wrongly flagged "Usage of a raw type"
2215<br><a href="">113945</a>
2216No codeassist in anonymous class in generics
2217<br><a href="">114086</a>
2218Refactor-&gt;Rename of instance variables fails with "-1" when Code Style-&gt;Fields prefix list has dangling ","
2219<br><a href="">114341</a>
2220[javadoc][assist] range of the qualified type completion in javadoc text isn't correct
2221<br><a href="">114338</a>
2222[javadoc] Reconciler reports wrong javadoc warning (missing return type)
2223<br><a href="">102286</a>
2224Error when trying F4-Type Hierarchy
2225<br><a href="">114909</a>
2226AST: String concatenation represented as single node
2227<br><a href="">114539</a>
2228[search] Internal error when refactoring code with errors
2229<br><a href="">114855</a>
2230[compiler] OutOfMemoryError compiling deeply nested try-catch
2231<br><a href="">114087</a>
2232[1.5][compiler] Eclipse compiles code that cannot be compiled with JDK!
2233<br><a href="">114304</a>
2234[1.5][compiler] Return type not compatible with generic subinterface.
2237<a name="v_619"></a>
2239Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2240Java development tools core</h1>
2241Eclipse SDK 3.2M3 - 31st October 2005 - 3.2 MILESTONE 3
2242<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_619
2243(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2245What's new in this drop</h2>
2247<li>Three new API methods have been added on SearchPattern (see bug <a href="">113549</a>):
2250 * Answers true if the pattern matches the given name using CamelCase rules, or false otherwise.
2251 * CamelCase matching does NOT accept explicit wild-cards '*' and '?' and is inherently case sensitive.
2252 *
2253 * CamelCase denotes the convention of writing compound names without spaces, and capitalizing every term.
2254 * This function recognizes both upper and lower CamelCase, depending whether the leading character is capitalized
2255 * or not. The leading part of an upper CamelCase pattern is assumed to contain a sequence of capitals which are appearing
2256 * in the matching name; e.g. 'NPE' will match 'NullPointerException', but not 'NewPerfData'. A lower CamelCase pattern
2257 * uses a lowercase first character. In Java, type names follow the upper CamelCase convention, whereas method or field
2258 * names follow the lower CamelCase convention.
2259 *
2260 * The pattern may contain trailing lowercase characters, which will be match in a case sensitive way. These characters must
2261 * appear in sequence in the name, after the last matching capital of the pattern. For instance, 'NPExcep' will match
2262 * 'NullPointerException', but not 'NullPointerExCEPTION'.
2263 *
2264 * For example:
2265 * - pattern = "NPE"
2266 * name = NullPointerException
2267 * result =&gt; true
2268 * - pattern = "npe"
2269 * name = NullPointerException
2270 * result =&gt; false
2271 *
2272 * @see CharOperation#camelCaseMatch(char[], char[])
2273 * Implementation has been entirely copied from this method except for array lengthes
2274 * which were obviously replaced with calls to {@link String#length()}.
2275 *
2276 * @param pattern the given pattern
2277 * @param name the given name
2278 * @return true if the pattern matches the given name, false otherwise
2279 */
2280public static final boolean camelCaseMatch(String pattern, String name)
2283 * Answers true if a sub-pattern matches the subpart of the given name using CamelCase rules, or false otherwise.
2284 * CamelCase matching does NOT accept explicit wild-cards '*' and '?' and is inherently case sensitive.
2285 * Can match only subset of name/pattern, considering end positions as non-inclusive.
2286 * The subpattern is defined by the patternStart and patternEnd positions.
2287 *
2288 * CamelCase denotes the convention of writing compound names without spaces, and capitalizing every term.
