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7 <title>JDT/Core Release Notes</title>
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14 <font size="+3"><b>jdt core - build notes 2.1 stream</b></font>
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19 <font size="-2" color="#8080ff">Java development tools core</font>
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26 Here are the build notes for the Eclipse JDT/Core plug-in project
27 <a href=""><b>org.eclipse.jdt.core</b></a>,
28 describing <a href="" target=new>bug</a> resolution and substantial changes in the <a href=""><b>HEAD</b></a> branch.
29 This present document covers all changes since Release 2.0, changes which occurred up to Release 2.0 can be found
30 in <a href="">build notes R2.0</a>.
31 </font>
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33 </tr>
37Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
38Java development tools core</h1>
39Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 27th March 2003
40<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_311 - 2.1 RELEASE (R2_1)
42What's new in this drop</h2>
46<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
47<a href="">35731</a>
48Unable to build problem
50<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
51<a href="">35754</a>
52NPE in Scope.getTypeOrPackage
53<br><a href="">35298</a>
54NPE: Internal compiler error
55<br><a href="">31497</a>
56Internal compiler error
57<br><a href="">35476</a>
58Null pointer exception in org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.lookup.Scope.getTypeOrPackage
59<br><a href="">34962</a>
60NPE in Scope.getTypeOrPackage
61<br><a href="">35651</a>
62"Unused private types, methods or fields" should recognize serialVersionUID.
65Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
66Java development tools core</h1>
67Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 26th March 2003
68<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_310
70What's new in this drop</h2>
74<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
75<a href="">24240</a>
76DOC - JavaConventions.validateIdentifier: must NOT have the same spelling as ...
78<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
79<a href="">35658</a>
80Cannot resolve Inner Class reference
83Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
84Java development tools core</h1>
85Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 25th March 2003
86<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_309
88What's new in this drop</h2>
92<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
93<a href="">35654</a>
94spec bug in CompilationUnitSorter.sort
95<br><a href="">35561</a>
96No source found if attached file contains 2 potential root paths
97<br><a href="">35352</a>
98NPE when attaching source
99<br><a href="">35456</a>
100The Eclipse compiler generates classes that throw a VerifyError
101<br><a href="">35473</a>
102NPE when exiting Eclipse
104<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
105<a href="">35510</a>
106Assigning code to a library that is within a jarfile
107<br><a href="">35642</a>
108NPE in index manager during shutdown
109<br><a href="">35608</a>
110NPE on shutdown
111<br><a href="">35437</a>
112can't call protected methods from derived classes in other pkg
113<br><a href="">35396</a>
114Compiler error in RC2
117Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
118Java development tools core</h1>
119Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 20th March 2003
120<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_308 - 2.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 3a
122What's new in this drop</h2>
126<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
127<a href="">35306</a>
128Index update request can be incorrectly handled
130<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
133Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
134Java development tools core</h1>
135Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 19th March 2003
136<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_307 - 2.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 3
138What's new in this drop</h2>
142<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
143<a href="">34040</a>
144It takes a minute to expand a project in Package explorer
146<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
149Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
150Java development tools core</h1>
151Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 18th March 2003
152<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_306
154What's new in this drop</h2>
158<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
159<a href="">35237</a>
160Ant adapter should say where to look for the .log file
161<br><a href="">35132</a>
162Need to reindex jar not on classpath not detected
163<br><a href="">35131</a>
164Optimize source attachment query when no source attachment available
165<br><a href="">35128</a>
166Problems with packages named "java"
168<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
169<a href="">34214</a>
170createPackageDeclaration on ICompilationUnit
171<br><a href="">35098</a>
172Delete compiled class files when deleting source file
173<br><a href="">35087</a>
174NPE while importing plug-ins
175<br><a href="">34850</a>
176Need better control over deprecation messages
177<br><a href="">34322</a>
178SDK hangs while building on IBM1.3.1SR2
179<br><a href="">30418</a>
180Inner classes cause compilation errors with asserts
181<br><a href="">34789</a>
182Search for references does not show subclassed methods
183<br><a href="">33885</a>
184packages with javax in their name don't import properly
185<br><a href="">34992</a>
186TODO as a substring in a comment generates a task
187<br><a href="">34708</a>
188unreliable full build/refresh using linked source folders
189<br><a href="">35093</a>
190Not only changes in working copy should refresh type hierarcy.
191<br><a href="">34851</a>
192Rename Class operation hangs
195Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
196Java development tools core</h1>
197Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 13th March 2003
198<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_305
200What's new in this drop</h2>
204<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
205<a href="">34845</a>
206asserts do not need to be NLS'ed
207<br><a href="">34658</a>
208Save All failed with unhelpful error message.
