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5 <title>Key features of the Object Teams Development Tooling</title>
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9 <h1>Object Teams Development Tooling</h1>
10 <p>
11 The OTDT is a development environment for the
Stephan Herrmanncf8770d2010-04-26 15:43:17 +000012 <a href="">OT/J</a> programming language.
Stephan Herrmann01664412010-04-01 20:28:43 +000013 </p>
14 <p>
15 Based on the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT), it includes the following key features, which
16 are explained in the next chapters.<br/>
18 </p>
20 <h2>Key features of the OTDT</h2>
21 More details can be found on the comprehensive <a href="features.html"><strong>feature list</strong></a>.
22 <ul>
23 <li><b><a href="project.html">Creating</a> an Object Teams project</b> using a wizard</li>
24 <li><b><a href="wizards.html">Creating</a> team and role classes</b> using a wizard</li>
25 <li><a href="editor.html"><b>Editing</b></a> OT/J:
26 <ul style="margin-bottom:0px">
27 <li>Syntax highlighting, <a href="editor.html#navigation">navigation</a>, <a href="contentassist.html">content/code assist</a>, <a href="callinmarker.html">base code annotations</a></li>
28 <li>A table based <b>Binding Editor</b> specifically supports the creation of <i>connectors</i></li>
29 <li><a href="methodcompare.html">Comparing bound methods</a></li>
Stephan Herrmann7736a712010-07-01 16:47:30 +000030 <li><a href="refactoring.html"><b>Refactoring</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
Stephan Herrmann01664412010-04-01 20:28:43 +000031 </ul></li>
32 <li>Object Teams <b>structural/navigational views</b> (<a href="packageexplorer.html">package explorer</a>, type hierarchy, outline)</li>
33 <li><a href="compilation.html"><b>Compiling</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
34 <li><a href="running.html"><b>Running</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
35 <li><a href="debugging.html"><b>Debugging</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
36 </ul>
Stephan Herrmann01664412010-04-01 20:28:43 +000038 <h2>Prerequisites</h2>
39 If you have never used the eclipse Java IDE before, please consider getting familiar with the
40 <a href="/help/topic/org.eclipse.jdt.doc.user/concepts/concepts-1.htm">Java Development Tooling</a>, as
41 the OTDT is built on top of and extends the JDT.
43 <h2>Feedback</h2>
44 <p>
45 If you have questions regarding the <a href="otjld/def/index.html">OT/J</a>
Stephan Herrmanncf8770d2010-04-26 15:43:17 +000046 language or if you experience problems or bugs with the OTDT, do not hesitate to post to the
47 <a href="">Object Teams forum</a>.
Stephan Herrmann01664412010-04-01 20:28:43 +000048 </p>
50 <p>
51 <br>
52 Happy hacking,<br>
53 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;the OTDT Team.
54 </p>
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