2289 * This function recognizes both upper and lower CamelCase, depending whether the leading character is capitalized
2290 * or not. The leading part of an upper CamelCase pattern is assumed to contain a sequence of capitals which are appearing
2291 * in the matching name; e.g. 'NPE' will match 'NullPointerException', but not 'NewPerfData'. A lower CamelCase pattern
2292 * uses a lowercase first character. In Java, type names follow the upper CamelCase convention, whereas method or field
2293 * names follow the lower CamelCase convention.
2294 *
2295 * The pattern may contain trailing lowercase characters, which will be match in a case sensitive way. These characters must
2296 * appear in sequence in the name, after the last matching capital of the pattern. For instance, 'NPExcep' will match
2297 * 'NullPointerException', but not 'NullPointerExCEPTION'.
2298 *
2299 * For example:
2300 * - pattern = "NPE"
2301 * patternStart = 1
2302 * patternEnd = 3
2303 * name = NullPointerException
2304 * nameStart = 0
2305 * nameEnd = 20
2306 * result =&gt; true
2307 * - pattern = "npe"
2308 * patternStart = 1
2309 * patternEnd = 3
2310 * name = NullPointerException
2311 * nameStart = 0
2312 * nameEnd = 20
2313 * result =&gt; false
2314 *
2315 * @see CharOperation#camelCaseMatch(char[], int, int, char[], int, int)
2316 * Implementation has been entirely copied from this method except for array lengthes
2317 * which were obviously replaced with calls to {@link String#length()} and
2318 * for array direct access which were replaced with calls to {@link String#charAt(int)}.
2319 *
2320 * @param pattern the given pattern
2321 * @param patternStart the given pattern start
2322 * @param patternEnd the given pattern end
2323 * @param name the given name
2324 * @param nameStart the given name start
2325 * @param nameEnd the given name end
2326 * @return true if a sub-pattern matches the subpart of the given name, false otherwise
2327 */
2328public static final boolean camelCaseMatch(String pattern, int patternStart, int patternEnd, String name, int nameStart, int nameEnd)
2331 * Validate compatibility between given string pattern and match rule.
2332 *
Stephan Herrmannd5c3cc62010-05-30 17:34:25 +00002333 * Optimized (i.e. returned match rule is modified) combinations are:
Stephan Herrmann7b7062f2010-04-01 19:56:59 +00002334 * - {@link #R_PATTERN_MATCH} without any '*' or '?' in string pattern:
2335 * pattern match bit is unset,
2336 * - {@link #R_PATTERN_MATCH} and {@link #R_PREFIX_MATCH} bits simultaneously set:
2337 * prefix match bit is unset,
2338 * - {@link #R_PATTERN_MATCH} and {@link #R_CAMELCASE_MATCH} bits simultaneously set:
2339 * camel case match bit is unset,
2340 * - {@link #R_CAMELCASE_MATCH} with invalid combination of uppercase and lowercase characters:
2341 * camel case match bit is unset and replaced with prefix match pattern,
2342 * - {@link #R_CAMELCASE_MATCH} combined with {@link #R_PREFIX_MATCH} and {@link #R_CASE_SENSITIVE}
2343 * bits is reduced to only {@link #R_CAMELCASE_MATCH} as Camel Case search is already prefix and case sensitive.
2344 *
Stephan Herrmannd5c3cc62010-05-30 17:34:25 +00002345 * Rejected (i.e. returned match rule -1) combinations are:
Stephan Herrmann7b7062f2010-04-01 19:56:59 +00002346 * - {@link #R_REGEXP_MATCH} with any other match mode bit set.
2347 *
2348 * @param stringPattern The string pattern
2349 * @param matchRule The match rule
2350 * @return Optimized valid match rule or -1 if an incompatibility was detected.
2351 */
2352public static int validateMatchRule(String stringPattern, int matchRule) {
2355<li>Added Camel Case support in completion.
2356When you perform code complete, the proposals list contains proposals whose name match with the camel case pattern.
Stephan Herrmannd5c3cc62010-05-30 17:34:25 +00002358e.g. a possible proposal for TT| is ToTo.
