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6 <title>JDT/Core Release Notes</title>
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13 <font size="+3"><b>jdt core - build notes 3.1 stream</b></font>
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21 Here are the build notes for the Eclipse JDT/Core plug-in project
22 <a href=""><b>org.eclipse.jdt.core</b></a>,
23 describing <a href="" target=new>bug</a> resolution and substantial changes in the <a href=""><b>R3.1</b></a> branch.
24 This present document covers all changes since Release 3.0 (also see a summary of <a href="">API changes</a>).
25 Older changes which occurred up to Release 3.0 can be found in
26 <a href="">build notes R3.0</a>.
27 </font>
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32<a name="v_570"></a>
34Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
35Java development tools core</h1>
36Eclipse SDK 3.1RC4 - 27th June 2005 - 3.1 RELEASE (R3_1)
37<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_570
38(<a href="">cvs</a>).
40What's new in this drop</h2>
44<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
45<a href="">101453</a>
46java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Operation only supported in JLS2 AST
47<br><a href="">101794</a>
48[1.5][compiler] Compiling Classpath classes results in bad class file
51<a name="v_569"></a>
53Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
54Java development tools core</h1>
55Eclipse SDK 3.1RC4 - 24th June 2005 - 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 4
56<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_569
57(<a href="">cvs</a>).
59What's new in this drop</h2>
63<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
64<a href="">101613</a>
65Performance regressions in Open Type Hierarchy performance test
67<a name="v_568"></a>
69Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
70Java development tools core</h1>
71Eclipse SDK 3.1RC4 - 23rd June 2005
72<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_568
73(<a href="">cvs</a>).
75What's new in this drop</h2>
79<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
80<a href="">101426</a>
81[search] Search doesn't work with imported plugin
82<br><a href="">101120</a>
83Cannot generate an executable of the batch compiler using gcj 3.4.4
84<br><a href="">100631</a>
85Internal compiler error in 3.1RC2
86<br><a href="">101230</a>
87[compiler] Internal compiler error when labeled statement processing
88<br><a href="">101022</a>
89[search] JUnit Test Runner on folder runs tests outside directory
90<br><a href="">101019</a>
91RC3: Type Hierarchy does not find implementers/extenders of inner class/interface in other project
92<br><a href="">100009</a>
93[assist] Content assist uses generic parameter name arg0 instead of real name
94<br><a href="">100584</a>
95[1.5][dom] NPE when selecting a faulty member type following a generic type reference
97<a name="v_567"></a>
99Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
100Java development tools core</h1>
101Eclipse SDK 3.1RC3 - 17th June 2005 - 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 3
102<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_567
103(<a href="">cvs</a>).
105What's new in this drop</h2>
109<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
110<a href="">100519</a>
111[1.5][compiler] generic parameter and qualified access seems to confuse each other
114<a name="v_566"></a>
116Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
117Java development tools core</h1>
118Eclipse SDK 3.1RC3 - 16th June 2005
119<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_566
120(<a href="">cvs</a>).
122What's new in this drop</h2>
126<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
127<a href="">100421</a>
128[1.5][compiler] chain of generics-extends confuse compiler
131<a name="v_565"></a>
133Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
134Java development tools core</h1>
135Eclipse SDK 3.1RC3 - 16th June 2005
136<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_565
137(<a href="">cvs</a>).
139What's new in this drop</h2>
143<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
144<a href="">99654</a>
145[5.0] JavaModel returns both IClassFile and ICompilationUnit for
146<br><a href="">100393</a>
147Defaults for compiler errors/warnings settings
149<a name="v_564"></a>
151Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
152Java development tools core</h1>
153Eclipse SDK 3.1RC3 - 16th June 2005
154<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_564
155(<a href="">cvs</a>).
157What's new in this drop</h2>
159<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 99606</a> required the index version to be incremented.
160 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
164<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
165<a href="">100302</a>
166StackOverflowError during completion
167<br><a href="">99606</a>
168Subtype not found if parameterized on inner class
169<br><a href="">100293</a>
1701.5 compiler - Methods using non-generic inner types of concreted generic classes generate wrong signatures
171<br><a href="">98322</a>
172[compiler] ParameterizedTypeBinding should not have AccGenericSignature set when no type arguments
173<br><a href="">99978</a>
174MalformedTreeException on Inline Method
175<br><a href="">100128</a>
176[1.5][compiler] StackOverflow compiling GNU Classpath generics branch
177<br><a href="">100142</a>
178CCE when calling ITypeBinding#getJavaElement() on char[][]
179<br><a href="">100147</a>
180[1.5][compiler] NPE when reporting an error on an unsafe type conversion
181<br><a href="">100062</a>
182[formatting] Code formatter is broken on test case from bug 99999
183<br><a href="">100162</a>
184java.lang.VerifyError is produced by Eclipse Java compiler
185<br><a href="">99428</a>
186[1.5][compiler] enum classes created without final accessFlag
187<br><a href="">99999</a>
188[1.5][compiler] AIOOBE with generics + nested classes + arrays
189<br><a href="">99686</a>
190IAE in Util#scanTypeBoundSignature
191<br><a href="">100149</a>
192[1.5][compiler] Raw type upper bounds should be raw types
193<br><a href="">99927</a>
194NPE in ParameterizedTypeBinding.initialize
195<br><a href="">100138</a>
196[doc] Confusing documentation in Project Configuration tutorial
197<br><a href="">99915</a>
198[search] Open Type: not yet saved types not found if case-sensitve name is entered
199<br><a href="">100007</a>
200[1.5][compiler] ClassCastException using array object as generic type
201<br><a href="">99600</a>
202[search] Java model exception on "Move to new file" on inner type with inner type
203<br><a href="">99982</a>
204[DOM] Wrong positions for boolean[] type
205<br><a href="">99811</a>
206NPE during content assist
207<br><a href="">99629</a>
208Error while entering expression in change variable value dialog
209<br><a href="">99922</a>
210[1.5][compiler] NPE in compiler for Arrays.asList(3, 3.1);
211<br><a href="">98378</a>
212[search] Can't find declarations in hierarchy of interface.
213<br><a href="">97614</a>
214[1.5][search] Refactoring: renaming of field of a (complex) parametrized type does not replace all occurrences
215<br><a href="">97547</a>
216[search] Package search does not find references in member types import clause
217<br><a href="">96950</a>
218[search] Code assist proposes non accessible types into completion
219<br><a href="">99510</a>
220isCastCompatible seems to need capture bindings now to answer correct results
221<br><a href="">99608</a>
222IMethodBinding#overrides returns false on overridden method
223<br><a href="">99901</a>
224[select] AIOOBE when selecting package reference in import statement
225<br><a href="">99282</a>
226[1.5][compiler] Enum / Switch method is not initialized in a thread safe way
227<br><a href="">52921</a>
228[formatting] Javadoc formatting: extra newline with [pre]
229<br><a href="">99507</a>
230[javadoc] Infinit loop in DocCommentParser
231<br><a href="">99397</a>
232Typo in CompletionProposal#isConstructor()
233<br><a href="">99553</a>
234[1.5][compiler] Parameterized class nested statically inside another parameterized type causes compile errors when used in method signatures
235<br><a href="">99355</a>
236extract method trips up with generics and final variables
237<br><a href="">99469</a>
238[1.5][compiler] NPE compiling code with unknown annotations
239<br><a href="">99375</a>
240Compiler error using Annotations
242<a name="v_563"></a>
244Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
245Java development tools core</h1>
246Eclipse SDK 3.1RC2 - 10th June 2005 - 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 2
247<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_563
248(<a href="">cvs</a>).
250What's new in this drop</h2>
254<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
255<a href="">99260</a>
256[1.5][compiler] Bad bytecode generated with varargs + generics
257<br><a href="">98331</a>
258[1.5][compiler] Casting Conversion needs to check all supertypes for conflicts
259<br><a href="">99106</a>
260[1.5][compiler] Ambiguous method error because methods don't override in eclipse
263<a name="v_562"></a>
265Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
266Java development tools core</h1>
267Eclipse SDK 3.1RC2 - 9th June 2005
268<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_562
269(<a href="">cvs</a>).
271What's new in this drop</h2>
275<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
276<a href="">97487</a>
277[call hierarchy] Call Hierarchy Fails in mounted classes with attached src files
278<br><a href="">97524</a>
279[prefs] Importing preferences with user library doesn't recreate jar entries
280<br><a href="">99142</a>
281Exception when shutting down quickly after starting
283<a name="v_561"></a>
285Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
286Java development tools core</h1>
287Eclipse SDK 3.1RC2 - 9th June 2005
288<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_561
289(<a href="">cvs</a>).
291What's new in this drop</h2>
293<li>The build state version number has changed. A full build of all projects in the workspace will be triggered upon
294 startup if autobuild is on, or on the next build if autobuild is off.</li>
295<li>The new list of supported warning tokens for the @SuppressWarnings annotation is:
297<li><b><font color="red">all</font></b> : any warning</li>
298<li><b>boxing</b> : autoboxing conversion</li>
299<li><b><font color="red">dep-ann</font></b> : missing @Deprecated annotation</li>
300<li><b><font color="red">deprecation</font></b> : deprecation outside deprecated code</li>
301<li><b>incomplete-switch</b> : incomplete enum switch (<i>enumSwitch</i>)</li>
302<li><b>hiding</b> :
303<ol><li>field hiding another variable (<i>fieldHiding</i>)</li>
304<li>local variable hiding another variable (<i>localHiding</i>)</li>
305<li>type parameter hiding another type (<i>typeHiding</i>)</li>
306<li>hidden catch block (<i>maskedCatchBlock</i>)</li>
309<li><b><font color="red">finally</font></b> : finally block not completing normally</li>
310<li><b>static-access</b> :
312<li>indirect reference to static member (<i>indirectStatic</i>)</li>
313<li>non-static reference to static member (<i>staticReceiver</i>)</li>
316<li><b>nls</b> : string literal lacking non-nls tag //$NON-NLS-&lt;n&gt;$</li>
317<li><b><font color="red">serial</font></b> : missing serialVersionUID</li>
318<li><b>unqualified-field-access </b>: unqualified reference to field (<i>unQualifiedField</i>)</li>
319<li><b><font color="red">unchecked</font></b> : unchecked type operation</li>
320<li><b>unused</b> :
322<li>unread method parameter (<i>unusedArgument</i>)</li>
323<li>unread local variable (<i>unusedLocal</i>)</li>
324<li>unused private member declaration (<i>unusedPrivate</i>)</li>
325<li>unused declared thrown exception (<i>unusedThrown</i>)</li>
328<li><b>synthetic-access</b> : synthetic access for innerclass (<i>syntheticAccess</i>)</li>
330<p>NOTE:</p><blockquote>All other warning tokens are not longer supported by @SuppressWarnings;
331considering that for some diagnosis, it is simpler to just fix the code than silence some warning.
332In <i>Italic</i> the old warning token is specified.
333<br>Warning tokens also supported by javac are in <font color="red">red</font> (also see <a href="">declared warning tokens</a>).
336<li>CodeAssist: added a new API CompletionProposal#isConstructor() to distinguish method and constructor proposal</li>
337<li>Access rules file patterns have been changed to ignore the file extension. This allow easy switching from a source project
338 to a binary project. Thus <code>"com/test/"</code> is now an invalid access rule pattern, and
339 <code>"com/test/X"</code> is a valid access rule pattern.</li>
341Following batch compiler options default value have been changed from "ignore" to "warning":
343<li>unusedLocal (unread local variable)</li>
344<li>unusedPrivate (unused private member declaration)</li>
345<li>fieldHiding (field hiding another variable)</li>
346<li>localHiding (local variable hiding another variable)</li>
348(see bug <a href="">76530</a>)
350<li>Compiler optional diagnosis for unused private members got generalized to also flag unused
351members of local types.
353<li>Compiler no longer reports as unchecked the situation where a method of a raw type is invoked,
354and only the return type got altered by raw conversion (also see bug <a href="">85815</a>).
355This change is motivated to better match the language spec 3rd edition.</li>
356<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 97087</a> required the index version to be incremented.
357 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
361<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
362<a href="">99138</a>
363NPE in RawTypeBinding.computeUniqueKey(..) for raw type inside anonymous parameterized type
364<br><a href="">93975</a>
365[1.5][syntax] Poor recovery when extra semicolon in annotation
366<br><a href="">93208</a>
367[dom] CompilationUnit.rewrite throws AssertionFailedException with legal AST (bug in recoding ast modifications)
368<br><a href="">97440</a>
369[1.5][compiler] StackOverflow compiling heavily generic code
370<br><a href="">99104</a>
371Startup job displayed as "Initializing the Java d...ent tooling"
372<br><a href="">99084</a>
373Formatter error when generic method has an argument
374<br><a href="">98892</a>
375[compiler] Eclipse compiler generates code that calls the finally block twice
376<br><a href="">98969</a>
377Builder didn't find state for prereq project
378<br><a href="">96586</a>
379[1.5][compiler] Invalid cycle detected
380<br><a href="">98954</a>
381Javadoc of ITypeBinding#getErasure() is wrong for array types
382<br><a href="">98504</a>
383[1.5][compiler] Compiler difference between javac and jdt?
384<br><a href="">96763</a>
385[1.5][search] Search for method declarations does not find overridden method with different signature
386<br><a href="">96761</a>
387[1.5][search] Search for declarations of generic method finds non-overriding method
388<br><a href="">98228</a>
389[1.5][compiler] regression - incorrect handling of generics
390<br><a href="">98720</a>
391[preferences] classpath variables are not exported if the session is closed and restored
392<br><a href="">98906</a>
393No rebuild after upgrade
394<br><a href="">98711</a>
395no way to distinguish constructor from method proposals
396<br><a href="">98434</a>
397A non-1.5 project with 1.5 projects in the classpath does not show methods with generics
398<br><a href="">98750</a>
399[dom] Java DOM Parser finding syntax Problems when parsing Annotations
400<br><a href="">90619</a>
401[1.5][compiler] Cannot implement generified interface with erased method
402<br><a href="">98500</a>
403[1.5] Internal compiler error
404<br><a href="">98488</a>
405NPE while computing a key for a paramterized type binding
406<br><a href="">97087</a>
407[1.5][search] Can't find reference of generic class's constructor.
408<br><a href="">93668</a>
409Search indexes not rebuild
410<br><a href="">98473</a>
411AST binding: type variable reports as 'isTopLevel'
412<br><a href="">98364</a>
413[1.5][compiler] Compiler allowing invalid generic interface inheritance
414<br><a href="">85815</a>
415[1.5] warn when raw iterator is used
416<br><a href="">93377</a>
417[1.5][compiler] Multiple auto-build failures when using generics
418<br><a href="">79309</a>
419Nested interfaces aren't resolved correctly in import (with "Open Declaration" / F3)
420<br><a href="">96765</a>
421Code completion does not work in enum constants
422<br><a href="">98483</a>
423IMethodBinding.override does not compare method names
424<br><a href="">98115</a>
425Field completion failed to propose a field declared into an innerclass
426<br><a href="">93789</a>
427[1.5][compiler] Compiler incorrectly allows static declarations in enum constants.
428<br><a href="">98396</a>
429[1.5][compiler] Casting Conversion ignores second bound of Type Variables
430<br><a href="">98383</a>
431[1.5][compiler] ClassCastException attempting to cast from intersection type
432<br><a href="">97322</a>
433[search] Search for method references sometimes reports potential match with differing argument count
434<br><a href="">94160</a>
435[1.5][search] Generic method in superclass does not exist
436<br><a href="">91061</a>
437[1.5][compiler] Static reference to outer type variable should not be allowed
438<br><a href="">97108</a>
439[1.5][compiler] NullPointerException encountered while running Java Builder
440<br><a href="">98259</a>
441NPE computing ITypeBinding#getKey()
442<br><a href="">93536</a>
443[1.5] Internal compiler generating error on code that javac accepts
444<br><a href="">97606</a>
445[1.5][search] Raw type reference is reported as exact match for qualified names
446<br><a href="">96424</a>
447[search] SearchParticipant sets containerPath to documentPath
448<br><a href="">97542</a>
449ASTParser#createASTs does not correctly resolve bindings in working copies
450<br><a href="">94898</a>
451[1.5] errors in ambiguous method invocation detection
452<br><a href="">94754</a>
453[1.5][compiler] Ambiguous method call is not detected
454<br><a href="">84035</a>
455[1.5][compiler] Ambiguous method call
456<br><a href="">76530</a>
457[options] Warn about unused local variables and private members
458<br><a href="">98091</a>
459[1.5][compiler] @SuppressWarnings("assertIdentifier") cannot be applied
460<br><a href="">94907</a>
461[assist] missing keyword completions for generic signatures
462<br><a href="">84001</a>
463[select] Renaming of class with internal classes fails.
