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Stephan Herrmanna2539512013-07-14 23:33:10 +02001See
3(0) Register our WeavingHook as early as possible during start-up.
4Done, but need re-thinking. TJ said on equinox-dev: use start level 1
6(3) Scan each registered team class
7Done but should try to improve using BundleWiring.getClassLoader()
11(5) Add dependencies so that each bound base bundle can see:
12 - the OT runtime (package org.objectteams)
13 - the aspect bundle(s) into which the woven code may call
15(8) Subclasses of Thread (and ideally: implementors of Runnable, the latter
16 has not yet been realized) need to be woven to insert a trigger into OT's
17 TeamThreadManager. This mechanism may need to be redesigned entirely.
19(10) Detect if more than one version of any bound base bundle is installed.
20 May want to re-think strategy how to handle this case, currently:
21 pick the highest version.
23(12) Implement "forced exports", which allows access from an aspect bundle
24 to classes of a base bundle which are not exported from their bundle
25 (subject to checking of aspect permissions, see (9)).
27(9) If aspect permission checking is used, we need to veto the loading
28 of classes of any aspect bundle violating the current policy.