Stephan Herrmann7b7062f2010-04-01 19:56:59 +00002359</li>
2360<li>Added option to control Camel Case completion.
2363 * CODEASSIST / Activate Camel Case Sensitive Completion
2364 * When active, completion show proposals whose name match to the CamelCase pattern.
2365 * - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.camelCaseMatch"
2366 * - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
2367 * - default: "disabled"
2368 */
2371Currently this option is disabled by default. The default value of this option will be set to enabled when JDT/Text will be able to manage this kind of proposal
2372(see <a href="">bug 114098</a>)
2376<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2377<a href="">114091</a>
2378[assist][javadoc] eternal loop
2379<br><a href="">114077</a>
2380No NLS Warning if unnecessary nls tag before declaration
2381<br><a href="">83206</a>
2382ICodeAssist#codeSelect(..) on implicit methods should not return a java element
2383<br><a href="">102572</a>
2384[plan] Add CamelHumps completion
2385<br><a href="">113649</a>
2386[javadoc][assist] CompletionOnJavadocTag token is not correct
2387<br><a href="">113765</a>
2388[1.5] Insufficient recovery in generic method
2389<br><a href="">113671</a>
2390[search] AIOOBE in SearchEngine#searchAllTypeNames
2391<br><a href="">113549</a>
2392Need camel case matching routines for Strings
2393<br><a href="">113722</a>
2394Sort members is confused with syntax errors
2395<br><a href="">113273</a>
2396[1.5][compiler] Compiler confused by multiply bounded type parameter
2399<a name="v_618"></a>
2401Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2402Java development tools core</h1>
2403Eclipse SDK 3.2M3 - 25th October 2005
2404<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_618
2405(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2407What's new in this drop</h2>
2410Completion engine now supports completion inside Javadoc. User can complete after any word
2411in Javadoc and get most appropriate proposal depending on area of completion.<br>
2412Here is a breaf summary of code assist functionality in javadoc:
2414<li>Completion of javadoc tag now only gives valid proposals.<br>
2415Some examples:
2417<li>complete <code>@pa|</code> will give <code>@param</code> proposal only in javadoc of method or generic type declarations,</li>
2418<li>complete <code>{@co|</code> will give <code>{@code }</code> proposal only if your compiler compliance has been set to 1.5 or over,</li>
2422<li>Completion in "formal reference" of <code>@see</code>, <code>@throws</code>, <code>@exception</code>, <code>{@link}</code>,
2423<code>{@linplain}</code> or <code>{@value}</code> tags will behave like completion in java code. Type qualification for
2424types will be inserted depending on "Add import instead of qualified name" Code Assist preferences.
2426<li>Completion is now available in text area of javadoc comment.<br>
2427Some examples:
2429<li>complete at caret in following code:
2432 * This is an example of completion inside text area: S|
2433 */
2434public class Sample {}
2436will propose both <code>String</code> and <code>Sample</code>, but also <code>{@link String }</code> and
2437<code>{@link Sample }</code>.
2438Currently each proposal is available either as java code type name or direclty inserted as a {@link} tag.
2439This part is still under work and final behavior should depend on a new JDT/UI preferences...<br>
2442<li>complete at caret in following code:
2445 * This is an example of completion inside text area: #m|
2446 */
2447public class Sample {
2448 void method() {}
2451will propose <code>{@link #method() }</code>.
2457New API methods have also been added to <code>CompletionContext</code>:
2460 * Tell user whether completion takes place in a javadoc comment or not.
2461 *
2462 * @return boolean true if completion takes place in a javadoc comment, false otherwise.
2463 * @since 3.2
2464 */
2465public boolean isInJavadoc() {...}
2467 * Tell user whether completion takes place in text area of a javadoc comment or not.
2468 *
2469 * @return boolean true if completion takes place in a text area of a javadoc comment, false otherwise.
2470 * @since 3.2
2471 */
2472public boolean isInJavadocText() {...}
2474 * Tell user whether completion takes place in a formal reference of a javadoc tag or not.