210<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
211<a href="">34802</a>
212instanceof produce InternalCompilerError on MacOSX with JDK1.4.1
213<br><a href="">34734</a>
214internal compiler error ArrayIndexOutOfBound w/ 1.4.1 release
215<br><a href="">34706</a>
216Internal compiler error
217<br><a href="">34907</a>
218ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after installing Java 1.4.1_01
219<br><a href="">34029</a>
220"False-positive" deprecated warning
221<br><a href="">34813</a>
222NPE from builder
225Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
226Java development tools core</h1>
227Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 11th March 2003
228<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_304
230What's new in this drop</h2>
234<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
235<a href="">33927</a>
236Leak in Java Editor
237<br><a href="">33950</a>
238Slow performance when changing code in a much referenced project
239<br><a href="">34000</a>
240JDK Compliance doesn't match javac generation from an IBM or SUN JDK
241<br><a href="">34078</a>
242Hierarchy: 27% of time spent reporting progress
243<br><a href="">33998</a>
244unexpected NullPointerException
246<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
247<a href="">34566</a>
248can't get assert to work with mac os x java 1.4.1
249<br><a href="">34337</a>
250[RC2] Searches freezes ?
251<br><a href="">33412</a>
252GB18030: Can't set JRE in a path contains GB18030 characters
253<br><a href="">34292</a>
254[RC2] OutOfMemory compiling
255<br><a href="">34130</a>
256Debug statements on console
257<br><a href="">34301</a>
258Java compiler doesn't dected always unreported exception
259<br><a href="">32927</a>
260Exception while playing with type hierarchy
261<br><a href="">34059</a>
262When adding a library that is stored in a directory containing a "(" or ")" the classes are *not* reachable for Code Assist.
263<br><a href="">33900</a>
264NPE setting output directory of a source folder
267Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
268Java development tools core</h1>
269Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 6th March 2003
270<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_303 - 2.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 2
272What's new in this drop</h2>
274<li><code>IJavaProject.isOnClasspath(...)</code> no longer throws any exception, but rather consistently return <code>false</code>
275in these circumstances. Indeed, it is difficult for clients to work with predicates that throw exceptions.
276Although this change creates a source incompatibility, the change is binary compatible with 2.0 and within the original
277spirit of the original API contract. Include in 2.1 readme.
281<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
282<a href="">33990</a>
283.class file time-stamps out of sync with .java files
284<br><a href="">32665</a>
285Closing element trace should hide children
286<br><a href="">32634</a>
287Improve readability of compiling progress message
288<br><a href="">33949</a>
289DOM: assert statement has wrong length
290<br><a href="">33695</a>
291project build path broken
292<br><a href="">33475</a>
293Build path seems to be lost every time Eclipse restarts
294<br><a href="">33785</a>
295Open on selection fails
296<br><a href="">33800</a>
297search: reporting too many method occurrences
298<br><a href="">33806</a>
299Code assist failure: assignment of double in for loop hides previous variables
300<br><a href="">33754</a>
301IJavaProject.isOnClasspath should answer false for working copies outside the classpath
303<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
304<a href="">33918</a>
305Libraries are not presented in the Package Explorer (I030227)
306<br><a href="">33843</a>
307Compiler incorrectly generating static method calls
308<br><a href="">33625</a>
309Searching for field references with SearchEngine returns some incorrect results
310<br><a href="">31610</a>
311IDE does hang-up
314Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
315Java development tools core</h1>
316Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 4th March 2003
317<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_302a
319What's new in this drop</h2>
321<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
322<a href="">33757</a>
323Problem not detected when opening a working copy
324<br><a href="">33753</a>
325Missing resource messages could be improved
326<br><a href="">33748</a>
327Cannot open working copy on .java file in simple project
329<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
332Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
333Java development tools core</h1>
334Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 4th March 2003
335<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_302
337What's new in this drop</h2>
339<li>Generalization of working copy deltas: the creation and destruction of any working copy (regular or shared)
340 now fires an <code>ElementChangedEvent</code> as well indicating that the working copy has been
341 <code>ADDED</code> or <code>REMOVED</code>.