464<br><a href="">94641</a>
465Code assist does not display parameters for constructor with type parameters
466<br><a href="">96991</a>
467[1.5][compiler] Annotation attribute should be able to reference field
468<br><a href="">96713</a>
469[1.5][compiler] Inconsistency with Sun JDK
470<br><a href="">95684</a>
471[1.5][compiler] Type handling on concrete inner class of super class is incorrect
472<br><a href="">97273</a>
473Illegal argument exception in Signature#getTypeSignatureKind
474<br><a href="">98165</a>
475Wrong source range for ConditionalExpression with casted target in FieldAccess as expression
476<br><a href="">96085</a>
477[1.5][compiler] problems with inner classes and generics
478<br><a href="">98139</a>
479Java Code Formatter is severely confused by following code
480<br><a href="">98079</a>
481[1.5][compiler] incorrect Bound mismatch compilation error
482<br><a href="">97860</a>
483[1.5][assist] All current proposals while completing after a type parameter results in a compiler error
484<br><a href="">82560</a>
485[assist] Completion fails on parameterized generic method call
486<br><a href="">98086</a>
487[1.5][dom] CU still have problems even with @SuppressWarnings("all")
488<br><a href="">98037</a>
489[Java Editor Templates] Templates with multiple lines are inlined when used
490<br><a href="">96258</a>
491Bogus build path errors caused by multiple project import
492<br><a href="">97902</a>
493NPE on Open Declaration on reference to generic type
494<br><a href="">80432</a>
495Code Assist box exhibits strange behavior in an endless for loop
496<br><a href="">96944</a>
497[1.5][assist] shoud not suggest type parameters after new
498<br><a href="">97801</a>
499[1.5][codeassist] The type of the class literal must be parameterized
500<br><a href="">85384</a>
501[1.5][assist] "extends" not proposed when writing method declarations
502<br><a href="">97219</a>
503[1.5] eclipse does not detect ambiguous method invocation errors
504<br><a href="">97744</a>
505[compiler][ant adapter] NPE when verbose = true and destDir not specified
506<br><a href="">97480</a>
507[1.5][compiler] incorrect error on some calls to raw Map.Entry.setValue
508<br><a href="">97809</a>
509Ambiguous method reference wrongly reported
510<br><a href="">97814</a>
511Incorrect resolved information on hover
512<br><a href="">97841</a>
513[1.5][dom] null binding for ClassInstanceCreation
514<br><a href="">90916</a>
515CCE in SourceTypeConverter
516<br><a href="">97466</a>
517NPE in SourceTypeConverter
518<br><a href="">97307</a>
519[5.0][typing] completion for "import static" deletes all source before
520<br><a href="">97459</a>
521CCE during reconcile and AST creation
522<br><a href="">97800</a>
523[1.5][compiler] Cast type shouldn't be used in generic method argument inference
524<br><a href="">95349</a>
525Access rule pattern matching should ignore file extension
526<br><a href="">97161</a>
527[1.5][compiler] Internal compiler error java.lang.NullPointerException
528<br><a href="">97303</a>
529[1.5][compiler] Cannot convert when inferring list of inner parameterized type
530<br><a href="">97272</a>
531Export preferences offers "all" button, does not export classpath variables
532<br><a href="">96794</a>
533Polishing disassembler output
534<br><a href="">97275</a>
535method reference should not contain type variable anymore
536<br><a href="">97187</a>
537[rendering] Shows Single Char for primitve Types
538<br><a href="">96918</a>
539Code Assist - suggest extends and super in the context of a wildcard type argument
540<br><a href="">97190</a>
541Incorrect handling of large long values
542<br><a href="">97247</a>
543ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ClassFile.addSyntheticSwitchTable
544<br><a href="">76155</a>
545[options] Unused code warning for unused methods in anonymous inner classes
546<br><a href="">97224</a>
547[polish][compiler] Inconsistent error message for non-visible field
548<br><a href="">95481</a>
549[1.5] NPE in TypeVariableBinding.checkBounds
550<br><a href="">65748</a>
551[type hierarchy] Hierarchy view fails to pick up class modifier change
552<br><a href="">96633</a>
553getJavaElement returns null for Object[] array binding
554<br><a href="">96605</a>
555JDTCompilerAdapter should allow a log without all verbose information
556<br><a href="">96858</a>
557IllegalArgumentException in Signature
558<br><a href="">97164</a>
559classpath variables lost when upgrading from M7 to RC1
560<br><a href="">97139</a>
561eclipse 3.1RC1 compiler crash for project
562<br><a href="">96974</a>
563[5.0] @SuppressWarnings({"nls"}) does not work for unexternalized strings
565<a name="v_560"></a>
567Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
568Java development tools core</h1>
569Eclipse SDK 3.1RC1 - 26th May 2005 - 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1
570<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_560
571(<a href="">cvs</a>).
573What's new in this drop</h2>
577<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
578<a href="">96646</a>
579[1.5][compiler] VerifyError - Generics and Interfaces - "Wrong return type in function"
580<br><a href="">96631</a>
581NPE in Annotation on empty ArrayInitializer
584<a name="v_559"></a>
586Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
587Java development tools core</h1>
588Eclipse SDK 3.1RC1 - 26th May 2005
589<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_559
590(<a href="">cvs</a>).
592What's new in this drop</h2>
596<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
597<a href="">95638</a>
598[1.5][compiler] Possibly incorrect Bounds Mismatch errors for complicated bounds
601<a name="v_558"></a>
603Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
604Java development tools core</h1>
605Eclipse SDK 3.1RC1 - 26th May 2005
606<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_558
607(<a href="">cvs</a>).
609What's new in this drop</h2>
611<li>The Code Assist option CODEASSIST_HIDE_RESTRICTED_REFERENCES is replaced by
613(see bug <a href="">94403</a>).
615<li> Code Assist suggest all member types when completion token is a single name.
617Y&lt;complete here&gt; // p.q.X.Y is proposed.
619As all member types are proposed, code assist does not propose types of the wrong kind.
620Only classes are proposed inside an extends clause, only interfaces inside an implements clause
621and only annotations in annotation reference (It was necessary before to be able to propose
622a top level type which contains these types).<br>
623Note: To re-enabled quickly the old behaviors, change the value of Completion.PROPOSE_MEMBER_TYPES.
625<li>Added API <code>JavaCore#initializeAfterLoad(IProgressMonitor)</code> to allow
626 a client to force the initialization of internal structures.
628<li>Default value for <code>COMPILER_PB_MISSING_JAVADOC_COMMENTS_OVERRIDING</code> and
629 <code>COMPILER_PB_MISSING_JAVADOC_TAGS_OVERRIDING</code> JavaCore options have been changed from "enabled" to "disabled".<br>
630 (see bug <a href="">96270</a>).
632<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 75816</a> required the index version to be incremented.
633 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
636Duplicate names are not allowed in classpath entry extra attributes.<br>
637Javadoc comment of each <code>*Entry</code> method have been updated to clearly specify this behavior:
639 * The <code>extraAttributes</code> list contains name/value pairs that must be persisted with
640 * this entry. If no extra attributes are provided, an empty array must be passed in.
641 * Note that this list should not contain any duplicate name.
643<code>JavaConventions.validateClasspathEntry(IJavaProject,IClasspathEntry,boolean,boolean)</code> has been modified
644to verify this point. It now returns an invalid status (<code>new IJavaStatus(IJavaModelStatusConstants.NAME_COLLISION,...)</code>)
645when duplicate names are found in extra attributes.
649<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
650<a href="">93119</a>
651code assist: proposals for wildcard types
652<br><a href="">95505</a>
653Can not use code completion
654<br><a href="">96698</a>
655org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.VariableBinding.getUnresolvedJavaElement produce ClassCastException
656<br><a href="">88364</a>
657compiler options
658<br><a href="">94267</a>
659[1.5][select] Selecting type parameter in binary answer match on line 0
660<br><a href="">96642</a>
661CCE in SourceMapper.computeAllRootPaths(..)
662<br><a href="">87362</a>
663BindingKey#internalToSignature() should return the field's type signature
664<br><a href="">94404</a>
665[model] Disallow classpath attributes with same key
666<br><a href="">92398</a>
667[compiler] Leverage access rule support in batch compiler
668<br><a href="">96588</a>
669Rename Signature#removeCaptureFromMethod(...) to removeCaptureFrom(..)
670<br><a href="">96410</a>
671Incorrect information in selection resolved key
672<br><a href="">75816</a>
673[search] Call Hierarchy does not find calls to the constructor of java.util.HashMap.Entry [call hierarchy]
674<br><a href="">95167</a>
675[content assist] Spurious "Access restriction" error during code assist
676<br><a href="">95580</a>
677CreateField on IType doesn't work if the type is an enum type that has enum constants
678<br><a href="">95963</a>
679(3.1M7) Compiler error when parameterizing with missing inner type.
680<br><a href="">96134</a>
681Internal error for odd (probably illegal) class declaration
682<br><a href="">96464</a>
683[assist] JavaCorePreferenceInitializer does not initialized CODEASSIST_DISCOURAGED_REFERENCE_CHECK
684<br><a href="">96414</a>
685Javadoc of ASTParser#setCompilerOptions(..): mention that setProject(..) resets options
686<br><a href="">95933</a>
687Refining a generic method causes AbstractMethodError
688<br><a href="">94897</a>
689[1.5] Compiler does not reject class with two erasure-equivalent methods
690<br><a href="">96213</a>
691Eclipse 3.1M7 - Field completion stack overflow
692<br><a href="">96401</a>
693jdt.core tests pass, but fill the .log
694<br><a href="">96439</a>
695Hierarchy not refreshed if adding a dependent project
696<br><a href="">82852</a>
697"Searching for errors in &lt;project&gt;" running unit tests from package
698<br><a href="">95154</a>
699Missing package.html files for API packages
700<br><a href="">96387</a>
701Schemas for extension points are inaccurate
702<br><a href="">93249</a>
703Code assist doesn't propose full method stub
704<br><a href="">94878</a>
705Configuration details is large, containing many prefs for PDE and JDT classpath containers
706<br><a href="">96270</a>
707[javadoc] Missing Javadoc comment: 'check overriding..' should be 'off' by default
708<br><a href="">96300</a>
709Use the line separator platform preference for new files
710<br><a href="">94303</a>
711import static adds annoying semicolon
712<br><a href="">83716</a>
713[search] refs to 2-arg constructor on Action found unexpected matches
714<br><a href="">96071</a>
715Javadoc for IJavaProject.findType(String ) is not consistant
716<br><a href="">94903</a>
717Error setting method breakpoint in 1.5 project
718<br><a href="">88395</a>
719[1.5][compiler] Binary compat problem with enum/switch codegen
720<br><a href="">95727</a>
721ITypeBinding#getJavaElement() returns a ResolvedSourceField for an anonymous class
722<br><a href="">95909</a>
723Error with static import
724<br><a href="">95794</a>
725[1.5][search] Search for all occurrences does not find references in static imports
726<br><a href="">95911</a>
727[5.0][dom] Wrong node range for variable declaration fragment containing anonymous class declaration
728<br><a href="">93941</a>
729Classpath initialization on shutdown
730<br><a href="">93731</a>
731JDT core job still running after shutdown.
732<br><a href="">89849</a>
733[1.5][assist] Completion in switch proposes already written enum constants
734<br><a href="">91670</a> is not being correctly compiled
736<br><a href="">93880</a>
737[1.5][javadoc] Source range of PackageDeclaration does not include Javadoc child
738<br><a href="">93254</a>
739[assist] ClassCastException when complete annotation type ref
740<br><a href="">95760</a>
741[1.5][search] MatchLocator does not compile against 5.0 JRE
742<br><a href="">93668</a>
743Search indexes not rebuild
744<br><a href="">95748</a>
745SourceMapper should not write timing info to stdout
746<br><a href="">92555</a>
747Code assist in Annotations suggests non-annotations
748<br><a href="">92733</a>
749[assist] Classes suggested in implements clause
750<br><a href="">94965</a>
751[assist] code assist should suggest inner types
752<br><a href="">92937</a>
753Need API: JavaCore#initializeAfterLoad()
754<br><a href="">90215</a>
755[1.5] Enums implementing generic interfaces can compile incorrectly.
756<br><a href="">95244</a>
757performance optimization in SourceMapper.computeAllRootPaths
758<br><a href="">91615</a>
759Wrong class opened by debugger/"Open Type"
760<br><a href="">39856</a>
761External jar's timestamps should be persisted accross sessions
762<br><a href="">89632</a>
763Exception when trying to evaluate in Snippet Editor
764<br><a href="">95538</a>
765Operation not supported in JLS2 AST from resolving MethodBinding
766<br><a href="">95521</a>
767[1.5][javadoc] validation with @see tag not working for generic method
768<br><a href="">95286</a>
769[1.5][javadoc] incorrectly flags "Missing comment for public declaration"
770<br><a href="">95388</a>
771[code manipulation] NPE sorting members
772<br><a href="">94150</a>
773[1.5][javadoc][enum] javadoc is always null for EnumConstantDeclaration
774<br><a href="">94653</a>
775[1.5][select] Selection on invalid raw member type should still surface raw type
776<br><a href="">94092</a>
777ASTParser#createASTs(..) restores wrong bindings from capture keys
778<br><a href="">88719</a>
779UserLibrary.serialize /createFromString need support for access restriction / attributes
780<br><a href="">89937</a>
781[1.5][compiler] Annotation attribute should not be able to reference field
782<br><a href="">93891</a>
783Restricted UIPlugin is in my code assist
784<br><a href="">93905</a>
785Batch compiler - add a timestamp to log files
786<br><a href="">95262</a>
788<br><a href="">95211</a>
789[api] stale J2SE5 comment in IDOMImport
790<br><a href="">95431</a>
791Code formatter fails to format this code
792<br><a href="">95394</a>
793Problem resolving types for Assignment ("+=") on 3.1M7
794<br><a href="">83034</a>
795[1.5][compiler] method on A&lt;D,?&gt; not applicable for argument &lt;?&gt;
796<br><a href="">87550</a>
797[1.5] [compiler] The method in the type is not applicable for the arguments
798<br><a href="">95021</a>
799[1.5][compiler] incorrectly inferred method type parameters bug in 3.1M6?
800<br><a href="">91588</a>
801Delete CVS project and then add as source project leads to duplicate Open Type entries
802<br><a href="">73969</a>
803Full build on startup
804<br><a href="">80118</a>
805[search] OutOfMemoryError while searching for Test class
806<br><a href="">87749</a>
807different IMethodBindings of generic method have equal getKey()
808<br><a href="">94398</a>
809Error attempting to find References
810<br><a href="">93408</a>
811ITypeBinding#isEqualTo(..) does not resolve type variables
812<br><a href="">94389</a>
813[search] InvocationTargetException on Rename
814<br><a href="">79990</a>
815[1.5][search] Search for method declaration doesn't find method with instantiated type parameters
816<br><a href="">95066</a>
817[1.5][compiler] Wrong Cast Allowed
820<a name="v_557"></a>
822Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
823Java development tools core</h1>
824Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 12th May 2005 - 3.1 MILESTONE 7 / 3.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 0
825<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_557
826(<a href="">cvs</a>).
828What's new in this drop</h2>
832<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
833<a href="">94308</a>
834[1.5][compiler] @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") does not suppress warnings from javadoc
837<a name="v_556"></a>
839Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
840Java development tools core</h1>
841Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 12th May 2005
842<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_556
843(<a href="">cvs</a>).
845What's new in this drop</h2>
847<li> Enabled by default the optional compiler diagnosis to signal unhandled warning tokens in <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> annotations.
848Note that this warning can itself be turned off using @SuppressWarnings("warningToken").
850* COMPILER / Reporting Unhandled Warning Token for @SuppressWarnings
851* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning when encountering a token
852* it cannot handle inside a @SuppressWarnings annotation.
853* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unhandledWarningToken"
854* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
855* - default: "warning"
858<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 94718</a> required the index version to be incremented.
859 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
863<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
864<a href="">94928</a>
865[1.5][compiler] NPE in ParameterizedGenericMethodBinding generated by making method generic
866<br><a href="">93727</a>
867Code Formatter fails with Method Parameter Annotations
868<br><a href="">93075</a>
869Invalid source ranges for nested ParameterizedTypes
870<br><a href="">92360</a>
871type binding with isWildcardType() == true should not have isClass() == true
872<br><a href="">94168</a>
873Java annotation is missing in EnumConstantDeclaration
874<br><a href="">94867</a>
875[1.5][compiler] Annotation method should tolerate empty array default value
876<br><a href="">94747</a>
877[1.5][compiler] Error message is not optimal
878<br><a href="">94718</a>
879[1.5][search][annot] Find references in workspace breaks on an annotation
880<br><a href="">94644</a>
881[1.5][compiler] Non-static member type of raw type should be raw
882<br><a href="">94206</a>
883CCE in BindingKeyResolver when restoring array type of method type parameter
884<br><a href="">94260</a>
885[Preferences] preference option missing in Compiler Settings
886<br><a href="">94262</a>
887[1.5] non static class must not be visible through static import
888<br><a href="">93904</a>
889Batch compiler -log option broken for some values
890<br><a href="">87627</a>
891[1.5][search] references to type variable yield non-existent elements in search view
892<br><a href="">93588</a>
893[compiler] java.lang.VerifyError: Looks similar to 60040 but is happening on current release
896<a name="v_555"></a>
898Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
899Java development tools core</h1>
900Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 9th May 2005
901<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_555
902(<a href="">cvs</a>).