2475 * Tags with formal reference are:
2476 * - @see
2477 * - @throws
2478 * - @exception
2479 * - {@link Object}
2480 * - {@linkplain Object}
2481 * - {@value} when compiler compliance is set at leats to 1.5
2482 *
2483 * @return boolean true if completion takes place in formal reference of a javadoc tag, false otherwise.
2484 * @since 3.2
2485 */
2486public boolean isInJavadocFormalReference() {...}
2489<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.IMember#ISourceRange getJavadocRange() throws JavaModelException</code>. This API can be used
2490to retrieve the source range of a javadoc comment attached to the corresponding member.
2492<li>Added compiler option so as to specify whether optional errors should be fatal or not. By default, an optional error is
2493treated as fatal as a normal language error (as defined by the language spec book), when disabling this option, clients will
2494be able to treat optional errors as severe warnings only, which will be rendered as errors, but no longer prevent from running
2495the code. There is some work planned on UI side so as to better distinguish amongst mandatory vs. optional errors.
2497* COMPILER / Treating Optional Error as Fatal
2498* When enabled, optional errors (i.e. optional problems which severity is set to "error") will be treated as standard
2499* compiler errors, yielding problem methods/types preventing from running offending code until the issue got resolved.
2500* When disabled, optional errors are only considered as warnings, still carrying an error indication to make them more
2501* severe. Note that by default, errors are fatal, whether they are optional or not.
2502* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.fatalOptionalError"
2503* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
2504* - default: "enabled"
2507<li>Added <code>IJavaElementDelta#F_CATEGORIES</code>. This flag is set when one or more categories of an element
2508 are added/changed/removed.</li>
2510Java search engine is now able to perform search using Camel Case pattern while using new match rule flag
2511defined on <code>SearchPattern</code> (see bug <a href="">110060</a>):
2514 * Match rule: The search pattern contains a Camel Case expression.
2515 * For example, <code>NPE</code> type string pattern will match
2516 * <code>NullPointerException</code> type.
2517 * @see CharOperation#camelCaseMatch(char[], char[]) for a detailed explanation
2518 * of Camel Case matching.
2519 *
2520 * Can be combined to {@link #R_PREFIX_MATCH} match rule. For example,
2521 * when prefix match rule is combined with Camel Case match rule,
2522 * <code>"nPE"</code> pattern will match <code>nPException</code>.
2523 *
2524 * Match rule {@link #R_PATTERN_MATCH} may also be combined but both rules
2525 * will not be used simultaneously as they are mutually exclusive.
2526 * Used match rule depends on whether string pattern contains specific pattern
2527 * characters (e.g. '*' or '?') or not. If it does, then only Pattern match rule
2528 * will be used, otherwise only Camel Case match will be used.
2529 * For example, with <code>"NPE"</code> string pattern, search will only use
2530 * Camel Case match rule, but with <code>N*P*E*</code> string pattern, it will
2531 * use only Pattern match rule.
2532 *
2533 * @since 3.2
2534 */
2535public static final int R_CAMELCASE_MATCH = 0x0080;
2540<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2541<a href="">113506</a>
2542[javadoc][assist] No tag proposals when there is a prefix on a line
2543<br><a href="">113376</a>
2544[javadoc][assist] wrong overwrite range on completion followed by a tag
2545<br><a href="">113374</a>
2546[javadoc][assist] do not propose anything if the prefix is preceded by a special character
2547<br><a href="">106466</a>
2548[1.5][compiler] Type parameter followed by other types in bound - rejected by javac, accepted by Eclipse
2549<br><a href="">110172</a>
2550[plan] API to extract the Javadoc on org.eclipse.jdt.core.IMember
2551<br><a href="">87868</a>
2552[1.5][javadoc][assist] Dodgy completion in javadoc comment
2553<br><a href="">86112</a>
2554[javadoc][assist] Wrong reference to binary static initializer in javadoc
2555<br><a href="">67732</a>
2556[javadoc][assist] Content assist doesn't work in Javadoc "line breaks"
2557<br><a href="">22043</a>
2558[javadoc][assist] Code Completion in Javadoc @see/@link doesn't work on partially entered argument types
2559<br><a href="">107282</a>
2560[plan][compiler] Non mandatory JLS errors should not end up in problem methods
2561<br><a href="">52840</a>
2562Howto generate the parser: LPG 2.30 is which version of JikesPG?