342 Until now, only shared working copies were providing such delta notifications.
343 <br>See:
344 <ul>
345 <li><code>IWorkingCopy.getWorkingCopy()</code></li>
346 <li><code>IWorkingCopy.getWorkingCopy(IProgressMonitor, IBufferFactory, IProblemRequestor)</code></li>
347 <li><code>IWorkingCopy.destroy()</code></li>
348 </ul>
352<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
353<a href="">31799</a>
354Getting squigglies in Java files not on classpath
355<br><a href="">31858</a>
356NPE in log
357<br><a href="">33371</a>
358Rename method dialog: Error message should quote name
359<br><a href="">33686</a>
360Missing extension point schemas
361<br><a href="">32981</a>
362Cancel Extract Interface refactoring does not cleanup working copies
363<br><a href="">33692</a>
364Cleanup in the batch compiler default options
365<br><a href="">33653</a>
366Relevance - should privilege type not needing qualification
367<br><a href="">33039</a>
368Quick Fix: IAE n invocation
369<br><a href="">32588</a>
370Error saving changed source files; all files in project deleted
371<br><a href="">33560</a>
372Workspace shows temporary problems also the compiler doesn't
373<br><a href="">31765</a>
374private recursive methods not marked as unused
375<br><a href="">33231</a>
376Deadlock performing CVS decoration while JRE initializers are invoked
377<br><a href="">33571</a>
378SearchEngine.searchAllTypeNames: NPE when passing null as progress monitor
379<br><a href="">33035</a>
380OutOfMemoryException while searching for references
381<br><a href="">33445</a>
382CodeAssist - Relevance is not correct for local class
383<br><a href="">33462</a>
384NPE during shutdown
385<br><a href="">33424</a>
386No completion available in local type constructor
387<br><a href="">33225</a>
388Override methods... inserts methods incorrectly if class body is as {}
389<br><a href="">33207</a>
390Reject output folder that coincidate with source folder if not equal
392<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
393<a href="">33621</a>
394ICompilationUnit.getElementAt(int) returns strange things when parameter is in a field declaration inside anonymous and local classes
395<br><a href="">33696</a>
396Java source exclusion filter stopped working in RC1
397<br><a href="">32250</a>
398Reporting unused private methods could be improved
399<br><a href="">33610</a>
400Deltas sent while in operation executed with
401<br><a href="">33573</a>
402NPE in IndexManager on shutdown
403<br><a href="">33527</a>
404Inexact match searching in java.math.BigDecimal
405<br><a href="">33505</a>
406Compiler fails on allowed inner class code
407<br><a href="">33461</a>
408NPE upon shutdown
409<br><a href="">33466</a>
410NPE on shutdown from IndexManager
411<br><a href="">33475</a>
412Build path seems to be lost every time Eclipse restarts
415Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
416Java development tools core</h1>
417Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 27th February 2003
418<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_301
420What's new in this drop</h2>
422<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
423<a href="">33321</a>
424NPE in IndexManager shutdown
425<br><a href="">31764</a>
426CompletionEngine doesn't feed errors to completion requestor
427<br><a href="">32488</a>
428Request to add/remove source folder to index should not look at active job
429<br><a href="">32392</a>
430NPE in SourceMapper
431<br><a href="">32701</a>
432Disassembler doesn't show actual modifiers for member types
433<br><a href="">32919</a>
434Hierarchy views progress bar is useless
435<br><a href="">32973</a>
436Codeassist relevance should privilege prefix match over need for qualification
437<br><a href="">32629</a>
438DeltaProcessor walking some binary output
439<br><a href="">32612</a>
440Saved index file names leaking names?
441<br><a href="">32376</a>
442Signature.getSimpleName/Qualifier should not create an own char-array
443<br><a href="">32628</a>
444Too much time finding out there is no source during search
445<br><a href="">32974</a>
446Invalid classpath error on ..classpath edition
447<br><a href="">32986</a>
448Stack overflow, infinate recursion in compiler
449<br><a href="">32607</a>
450Removing outer folder removes nested folder's cus from index
451<br><a href="">32937</a>
452Kind not set for empty fine-grained delta
453<br><a href="">32909</a>
454compiler error
455<br><a href="">32690</a>
456Classpath error are not detected after a Check out
458<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
459<a href="">32738</a>
460TVT: Externalized Strings to be removed from .properties file
461<br><a href="">32957</a>
462StackOverFlowError renaming class
463<br><a href="">32323</a>
464CVS information on class-Files lost during "rebuild project"
465<br><a href="">32563</a>
466IAE in org.eclipse.jdt.core.Signature.toCharArray (M5)
467<br><a href="">32900</a>
468Java out of memory problem
469<br><a href="">25848</a>
470RedHat Linux LANG=en_US.UTF-8 causes some files *NOT* to be compiled
471<br><a href="">32579</a>
472abstract protected method can't be overridden
473<br><a href="">32545</a>
474Cannot override a method that's accessible in the superclass, but inaccessible in the super-superclass
475<br><a href="">32179</a>
476Problems searching for references to selected text
479Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
480Java development tools core</h1>
481Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 21st February 2003
482<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_300 - 2.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1
484What's new in this drop</h2>
486<li>In 1.4 compliant mode, the compiler will allow unterminated line comment (i.e. with no trailing line separator), as a consequence
487of the JLS revisal. Thus removed temporary (and unused) 2.1 API :
488<code>ToolFactory.createScanner(boolean tokenizeComments, boolean tokenizeWhiteSpace, boolean assertMode, boolean recordLineSeparator, <b>boolean strictComment</b>)</code>
492<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
493<a href="">32342</a>
494The field type Class_A is defined in an inherited type and an enclosing scope
495<br><a href="">32476</a>
496Spec now allows line comment to end with EOF
497<br><a href="">32339</a>
498Cannot find declaration of SIGNATURE in Java text search
500<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
503Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
504Java development tools core</h1>
505Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 20th February 2003
506<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_299
508What's new in this drop</h2>
510<li>Added helper method to extract problem marker arguments: <code>CorrectionEngine.getProblemArguments(IMarker problemMarker)</code>
511<li>Added 2 settings to disable classpath enhancements which could affect 2.0 clients.