904What's new in this drop</h2>
906<li> Code Assist provide the enclosing type reference when cursor is inside a type argument
907and the completion token is empty (in the same way as method calls).
909p.q.X&lt;&lt;complete here&gt;&gt; // p.q.X&lt;T,U&gt; is proposed.
910p.q.X&lt;Object, &lt;complete here&gt;&gt; //p.q.X&lt;T,U&gt; is proposed
913<li> Code Assist provide the enclosing annotation reference when completion is inside an annotation argument
914and the completion token is empty (in the same way as method calls).
916@Annot(&lt;complete here&gt;) // p.Annot is proposed.
917@Annot(foo1=0, &lt;complete here&gt;) // p.Annot is proposed.
920<li> In 5.0 compliant mode, changed local inner type naming convention to reflect JLS 13.1 (3rd edition).
921As a consequence, instead of generating a file named <code>X$1$A.class</code>, it will simply be <code>X$1A.class"</code>.
923<li> Added optional compiler diagnosis to signal unhandled warning tokens in <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> annotations.
924Note that this warning can itself be turned off using @SuppressWarnings("warningToken").
926* COMPILER / Reporting Unhandled Warning Token for @SuppressWarnings
927* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning when encountering a token
928* it cannot handle inside a @SuppressWarnings annotation.
929* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unhandledWarningToken"
930* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
931* - default: "ignore"
934<li> Added compiler option to control whether @SuppressWarning annotations are active or not.
935By disabling them, one can quickly revive all hidden warnings.
937* COMPILER / Determine whether @SuppressWarnings is effective
938* When enabled, the @SuppressWarnings annotation can be used to suppress some compiler warnings.
939* When disabled, all @SupressWarnings annotations are ignored; i.e., warnings are reported.
940* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.suppressWarnings"
941* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
942* - default: "enabled"
945<li> Added API on <code>CorrectionEngine</code> for computing the warning token corresponding to an optional warning ID.
948 * Returns a token which can be used to suppress a given warning using
949 * <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> annotation, for a given problem ID
950 * ({@link IProblem }). If a particular problem is not suppressable,
951 * <code>null</code> will be returned.
952 *
953 * Note: <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> can only suppress warnings,
954 * which means that if some problems got promoted to ERROR using custom compiler
955 * settings ({@link IJavaProject#setOption(String, String)}), the
956 * <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> annotation will be ineffective.
957 *
958 * Note: <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> can be argumented with
959 * <code>"all"</code> so as to suppress all possible warnings at once.
960 *
961 * Note: The tokens returned are not necessarily standardized across Java
962 * compilers. If you were to use one of these tokens in an @SuppressWarnings
963 * annotation in the Java source code, the effects (if any) may vary from
964 * compiler to compiler.
965 *
966 * @param problemID
967 * the ID of a given warning to suppress
968 * @return a String which can be used in <code>@SuppressWarnings</code> annotation,
969 * or <code>null</code> if unable to suppress this warning.
970 * @since 3.1
971 */
972public static String getWarningToken(int problemID)
975<li>More warning tokens are now recognized by <code>@SuppressWarnings</code>, see list below. Note that
976these are subject to changing in the near future.
977 <ul>
978 <li>all : any warning</li>
979 <li>boxing : autoboxing conversion</li>
980 <li>charConcat : char[] in String concat</li>
981 <li>conditionAssign : possible accidental boolean assignment</li>
982 <li>constructorName : method with constructor name</li>
983 <li>dep-ann : missing @Deprecated annotation</li>
984 <li>deprecation : deprecation outside deprecated code</li>
985 <li>emptyBlock : undocumented empty block</li>
986 <li>enumSwitch : incomplete enum switch</li>
987 <li>fieldHiding : field hiding another variable</li>
988 <li>finalBound : type parameter with final bound</li>
989 <li>finally : finally block not completing normally</li>
990 <li>indirectStatic : indirect reference to static member</li>
991 <li>intfAnnotation : annotation type used as super interface</li>
992 <li>intfNonInherited : interface non-inherited method compatibility</li>
993 <li>javadoc : invalid javadoc</li>
994 <li>localHiding : local variable hiding another variable</li>
995 <li>maskedCatchBlock : hidden catch block</li>
996 <li>nls : string literal lacking non-nls tag //$NON-NLS-&lt;n&gt;$</li>
997 <li>noEffectAssign : assignment without effect</li>
998 <li>over-ann : missing @Override annotation</li>
999 <li>pkgDefaultMethod : attempt to override package-default method</li>
1000 <li>semicolon : unnecessary semicolon, empty statement</li>
1001 <li>serial : missing serialVersionUID</li>
1002 <li>unqualifiedField : unqualified reference to field</li>
1003 <li>unchecked : unchecked type operation</li>
1004 <li>unusedArgument : unread method parameter</li>
1005 <li>unusedImport : unused import declaration</li>
1006 <li>unusedLocal : unread local variable</li>
1007 <li>unusedPrivate : unused private member declaration</li>
1008 <li>unusedThrown : unused declared thrown exception</li>
1009 <li>unnecessaryElse : unnecessary else clause</li>
1010 <li>uselessTypeCheck : unnecessary cast/instanceof operation</li>
1011 <li>specialParamHiding : constructor or setter parameter hiding another field</li>
1012 <li>staticReceiver : non-static reference to static member</li>
1013 <li>syntheticAccess : synthetic access for innerclass</li>
1014 <li>typeHiding : type parameter hiding another type</li>
1015 <li>varargsCast : varargs argument need explicit cast</li>
1016 <li>warningToken : unhandled warning token</li>
1017 </ul>
1020SearchMatch now has a implicit field which shows whether the associated element is implicit or not
1021(see bug <a href="">94062</a>).<br>
1022Added new API methods to access this field:
1030<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1031<a href="">94053</a>
1032[javadoc] Unknown references are not warned for string or href in @see/@link tags
1033<br><a href="">94111</a>
1034[assist] provide parameter hints for template instantiations
1035<br><a href="">94062</a>
1036[1.5][search][annot] search for annotation elements incorrect match range
1037<br><a href="">93392</a>
1038[1.5][search] Reference to implicit annotation element "value" has wrong offset
1039<br><a href="">84968</a>
1040[1.5][generics] Exception type handling broken in latest milestone
1041<br><a href="">75885</a>
1042[1.5][compiler] Naming convention for local innerclasses
1043<br><a href="">89426</a>
1044provide Java class file content type
1045<br><a href="">93826</a>
1046ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when opening type hierarchy
1047<br><a href="">83739</a>
1048[1.5] support @SuppressWarnings
1049<br><a href="">89850</a>
1050Duplicate strings of VM path
1051<br><a href="">83750</a>
1052[perf] Excessive File.isFile calls for clients of JavaModel.getTarget(...)
1053<br><a href="">92210</a>
1054[search] Search for method declaration in working set (source folder) searches in whole project
1055<br><a href="">93913</a>
1056wrong resolved type caused by a static import
1059<a name="v_554"></a>
1061Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1062Java development tools core</h1>
1063Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 6th May 2005
1064<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_554
1065(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1067What's new in this drop</h2>
1069<li>Code Assist doesn't propose anymore type completion when completion token is empty.<br>
1070Note: the code to propose completion when token is empty is not removed.
1071Change the value of Completion.NO_TYPE_COMPLETION_ON_EMPTY_TOKEN to re-enabled this behavior.
1073<li>@SuppressWarnings is now supported. Recognized warning names are: <code>"all"</code>, <code>"deprecation"</code>,
1074<code>"serial"</code>, <code>"unchecked"</code>, <code>"finally"</code>.
1076<li>Changed Code Assist options.<br>
1078 <pre>
1080 * CODEASSIST / Hide Proposals for Restricted Completions
1081 * When value is "never", never hide proposals for restricted completions.
1082 * When value is "error", hide proposals for restricted completions if insertion of these completions would create a compile error.
1083 * When value is "warning", hide proposals for restricted completions if insertion of these completions would create a compile error or warning.
1084 * To configure the severity of restrictions, "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.forbiddenReference"
1085 * option must be used for forbidden reference and "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.discouragedReference"
1086 * option must be used for discouraged reference.
1087 * - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.restrictionsCheck"
1088 * - possible values: { "never", "error", "warning" }
1089 * - default: "error"
1090 */
1091 public static final String CODEASSIST_HIDE_RESTRICTED_REFERENCES;
1092 </pre></li>
1093<li>Removed 3.1 APIs <code>BindingKey#getDeclaringTypeSignature()</code> and
1094 <code>BindingKey#toSignature()</code> as they were found error prone. See <a href="">bug 93105</a>
1095 for details.</li>
1096<li>Added support for 'capture' inside Code Assist. Delaring type of a completion proposal is captured for qualified completion.</li>
1097<li>Added APIs to replace a range of moved nodes (<code>ListRewrite#createMoveTarget(first, last, replacingNode, editGroup)</code>).
1098 See <a href="">bug 91938</a> for details.
1101<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1102<a href="">93854</a>
1103IAE in Util.scanTypeSignature when scanning a signature retrieved from a binding key
1104<br><a href="">93662</a>
1105Singature#getTypeParameters returns strange signature string
1106<br><a href="">93113</a>
1107Opening the Type Hierarchy of Object uses 400M of heap
1108<br><a href="">92071</a>
1109Duplicate entry on classpath with -promiscuous mode
1110<br><a href="">93486</a>
1111[compiler] Wrong compile errors reported
1112<br><a href="">93487</a>
1113IType#findMethods fails on vararg methods
1114<br><a href="">90186</a>
1115resolved key of methods should contain parametrized types
1116<br><a href="">88082</a>
1117ASTParser#createASTs(..) does not use the given progress monitor
1118<br><a href="">90612</a>
1119Forbidden types must not be available in Code Assist
1120<br><a href="">93105</a>
1121Remove unnecessary APIs on BindingKey
1122<br><a href="">93396</a>
1123[1.5] problem with recovery and enum constant body
1124<br><a href="">92899</a>
1125Empty extra attributes list should not appear in .classpath
1126<br><a href="">93275</a>
1127Need ITypeBinding#getDeclaringClass() for capture types
1128<br><a href="">93298</a>
1129[1.5][compiler] nested statics and templates compilation error
1130<br><a href="">92477</a>
1131[1.5][compiler] Internal compiler error: NullPointerException in ReferenceBinding.findSuperTypeErasingTo
1132<br><a href="">83083</a>
1133[1.5][compiler] NPE while checking bounds of type variable
1134<br><a href="">93204</a>
1135[1.5][compiler] EnumSet.of within generic class
1136<br><a href="">90775</a>
1137[1.5][compiler] Missing unchecked warning
1138<br><a href="">88202</a>
1139Javadoc: clarify ITypeBinding#getTypeBounds()
1140<br><a href="">93093</a>
1141[1.5][dom] Capture binding "? extends Number[]" has bound Object instead of Number[]
1142<br><a href="">93102</a>
1143[1.5] Cannot restore capture binding from binding key
1144<br><a href="">93082</a>
1145[1.5][compiler] Eclipse accepts assignment between captures with array-type bounds
1146<br><a href="">91467</a>
1147[1.5][compiler] Eclipse asks for and then complains about unnecessary cast
1148<br><a href="">92982</a>
1149[1.5][compiler] Bounds and erasure of capture and type variable bindings
1150<br><a href="">84690</a>
1151[assist] CompletionProposal.getDeclarationSignature returns null for array types
1152<br><a href="">92821</a>
1153[javadoc] Organize Imports - M6 - incorrectly retains import when only referered to in javadoc
1154<br><a href="">91542</a>
1155[1.5][search] JavaModelException on ResolvedSourceMethod during refactoring
1156<br><a href="">92981</a>
1157Content Assist overrides wrong method
1158<br><a href="">91619</a>
1159Extraneous exported package
1160<br><a href="">92872</a>
1161[api] API constants renamed in IProblem
1162<br><a href="">92888</a>
1163ITypeBinding#isEqualTo(..) is wrong for capture bindings
1164<br><a href="">84224</a>
1165Need advice for finding duplicate Types
1166<br><a href="">92944</a>
1167[1.5][search] SearchEngine#searchAllTypeNames doesn't honor enum or annotation element kind
1168<br><a href="">91078</a>
1169[search] Java search for package reference wrongly identifies inner class as package
1170<br><a href="">92005</a>
1171AIOBE during content assist
1172<br><a href="">67139</a>
1173[classpath] n^2 classpath computations
1174<br><a href="">80063</a>
1175code assist allows overriding super class' private method
1176<br><a href="">82208</a>
1177[search] BasicSearchEngine#searchAllTypeNames doc
1178<br><a href="">3336</a>
1179SearchEngine doesn't support CLASS and INTERFACE (1GIEPRK)
1180<br><a href="">90160</a>
1181[search] SearchEngine.createJavaSearchScope swallows problems
1182<br><a href="">88174</a>
1183[1.5][search][enum] method declarations not found in anonymous enum
1184<br><a href="">91938</a>
1185[ast rewrite] new API: move range of nodes and replace
1187<a name="v_553"></a>
1189Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1190Java development tools core</h1>
1191Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 26th April 2005
1192<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_553
1193(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1195What's new in this drop</h2>
1197<li>Removed the need to load <code>java.lang.RuntimeException</code> and <code>java.lang.Error</code> eagerly
1198during compilation when assessing unchecked exception diagnosis. This allows Java class library developpers to be
1199more minimalistic.
1201<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 83230</a> required the index version to be incremented.
1202 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
1204<li>Added support for Javadoc in Compiler now verifies package comment tags
1205syntax and references for this compilation unit. See bug <a href="">83804</a> for
1206further details.</li>
1209<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1210<a href="">91761</a>
1211[1.5][compiler] Return statements ignored in anonymous inner classes used as enum constant constructor parameters.
1212<br><a href="">84049</a>
1213[javadoc][dom] Extended ranges wrong for method name without return type
1214<br><a href="">82673</a>
1215[search] Refactor-&gt;Rename on local class also renames references to different local classes with same name
1216<br><a href="">81062</a>
1217[builder] Build is aborted even when no errors are occuring (incomplete build path == warning)
1218<br><a href="">83012</a>
1219[1.5][search][annot] Search for annotations misses references in default and values constructs
1220<br><a href="">92588</a>
1221Full build in reaction to beginRule failure
1222<br><a href="">92451</a>
1223code assist failure: new+cast+arrays
1224<br><a href="">92373</a>
1225[1.5] Can't distinguish capture ITypeBindings by #getKey() or #isEqualTo()
1226<br><a href="">92370</a>
1227[1.5] IAE in Signature.getParameterCount(..) for method proposal on capture type receiver
1228<br><a href="">92361</a>
1229[1.5] NPE in ITypeBinding#getJavaElement() for capture binding
1230<br><a href="">92315</a>
1231[search] NPE in MethodLocator.matchReportReference
1232<br><a href="">86380</a>
1233[1.5][search][annot] Add support to find references inside annotations on a package declaration
1234<br><a href="">83804</a>
1235[1.5][javadoc] Missing Javadoc node for package declaration
1236<br><a href="">83501</a>
1237IBinding#getJavaElement needs better specification
1238<br><a href="">83230</a>
1239[1.5][search][annot] search for annotation elements does not seem to be implemented yet
1240<br><a href="">89624</a>
1241Open on selection proposes twice the same entry
1242<br><a href="">92237</a>
1243IType resolved key: key.toSignature has wrong format
1244<br><a href="">91804</a>
1245JavaProject.isOnClasspath(IJavaElement) should avoid resolving classpath
1246<br><a href="">92059</a>
1247IVariableBinding#getJavaElement() thows NPE for array's 'length' field
1248<br><a href="">84551</a>
1249[1.5][compiler] compiler must not allow implicit static reference to outer type
1250<br><a href="">89440</a>
1251[1.5][problems] Reference to member of parameterized type incorrectly marked as error
1252<br><a href="">84973</a>
1253[1.5] parameterized inner type is illegal without parameterized outer type
1254<br><a href="">90484</a>
1255[1.5][compiler] Missing override annotation conflicts with Javac error checking
1256<br><a href="">81831</a>
1257[1.5][compiler] JDT compiler tries to infer the wildcard type "too early" in case of recursive generic type-bounds
1258<br><a href="">89274</a>
1259[1.5][compiler] Enums in hierarchies with generics produces unnecessary warnings and errors
1260<br><a href="">90137</a>
1261[1.5][compiler] Collections.sort (List&lt;Comparable&gt;) compile error
1262<br><a href="">90879</a>
1263[1.5][compiler] Cannot sort a raw Comparable
1264<br><a href="">85281</a>
1265[1.5][compiler] A&lt;++Element&gt; should not be assignable a A&lt;+Element&gt;
1266<br><a href="">91091</a>
1267[quick assist] Cannot rename type name in file
1268<br><a href="">90881</a>
1269[1.5][compiler] NPE in builder
1270<br><a href="">84496</a>
1271[1.5][compiler] Capture Conversion not correctly implemented
1272<br><a href="">92086</a>
1273[index] ClassCastException in DiskIndex.mergeCategory()
1275<a name="v_552"></a>
1277Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1278Java development tools core</h1>
1279Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 20th April 2005
1280<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_552
1281(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1283What's new in this drop</h2>
1287<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1288<a href="">91772</a>
1289Exported plugin dependencies are missing from the classpath
1290<br><a href="">88769</a>
1291IMethodBinding#getJavaElement() drops extra array dimensions and varargs
1292<br><a href="">88892</a>
1293[1.5] IMethodBinding#getJavaElement() returns nonexistent IMethods (wrong parameter types)
1294<br><a href="">91445</a>
1295IMethodBinding.getJavaElement() returns an "unopen" IMethod
1297<a name="v_551"></a>
1299Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1300Java development tools core</h1>
1301Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 19th April 2005
1302<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_551
1303(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1305What's new in this drop</h2>
1307<li>Added performance instrumentation to track performance problem (use PerformanceStats from Core).<br>
1308To enabled this Jdtcore instrumentation, you must add some new entries inside .options.