2563<br><a href="">113051</a>
2564No classpath marker produced when cycle through PDE container
2565<br><a href="">113110</a>
2566TestFailures in DebugSuite
2567<br><a href="">112109</a>
2568Compilation problem: Eclipse does not recognise parametrized notify-method in generic context
2569<br><a href="">100970</a>
2570[1.5][compiler] Interface methods may conflict with Object methods
2571<br><a href="">112418</a>
2572PDE generate build file and ant task eclipse.buildScript ignore javaSource and javaTarget
2573<br><a href="">112973</a>
2574NLS tags like //$NON-NLS-?$ don't have the right range
2575<br><a href="">110060</a>
2576[plan][search] Add support for Camel Case search pattern
2577<br><a href="">100182</a>
2578[1.5][compiler] unecessary cast in case of boxing
2581<a name="v_617"></a>
2583Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2584Java development tools core</h1>
2585Eclipse SDK 3.2M3 - 18th October 2005
2586<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_617
2587(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2589What's new in this drop</h2>
2591<li>In 5.0 compliant mode, the classfile name for an anonymous class is now correctly referring to its
2592innermost enclosing type name, e.g. "X$1$1" for an anonymous nested inside another anonymous; where
2593it was "X$2" before 5.0.</li>
2594<li>Added compiler diagnosis to signal unused label (from labeled statement). Note that a label is considered to be
2595used if explicitly referenced only.
2597* COMPILER / Reporting Unreferenced Label
2598* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning when encountering a labeled statement which label
2599* is never explicitly referenced. A label is considered to be referenced if its name explicitly appears behind a break
2600* or continue statement; for instance the following label would be considered unreferenced; LABEL: { break; }
2601* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unusedLabel"
2602* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2603* - default: "warning"
2606<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.ToolFactory#createDefaultClassFileReader(,int)</code>
2607 that allows to the creation of an org.eclipse.jdt.core.util.IClassFileReader object using an input stream.
2609<li>Added API <code>JavaCore#addPreProcessingResourceChangedListener(IResourceChangeListener,int)</code>
2610 that allows to register an <code>IResourceChangedListener</code> for a given event type that runs
2611 before JDT Core.</li>
2612<li>Added APIs to get the values of the @category tag in the Javadoc of a type, field or method:
2613 <code>IMember#getCategories()</code> and to get the children of a type for a given category
2614 <code>IType#getChildrenForCategory(String)</code>.</li>
2617<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2618<a href="">112137</a>
2619ConcurrentModificationException when CTRL+LeftClick on constructor call in Java editor
2620<br><a href="">85298</a>
2621[1.5][enum] IType of anonymous enum declaration says isLocal() == false
2622<br><a href="">108856</a>
2623[1.5][compiler] Inner inner classes have illegal names
2624<br><a href="">112231</a>
2625[1.5][compiler] enum declaration
2626<br><a href="">112381</a>
2627Javadoc of IMethodBinding#overrides(IMethodBinding) refers to wrong JLS2 section
2628<br><a href="">105756</a>
2629[1.5][model] Incorrect warning on using raw types
2630<br><a href="">112609</a>
2631StackOverflow when initializing Java Core
2632<br><a href="">112666</a>
2633[1.5][compiler] Compiler rejects valid assignment to complex capture
2634<br><a href="">63840</a>
2635warning on unused labels
2636<br><a href="">112617</a>
2637[API] Add ToolFactory.createDefaultClassFileReader(InputStream,int)
2638<br><a href="">112518</a>
2639[performance] NLS detection should be faster
2640<br><a href="">107814</a>
2641@SuppressWarnings("unused") requires additional //$NON-NLS-1$
2642<br><a href="">110613</a>
2643[1.5][compiler] Should not report warnings for nls string inside annotation declaration
2644<br><a href="">112500</a>
2645[1.5][compiler] bug between inference and wilcard
2646<br><a href="">111350</a>