513* JAVACORE / Enabling Usage of Classpath Exclusion Patterns
514* When set to "disabled", no entry on a project classpath can be associated with
515* an exclusion pattern.
516* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.classpath.exclusionPatterns"
517* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
518* - default: "enabled"
520* JAVACORE / Enabling Usage of Classpath Multiple Output Locations
521* When set to "disabled", no entry on a project classpath can be associated with
522* a specific output location, preventing thus usage of multiple output locations.
523* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.classpath.multipleOutputLocations"
524* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
525* - default: "enabled"
527<li>Removed temporary 2.1 API :
528 <ul>
529 <li><code>IPackageFragmentRoot.computeSourceAttachmentRootPath(IPath sourceAttachmentPath)</code>
530 </li>
531 <li><code>IJavaModelMarker.UNBOUND_CONTAINER</code>, use classpath problem marker ID instead (<code>IJavaModelStatusConstants.CP_CONTAINER_PATH_UNBOUND</code>).
532 </li>
533 <li><code>IJavaModelMarker.UNBOUND_VARIABLE</code>, use classpath problem marker ID instead (<code>IJavaModelStatusConstants.CP_VARIABLE_PATH_UNBOUND</code>).
534 </li>
535 </ul>
539<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
540<a href="">29578</a>
541Issues with migrating shared data
542<br><a href="">32040</a>
543Multiple output folders fooling Java builder
544<br><a href="">32217</a>
545Missing JavaCore in JDT/Core project index
546<br><a href="">32338</a>
547Auto generated comments of quickfix method generation for unnamed package class is wrong
548<br><a href="">32271</a>
549Type Hierarchy Progress monitor improvements
550<br><a href="">32267</a>
551TypeHierarchy. Does not set progress monitor to done when cancelled
552<br><a href="">32218</a>
553Inexact matches found when should be exact
554<br><a href="">31016</a>
555builder exception found in log
556<br><a href="">32225</a>
557incorrect delta after deleting 2 fields
558<br><a href="">32219</a>
559JavaModel operations fail with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if array empty
560<br><a href="">32182</a>
561NPE performing search
562<br><a href="">27994</a>
563Code Assist replace mode inconsistent
564<br><a href="">32041</a>
565Multiple output folders fooling Java Model
566<br><a href="">32196</a>
567Patch: correctly detect misisng .rsc file
568<br><a href="">32111</a>
569ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during delete of members
570<br><a href="">32100</a>
571when superpackage package empty deleting a subpackage deletes superpackage
572<br><a href="">31646</a>
573No proposal using code assist in field initializer
575<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
576<a href="">32227</a>
577Serialization incompatibility with Sun's 1.4 compiler
578<br><a href="">28426</a>
579Content Assist displays x(String arg0, String arg1) should be x(String str, String delim)
580<br><a href="">32164</a>
581Serialization methods with private or arbitrary access modifiers should be ignored by "unused private members" compiler check.
582<br><a href="">32097</a>
583Regression - attached source not found when in a subdirecory of archive
586Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
587Java development tools core</h1>
588Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 18th February 2003
589<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_298
591What's new in this drop</h2>
593<li>Fix for bug <a href="">31997</a>
594 requires the index format to be changed. Indexes will be automatically regenerated upon
595 subsequent search queries (accounting for indexing notification in search progress dialogs).
597<li>Unused parameter diagnosis will now ignore parameters in an abstract method,
598a main method, an implementation of an abstract method or a method overriding a
599concrete one. Additional settings got added for enabling the diagnosis of the latter
600two scenarii.
602* COMPILER / Reporting Unused Parameter if Implementing Abstract Method
603* When enabled, the compiler will signal unused parameters in abstract method implementations.
604* The severity of the problem is controlled with option "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unusedParameter".
605* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unusedParameterWhenImplementingAbstract"
606* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
607* - default: "disabled"
609* COMPILER / Reporting Unused Parameter if Overriding Concrete Method
610* When enabled, the compiler will signal unused parameters in methods overriding concrete ones.
611* The severity of the problem is controlled with option "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unusedParameter".
612* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unusedParameterWhenOverridingConcrete"
613* - possible values: { "enabled", "disabled" }
614* - default: "disabled"
617<li><b>Code completion enhancement:</b>
618 <ul>
619 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is a variable name and this name contains a prefix.</li>
620 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is a variable name and this name contains a suffix.</li>
621 </ul>
625<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
626<a href="">32107</a>
627Index signature change isn't honoured any longer
628<br><a href="">31997</a>
629Refactoring d.n. work for projects with brackets in name.