1310<li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core/perf/completion=300</code>: add an entry to performance.log if CompletionEngine.complete() take more than 300ms</li>
1311<li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core/perf/selection=300</code> add an entry to performance.log if take more than 300ms</li>
1312<li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core/perf/javadeltalistener=500</code> add an entry to performance.log if the call to the listener take more than 500ms</li>
1313<li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core/perf/variableinitializer=5000</code> add an entry to performance.log if the initialization take more than 5000ms</li>
1314<li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core/perf/containerinitializer=5000</code> add an entry to performance.log if the initialization take more than 5000ms</li>
1315<li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core/perf/reconcile=1000</code> add an entry to performance.log if ComplationUnit.reconcile() take more than 1000ms</li>
1317Current default thresholds are not accurate and must be adjusted.
1319<li>Added support for completion inside single member annotation and annotation attribute value.
1321@MyAnnotation(&lt;complete here&gt;
1322@MyAnnotation(foo=&lt;complete here&gt;
1327<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1328<a href="">91861</a>
1329Deadlock on startup while computing namelookup
1330<br><a href="">89411</a>
1331ICompilationUnit#becomeWorkingCopy takes 18% of startup
1332<br><a href="">91716</a>
1333[prefs] Too many calls to EclipsePreference#get while scanning full workspace units
1334<br><a href="">90615</a>
1335Proposal for boolean
1336<br><a href="">84877</a>
1337Performance on startup
1338<br><a href="">91497</a>
1339[prefs] JavaCore should not give access to default preferences
1340<br><a href="">90414</a>
1341[content assist] Content Assist fails when escape sequence present
1342<br><a href="">91438</a>
1343Need definitive set of jdt-core tests checked into cvs
1344<br><a href="">91498</a>
1345Reconcile still sees old access rules
1346<br><a href="">91221</a>
1347Code assist stopped working
1348<br><a href="">91371</a>
1349[assist] Stack Overflow - Field completion
1350<br><a href="">91098</a>
1351The Mark Occurrences feature does not mark all occurrences
1352<br><a href="">79288</a>
1353Code assist offers types which are out of scope ==&gt; compile errors
1354<br><a href="">88298</a>
1355[1.5][assist] no completion inside SingleMemberAnnotation
1356<br><a href="">91238</a>
1357Malfunction of Format function
1358<br><a href="">91160</a>
1359SourceField.getConstant() incorrect for char constants
1361<a name="v_550"></a>
1363Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1364Java development tools core</h1>
1365Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 12th April 2005
1366<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_550
1367(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1369What's new in this drop</h2>
1371<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 90431</a> required the index version to be incremented.
1372 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
1376<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1377<a href="">89096</a>
1378Convert to new platform NLS support
1379<br><a href="">90302</a>
1380[javadoc] {@inheritedDoc} should be inactive for non-overridden method
1381<br><a href="">90779</a>
1382[search] Constructor Declaration search with ignoring declaring and return type also ignores type name
1383<br><a href="">90915</a>
1384[1.5][search] NPE in PatternLocator
1385<br><a href="">90266</a>
1386[select] Code select returns null when there's a string including a slash on same line
1387<br><a href="">90605</a>
1388Severity is not severe enough
1389<br><a href="">89470</a>
1390Generic Method override compatibility
1391<br><a href="">90446</a>
1392Update CreateTypeMemberOperation for changes in Indents
1393<br><a href="">90431</a>
1394Improve path lookup in scopes
1395<br><a href="">90423</a>
1396[1.5][compiler] Generic method overloading. Javac allows but eclipse doesn't
1397<br><a href="">90213</a>
1398[Formatter] Redundant space in multidimensional array literals
1399<br><a href="">88263</a>
1400[1.5][compiler] Autobox and extends
1403<a name="v_549"></a>
1405Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1406Java development tools core</h1>
1407Eclipse SDK 3.1M7 - 5th April 2005
1408<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_549
1409(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1411What's new in this drop</h2>
1415<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1416<a href="">89815</a>
1417Types not found using Open Type and search for declaration
1418<br><a href="">77809</a>
1419[format] Line wrapping for enum constants
1420<br><a href="">49896</a>
1421Formatters should have option to use tabs only for leading indents.
1422<br><a href="">89777</a>
1423Improve doc formatting for IMethodBinding.getMethodDeclaration()
1424<br><a href="">90111</a>
1425[1.5][compiler] Compiler warning "tagged with @Override" not correct with static methods
1427<a name="v_548"></a>
1429Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1430Java development tools core</h1>
1431Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 1st April 2005
1432<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_548 - 3.1 MILESTONE 6
1433(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1435What's new in this drop</h2>
1438New Code Formatter built-in profile has been added: "Eclipse [built-in]".<br>
1439This new profile is based on "Java Conventions" but uses tab character (instead of space) and set tab size to 4 (instead of 8).<br>
1440JavaCore was using these values by default but they were wrongly showed as "Java Conventions" in Code Formatter
1441preference page. This problem is now fixed (see bug <a href="">89739</a>).<br>
1442Code formatter behavior is still fully compatible with previous milestones for users who have not modified Code Formatter
1443options in their workspace. However, users who have explicitely modified them and have troubles with use of tab character,
1444should open Code Formatter preference page and either select this new "Eclipse" profile or verify state of "Use of tab character"
1449<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1450<a href="">89982</a>
1451[1.5][compiler] Internal failure during missing enum case diagnosis
1452<br><a href="">89848</a>
1453[search] does not find method references in anonymous class of imported jarred plugin
1454<br><a href="">89778</a>
1455NPE in bindThrownExceptions
1456<br><a href="">89710</a>
1457[compiler] local variable range is wrong.
1460<a name="v_547"></a>
1462Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1463Java development tools core</h1>
1464Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 31st March 2005
1465<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_547
1466(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1468What's new in this drop</h2>
1472<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1473<a href="">89739</a>
1474[prefs] Default for formatter should be Tab characters, not spaces
1475<br><a href="">89448</a>
1476Java Generics code throws a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
1479<a name="v_546"></a>
1481Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1482Java development tools core</h1>
1483Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 31st March 2005
1484<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_546
1485(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1487What's new in this drop</h2>
1489<li>In order to fix bugs <a href="">49896</a> and <a href="">77809</a>, we added the following
1490two APIs:
1498<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1499<a href="">89477</a>
1500[1.5][select] ArrayStoreException in SelectionEngine
1501<br><a href="">73658</a>
1502[1.5] Not all new 1.5 formatter options seem to work
1504<a name="v_545"></a>
1506Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1507Java development tools core</h1>
1508Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 29th March 2005
1509<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_545
1510(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1512What's new in this drop</h2>
1516<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1517<a href="">81497</a>
1518[format] Wrong feeding after array-initialization
1520<a name="v_544"></a>
1522Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1523Java development tools core</h1>
1524Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 29th March 2005
1525<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_544
1526(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1528What's new in this drop</h2>
1530<li>In order to fix <a href="">73104</a>, we have added the following new API:
1532<li>Added new API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.formatter.DefaultCodeFormatterConstants#MIXED</code>. This new constant is used for the option:
1536<li>Added new API on <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.ITypeBinding#getDeclaringMethod()</code>. See bug <a href="">86580</a> for details.</li>
1539<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1540<a href="">89312</a>
1541API: BindingKey should probably be final
1542<br><a href="">89318</a>
1544<br><a href="">89302</a>
1545[formatter] Insert space after comma in enum constants has no effect
1546<br><a href="">73104</a>
1547[format] indentation amount tied to tab size
1548<br><a href="">84872</a>
1549Improve string sharing in JavaModelCache
1550<br><a href="">68148</a>
1551[model] Leaking persisted containers
1552<br><a href="">89110</a>
1553Redundant information in SourceTypeElementInfo
1554<br><a href="">89092</a>
1555Redundant information in ImportDeclarationElementInfo
1556<br><a href="">89090</a>
1557Redundant information in SourceFieldElementInfo
1558<br><a href="">89014</a>
1559IMethodBinding#isEqualTo(..) returns true for methods in different anonymous classes
1560<br><a href="">86580</a>
1561API on ITypeBinding for asking about the declaring node of type variable
1562<br><a href="">88575</a>
1563[1.5] treatment of Object.getClass() not API compliant
1565<a name="v_543"></a>
1567Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1568Java development tools core</h1>
1569Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 24th March 2005
1570<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_543
1571(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1573What's new in this drop</h2>
1575<li>Added new kinds for the code formatter:
1582<li>Added new options to format comments:
1596<li>Added constant for the javadoc location attribute name: <code>IClasspathAttribute#JAVADOC_LOCATION_ATTRIBUTE_NAME</code>.</li>
1597<li>Added API to create an array type binding key from a type key and array dimension: <code>BindingKey#createArrayTypeBindingKey(String typeKey, int arrayDimension)</code></li>
1598<li>Added API to create a binding key from a type name: <code>BindingKey#createTypeBindingKey(String typeName)</code>.</li>
1599<li>Added API to create a parameterized or raw type binding key from a generic type binding key and argument type binding keys:
1600 <code>BindingKey#createParameterizedTypeBindingKey(String genericTypeKey, String[] argumentTypeKeys)</code>.</li>
1601<li>Added API to create a type variable binding key from a type variable name and a declaring key: <code>createTypeVariableBindingKey(String typeVariableName, String declaringKey)</code></li>
1602<li>Added API to create a wildcard binding key from a type key and wildcard kind: <code>BindingKey#createWildcardTypeBindingKey(String typeKey, char kind)</code></li>
1603<li>Added API to query whether a field is an enum constant: <code>IField#isEnumConstant()</code></li>
1604<li>Added API to code assist for access rule management.
1608<li>Added CompletionProposal#getAccessibility()</li>
1613<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1614<a href="">89088</a>
1615[performance] Scanner is sending 2 messages per identifier character
1616<br><a href="">83502</a>
1617Need API to create binding keys.
1618<br><a href="">88845</a>
1619NPE in codeComplete for supertype that extends invisible type
1620<br><a href="">70827</a>
1621[Search] wrong reference match to private method of supertype
1622<br><a href="">88300</a>
1623[search] Reference search result is changed by placement of private method
1624<br><a href="">87173</a>
1625Surface compiler information about boxing/unboxing in the DOM AST (implicit conversion)
1626<br><a href="">88841</a>
1627IAE while opening ASTView
1628<br><a href="">88548</a>
1629Need to get constant value on expression
1630<br><a href="">88921</a>
1631[Formatter] Adopt comment formatter from JDT/UI inside JDT/Core API
1632<br><a href="">88849</a>
1633Infinite loop in scanner when using eof=Integer.MAX_VALUE
1634<br><a href="">88859</a>
1635Constant for the name of the Javadoc attribute
1636<br><a href="">71460</a>
1637[model] Non *.java file association with Java contents.
1638<br><a href="">88756</a>
1639[codeassist] Code assist propose anonymous enum
1640<br><a href="">76863</a>
1641[1.5][model] IField should offer a method isEnumConstant
1642<br><a href="">88757</a>
1643[API] SwitchStatement.statements() returns list of SwitchGroups
1645<a name="v_542"></a>
1647Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1648Java development tools core</h1>
1649Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 22nd March 2005
1650<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_542
1651(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1653What's new in this drop</h2>
1655<li>The internal build state format has changed and a full build is expected when restarting an existing workspace with this version of JDT Core.</li>
1656<li>Added the following APIs to control access rules severity:
1657 <ul>
1658 <li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.IAccessRule</code>
1659 <ul>
1660 <li><code>int K_ACCESSIBLE;</code></li>
1661 <li><code>int K_NON_ACCESSIBLE;</code></li>
1662 <li><code>int K_DISCOURAGED;</code></li>
1663 <li><code>IPath getPattern();</code></li>
1664 <li><code>int getKind();</code></li>
1665 </ul>
1666 </li>
1667 <li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.JavaCore</code>
1668 <ul>
1669 <li><code>String COMPILER_PB_DISCOURAGED_REFERENCE;</code></li>
1670 <li><code>IAccessRule newAccessRule(IPath pattern, int kind);</code></li>
1671 <li><code>IClasspathEntry newContainerEntry(
1672 IPath containerPath,
1673 IAccessRule[] accessRules,
1674 IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes,
1675 boolean isExported);</code></li>
1676 <li><code>IClasspathEntry newLibraryEntry(
1677 IPath path,
1678 IPath sourceAttachmentPath,
1679 IPath sourceAttachmentRootPath,
1680 IAccessRule[] accessRules,
1681 IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes,
1682 boolean isExported);</code></li>
1683 <li><code>IClasspathEntry newProjectEntry(
1684 IPath path,
1685 IAccessRule[] accessRules,
1686 boolean combineAccessRules,
1687 IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes,
1688 boolean isExported);</code></li>
1689 <li><code>IClasspathEntry newVariableEntry(
1690 IPath variablePath,
1691 IPath variableSourceAttachmentPath,
1692 IPath variableSourceAttachmentRootPath,
1693 IAccessRule[] accessRules,
1694 IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes,
1695 boolean isExported);</code></li>
1696 </ul>
1697 </li>
1698 <li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.IClasspathEntry</code>
1699 <ul>
1700 <li><code>boolean combineAccessRules();</code>
1701 <li><code>IAccessRule[] getAccessRules();</code>
1702 </ul>
1703 </li>
1704 </ul>
1706<li>Code select now works into Javadoc comment wherever a reference can be specified
Stephan Herrmannd5c3cc62010-05-30 17:34:25 +00001707(i.e. @see, @link, @linkplain, @throws, @exception, @param or @value tags)<br>
Stephan Herrmann7b7062f2010-04-01 19:56:59 +00001708(see bug <a href="">54968</a>).<br>
1709For example, hit F3 with cursor located in <code>MyClass</code>, in following Javadoc comment:
1712 * @see MyClass This is my class
1713 */
1715will open editor on file.
1717<li>New CodeSelect feature: Code select return an element if the selection is an enum constant inside a switch label.
1719Colors c;
1720swith(c) {
1721 case BLUE:
1722 case RED; // select RED
1726<li>Added new kind of type signature: <code>Signature#WILDCARD_TYPE_SIGNATURE</code>.<br>
1727<code>Signature#getTypeSignatureKind(char[])</code> and <code>Signature#getTypeSignatureKind(String)</code>
1728now return <code>Signature#WILDCARD_TYPE_SIGNATURE</code> if the signature is a wildcard : * or +Ljava.lang.Object; or -Ljava.lang.Object;
1730<li>Added new completion API to describe context in which the completion occurs.<br>
1731Currently only the expected types of the potential completion proposals are proposed.
1733 X x = zzz&lt;complete here&gt;
1735In this example the expected type is <code>X</code>. It is not mandatory to a proposal
1736to respect this expectation and it is possible that there is no completion proposal.
1738public class CompletionContext {
1739 public char[][] getExpectedTypesSignatures() {...}
1740 public char[][] getExpectedTypesKeys() {...}
1743Client must override <code>CompletionRequestor#acceptContext(..)</code> to know the context.
1744This method call ocurs after the call to <code>beginReporting()</code> and before the call to any
1745<code>accept(CompletionProposal)</code> method.
1747public class CompletionRequestor {
1748 ...
1749 public void acceptContext(CompletionContext context) {..}
1750 ...
1756<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1757<a href="">87644</a>
1758Control access rules severity
1759<br><a href="">88625</a>
1760[1.5][compiler] Invalid Enum comparing (Build id: I20050219-1500)
1761<br><a href="">87998</a>
1762[1.5][compiler] Enum constants generate warnings about synthetic constructor access
1763<br><a href="">88562</a>
1764Internal compiler error when compiling GNU Classpath
1765<br><a href="">88295</a>
1766[1.5][assist] too many completion on enum case label
1767<br><a href="">88446</a>
1768[1.5] annotations declared inside generic classes are not visible at runtime
1769<br><a href="">54968</a>
1770[javadoc][select] ICodeAssist#codeSelect doesn't work for member references in javadoc
1771<br><a href="">85379</a>
1772[1.5][select][enum] Code resolve on enum in switch
1773<br><a href="">88429</a>
1774Redundant information in SourceMethodElementInfo
1775<br><a href="">88428</a>
1776Class file reader's method info still hold on byte array
1777<br><a href="">88223</a>
1778[1.5][compiler] Local enums are not reported as error
1779<br><a href="">88224</a>
1780[1.5][DOM] ASTRewriteAnalyzer blows up with local enums
1781<br><a href="">86971</a>
1782[1.5][codeselect] F3 should perform if selecting '@Deprecated'
1783<br><a href="">85713</a>
1784Signature.getTypeSignatureKind does not like wildcard types
1785<br><a href="">87762</a>
1786[model] suspicious huge amount of IPackageFragmentRoot[]
1787<br><a href="">88252</a>
1788Deleting a MemberValuePair with a NormalAnnotation child does not work
1789<br><a href="">87818</a>
1790[compiler] local enums are illegal, but does this need to be a syntax error?