2647[1.5][compiler] method override and generics
2648<br><a href="">108782</a>
2649[1.5][compiler] inconsistent @Override error
2650<br><a href="">108780</a>
2651[1.5][compiler] Subsignature checking does not respect erasure conversion
2652<br><a href="">105808</a>
2653[1.5][dom] MethodBinding#overrides(..) should not consider return types
2654<br><a href="">23669</a>
2655[plan][DCR][Javadoc] Add support for @cat / @category organization of class members
2656<br><a href="">112268</a>
2657[1.5][compiler] Type mismatch introduced in 3.1.1
2658<br><a href="">112346</a>
2659[1.5][javadoc] Unexpected "Invalid reference" on javadoc field reference
2660<br><a href="">112190</a>
2661batch compiler option "-warn:+allUnchecked" does not work
2662<br><a href="">112223</a>
2663Scanner#getNextToken() behavior doesn't seems consistent if there is an unicode inside a string.
2664<br><a href="">107045</a>
2665[1.5][compiler] Compiler misses name clash with bounded class type parameter
2668<a name="v_616"></a>
2670Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2671Java development tools core</h1>
2672Eclipse SDK 3.2M3 - 11th October 2005
2673<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_616
2674(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2676What's new in this drop</h2>
2678<li>Added CharOperation API to perform CamelCase matching. This new matching mode will be leveraged into
2679codeassist and search.
2681* Answers true if the pattern matches the given name using CamelCase rules, or false otherwise.
2682* char[] CamelCase matching does NOT accept explicit wild-cards '*' and '?'.
2684* CamelCase denotes the convention of writing compound names without spaces, and capitalizing every term.
2685* This function recognizes both upper and lower CamelCase, depending whether the leading character is capitalized
2686* or not. The leading part of an upper CamelCase pattern is assumed to contain a sequence of capitals which are appearing
2687* in the matching name; e.g. 'NPE' will match 'NullPointerException', but not 'NewPerfData'. A lower CamelCase pattern
2688* uses a lowercase first character. In Java, type names follow the upper CamelCase convention, whereas method or field
2689* names follow the lower CamelCase convention.
2691* The pattern may contain trailing lowercase characters, which will be match in a case sensitive way. These characters must
2692* appear in sequence in the name, after the last matching capital of the pattern. For instance, 'NPExcep' will match
2693* 'NullPointerException', but not 'NullPointerExCEPTION'.
2694public static final boolean camelCaseMatch(char[] pattern, char[] name)
2695public static final boolean camelCaseMatch(char[] pattern, int patternStart, int patternEnd, char[] name, int nameStart, int nameEnd)
2698<li>Tuned new compiler diagnosis for raw type references. This problem can now be enabled independantly from
2699unchecked type operations, and carries its own severity settings. Removed "Type safety:" prefix from problem description
2700as it is not truly fragilizing type integrity. This warning can still be silenced by <code>@SuppressWarnings("unchecked")</code>
2702* COMPILER / Reporting Raw Type Reference
2703* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning when detecting references to raw types. Raw types are
2704* discouraged, and are intended to help interfacing with legacy code. In the future, the language specification may
2705* reject raw references to generic types.
2706* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.rawTypeReference"
2707* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2708* - default: "ignore"
2710<li>Added API <code>CategorizedProblem</code> to extend <code>IProblem</code> definitions with notion of
2711problem category and marker type. This will enable other pluggable tool to participate in various compilation stages
2712and report domain specific problems through the existing API (<code>IProblem</code> based). It is recommended that
2713clients do not directly implement <code>IProblem</code> but instead do extend the abstract class <code>CategorizedProblem</code>.
