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Stephan Herrmann98502132010-04-02 14:34:38 +00001pluginName=OT/J Examples (Incubation) - Object Teams
Stephan Herrmann01664412010-04-01 20:28:43 +00004category.objectteams = Object Teams
5 = Stop Watch Example
7sample.stopwatch.desc = A simple stop watch application demonstrating how the Model-View-Controller pattern can be applied in Object Teams. = Observer Pattern Example = Implementation and application of the standard Observer pattern with Object Teams. = Flight Bonus Example
11sample.flightbooking.desc = This example demonstrates, how a reusable collaboration for collecting bonus points can be integrated into an existing application for flight booking. = Order System Example
13sample.ordersystem.desc = A comprehensive example showing different patterns of applying Object Teams. It implements three components: a storage, reservations of items, and orders plus a MVC GUI. = ATM Example
15sample.atm.desc = An example showing the use of guard predicates in Object Teams. It implements a simple ATM that adds specific behaviour to specific groups of accounts.