1791<br><a href="">69657</a>
1792[dom] deprecate JLS2 once JLS3 is fully supported
1793<br><a href="">81797</a>
1794NPE in SortElementBuilder
1795<br><a href="">80036</a>
1796EmptyStackException in CompilationUnitSorter
1797<br><a href="">88187</a>
1798Unexpected deprecation warnings during full build
1799<br><a href="">88094</a>
1800[1.5] compiler accepts two methods with same erasure
1801<br><a href="">86970</a>
1802[codeassist] Add an API on completion proposal API to surface the expected type
1803<br><a href="">88124</a>
1804More deprecated warnings than expected
1808<a name="v_541"></a>
1810Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1811Java development tools core</h1>
1812Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 15th March 2005
1813<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_541
1814(<a href="">cvs</a>).
1816What's new in this drop</h2>
1819<li>Compiler now recognizes <code>@Deprecated</code> annotations, and treats them equivalent
1820to doc comment <code>/** @deprecated */</code>.
1822<li>Added optional compiler diagnosis to flag deprecated constructs missing a proper
1823<code>@Deprecated</code> annotation (to encourage using annotations instead of doc comment tag).
1824Corresponding problem IDs are: <code>IProblem.FieldMissingDeprecatedAnnotation</code>,
1828* COMPILER / Reporting Missing @Deprecated Annotation
1829* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever encountering a declaration
1830* carrying a @deprecated doc tag but has no corresponding @Deprecated annotation.
1831* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.missingDeprecatedAnnotation"
1832* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
1833* - default: "ignore"
1836<li>JLS2 API have been deprecated (see bug <a href="">69657</a>).</li>
1837<li>Allowed javadoc reference to varargs methods (see bug <a href="">87845</a>).<br>
1838The 1.5 spec for the Javadoc tool does not mention the possibility
1839of a variable arity indicator in method references. However, the 1.5
1840Javadoc tool itself does indeed support it. Since it makes sense to have
1841a way to explicitly refer to variable arity methods, it seems more likely
1842that the Javadoc spec is wrong in this case.<br>
1843Following API methods were added to <code>MethodRefParameter</code>:
1846 * The "varargs" structural property of this node type (added in JLS3 API).
1847 * @since 3.1
1848 */
1849public static final SimplePropertyDescriptor VARARGS_PROPERTY;
1851 * Returns whether this method reference parameter is for
1852 * the last parameter of a variable arity method (added in JLS3 API).
1853 *
1854 * Note that the binding for the type <code>Foo</code>in the vararg method
1855 * reference <code>#fun(Foo...)</code> is always for the type as
1856 * written; i.e., the type binding for <code>Foo</code>. However, if you
1857 * navigate from the MethodRef to its method binding to the
1858 * type binding for its last parameter, the type binding for the vararg
1859 * parameter is always an array type (i.e., <code>Foo[]</code>) reflecting
1860 * the way vararg methods get compiled.
1861 *
1862 *
1863 * @return <code>true</code> if this is a variable arity parameter,
1864 * and <code>false</code> otherwise
1865 * @exception UnsupportedOperationException if this operation is used in
1866 * a JLS2 AST
1867 * @since 3.1
1868 */
1869public boolean isVarargs();
1871 * Sets whether this method reference parameter is for the last parameter of
1872 * a variable arity method (added in JLS3 API).
1873 *
1874 * @param variableArity <code>true</code> if this is a variable arity
1875 * parameter, and <code>false</code> otherwise
1876 * @since 3.1
1877 */
1878public void setVarargs(boolean variableArity);
1881<li>Added new flags on nature of match to specify that declaring or return type should be ignored during the search
1882(see bug <a href="">80264</a>).<br>
1883These flags are defined on <code>IJavaSearchConstants</code> interface:
1886 * Ignore declaring type while searching result.
1887 * Can be used in conjunction with any of the nature of match.
1888 * @since 3.1
1889 */
1892 * Ignore return type while searching result.
1893 * Can be used in conjunction with any of the nature of match.
1894 * Note that:
1895 * - for fields search, pattern will ignore field type
1896 * - this flag will have no effect for types search
1897 * @since 3.1
1898 */
1899int IGNORE_RETURN_TYPE = 0x20;
Stephan Herrmannd5c3cc62010-05-30 17:34:25 +00001901Note that these flags are active only for search of declarations (i.e. <code>IJavaSearchConstants.DECLARATIONS</code> and <code>IJavaSearchConstants.ALL_OCCURRENCES</code>)
Stephan Herrmann7b7062f2010-04-01 19:56:59 +00001902and while searching for IJavaElement (see doc of <code>SearchPattern.createPattern(IJavaElement, int)</code> API method).
1904<li>Improved API for type name requestor. Abstract class <code>TypeNameRequestor</code> replaces interface <code>ITypeNameRequestor</code> which is deprecated.<br>
1905There's now only a single method for type name requestor while accepting a type:
1908 * Accepts a top-level or a member type.
1909 *
1910 * The default implementation of this method does nothing.
1911 * Subclasses should override.
1912 *
1913 * @param modifiers the modifier flags of the type. Note that for source type,
1914 * these flags may slightly differ from thoses get after resolution.
1915 * For example an interface defined by <code>interface A {}</code>, although obviously public,
1916 * will be returned false by <code>Flags.isPublic(modifiers)</code> due to the fact
1917 * that its declaration does not explicitely define <code>public</code> flag.
1918 * @see org.eclipse.jdt.core.Flags
1919 * @param packageName the dot-separated name of the package of the type
1920 * @param simpleTypeName the simple name of the type
1921 * @param enclosingTypeNames if the type is a member type,
1922 * the simple names of the enclosing types from the outer-most to the
1923 * direct parent of the type (for example, if the class is x.y.A$B$C then
1924 * the enclosing types are [A, B]. This is an empty array if the type
1925 * is a top-level type.
1926 * @param path the full path to the resource containing the type. If the resource is a .class file
1927 * or a .java file, this is the full path in the workspace to this resource. If the
1928 * resource is an archive (that is, a .zip or .jar file), the path is composed of 2 paths separated
1929 * by <code>IJavaSearchScope.JAR_FILE_ENTRY_SEPARATOR</code>:
1930 * the first path is the full OS path to the archive (if it is an external archive),
1931 * or the workspace relative <code>IPath</code> to the archive (if it is an internal archive),
1932 * the second path is the path to the resource inside the archive.
1933 */
1934public void acceptType(int modifiers, char[] packageName, char[] simpleTypeName, char[][] enclosingTypeNames, String path)
1936Clients can now distinguish Annotation, Enum, Interface and Class using <code>Flags</code> API methods on <code>modifiers</code> parameter.
1938<li>Added support for This allows to define annotations on the package declaration. See bug <a href="">86167</a> for
1939further details.</li>
1940<li>Added API <code>JavaCore#newProjectEntry(IPath, IPath[], IPath[], boolean, IClasspathAttribute[], boolean)</code>
1941 that take a 'combineAccessRestrictions' flag to control whether access restrictions of exported libraries of the project
1942 should be combined with the access restrictions of this project entry.
1944<li>Added API method <code>AST#newName(String qualifiedName)</code> for creating
1945<code>SimpleName</code> or <code>QualifiedName</code>
1946nodes depending on the form of the given name string.
1950<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1951<a href="">83643</a>
1952[1.5] @Deprecated members not 'slashed'
1953<br><a href="">86291</a>
1954[1.5][compiler] Annotation attribute see members of the annotated type
1955<br><a href="">69657</a>
1956[dom] deprecate JLS2 once JLS3 is fully supported
1957<br><a href="">77349</a>
1958[compiler] ClassFormatError when accessing clone() or finalize() methods from an interface
1959<br><a href="">87956</a>
1960compiling error on jdk1.5 collection generics
1961<br><a href="">87900</a>
1962Error 'Requesting Java AST from selection': Bug in the Java AST parser
1963<br><a href="">87754</a>
1964[1.5][javadoc][dom] Type of ArrayType component type inside MethodRef has no binding
1965<br><a href="">87845</a>
1966[1.5][dom][javadoc] allow javadoc references to vararg methods
1967<br><a href="">87778</a>
1968[search] doesn't find all declarations of method with covariant return type
1969<br><a href="">80264</a>
1970[search] Search for method declarations in workspace, disregarding declaring type
1971<br><a href="">85924</a>
1972[1.5][compiler[ code generation error in M5 w/regard to generics
1973<br><a href="">87849</a>
1974[AST] SimpleName.setIdentifier() not detecting bogus identifiers
1975<br><a href="">86779</a>
1976AST#resolveWellKnownType(..) should support primitive type wrappers
1977<br><a href="">85900</a>
1978[1.5] [compiler] internal compiler reports name clash
1979<br><a href="">87777</a>
1980Bindings.isEqualTo returns false for equal bindings
1981<br><a href="">86902</a>
1982[1.5][compiler] Raw field access is not flagged as unsafe type operation
1983<br><a href="">81498</a>
1984[search] ITypeNameRequestor should support enums and annotations as well
1985<br><a href="">87490</a>
1986Internal compiler error
1987<br><a href="">85491</a>
1988[1.5] Compiler rejects autoboxing-calls to overloaded varargs methods as ambiguous
1989<br><a href="">87613</a>
1990Access restrictions should only apply to project's own package fragment roots
1991<br><a href="">86167</a>
1992[1.5] Add support for
1993<br><a href="">87350</a>
1994IllegalArgumentException when converting AST with invalid enum body declaration
1995<br><a href="">85262</a>
1996[1.5] Bound mismatch: type R is not a valid substitute for the bounded parameter...
1997<br><a href="">87498</a>
1998StackOverflowError when marking occurrences of Comparable in Collections.min(..)
1999<br><a href="">87481</a>
2000[1.5] type reference in CastExpression is generic type instead of parameterized
2001<br><a href="">87463</a>
2002The built-in Eclipse compiler behaves differently than IBM or Sun JDK
2003<br><a href="">85226</a>
2004[1.5] EnumConstantDeclaration should declare resolveConstructorBinding
2005<br><a href="">36938</a>
2006[plan item][1.5] Add early support for J2SE 1.5 features
2007<br><a href="">87404</a>
2008[javadoc] Unexpected not defined warning on constructor
2009<br><a href="">85811</a>
2010BindingKey.toSignature should return method signature for methods
2011<br><a href="">87411</a>
2012[dom] API: ast.newName(String qualifiedName)
2014<a name="v_540"></a>
2016Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2017Java development tools core</h1>
2018Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 8th March 2005
2019<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_540
2020(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2022What's new in this drop</h2>
2026<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2027<a href="">83693</a>
2028[search][javadoc] References to methods/constructors: range does not include parameter lists
2029<br><a href="">87273</a>
2030[1.5][compiler] Code with generics compiles, but throws a NoSuchMethodError when executed
2031<br><a href="">87050</a>
2032ASTParser#createASTs(..) cannot resolve method type parameter binding from key
2033<br><a href="">83002</a>
2034[1.5] Compiler generates incorrect signature for throws clause.
2035<br><a href="">87318</a>
2036[1.5][compiler] Array.asList(int[]) should be accepted
2037<br><a href="">87171</a>
2038Find declaring node doesn't work for methods/fields using type parameters
2039<br><a href="">86908</a>
2040Code formatter fails to format when this code is present
2041<br><a href="">86967</a>
2042[1.5][dom] NPE in BindingKeyResolver for multi-level parameterized type binding
2043<br><a href="">86898</a>
2044[1.5][compiler] compiler should flag unchecked cast
2045<br><a href="">87267</a>
2046[1.5][compiler] cast from Integer[] to int[] should fail
2047<br><a href="">82830</a>
2048AST: String concatenation represented as single node
2049<br><a href="">83393</a>
2050[1.5][javadoc] reference to vararg method also considers non-array type as correct
2051<br><a href="">83285</a>
2052[javadoc] Javadoc reference to constructor of secondary type has no binding / not found by search
2053<br><a href="">87042</a>
2054Passing null as first vararg makes parameter null (3.1M4)
2055<br><a href="">86906</a>
2056[1.5][dom] SourceType#createField fails for enums
2057<br><a href="">86878</a>
2058Parameterized varargs causes Java formatter to fail
2059<br><a href="">80221</a>
2060[dom][javadoc] No Javadoc comment node when return type missing
2061<br><a href="">86901</a>
2062[1.5][search] Static import method references not found in unused import
2064<a name="v_539"></a>
2066Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2067Java development tools core</h1>
2068Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 1st March 2005
2069<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_539
2070(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2072What's new in this drop</h2>
2074<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 83319</a> required the index version to be incremented.
2075 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
2077<li>Added optional compiler diagnosis to flag incomplete enum switch statements.
2078Corresponding problem ID is: <code>IProblem.MissingEnumConstantCase</code>
2080* COMPILER / Reporting Incomplete Enum Switch
2081* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever an enum constant has
2082* no corresponding case label in an enum switch statement
2083* type has no case label matching an enum constant.
2084* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.incompleteEnumSwitch"
2085* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2086* - default: "ignore"
2089<li>Added API <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.CompilationUnit#getJavaElement()</code> to retrieve the compilation unit
2090 or class file the compilation unit node was created from.
2092<li>Added API <code>IMethodBinding#isSubsignature(IMethodBinding)</code> to find out if a method's signature
2093 is a subsignature of another method.
2095<li>Added optional compiler diagnosis to flag method overriding a superclass method, but missing
2096proper <code>@Override</code> annotation.
2097Corresponding problem ID is: <code>IProblem.MissingOverrideAnnotation</code>
2100* COMPILER / Reporting Missing @Override Annotation
2101* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever encountering a method
2102* declaration which overrides a superclass method but has no @Override annotation.
2103* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.missingOverrideAnnotation"
2104* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2105* - default: "ignore"
2108<li>New CodeAssist feature: Enum constant are proposed inside switch label if the expression is an enum.
2110Colors c;
2111swith(c) {
2112 case BLUE:
2113 case RED&lt;complete here&gt;
2117<li>New CodeAssist feature: Annotation's attribute name are proposed.
2119@Annot(attr&lt;complete here&gt;=value)
2121To propose this new completion kind a new API has been added: CompletionProposal.ANNOTATION_ATTRIBUTE_REF.<br>
2124 * Completion is a reference to annotation's attribute.
2125 * This kind of completion might occur in a context like
2126 * &lt;code&gt;"@Annot(attr^=value)"&lt;/code&gt; and complete it to
2127 * &lt;code&gt;"@Annot(attribute^=value)"&lt;/code&gt;.
2128 * &lt;p&gt;
2129 * The following additional context information is available
2130 * for this kind of completion proposal at little extra cost:
2131 * &lt;ul&gt;
2132 * &lt;li&gt;{@link #getDeclarationSignature()} -
2133 * the type signature of the annotation that declares the attribute that is referenced
2134 * &lt;/li&gt;
2135 * &lt;li&gt;{@link #getFlags()} -
2136 * the modifiers flags of the attribute that is referenced
2137 * &lt;/li&gt;
2138 * &lt;li&gt;{@link #getName()} -
2139 * the simple name of the attribute that is referenced
2140 * &lt;/li&gt;
2141 * &lt;li&gt;{@link #getSignature()} -
2142 * the type signature of the attribute's type (as opposed to the
2143 * signature of the type in which the referenced attribute
2144 * is declared)
2145 * &lt;/li&gt;
2146 * &lt;/ul&gt;
2147 * &lt;/p&gt;
2148 *
2149 * @see #getKind()
2150 */
2151 public static final int ANNOTATION_ATTRIBUTE_REF = 13;
2156<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2157<a href="">83319</a>
2158[1.5][search] Search does not find references to statically imported methods
2159<br><a href="">86838</a>
2160[1.5] [compiler] Eclipse compiles parameterized code that javac says is "is not within its bound"
2161<br><a href="">84121</a>
2162[1.5][search][varargs] reference to type reported as inaccurate in vararg
2163<br><a href="">83388</a>
2164[search] SearchRequestor reports 'null' as match
2165<br><a href="">86775</a>
2166[1.5][compiler] Infer Generic Types Arguments throws NPE
2167<br><a href="">86596</a>
2168[search] Search for type finds segments in import
2169<br><a href="">79378</a>
2170[search] IOOBE when inlining a method
2171<br><a href="">68825</a>
2172[compiler][1.5] detect not-exhaustive enum switches
2173<br><a href="">81377</a>
2174[1.5][search] Semantics of search for methods with generics
2175<br><a href="">84944</a>
2176[1.5][builder] Parameterized return type is sometimes not visible.