630<br><a href="">31417</a>
631Where has the "Root Path" field gone? [doc]
632<br><a href="">32000</a>
633IJavaModel.contains() returns true for resources copied into bin folder
634<br><a href="">31947</a>
635NPE on shutdown in BlocksIndexInput.close()
636<br><a href="">31985</a>
637NPE searching non-qualified and case insensitive type ref
638<br><a href="">28637</a>
639[Preferences] Import Preferences: Console Message: Content is not allowed in Prolog
640<br><a href="">31748</a>
641[search] search for reference is broken 2.1 M5
642<br><a href="">31990</a>
643Working copy operations should not take workspace lock
644<br><a href="">31811</a>
645VerifyError with huge switch statement
646<br><a href="">5783</a>
647Problem counts are not accumulated
648<br><a href="">31652</a>
649NamingConvention.suggestXXNames: Put the most relevant first
650<br><a href="">31628</a>
651Redundant import need a warning (matching package declaration)
652<br><a href="">31867</a>
653No unused import diagnosis on duplicate import
654<br><a href="">31495</a>
655Should writeObject/readObject be a compiler warning?
656<br><a href="">31538</a>
657serialVersionUID being flagged as an "unused" field
658<br><a href="">31757</a>
659Folder with invalid pkg name should be non-Java resource
660<br><a href="">25204</a>
661Eclipse compiler option: Unused parameters (i.e. never read)
662<br><a href="">27251</a>
663Compiler preferences: Unused parameters - ignore main
664<br><a href="">31383</a>
665Strange rendering of of link resources when link points to Eclipse workspace
666<br><a href="">31756</a>
667Code assist: fails inside an array which inside a function call
668<br><a href="">31248</a>
669Java Compiler progress monitor tells about probelms found
670<br><a href="">29790</a>
671OOM Exception in search cause IDE freeze
673<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
674<a href="">32083</a>
675overridden methods that change visibility cause compiler error
676<br><a href="">32044</a>
677Pre auto build notification fired when closing or opening a file
678<br><a href="">31903</a>
679Null pointer exception loading from respository
680<br><a href="">31968</a>
681Notifier loose nested levels
682<br><a href="">31942</a>
683Bug with Selection Statement switch()
684<br><a href="">31916</a>
685M5 Crashing
686<br><a href="">31923</a>
687Source folder specific compiler settings
688<br><a href="">31917</a>
689Unused private method warning doesn't know about read/writeObject
690<br><a href="">8452</a>
691Wrong position in FieldReference
692<br><a href="">12797</a>
693Can't add directory pointing to class-files to project classpath
694<br><a href="">11023</a>
695Filter code assist choices based on context
696<br><a href="">7293</a>
697Scrubbing Output Directory Can Cause Havoc
698<br><a href="">6096</a>
699Exception using code assist after package rename
700<br><a href="">5043</a>
701Feature Request: source folders in other projects
702<br><a href="">6488</a>
703Classpath Variables (allow plugins to reserve some)
704<br><a href="">31809</a>
705Eclipse reports error in task view - but it's no error!
706<br><a href="">28319</a>
707Unused parameter should be limited to current method/class
708<br><a href="">31243</a>
709Warn of unused parameters: Should not warn when method overrides
710<br><a href="">28139</a>
711Highlight unused method parameters that are not inherited
712<br><a href="">31380</a>
713NPE setting classpath
716Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
717Java development tools core</h1>
718Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 13th February 2003
719<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_297
721What's new in this drop</h2>
723<li>To help fixing bug <a href=" ">31135</a>,
724 added new flag <code>F_REORDER</code> on <code>IJavaElementDelta</code>. This flag is
725 positioned if a member in a compilation unit has changed its position relatively to its siblings.
729<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
730<a href="">31476</a>
731CU is on build path also it is located in a excluded folder
732<br><a href="">31303</a>
733copy of read-only package doesn't preserve read-only flag
734<br><a href="">24045</a>
735Error deleting parent folder of source folder
736<br><a href="">31653</a>
737typos in javadoc of NamingConventions
738<br><a href="">30623</a>
739Strange java delta when creating a new class
740<br><a href="">31446</a>
741Cannot cancel 'Cleaning of output foder'
742<br><a href="">30757</a>
743Out of memory exception during hierarchy scoped search
745<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
746<a href="">30485</a>
747ArrayOutOfBoundsException during shutdown
748<br><a href="">30609</a>
749Output folder scrubbing
750<br><a href="">31591</a>
751abstract method in base class, defined in a subclass results in compile error
752<br><a href="">31605</a>
753Single line comment on the last line of a file produces a syntax error
754<br><a href="">31626</a>
755getJavadoc() on TypeDeclaration returning incorrect comment
758Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
759Java development tools core</h1>
760Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 11th February 2003
761<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_296
763What's new in this drop</h2>
767<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
768<a href="">31377</a>
769NullPointerException on binary import
770<br><a href="">31441</a>
771Match in jar missing searching for references
772<br><a href="">31398</a>
773M5 compilation problems with package abstract methods
774<br><a href="">31230</a>
775Code assist on variable names: uses prefix and suffix together
776<br><a href="">31440</a>
777Classpath container initializer getDescription should also take a project in argument
778<br><a href="">31242</a>
779exception names should use Local Var suffix/prefix, not Method Param
780<br><a href="">31168</a>
781Trying to open Java-source file with Java editor fails with I/O Exception.