2716 * Returns an integer identifying the category of this problem. Categories, like problem IDs are
2717 * defined in the context of some marker type. Custom implementations of <code>CategorizedProblem</code>
2718 * may choose arbitrary values for problem/category IDs, as long as they are associated with a different
2719 * marker type.
2720 * @return id - an integer identifying the category of this problem
2721 */
2722public abstract int getCategoryID();
2725 * Returns the marker type associated to this problem, if it was persisted into a marker by the JavaBuilder
2726 * Standard Java problems are associated to marker type "org.eclipse.jdt.core.problem"), standard tasks
2727 * are associated to marker type "org.eclipse.jdt.core.task".
2728 * @return the type of the marker which would be associated to the problem
2729 * @see org.eclipse.jdt.core.IJavaModelMarker#JAVA_MODEL_PROBLEM_MARKER
2730 * @see org.eclipse.jdt.core.IJavaModelMarker#TASK_MARKER
2731 */
2732public abstract String getMarkerType();
2734<li>Added API <code>IJavaElementDelta#F_AST_AFFECTED</code> and <code>IJavaElementDelta#getCompilationUnitAST()</code>.
2735 The Java element delta's flag is set to <code>F_AST_AFFECTED</code> when a reconcile operation affects the AST
2736 created in the last reconcile operation. In this case the AST should be re-acquired using <code>getCompilationUnitAST()</code>.
2738<li>Added API to encode and decode a classpath entry (<code>IJavaProject#encodeClasspathEntry(IClasspathEntry)
2739 and decodeClasspathEntry(String)</code>.
2740<li>Added API <code>IClassFile#becomeWorkingCopy(...)</code> that returns an <code>ICompilationUnit</code>
2741 in working copy mode on the given class file. See its Javadoc for more details.</li>
2744<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2745<a href="">111898</a>
2746[compiler] Wrong code generation
2747<br><a href="">111822</a>
2748DOMParser.createASTs() NPE at FieldReference.getConstantFor(
2749<br><a href="">109118</a>
2750[1.5][compiler] Unhandled Exception Compiler error involving generics in java 1.5
2751<br><a href="">111812</a>
2752[compiler] should improve error highlighting for static initializer errors
2753<br><a href="">111208</a>
2754[1.5][compiler] Compiler gets confused by multiple generic-extends'
2755<br><a href="">111618</a>
2756[1.5][dom] Foreach statement shows extraneous semi column into debug variables view
2757<br><a href="">111703</a>
2758Static initialization block in anonymous inner class causes compiler to fail
2759<br><a href="">110168</a>
2760[plan] Broadcast AST when reconciling
2761<br><a href="">111767</a>
2762Disassembler doesn't produce an output that can be compiled for annotation types
2763<br><a href="">111299</a>
2764JavaModelCache may overflow the memory.
2765<br><a href="">110596</a>
2766[assist] don't rank java.lang types lower if a simple name duplicate exists
2767<br><a href="">110171</a>
2768[plan] API to encode/decode a classpath entry into XML form
2769<br><a href="">111511</a>
2770Comments in compiler @arguments file
2771<br><a href="">111420</a>
2772Disassembler doesn't generate type parameters
2773<br><a href="">111396</a>
2774TypeHierarchy doesn't notify listeners on addition of fully qualified subtypes
2775<br><a href="">110160</a>
2776[plan] Working copy for class file
2778<a name="v_615"></a>
2780Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2781Java development tools core</h1>
2782Eclipse SDK 3.2M3 - 4th October 2005
2783<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_615
2784(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2786What's new in this drop</h2>
2788<li>Compiler diagnosis for unnecessary cast is now able to recognize situations like:
2789 <ul>
2790 <li> <code>List l = (ArrayList) someList; </code></li>
2791 <li> <code>List foo(List someList) { return (ArrayList) someList;} </code></li>
2792 </ul></li>
2793 <li>Compliance settings can now refer to "1.6" (aka "6.0") in addition to 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5. When classfile target is toggled to "1.6"
2794 the major/minor version will be adjusted accordingly. Some 1.6 specific attributes (e.g. StackMapTable) are not produced yet.