2177<br><a href="">83770</a>
2178[1.5] ITypeBinding getQualifiedName doesn't cover the case of parameterized member type
2179<br><a href="">84140</a>
2180The type binding of a vararg should be an array not a simple type
2181<br><a href="">83100</a>
2182[5.0] need IVariableBinding.isGeneric/Parametrized, getGeneric..
2183<br><a href="">86663</a>
2184[DOM] AbortCompilation should not abort the creation of the tree
2185<br><a href="">86463</a>
2186[1.5][compiler] Compiler-Bug using generics
2187<br><a href="">86611</a>
2188[1.4] 1.5 power double causes compiler internal failure
2189<br><a href="">86531</a>
2190Javadoc: class AST has several parameterless methods claiming to throw IllegalArgumentException
2191<br><a href="">86217</a>
2192NPE resolving bounds of Type Variable
2193<br><a href="">84554</a>
2194[1.5] code assist in enum switch statements
2195<br><a href="">75702</a>
2196[dom] Need a way to get back from an AST to the originating ICompilationUnit
2197<br><a href="">86410</a>
2198formatting generics type parameters
2199<br><a href="">86487</a>
2200[1.5] infinite loop in enhanced for statement when the current element is optimized out
2201<br><a href="">73676</a>
2202[dom] Need API on bindings for overriding and assignment rules
2203<br><a href="">72258</a>
2204[model] Should be able to dynamicaly set the size of Java model cache
2205<br><a href="">84562</a>
2206[DCR][1.5][options] Optional warning/error to avoid accidental overrides with JDK 5.0
2207<br><a href="">85538</a>
2208[1.5] compiler does not reject cyclic annotation element types
2209<br><a href="">86141</a>
2210[recovery] ClassCastException with annotation of parameter
2211<br><a href="">86179</a>
2212[1.5] Type parameters lost with nested inheritance and generics
2214<a name="v_538"></a>
2216Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2217Java development tools core</h1>
2218Eclipse SDK 3.1M6 - 22nd February 2005
2219<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_538
2220(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2222What's new in this drop</h2>
2224<li>Inclusion/exclusion filters used as import restrictions have been renamed into 'accessible files' and 'non accessible files' patterns.
2225 The following APIs have been added on <code>IClasspathEntry</code>: <code>getAccessibleFiles()</code> and <code>getNonAccessibleFiles()</code>.
2226 These are valid only for library, project, container and variable entries. <code>getInclusionPatterns()</code> and <code>getExclusionPatterns()</code>
2227 temporary return the accessible files and non accessible files patterns for these entries.
2229<li>Added ability to associate classpath attributes to a classpath entry (see <code>IClasspathAttribute</code>). A classpath attribute
2230 is created using <code>JavaCore#newClasspathAttribute(String, String)</code>. Then one can associate this attribute with
2231 a classpath entry using one of:
2232 <ul>
2233 <li><code>JavaCore#newContainerEntry(IPath containerPath, IPath[] accessibleFiles, IPath[] nonAccessibleFiles, IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes, boolean isExported)</code></li>
2234 <li><code>JavaCore#newLibraryEntry(IPath path, IPath sourceAttachmentPath, IPath sourceAttachmentRootPath, IPath[] accessibleFiles, IPath[] nonAccessibleFiles, IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes, boolean isExported)</code></li>
2235 <li><code>JavaCore#newProjectEntry(IPath path, IPath[] accessibleFiles, IPath[] nonAccessibleFiles, IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes, boolean isExported)</code></li>
2236 <li><code>JavaCore#newSourceEntry(IPath path, IPath[] inclusionPatterns, IPath[] exclusionPatterns, IPath specificOutputLocation, IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes)</code></li>
2237 <li><code>JavaCore#newVariableEntry(IPath variablePath, IPath variableSourceAttachmentPath, IPath variableSourceAttachmentRootPath, IPath[] accessibleFiles, IPath[] nonAccessibleFiles, IClasspathAttribute[] extraAttributes, boolean isExported)</code></li>
2238 </ul>
2240<li>Added optional compiler diagnosis when a type parameter declaration is hiding another type.
2241Corresponding problem ID is: <code>IProblem.TypeParameterHidingType</code>
2243* COMPILER / Reporting Type Parameter Declaration Hiding another Type
2244* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever a type parameter
2245* declaration is hiding some type.
2246* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.typeParameterHiding"
2247* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2248* - default: "warning"
2251<li>The predicates <code>isInterface()</code> on Java element and DOM AST are now answering <code>true</code>
2252for annotation types. Indeed, annotation types are allowed to be implemented just like regular interfaces.
2254<li>Added optional compiler diagnosis signalling usage of an annotation type as a super interface.
2255Corresponding problem ID is: <code>IProblem.AnnotationTypeUsedAsSuperInterface</code>
2257* COMPILER / Reporting Use of Annotation Type as Super Interface
2258* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever an annotation type is used
2259* as a super-interface. Though legal, this is discouraged.
2260* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.annotationSuperInterface"
2261* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2262* - default: "warning"
2267<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2268<a href="">72704</a>
2269[compiler][1.5] unexpected IBindings and class files with conflicting method argument types
2270<br><a href="">85397</a>
2271[1.5][enum] erroneous strictfp keyword on enum type produces error on constructor
2272<br><a href="">83321</a>
2273[1.5][assist][enum] no override completion proposals in type when followed by a package visible enum
2274<br><a href="">85402</a>
2275[1.5][assist] NPE while trying to complete on empty annotation
2276<br><a href="">85290</a>
2277[1.5] Code assist for annotations
2278<br><a href="">85810</a>
2279[1.5][search] Missed type parameter reference in implements clause
2280<br><a href="">85421</a>
2281[1.5][search] NPE while searching type parameter reference in workspace
2282<br><a href="">85432</a>
2283Make jdtcore.jar an executable jar
2284<br><a href="">85933</a>
2285Type parameters in anonymous type is missing
2286<br><a href="">82429</a>
2287[1.5] Need emulation of Unicode 4 using 1.4 libraries
2288<br><a href="">85062</a>
2289[compiler] Implicit static method invocation should target the receiver type not the declaring class
2290<br><a href="">84355</a>
2291[1.5] Generics bounds overzealous when converting to Object
2292<br><a href="">85477</a>
2293[1.5] certain unchecked conversion not reported
2294<br><a href="">85303</a>
2295[1.5] wrong declaring class for invokevirtual call
2298<a name="v_537"></a>
2300Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2301Java development tools core</h1>
2302Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 15th February 2005 - 3.1 MILESTONE 5
2303<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_537
2304(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2306What's new in this drop</h2>
2310<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2311<a href="">85203</a>
2312VerifyError running o.e.pdu.ui from workspace
2313<br><a href="">85160</a>
2314[compiler] java.lang.Object.finalize() method cannot be invoked on an array type
2315<br><a href="">85157</a>
2316[compiler] Integer[] is not compatible with String[] in conditional expression
2317<br><a href="">85215</a>
2318[DOM][1.5] Annotation type getModifiers() always returns 0
2319<br><a href="">85115</a>
2320[1.5] AST annotation.isTopLevel() doesn't work
2321<br><a href="">84724</a>
2322[5.0][search] fails to find call sites for varargs constructors
2323<br><a href="">85125</a>
2324When bracket is placed after MethodDeclarator, build fails.
2326<a name="v_536"></a>
2328Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2329Java development tools core</h1>
2330Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 14th February 2005
2331<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_536
2332(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2334What's new in this drop</h2>
2338<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2339<a href="">78906</a>
2340[1.5][compiler] this$0 is not allowed as a field in a member class
2341<br><a href="">79396</a>
2342[compiler] Static receiver for a static method invocation should be generated to cover side-effects
2343<br><a href="">84801</a>
2344Bad code generated for Java 5.0
2345<br><a href="">83902</a>
2346[1.5] AbstractMethodError when using covariant returns
2347<br><a href="">83901</a>
2348[1.5] AbstractMethodError: Compiler fails to catch missing methods of implemented interface
2349<br><a href="">82461</a>
2350[5.0] Unconventional formatting of annotations in ASTRewrite
2351<br><a href="">81244</a>
2352error range for generic vararg argument
2353<br><a href="">84743</a>
2354[1.5][compiler] Cast between two interfaces doesn't need to check compatibility of method return types
2355<br><a href="">84869</a>
2356Missing constant for "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.autoboxing"
2357<br><a href="">84770</a>
2358Formatter fails in specific case (.class in code)
2359<br><a href="">84778</a>
2360NaiveASTFlattener should add spaces around extendedOperands in InfixExpression
2361<br><a href="">84791</a>
2362[1.5][compiler] eclipse doesn't allow types to be derived from annotation types
2363<br><a href="">83600</a>
2364[code assist] METHOD_REF proposals have non-standard signatures
2365<br><a href="">80630</a>
2366[1.5] Conditional expression unboxing should handle this case
2367<br><a href="">84717</a>
2368Typo in javadoc of Signature.C_GENERIC_END
2369<br><a href="">84528</a>
2370Not visiting line comments in compilation unit?
2372<a name="v_535"></a>
2374Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2375Java development tools core</h1>
2376Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 8th February 2005
2377<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_535
2378(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2380What's new in this drop</h2>
2382<li> Tuned generic method type argument inference (JLS;8).
2384<li> Optional diagnosis for assignment with no effect now also detects: "var = var++;" scenario.
2385<li>Added APIs <code>IType#getKey()</code>, <code>IField#getKey()</code>, <code>IMethod#getKey()</code>
2386 that return a binding key for these Java elements.
2388<li>Added APIs <code>IType#isResolved()</code>, <code>IField#isResolved()</code>,
2389 <code>IMethod#isResolved()</code> that return whether these Java elements are resolved elements
2390 and thus whether their key (see above) contains resolved information.
2392<li>Added API class <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.BindingKey</code> to decode a binding key
2393 obtained from <code>IBinding#getKey()</code> or one of the <code>getKey()</code> methods above.
2397<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2398<a href="">84717</a>
2399Typo in javadoc of Signature.C_GENERIC_START
2400<br><a href="">84669</a>
2401[5.0] VerifyError: Expecting to find object/array on stack
2402<br><a href="">84593</a>
2403[1.5][compiler] NPE during problem detection with raw reference to parameterized inner class
2404<br><a href="">84558</a>
2405Strange error message when using keywords "const" and "goto" as variable names
2406<br><a href="">83648</a>
2407[1.5] Enum constructor cannot be public or protected
2408<br><a href="">83379</a>
2409[1.5] compiler does not warn when overriding methods with parameters as array and vararg
2410<br><a href="">84345</a>
2411[1.5][compiler] Widening reference is possible when boxing in a cast expression
2412<br><a href="">83615</a>
2413[1.5][compiler] lenient subclass checking with interdependent type variables
2414<br><a href="">84480</a>
2415Warning for "no effect assignment" j = j++
2416<br><a href="">83500</a>
2417Can't restore a secondary top level from key
2418<br><a href="">84416</a>
2419Stepping into message send without receiver should highlight message before sending message
2420<br><a href="">76773</a>
2421Stepping through conditional looks like it evaluates both halves
2422<br><a href="">84504</a>
2423[Format] Extra empty line before class in default package when imports are specified
2424<br><a href="">83383</a>
2425IllegalArgumentException in Signature.getParameterCount
2426<br><a href="">83218</a>
2427[1.5] Covariant return type &amp; generics
2428<br><a href="">83499</a>
2429NPE when restoring ITypeBinding from key
2430<br><a href="">83611</a>
2431compiler reports error but there is no error
2432<br><a href="">84055</a>
2433[1.5] Unnecessary cast wrongly reported with boxing
2434<br><a href="">83965</a>
2435[1.5][compiler] Widening conversion is possible when unboxing in a cast expression
2436<br><a href="">81544</a>
2437[dom] java.util.List&lt;URL&gt; sometimes has a binding, sometimes not
2438<br><a href="">82647</a>
2439[compiler][1.5] Erroneous error with autoboxing and conditional operand
2440<br><a href="">79696</a>
2441[dom] Wrong type binding in qualified name
2442<br><a href="">84215</a>
2443ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, internal compiler error
2444<br><a href="">84181</a>
2445[1.5] ITypeBinding.isFromSource incorrect on raw bindings
2446<br><a href="">83376</a>
2447[1.5] compiler should error on ambiguous method invocation due to duplicate static imports
2448<br><a href="">78934</a>
2449[1.5][dom] ParameterizedType for nested generic types has missing bindings
2450<br><a href="">83162</a>
2451Eclipse reports no name clash with equivalent bridge methods
2452<br><a href="">81332</a>
2453[1.5][compiler] Is this a name clash?
2454<br><a href="">80626</a>
2455[1.5] enum types cannot define a compareTo(Object o) method
2458<a name="v_534"></a>
2460Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2461Java development tools core</h1>
2462Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 1st February 2005
2463<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_534
2464(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2466What's new in this drop</h2>
2468<li>Add CompletionProposal#getDeclaringKey() and CompletionProposal#getKey() API
2472<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2473<a href="">84064</a>
2474AST: Wrong source ranges for superconstructorinv with type args
2475<br><a href="">83939</a>
2476[1.5][compiler] null is allowed as a legal element value in annotations
2477<br><a href="">83817</a>
2478IBinding#isEqualTo(..) returns true for methods of different parameterized types
2479<br><a href="">82349</a>
2480[compiler][1.5] Problems deriving from generic class that uses inner classes
2481<br><a href="">83904</a>
2482[compiler][1.5] Y&lt;T&gt; should be uniquely defined in the same signature
2483<br><a href="">83646</a>
2484NPE renaming package
2485<br><a href="">83398</a>
2486[compiler][1.5] compiler allows adding Object to List<? super Number>
2487<br><a href="">83219</a>
2488NPE in ProblemReporter with duplicate abstract enum methods
2489<br><a href="">83860</a>
2490[1.5] java.lang.VerifyError with Enums
2491<br><a href="">83847</a>
2492[compiler][1.5] can create annonymous class of an enum
2493<br><a href="">83236</a>
2494ClassCastException using code assist in a javadoc comment
2495<br><a href="">83822</a>
2496Classes at root of project not found in Open Type dialog
2497<br><a href="">83593</a>
2498Rename of enum type does not update constructor / throws ClassCastException
2499<br><a href="">83225</a>
2500[1.5] incorrect(?) compiler errors with type inference
2501<br><a href="">83127</a>
2502[1.5][javadoc][dom] Wrong / strange bindings for references in javadoc to methods with type variables as parameter types
2503<br><a href="">80257</a>
2504[1.5][javadoc][dom] Type references in javadocs should have generic binding, not raw
2505<br><a href="">83713</a>
2506[search] IAE while searching reference to parameterized type
2507<br><a href="">83684</a>
2508[formatting] Formatting codes like A extends B.C&lt;Object&gt; has no effect.
2509<br><a href="">83599</a>
2510CU dirty after move refactoring
2513<a name="v_533"></a>
2515Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2516Java development tools core</h1>
2517Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 25th January 2005
2518<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_533
2519(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2521What's new in this drop</h2>
2523<li>Search engine is now able to find references and declarations to ITypeParameter.<br>
2524To perform this kind of search, clients need to create a pattern using <code>SearchPattern.createPattern(IJavaElement,int,int)</code>
2525providing searched ITypeParameter for IJavaElement parameter.
2527<li><code>TypeParameter#resolveBinding()</code> now returns an <code>ITypeBinding</code> instead of
2528 an <code>IBinding</code></li>
2529<li>Java model operations have been ported off the deprecated JDOM. They now use AST rewrite. This enables
2530 these operations on local and anonymous types, enumerations and annotation types.</li>
2533<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2534<a href="">83489</a>
2535[select] Code select returns IType instead of ITypeParameter on method parameters types
2536<br><a href="">83536</a>
2537"Incompatible argument to function" at vararg function
2538<br><a href="">83300</a>
2539[1.5] ClassCastException in #getJavaElement() on binding of annotation element
2540<br><a href="">81190</a>
2541[1.5][search] no search for type parameters - SearchPattern is null
2542<br><a href="">82671</a>
2543[compiler][1.5]Protected field not visible to subclass in different package when having a class parameter
2544<br><a href="">83210</a>
2545Unidentical ITypeBindings for same type from same AST from reconcile
2546<br><a href="">80800</a>
2547getErasure() of ITypeBinding and IMethodBinding don't match the JLS
2548<br><a href="">83304</a>
2549[1.5][search] Erasure match doesn't work for binary parameterized types
2550<br><a href="">83078</a>
2551Auto formating multiple classes has errors
2552<br><a href="">25800</a>
2553Class file editor uses non-standard modifier order
2554<br><a href="">82859</a>
2555[1.5] void.class is incompatible with Void.TYPE
2556<br><a href="">83297</a>
2557[1.5] Annotation bindings don't provide their declared elements/methods
2558<br><a href="">43483</a>
2559[model] Can not add method to local type
2560<br><a href="">77894</a>
2561[model] Remove dependency to old JDOM in JavaModel implementation
2562<br><a href="">83161</a>
2563Can't access public field from private subclass
2564<br><a href="">78151</a>
2565'Insert single proposals automatically' should not insert without prefix
2566<br><a href="">83096</a>
2567[1.5][compiler] NPE for class with duplicate type parameter
2568<br><a href="">82547</a>
2569[1.5][compiler] NullPointerException compiling invalid source
2570<br><a href="">83098</a>
2571IBinding#isEqualTo(..) does not compare occurrence count of local variables
2574<a name="v_532"></a>
2576Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2577Java development tools core</h1>
2578Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 18th January 2005
2579<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_532
2580(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2582What's new in this drop</h2>
2584<li>Support for generic methods/constructors search has been added to SearchEngine (see bug <a href="">75642</a>).<br>
2585User can now search for declaration and/or references to generic methods/constructors or parameterized methods/constructors (like <code>public &lt;U&gt; void foo(U u){}</code> or <code>&lt;String&gt;foo("")</code> for example).