782<br><a href="">31261</a>
783Strange behavior when there is more errors than max errors per compilation unit
785<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
786<a href="">31450</a>
787Compiler bug with overriding protected abstract methods, where a parent class has package-private abstract method
788<br><a href="">31475</a>
789class must implement the inherited abstract method, but cannot override it
790<br><a href="">30720</a>
791linked resources and exclusion filters: compiler markers not flushed
792<br><a href="">31467</a>
793spurious "Incompatible conditional operand types" on ?: when assigning to abstract
794<br><a href="">30800</a>
795Search - doesn't find declaration of field with unicode name
796<br><a href="">31225</a>
797Source attachment not found
798<br><a href="">31148</a>
799freezes when editing a java file and adding while(st.hasMoreTokes())
800<br><a href="">30731</a>
801Class move refactoring changes the unlinked projects in the same workplace
804Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
805Java development tools core</h1>
806Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 6th February 2003
807<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_295 - 2.1 MILESTONE-5 (aka 2.1 RELEASE CANDIDATE 0)
809What's new in this drop</h2>
811<li>Added API <code>ClasspathContainerInitializer.getDescription(IPath containerPath)</code> so as to improve readability
812of our messages involving classpath containers (e.g. unbound container classpath problems). Default implementation answers
813the original container path.
817<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
818<a href="">30946</a>
819Deadlock in code parser
821<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
822<a href="">30999</a>
823Hang/Deadlock while inserting brace
824<br><a href="">30949</a>
825When compiled from eclipse, unhandled exceptions in try - finally block are not detected.
828Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
829Java development tools core</h1>
830Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 5th February 2003
831<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_294
833What's new in this drop</h2>
835<li> Classpath problem markers generated for unbound variable or container will have an extra attribute
836(respectively IJavaModelMarker.UNBOUND_VARIABLE or IJavaModelMarker.UNBOUND_CONTAINER) which value is
837the unbound variable or container names. This allows clients to recognize these problems, and contribute
838suitable recovery actions for these.
840<li> Project cycles can now be built as soon as the compiler severity for circular
841dependencies is lowered to a warning (see Preferences&gt;Java&gt;Compiler&gt;Other&gt;Circular dependencies&gt;Warning).
843<li> Surfaced compiler options for reporting usage of char[] in String concatenations (default is still warning).
845* COMPILER / Reporting Usage of char[] Expressions in String Concatenations
846* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever a char[] expression
847* is used in String concatenations (e.g. "hello" + new char[]{'w','o','r','l','d'}).
848* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.noImplicitStringConversion"
849* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
850* - default: "warning"
853<li>Added API <code>IJavaModel.contains()</code> to find out if an <code>IResource</code> is visible in
854 the Java model.
856<li> 2.1 API Change in org.eclipse.jdt.core.NamingConventions: deprecated 'suggestSetterName' methods removed.
857 <ul>
858 <li><code>suggestSetterName(IJavaProject,char[],int,char[][])</code>
859 </li>
860 <li><code>suggestSetterName(IJavaProject,String,int,String[])</code>
861 </li>
862 </ul>
864<li>Added API for sorting the members of types in a compilation.