2795 </li>
2798<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2799<a href="">111222</a>
2800[compiler] add new constants to support JDK 6.0
2801<br><a href="">111219</a>
2802Disassembler generates syntactically incorrect code
2803<br><a href="">111014</a>
2804Internal Compiler Error
2805<br><a href="">106010</a>
2806[1.5][compiler] Wrong warning message issued in generic nesting type casting
2807<br><a href="">110813</a>
2808[search] ImportMatchLocatorParser should be implemented in its own CU
2809<br><a href="">70228</a>
2810new compiler warning for stuff like Object o = (Integer)(new Object())
2811<br><a href="">110576</a>
2812[encoding] Rename CU looses encoding for file which charset is determined by contents
2813<br><a href="">110304</a>
2814Formatter has no options for 'return'
2815<br><a href="">110251</a>
2816Inaccurate problem description on bad nested class
2817<br><a href="">110657</a>
2818[DOM] wrong position for single variable declaration inside enhanced for statement
2819<br><a href="">110987</a>
2820[compiler] the operator is not used to InstanceOfExpression
2821<br><a href="">108731</a>
2822improved error message
2823<br><a href="">110433</a>
2824JavaModelManager#getElementsOutOfSynchWithBuffers() should use a HashSet
2825<br><a href="">110434</a>
2826Move WeakHashSet to model
2827<br><a href="">110439</a>
2828HashableWeakReference should be static
2829<br><a href="">110449</a>
2830Remove field IndexBasedHierarchyBuilder#handleToWorkingCopy
2831<br><a href="">110789</a>
2832ProjectCache.pathToResolvedEntries should be rootToResolvedEntries
2833<br><a href="">69471</a>
2834[DOM/AST] Improve guessing of method binding for overloaded methods
2835<br><a href="">110773</a>
2836ITypeBinding#isEqualTo(..) is wrong when comparing NodeList&lt;String&gt;.Cursor to its type declaration
2837<br><a href="">109963</a>
2838[dom] Two VariableDeclarationStatements in switch
2839<br><a href="">109940</a>
2840[dom] IllegalArgumentException is thrown in CharacterLiteral.charValue()
2841<br><a href="">110270</a>
2842Failure in model test 20050921-1200
2843<br><a href="">110082</a>
2844[compiler] Increase compiler performance for "Remove superfluous NLS strings" warnings
2845<br><a href="">110849</a>
2846[compiler] Batch compiler doesn't use the user.dir if no classpath is specified
2847<br><a href="">110738</a>
2848[1.5][compiler] Internal compiler error while processing Currency
2849<br><a href="">110826</a>
2850[compiler] Batch compiler doesn't work when set on the bootclasspath
2852<a name="v_614"></a>
2854Eclipse Platform Build Notes<br>
2855Java development tools core</h1>
2856Eclipse SDK 3.2M3 - 27th September 2005
2857<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_614
2858(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2860What's new in this drop</h2>
2863Added optional compiler diagnosis for signaling usage of raw types. A raw type is a reference to some
2864generic type without any type argument (e.g. "List" in place of "List&lt;Element&gt;").
2866* COMPILER / Reporting Raw Type Reference
2867* When enabled, the compiler will signal references to raw types. Raw types are discouraged, and are intended to help interfacing
2868* with legacy code. In the future, the language specification may reject raw references to generic types.
2869* The severity of the problem is controlled with option "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.uncheckedTypeOperation".
2870* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.rawTypeReference"
2871* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
2872* - default: "disabled"