2586This search can be done either selecting a JavaElement or using Java Search dialog.
2588<li>Added new API <code>JavaConventions#validateTypeVariableName(String)</code>.</li>
2589<li>Added new API <code>JavaCore#newTypeHierarchy(IRegion,WorkingCopyOwner,IProgressMonitor)</code> that creates a hierarchy
2590 independently of a project.</li>
2593<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2594<a href="">83032</a>
2595VerifyError for anonymous declaration using variable arguments
2596<br><a href="">75642</a>
2597[1.5][search] Methods and constructor search does not work with generics
2598<br><a href="">83013</a>
2599[5.0] TypeDeclaration after AnnotationTypeDeclaration has wrong source range
2600<br><a href="">82985</a>
2601Static imports can't resolve bindings
2602<br><a href="">83011</a>
2603[5.0] TypeName of an Annotation has no binding
2604<br><a href="">79144</a>
2605[1.5][compiler] generic type checking not performed for method return array types
2606<br><a href="">82844</a>
2607[1.5] Array type as type variable bound gives internal compiler error
2608<br><a href="">81590</a>
2609[1.5][compiler] Iteration over nested arrays is broken
2610<br><a href="">82439</a>
2611[compiler] [1.5] internal compiler reports type mismatch
2612<br><a href="">80945</a>
2613[1.5] Code assist does not offer static fields and methods from static imports
2614<br><a href="">82590</a>
2615[compiler] [1.5] internal compiler reports method not implemented
2616<br><a href="">81721</a>
2617[compiler][1.5] Correct use of generic interfaces give compiler error
2618<br><a href="">82754</a>
2619[1.5] too many methods allowed by static import
2620<br><a href="">80745</a>
2621[1.5][compiler] Two interfaces with methods with compatible return types are compatible
2622<br><a href="">80736</a>
2623[1.5] Compiler doesn't check that bounds have methods with same return type
2624<br><a href="">73535</a>
2625[1.5][model] Method to validate type parameter names missing in JavaConventions
2626<br><a href="">82740</a>
2627[assist] NPE inside CompletionEngine with 1.5 code if compliance source level is 1.4
2628<br><a href="">80098</a>
2629newTypeHierarchy(IRegion,...) should not be constrained to an IJavaProject
2630<br><a href="">82510</a>
2631[compiler] Util.bind(...) methods should use MessageFormat
2632<br><a href="">81706</a>
2633[1.5] Static import of static method produces compile error
2634<br><a href="">82670</a>
2635[5.0] wrong source range for VariableDeclarationFragment with ArrayCreation
2636<br><a href="">80743</a>
2637[compiler] Interface cannot define a method from Object with a different return type
2638<br><a href="">82616</a>
2639CharacterLiteral.charValue fails for '\000'
2640<br><a href="">77283</a>
2641Incremental and full builds produce different problem markers for same duplicate type error
2642<br><a href="">74394</a>
2643[compiler] Provide XML output option for Eclipse compiler
2644<br><a href="">81719</a>
2645[compiler][1.5] Correct use of generic abstract classes give compiler error
2646<br><a href="">81945</a>
2647[compiler] Enum and Duplicate case error
2648<br><a href="">82542</a>
2649Internal error during AST creation
2650<br><a href="">82558</a>
2651[select] Text selection fail on constructor when parameters are parameterized types
2652<br><a href="">78232</a>
2653[1.5][generics]Erroneous warning implementing generic method from interface
2654<br><a href="">82504</a>
2655[compiler][1.5] ClassCastException when parsing a CastExpression between an array type and a type variable
2658<a name="v_531"></a>
2660Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2661Java development tools core</h1>
2662Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 11th January 2005
2663<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_531
2664(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2666What's new in this drop</h2>
2668<li>Added API <code>ASTParser#createBindings(IJavaElement[],IProgressMonitor)</code> to create the DOM bindings for the given
2669 Java elements.</li>
2670<li>Fix for <a href="">bug 82004</a> required the index version to be incremented.
2671 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
2673<li>Merged problem <code>IProblem.UnnecessaryArgumentCast</code> with <code>IProblem.UnnecessaryCast</code> since it provided little additional value,
2674and was rather perceived as confusing. From now on, only <code>IProblem.UnnecessaryCast</code> is reported.
2677<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2678<a href="">82514</a>
2679[1.5][javadoc] Problem with generics in javadoc
2680<br><a href="">82382</a>
2681IMethodBinding#getJavaElement() for method m(T t) in parameterized type Gen&lt;T&gt; is null
2682<br><a href="">81923</a>
2683In certain cases generics seens to be applied before autoboxing
2684<br><a href="">82250</a>
2685[5.0] don't allow duplicate interface bounds
2686<br><a href="">82432</a>
2687[1.5] VerifyError with Autoboxing
2688<br><a href="">82187</a>
2689[compiler] [1.5] internal compiler reports bound mismatch
2690<br><a href="">82159</a>
2691[compiler][1.5] Eclipse vs. javac: Differences when creating generic inner types
2692<br><a href="">81535</a>
2693[compiler] compliance 1.5 should work with source 1.4 on 1.5 libraries
2694<br><a href="">82137</a>
2695[select] Code resolve doesn't work on static imports [5.0]
2696<br><a href="">82102</a>
2697Should not compile related methods with different signatures but same erasures
2698<br><a href="">76761</a>
2699[model] ImportContainer.hasChildren() should not return true
2700<br><a href="">79334</a>
2701[classpath] Build path info not updated properly
2702<br><a href="">82217</a>
2703[compiler][5.0] switch on enum allows non enum constants
2704<br><a href="">73081</a>
2705Inconsistant type cast warning.
2706<br><a href="">81856</a>
2707quote problems in property files (JDT)
2708<br><a href="">68823</a>
2709[dom] Ctrl+C command fails when "assert" is enabled
2710<br><a href="">81824</a>
2711A generic interface is allowed to be implemented more than once - contrary to Java language specification
2712<br><a href="">81571</a>
2713Autoboxing ambiguousy
2714<br><a href="">81568</a>
2715[1.5][compiler] Covariant return types fails when an interface extends another interface
2716<br><a href="">82216</a>
2717IVariableBinding: Need to know if it is enum constant or normal var
2718<br><a href="">78520</a>
2719[model] IType#getSuperInterfaceTypeSignatures() doesn't include type arguments
2720<br><a href="">82253</a>
2721[5.0] Signature#getSimpleName(String) inserts superfluous whitespace characters
2722<br><a href="">78698</a>
2723[format] Space before ? should default to false
2724<br><a href="">81063</a>
2725[model] Clarify the problem requestor paramter in becomeWorkingCopy
2726<br><a href="">82004</a>
2727[model][5.0] 3.1M4 type hierarchy for generic interface
2728<br><a href="">82141</a>
2729AST: Missing Bindings on annotations
2730<br><a href="">82140</a>
2731AST: Annotation node not in AST
2732<br><a href="">82136</a>
2733Interface with own Annotations not accessible when used as a library
2734<br><a href="">81727</a>
2735[1.5] Redundant warning of parameterized return type
2736<br><a href="">81762</a>
2737[model] AIOOB in breakpoints view
2739<a name="v_530"></a>
2741Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2742Java development tools core</h1>
2743Eclipse SDK 3.1M5 - 4th January 2005
2744<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_530
2745(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2747What's new in this drop</h2>
2749<li> Added optional compiler diagnosis reporting when boxing/unboxing conversion is performed. Corresponding problem IDs are:
2750<code>IProblem.BoxingConversion</code> and <code>IProblem.UnboxingConversion</code>.
2752* COMPILER / Reporting Boxing/Unboxing Conversion
2753* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever a boxing or an unboxing
2754* conversion is performed.
2755* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.autoboxing"
2756* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2757* - default: "ignore"
2760<li> Renamed unsafe type operation optional problem into unchecked type operation, to better match notion of
2761"unchecked" warning from JLS 3rd edition.
2763* COMPILER / Reporting Unchecked Type Operation
2764* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever an operation involves generic types, and potentially
2765* invalidates type safety since involving raw types (e.g. invoking #foo(X&lt;String&gt;) with arguments (X)).
2766* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.uncheckedTypeOperation"
2767* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2768* - default: "warning"
2773<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2774<a href="">81556</a>
2775[search] correct results are missing in java search
2776<br><a href="">81825</a>
2777[1.5][compiler] Internal compiler error
2778<br><a href="">71195</a>
2779[model] NullPointerException @ org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.Buffer.removeBufferChangedListener
2780<br><a href="">79883</a>
2781[prefs] -pluginCustomization doesn't pick up compiler preferences
2782<br><a href="">81718</a>
2783[1.5] "Static import never used" warning disappears when variable of same name is declared
2784<br><a href="">81971</a>
2785[1.5][compiler] compiler allows use of void type as method arguments
2786<br><a href="">82053</a>
2787generic semantics have some problems
2788<br><a href="">82088</a>
2789[search][javadoc] Method parameter types references not found in @see/@link tags
2790<br><a href="">79766</a>
2791[model] NPE in CancelableNameEnvironment
2792<br><a href="">81417</a>
2793[dom] getJavaElement() throws a NPE for WildcardBinding
2794<br><a href="">81724</a>
2795[1.5] NullPointerException in FieldBinding.canBeSeenBy when using static import
2796<br><a href="">80223</a>
2797[search] Declaration search doesn't consider visibility to determine overriding methods
2798<br><a href="">81084</a>
2799[1.5][search]Rename field fails on field based on parameterized type with member type parameter
2800<br><a href="">80890</a>
2801[search] Strange search engine behaviour
2802<br><a href="">81376</a>
2803[search] Clarify effects of R_ERASURE_MATCH for searches other than TYPE
2804<br><a href="">81618</a>
2805[1.5][compiler] unsafe type operation warning
2806<br><a href="">78122</a>
2807[compiler] Detect and visually indicate auto-boxing in Jdk1.5 code
2808<br><a href="">78592</a>
2809[1.5][compiler] missing unchecked cast warning
2810<br><a href="">78591</a>
2811[1.5][compiler] missing unchecked cast warning
2814<a name="v_529"></a>
2816Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2817Java development tools core</h1>
2818Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 16th December 2004 - 3.1 MILESTONE 4
2819<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_529
2820(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2822What's new in this drop</h2>
2826<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2827<a href="">81258</a>
2828IMethodBinding#getJavaElement() is null with inferred method parameterization
2829<br><a href="">80765</a>
2830[1.5][generics] Invalid class files generated, compiler strange behaviour
2831<br><a href="">81317</a> and could not be read (illegal characters)
2833<br><a href="">81262</a>
2834[Java 5] Verification error when creating anonymous enum subtypes
2835<br><a href="">80964</a>
2836[1.5] Annotations with RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME are lost after a rebuild
2837<br><a href="">80028</a>
2838Ambiguous method error where javac succeeds
2839<br><a href="">80739</a>
2840[1.5] Two methods ends up with the same signatures
2841<br><a href="">81134</a>
2842[dom] [5.0] NPE when creating AST
2843<br><a href="">81023</a>
2844[1.5] Wrong position for class instance creation with type parameters
2845<br><a href="">81141</a>
2846CCE in ProblemBinding when using annotations
2847<br><a href="">80544</a>
2848[1.5][annot]error on @Override of abstract methods
2851<a name="v_528"></a>
2853Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2854Java development tools core</h1>
2855Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 14th December 2004
2856<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_528
2857(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2859What's new in this drop</h2>
2863<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2864<a href="">80957</a>
2865NPE using code assist for unresolved type
2866<br><a href="">80960</a>
2867[dom] NPE in ASTConverter#convert(...)
2869<a name="v_527"></a>
2871Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2872Java development tools core</h1>
2873Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 14th December 2004
2874<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_527
2875(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2877What's new in this drop</h2>
2881<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2882<a href="">80918</a>
2883[1.5][search] ClassCastException when searching for references to binary type
2884<br><a href="">80914</a>
2885[1.5][search] SearchPattern R_EQUIVALENT_MATCH matchRule does not work properly
2886<br><a href="">80910</a>
2887[javadoc] Invalid missing reference warning on @see or @link tags
2889<a name="v_526"></a>
2891Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2892Java development tools core</h1>
2893Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 13th December 2004
2894<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_526
2895(<a href="">cvs</a>).
2897What's new in this drop</h2>
2900Initial support for search on annotations has been implemented. Declarations or references to annotation types are now found by search engine.<br>
2901However, it is not currently able to find annotation member (fields or methods). This should be done for next milestone.
2904SearchPattern now accept two new flags for match rule: R_ERASURE_MATCH and R_EQUIVALENT_MATCH (see bug <a href="">79790</a>).<br>
2906 /**
2907 * Match rule: The search pattern matches search results as raw types or parameterized types with same erasure.
2908 * Example:
2909 * - pattern: List&lt;Exception&gt;
2910 * - match: List&lt;Object&gt;
2911 * Can be combined to all other match rules, e.g. {@link #R_CASE_SENSITIVE} | {@link #R_ERASURE_MATCH}
2912 * This rule is not activated by default, so raw types or parameterized types with same erasure will not be found
2913 * for pattern List&lt;String&gt;,
2914 * Note that with this pattern, the match selection will be only on the erasure even for parameterized types.
2915 * @since 3.1
2916 */
2917 public static final int R_ERASURE_MATCH = 16;
2918 /**
2919 * Match rule: The search pattern matches search results as raw types or parameterized types with equivalent type parameters.
2920 * Example:
2921 * - pattern: List&lt;Exception&gt;
2922 * - match:
2923 * + List&lt;? extends Throwable&gt;
2924 * + List&lt;? super RuntimeException&gt;
2925 * + List&lt;?&gt;
2926 * Can be combined to all other match rules, e.g. {@link #R_CASE_SENSITIVE} | {@link #R_EQUIVALENT_MATCH}
2927 * This rule is not activated by default, so raw types or equivalent parameterized types will not be found
2928 * for pattern List&lt;String&gt;,
2929 * This mode is overridden by {@link #R_ERASURE_MATCH} as erasure matches obviously include equivalent ones.
2930 * That means that pattern with rule set to {@link #R_EQUIVALENT_MATCH} | {@link #R_ERASURE_MATCH}
2931 * will return same results than rule only set with {@link #R_ERASURE_MATCH}.
2932 * @since 3.1
2933 */
2934 public static final int R_EQUIVALENT_MATCH = 32;
2936Added new API method to make this flag settable even while creating pattern using a IJavaElement:
2938<li><code>SearchPattern#createPattern(IJavaElement element, int limitTo, int matchRule)</code></li>
2942SearchMatch now has a rule field which shows the rule used while reporting the match (initial implementation for bug <a href="">79866</a>).<br>
2943Added new API methods to access this field:
2949<li>Added API IType#getFullyQualifiedParameterizedName() that shows the type parameter/arguments if the type is generic/parameterized.</li>
2950<li>Added support in Java model for annotation types and annotations.</li>
2951<li>Support for indexing annotation types required the index version to be incremented.
2952 Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).</li>
2953<li>Added compiler support for autoboxing </li>
2954<li>Code Assist now works for annotations. When performing a completion inside an annotation name,
2955 proposals are possibles types and annotations types are more relevant than other types</li>
2956<li>Code Select now works for annotations and annotation methods in correct code.</li>
2957<li>Recovery now works for annotation type declaration and annotation method declaration</li>
2960<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2961<a href="">80338</a>
2962getReturnType() throws a NullArgumentException
2963<br><a href="">80788</a>
2964Interface and annotation member types are implicitiely static
2965<br><a href="">80780</a>
2966IncompatibleClassChangeError for Annotations
2967<br><a href="">80714</a>
2968Strange syntax diagnosis with incorrect annotations
2969<br><a href="">80699</a>
2970Code Select does not work for annotations inside class file
2971<br><a href="">79790</a>
2972[1.5][search] Need to distinguish between raw and restricted search in the case of instantiated types
2973<br><a href="">80672</a>
2974[1.5] Annotation change does not trigger recompilation
2975<br><a href="">80466</a>
2976ITypeBinding#getJavaElement() is null for declaration of java.util.List&lt;E&gt;
2977<br><a href="">80083</a>
2978VerifyError on String-Operator += when using generics
2979<br><a href="">77430</a>
2980[1.5] case statements with enum values not correctly supported
2981<br><a href="">80597</a>
2982[compiler] NPE while reporting array empty dimensions problem
2983<br><a href="">80126</a>
2984[assist] CompletionRequestor.setIgnored should allow POTENTIAL_METHOD_DECLARATION
2985<br><a href="">80602</a>
2986Javadoc of ASTNode#getStartPosition() contains dangling reference to ASTParser
2987<br><a href="">80455</a>
2988[5.0] ITypeBinding.canAssign not aware of type boxing
2989<br><a href="">80579</a>
2990NPE is ITypeBinding.isCastCompatible
2991<br><a href="">80328</a>
2992[annotation] annotation problem type should implements java,lang.annotation.Annotation
2993<br><a href="">79953</a>
2994AST Creation Error while editing Java file
2995<br><a href="">78849</a>
2996[1.5][compiler] Java 1.5 Boxing and Character?