865 <ul>
866 <li><code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.util.CompilationUnitSorter</code>
867 <pre>
868public static final String RELATIVE_ORDER = "relativeOrder";
869public static void sort(ICompilationUnit compilationUnit,
870 int[] positions,
871 Comparator comparator,
872 int options,
873 IProgressMonitor monitor) throws JavaModelException;
874 </pre>
875 </li>
876 </ul>
880<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
881<a href="">30947</a>
882CodeAssist - top level types are not proposed if type is qualified with package
883<br><a href="">30907</a>
884Code assist doesn't work in first case statement of a switch statement
885<br><a href="">30920</a>
886Stack overflow when container resolved to null
887<br><a href="">30855</a>
888Wron error message when nesting source folder in class folder
889<br><a href="">30857</a>
890IPackageFragmentRoot: copy removes source folders from classpath
891<br><a href="">22756</a>
892Reference search does not respect package fragments scope
893<br><a href="">30860</a>
894CodeAssist - Relevance is not correct for member exception
895<br><a href="">30856</a>
8961.4 compliant mode should consider abstract method matches
897<br><a href="">30825</a>
898Missing REORDERED_IN_CLASSPATH notifications
899<br><a href="">26909</a>
900NPE opening type hierarchy for binary type
901<br><a href="">29832</a>
902Bogus quickfixes after removing/adding core plugins
903<br><a href="">30699</a>
904External JAR: no refresh in JavaModel if full build occurred before
905<br><a href="">30697</a>
906Classpath marker update could trigger automatic refresh for external JARs
907<br><a href="">30805</a>
908Abstract non-visible method diagnosis fooled by intermediate declarations
909<br><a href="">14597</a>
910rearrange source code
911<br><a href="">30417</a>
912ICodeFormatter format method should specify that the positions are sorted from the lowest to the biggest
913<br><a href="">30709</a>
914Return value of IPackageFragementRoot.getElementName() has changed
915<br><a href="">30705</a>
916Simple name should consider member types before toplevel types
917<br><a href="">30704</a>
91801e0f should be accepted as valid floating point literal
919<br><a href="">30511</a>
920IPackageFragmentRoot:move ignores FORCE flag
921<br><a href="">30516</a>
922typo in javadoc of IPackageFragmentRoot:isArchive
923<br><a href="">30506</a>
924IPackageFragmentRoot:delete does not handle external jars
925<br><a href="">20614</a>
926Failure compiling a project with cyclic dependencies
927<br><a href="">30227</a>
928compilerAdapter jar should not be include in the repo
929<br><a href="">30274</a>
930Need method to figure out if an IResource is visible through the Java Model
931<br><a href="">27027</a>
932ClassCastException from codeassist
933<br><a href="">30503</a>
934IPackageFragmentRoot:move, copy should accept null as sibling
935<br><a href="">30496</a>
936CU/classfile name validation shouldn't scan if suffix isn't the proper one
937<br><a href="">30471</a>
938AST.parseCompilationUnit(IClassFile, boolean) throws IAE even if class file has source
939<br><a href="">30487</a>
940NPE during shutdown in path canonicalization
941<br><a href="">26912</a>
942'null == null' fooling blank final analysis
943<br><a href="">30280</a>
944NullPointerException at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.ast.QualifiedAllocationExpression.resolveType(
945<br><a href="">30393</a>
946Its back: Core Exception [code 380] The resource tree is locked for modifications
948<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
949<a href="">5347</a>
950class files not updated
951<br><a href="">9838</a>
952Wrong diagnosis compiling inner classes
953<br><a href="">30600</a>
954incorrect code assist after 'throw new'
955<br><a href="">30799</a>
956Core dump with J2SDK 1.4.1_01 in
957<br><a href="">30739</a>
958\u4100 is rejected as an identifier character
959<br><a href="">30782</a>
960Can't rename a package to the same name with different case
961<br><a href="">30522</a>
962IPackageFragmentRoot: move, copy updateClasspath semantics
963<br><a href="">30567</a>
964GB18030: Class name, method name, variable name can not contain GB18030 character in some version of Eclipse for Linux.
965<br><a href="">30629</a>
966search: no occurrences to type found if type in default package in nested source folder
967<br><a href="">27770</a>
968Rebuild all doesn't follow project dependencies
969<br><a href="">24832</a>
970Recurency between projects
971<br><a href="">27750</a>
972[startup] starting javacore takes 13% of empty worspace startup
973<br><a href="">22710</a>
974simple save takes 40 seconds
975<br><a href="">30470</a>
976IJavaModelStatus.getMessage not the same as getString
977<br><a href="">30465</a>
978PDE binary project import fills log with core exceptions
979<br><a href="">28224</a>
980Invalid "Unused Imports" warning when importing inner classes
981<br><a href="">27583</a>
982reconciling allocates megabytes of memory in seconds of typing
985Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
986Java development tools core</h1>
987Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 28th January 2003
988<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_293
990What's new in this drop</h2>
992<li> By default, JDT/Core will consider a default task tag "TODO" (with normal priority). In the past, default was no task reported.
993<li> Added APIs to save/restore type hierarchies. Note that the client still has to register as a <code>ITypeHierarchyChangedListener</code> once
994restoration has occurred.
995 <ul>
996 <li> <code>, IProgressMonitor)</code> for saving a type hierarchy.
997 </li>
998 <li> <code>IType.load(InputStream, IProgressMonitor)</code> for restoring a previously saved hierarchy.