2997<br><a href="">79641</a>
2998boolean autoboxing does not work with Object varargs
2999<br><a href="">80384</a>
3000Cannot decode package signature from CompletionProposal
3001<br><a href="">79254</a>
3002autoboxing does not work in combination with downcasting
3003<br><a href="">80045</a>
3004NPE in MethodBinding.signature
3005<br><a href="">80378</a>
3006Javadoc of CompletionProposal#getFlags() needs polish
3007<br><a href="">80208</a>
3008[1.5][compiler] NPE trying to resolve single static import
3009<br><a href="">79803</a>
3010[1.5][search] Search for references to type A reports match for type variable A
3011<br><a href="">79860</a>
3012[1.5][search] Search doesn't find type reference in type parameter bound
3014<a name="v_525"></a>
3016Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
3017Java development tools core</h1>
3018Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 7th December 2004
3019<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_525
3020(<a href="">cvs</a>).
3022What's new in this drop</h2>
3024<li> Compiler now checks annotation location according to @Target meta-annotation</li>
3025<li> Compiler now checks method overriding according to @Override annotation</li>
3027<li> Added compiler support to flag inconsistent null checks (using interprocedural flow analysis)
3029* COMPILER / Reporting Inconsistent null Checks
3030* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever assumption were made on a variable
3031* with respect to holding null/non-null values, but the assumption is not followed in a consistent manner.
3032* Situations include:
3033* - if variable was assumed to be null and further used to access field or methods
3034* - if variable was assumed to be null or non-null and further tested for null cases.
3036* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.inconsistentNullCheck"
3037* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
3038* - default: "warning"
3044<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
3045<a href="">79891</a>
3046[GENERICS] Array of Inner Class creation works on eclipse, but fails to compile with sun jdk
3047<br><a href="">79809</a>
3048[1.5][dom][javadoc] Need better support for type parameter Javadoc tags
3049<br><a href="">79904</a>
3050[1.5][dom][javadoc] TagElement range not complete for type parameter tags
3051<br><a href="">80144</a>
3052[1.5] Mutually-recursive type bounds interfere with inheritance of generic type
3053<br><a href="">76751</a>
3054[1.5][annot] Can't use annotation classes as argument to generic methods
3055<br><a href="">80014</a>
3056@Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) is ignored for annotations
3057<br><a href="">80114</a>
3058[1.5][Regression] Annotation type cannot have constructors
3059<br><a href="">80021</a>
3060[1.5] CCE in VariableBinding.getJavaElement()
3061<br><a href="">80041</a>
3062IVariableBinding#isEqualTo(..) doesn't tell parameters from different methods apart
3063<br><a href="">77463</a>
3064[1.5][annot] Wrong error marker text for type annotation
3065<br><a href="">79967</a>
3066NPE in WildcardBinding.signature with Mark Occurrences in Collections.class
3067<br><a href="">79974</a>
3068[1.5] Wrong javadoc for TypeDeclarationStatement
3069<br><a href="">79795</a>
3070Code formatter doesn't handle enums well.
3071<br><a href="">79673</a>
3072[1.5] Wrong method binding
3073<br><a href="">79797</a>
3074[1.5] Inconsistent classfile - moving code around
3075<br><a href="">79847</a>
3076[1.5][annot] Array type cannot have two or more dimensions
3077<br><a href="">79844</a>
3078[1.5][annot] when int value can be contained in a short, the cast is not required
3079<br><a href="">79848</a>
3080[1.5][annot] Array of java.lang.Class is a legal value for the type of an annotation type member declaration
3081<br><a href="">79779</a>
3082Code Formatter fails with static imports
3083<br><a href="">79668</a>
3084[1.5][annot] implicit wrapping in array type
3085<br><a href="">78915</a>
3086[1.5][compiler] enum cannot be explicitly abstract
3087<br><a href="">78916</a>
3088[1.5][compiler] abstract methods in an enum declaration must be implemented for each constant
3089<br><a href="">79690</a>
3090Find declaring node doesn't work for type variables
3091<br><a href="">79775</a>
3092[dom]ClassCastException inside ASTConverter when opening a java file
3093<br><a href="">79752</a>
3094Need access to type binding of anonymous enumerations
3095<br><a href="">79772</a>
3096Internal compiler error with I20041123/24/30
3097<br><a href="">79136</a>
3098API clarification for *Binding#getErasure(): why not a "general back-link"?
3099<br><a href="">76318</a>
3100[tests] Cannot run ASTModelBridgeTests if workspace path segment count is 1
3101<br><a href="">78914</a>
3102[1.5][compiler] super() cannot be called in the constructor of an enum declaration
3104<a name="v_524"></a>
3106Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
3107Java development tools core</h1>
3108Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 30th November 2004
3109<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_524
3110(<a href="">cvs</a>).
3112What's new in this drop</h2>
3114<li>Support for generic types search has been added to SearchEngine (see bug <a href="">75641</a>).<br>
3115User can now search for declaration and/or references to generic types or parameterized types (like <code>public class List&lt;T&gt; {}</code> or <code>List&lt;String&gt;</code> for example).
3116This search can of course be done either selecting a JavaElement (see following point) or using Java Search dialog.
3118<li>Support for generic types and generic methods selection has been added inside CodeSelect.
3119When the result is a parameterized type reference, the returned JavaElement is a
3120<code>ParameterizedSourceType</code> or <code>ParameterizedBinaryType</code>.
3121When the result is a parameterized method invocation, the returned JavaElement is a
3122<code>ParameterizedSourceMethod</code> or <code>ParameterizedBinaryMethod</code>.
3123When the result is a field access to a generic type's field, the returned JavaElement is a
3124<code>ParameterizedSourceField</code> or <code>ParameterizedBinaryField</code>.
3126<li>The internal Java model cache now adapts to the number of elements in the workspace. For example if a project
3127 has 1000 package fragment roots, the space limit of the cache of roots will increase to 1000. This size is reset to
3128 its default when the project is closed.
3130<li>Added the following compatibility rules APIs:
3131 <ul>
3132 <li><code>ITypeBinding#isAssignmentCompatible(ITypeBinding)</code></li>
3133 <li><code>ITypeBinding#isCastCompatible(ITypeBinding)</code></li>
3134 <li><code>ITypeBinding#isSubTypeCompatible(ITypeBinding)</code></li>
3135 <li><code>IMethodBinding#overrides(IMethodBinding)</code></li>
3136 </ul>
3140<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
3141<a href="">79349</a>
3142[1.5] Annotation with default value
3143<br><a href="">79756</a>
3144Erroneous compile error "The local variable may not have been initialized"
3145<br><a href="">79635</a>
3146NPE when asking an IMethodBinding whether it overrides itself
3147<br><a href="">79667</a>
3148[1.5][annot] value in member pair value must be a constant expression
3149<br><a href="">79666</a>
3150[1.5][annot] Default value of annotation type member declaration must be assignment compatible with return type
3151<br><a href="">79663</a>
3152[1.5][annot] Modifiers for field declaration must be public in an annotation type declaration
3153<br><a href="">79665</a>
3154[1.5][annot] Field declarations inside annotation type declaration must be constant
3155<br><a href="">79512</a>
3156[1.5] Extract Method must not generate return type with type variable [refactoring][1.5]
3157<br><a href="">79609</a>
3158ITypeBinding#isEqualTo(..) thinks independent method type parameters are equal
3159<br><a href="">79610</a>
3160IVariableBinding#getJavaElement() returns null for local variables
3161<br><a href="">75641</a>
3162[1.5][search] Types search does not work with generics
3163<br><a href="">79612</a>
3164ClassCastException on referenceTypeBinding.isEqualTo(primitiveTypeBinding)
3165<br><a href="">79545</a>
3166Eclipse vs Sun JDK: different class files from the same source code
3167<br><a href="">78293</a>
3168[1.5][compiler] Should flag implementing twice generic interface with different arguments
3169<br><a href="">79544</a>
3170ITypeBinding#isEqualTo(..) does not compare type arguments
3171<br><a href="">79570</a>
3172[1.5][DOM] v4 type binding should not be parameterized
3173<br><a href="">78087</a>
3174[dom] TypeBinding#getJavaElement() throws IllegalArgumentException for parameterized or raw reference to binary type
3175<br><a href="">78183</a>
3176TypeBinding#getQualifiedName() does not honor Javadocs
3177<br><a href="">79109</a>
3178[1.5][DOM] AnnotationTypeMemberDeclaration.resolveBinding() might return a IMethodBinding
3179<br><a href="">79395</a>
3180IllegalArgumentException in CompilationUnitResolver.parse (line 323)
3181<br><a href="">77283</a>
3182Incremental and full builds produce different problem markers for same duplicate type error
3183<br><a href="">79263</a>
3184ClassCastException in SourceElementParser
3185<br><a href="">79460</a>
3186IMethodBinding of non-generic method says isRawMethod()==true
3187<br><a href="">79390</a>
3188[1.5][compiler] ClassCastException creating a generic local class
3189<br><a href="">77806</a>
3190[1.5][dom] SimpleType AST node of List in List&lt;String&gt; has no type binding
3191<br><a href="">79362</a>
3192IllegalArgumentException during "Java AST creation"
3193<br><a href="">75785</a>
3194Missing binding on non-visible type
3195<br><a href="">79163</a>
3196[compiler] Dependency on indirectly referenced types not correctly computed
3197<br><a href="">77272</a>
3198[builder] Delta compilation fails to notice errors when removing an interface
3199<br><a href="">79271</a>
3200ITypeBinding#isEqualTo(..) returns true when comparing ArrayList&lt;Integer&gt; to its erasure
3201<br><a href="">77388</a>
3202[compiler] Reference to constructor includes space after closing parenthesis
3203<br><a href="">78931</a>
3204[select] cannot select qualified type name without the qualified package name
3205<br><a href="">79267</a>
3206[search] Refactoring of static generic member fails partially
3207<br><a href="">72258</a>
3208[model] Should be able to dynamicaly set the size of Java model cache
3210<a name="v_523"></a>
3212Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
3213Java development tools core</h1>
3214Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 23rd November 2004
3215<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_523
3216(<a href="">cvs</a>).
3218What's new in this drop</h2>
3220<li>Compiler is now able to parse 1.5 syntax in Javadoc comments (see bugs <a href="">70891</a>
3221and <a href="">70892</a>).<br>
Stephan Herrmann7d944ef2011-09-17 19:42:22 +00003222Note: these changes only apply to <a href="">@param</a> and
3223<a href="">{@value}</a> tags.
Stephan Herrmann7b7062f2010-04-01 19:56:59 +00003224</li>
3225<li>Batch AST creation API was finalized. See <code>ASTParser#createASTs(ICompilationUnit[],String[],ASTRequestor,IProgressMonitor)</code>
3226 and <code>ASTRequestor</code>.
3230<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
3231<a href="">79110</a>
3232[1.5] Missing attribute for local and anonymous classes
3233<br><a href="">78057</a>
3234[dom] Can IBinding#getKey() return null?
3235<br><a href="">78757</a>
3236MethodBinding.getJavaElement() returns null
3237<br><a href="">78930</a>
3238ITypeBinding#getJavaElement() throws NPE for type variable
3239<br><a href="">73675</a>
3240[dom] Need AST creation pipeline
3241<br><a href="">73971</a>
3242[1.5] Ambiguous method error with overloaded parameterized methods
3243<br><a href="">78581</a>
3244[search] NPE while searching
3245<br><a href="">79108</a>
3246[1.5][DOM] enumConstantDeclaration.resolveBinding() always returns null
3247<br><a href="">77645</a>
3248[1.5][dom] navigate from local var binding to declaring method binding
3249<br><a href="">79098</a>
3250[dom] [1.5] EnhancedForStatement#resolveBinding() is superfluous
3251<br><a href="">77562</a>
3252[1.5] overriding methods with more specific generic return types causes compile errors
3253<br><a href="">79091</a>
3254[compiler] Should report invalid type only on the name
3255<br><a href="">77093</a>
3256[search] No references found to method with member type argument
3257<br><a href="">77184</a>
3258[1.5][select] Code select does not select enum declarations
3259<br><a href="">78801</a>
3260[assist] NPE attempting to code assist for parameters
3261<br><a href="">78128</a>
3262Error deleting project with jar file referenced by other project
3263<br><a href="">78275</a>
3264[recovery] NPE in GoToNextPreviousMemberAction with syntax error
3265<br><a href="">70891</a>
3266[1.5][javadoc] Compiler should accept new 1.5 syntax for @param
3267<br><a href="">78858</a>
3268[1.5] Internal compiler error: java.lang.NullPointerException at ParameterizedTypeBinding.getMethods
3269<br><a href="">78905</a>
3270[1.5][compiler] Wrong hex decimal floating point literal is not rejected
3271<br><a href="">77630</a>
3272[compiler] no error when importing package inside static import
3273<br><a href="">78075</a>
3274normal and static import of the same class doesn't work correctly
3275<br><a href="">78056</a>
3276[1.5] static import of a static member of a non static member type must be allowed
3277<br><a href="">77955</a>
3278[1.5] member classes of super class are not allowed inside static import
3279<br><a href="">78082</a>
3280[1.5][search] FieldReferenceMatch in static import should not include qualifier
3281<br><a href="">78714</a>
3282"Convert local to field" should know about prefixes
3283<br><a href="">75814</a>
3284Inconsistent results when adding a breakpoint to class file with src attached
3285<br><a href="">78190</a>
3286[dom] Add ast creation performance tests
3287<br><a href="">78189</a>
3288[model] Add hierarchy performance tests
3289<br><a href="">78188</a>
3290[search] Add search performance test
3291<br><a href="">78740</a>
3292IDOMType.getFlags() fails to represent interface flags correctly.
3293<br><a href="">78735</a>
3294IBinding#isEqualTo(..) fails with a field that hides another
3295<br><a href="">78232</a>
3296[1.5][generics]Erroneous warning implementing generic method from interface
3297<br><a href="">78140</a>
3298[1.5][compiler] Unchecked conversion warning when overriding a generic method
3299<br><a href="">77861</a>
3300[1.5] Illegal class file generated with duplicate methods
3301<br><a href="">77785</a>
3302[1.5][compiler] Generics: missing name clash error
3303<br><a href="">77496</a>
3304[1.5] compiler doesn't detect illegal method overriding due to non-matching return type parameters
3305<br><a href="">74936</a>
3306[1.5] Compiler does not warn for missing implementation of Map.putAll abstract method
3307<br><a href="">74594</a>
3308[1.5] ClassFormat error when running this example
3311<a name="v_522"></a>
3313Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
3314Java development tools core</h1>
3315Eclipse SDK 3.1M4 - 16th November 2004
3316<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_522
3317(<a href="">cvs</a>).
3319What's new in this drop</h2>
3321<li>In 1.5 compliant mode, T[].clone() invocations are considered to be of type T[], as opposed to Object
3322previously. </li>
3324<li>New ComletionProposal kind <code>METHOD_NAME_REFERENCE</code>.
3325This completion is a reference to a method name.
3326<br>This kind of completion might occur in a context like
3327<code>"import^"</code> and complete it to
3328<code>"import java.lang.Math.cos;"</code>.
3332<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
3333<a href="">77808</a>
3334[1.5][dom] type bindings for raw List and List&lt;E&gt; have same key
3335<br><a href="">78704</a>
3336[1.5][compiler]Internal compiler error in org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.lookup.ReferenceBinding
3337<br><a href="">78663</a>
3338[1.5][compiler] Generics, assign error with equal types
3339<br><a href="">78649</a>
3340[1.5] ITypeBinding.isUpperBound wrong
3341<br><a href="">77398</a>
3342[1.5] Organize imports does not honor enum types [code manipulation]
3343<br><a href="">78464</a>
3344[1.5][compiler] bad args_size attribute value for Enum constructor
3345<br><a href="">78104</a>
3346[1.5][compiler] java.lang.Object.clone() implicitely needs an implicit cast to receiver type
3347<br><a href="">78321</a>
3348Problem with Enum.values in static initializer.
3349<br><a href="">78310</a>
3350[dom] [1.5] improve tests for IBindings
3351<br><a href="">78015</a>
3352[1.5][compiler] AbstractMethodError
3353<br><a href="">78266</a>
3354[dom] [1.5] API of ITypeBinding: no isGenericType() query
3355<br><a href="">64310</a>
3356[1.5][model] Signature implementation does not fully support generic parameterized type names
3357<br><a href="">77968</a>