999 </li>
1000 </ul>
1002<li> Added APIs to manipulate package fragment roots:
1003 <ul>
1004 <li><code>IPackageFragmentRoot.copy(IPath, int, boolean, IClasspathEntry, IProgressMonitor)</code>
1005 </li>
1006 <li><code>IPackageFragmentRoot.delete(int, boolean, IProgressMonitor)</code>
1007 </li>
1008 <li><code>IPackageFragmentRoot.move(IPath, int, boolean, IClasspathEntry, IProgressMonitor)</code>
1009 </li>
1010 </ul>
1011 Note that these APIs are very close to the corresponding <code>IResource</code> APIs except that
1012 they filter out nested source folders, and that they update the project's classpaths if specified.
1014<li> Extended compiler optional warning for interface methods incompatible with Object
1015non public methods to scenario where thrown exceptions are not compatible (problem ID:
1017This problem is optional, and its severity is also controlled by the <code>JavaCore</code>
1018preference <code>"org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.incompatibleNonInheritedInterfaceMethod"</code>.
1020<li> 2.1 API Change in org.eclipse.jdt.core.NamingConventions: a new boolean parameter 'isBoolean' added. The value of this parameter is <code>true</code> if the field's type is boolean.
1021 <ul>
1022 <li><code>suggestSetterName(IJavaProject,char[],int,char[][])</code> become <code>suggestSetterName(IJavaProject,char[],int,boolean,char[][])</code>
1023 </li>
1024 <li><code>suggestSetterName(IJavaProject,String,int,String[])</code> become <code>suggestSetterName(IJavaProject,String,int,boolean,String[])</code>
1025 </li>
1026 </ul>
1027 Previous APIs got deprecated, and will be removed before 2.1.
1031<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1032<a href="">22049</a>
1033Hierarchy View slow to calculate hierarchy [type hierarchy]
1034<br><a href="">29411</a>
1035Projects rebuilt after restart of Eclipse
1036<br><a href="">30282</a>
1037TODO task message shouldn't be multiline
1038<br><a href="">30102</a>
1039NamingConvention: Tests fail
1040<br><a href="">30113</a>
1041Wrong positions in the outliner for a field that follows an initializer
1042<br><a href="">30224</a>
1043No JavaElement delta when renaming non-Java project
1044<br><a href="">30108</a>
1045not clear what 'modifiers' in NamingConventions means
1046<br><a href="">30099</a>
1047NamingConvention.suggestArgumentNames: No guess returned
1048<br><a href="">27291</a>
1049[Dialogs] Error dialog looks bad if status message is null
1050<br><a href="">28666</a>
1051Unclear error message for invalid output folder
1052<br><a href="">29366</a>
1053Search reporting invalid inaccurate match
1054<br><a href="">29864</a>
1055Unable to restore working set item - cannot instantiate item: org.eclipse.jdt.ui.PersistableJavaElementFactory
1056<br><a href="">28044</a>
1057weird errors not reported anywhere but in text and overview ruler
1058<br><a href="">30013</a>
1059Project compiler setting workspace | project do not persist
1060<br><a href="">29151</a>
1061NPE in Surround with try/catch block [refactoring]
1062<br><a href="">29969</a>
1063CodeAssist: too much proposals just after 'switch'
1064<br><a href="">29955</a>
1065Should not report incompatible throws clause for interface if Object non public ref method
1066<br><a href="">29894</a>
1067Path matching failure (CharOperation)
1068<br><a href="">29761</a>
1069Regular expression pattern in exclusion filter is too greedy in M4
1070<br><a href="">29803</a>
1071Source path exclusion filter not relative source folder
1072<br><a href="">23134</a>
1073Odd behavior from code formatter
1075<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1076<a href="">30357</a>
1077Incompatibility of serialization with sun jdk
1078<br><a href="">30370</a>
1079Warning "import never used" in spite of use by a javadoc @link
1080<br><a href="">30209</a>
1081JDT compiler bytecode incompatibility with JDK bytecode results in serialization error
1082<br><a href="">27497</a>
1083Compile only on class
1084<br><a href="">28263</a>
1085Better specification of source folders
1086<br><a href="">30232</a>
1087NullPointerException in compilation unit
1088<br><a href="">30160</a>
1089CodeAssist - no completion behind jProject
1090<br><a href="">29862</a>
1091GB18030:Could not set a GB18030 character as workbench classpath variable.
1092<br><a href="">29863</a>
1093GB18030: Could not create a class variable whose name contains a GB18030 character
1094<br><a href="">27616</a>
1095[Compiler] stack overflow while editing
1096<br><a href="">23299</a>
1097Enhance Code completion
1098<br><a href="">29239</a>
1099Refactoring throws exception if .project or .classpath read-only in 2.1 M4
1102Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1103Java development tools core</h1>
1104Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 21st January 2003
1105<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_292a
1107What's new in this drop</h2>
1111<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1112<a href="">29872</a>
1113ImportOrganizeTest failing due to file missing from index
1115<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1118Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1119Java development tools core</h1>
1120Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 21st January 2003
1121<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_292
1123What's new in this drop</h2>
1125<li> New compiler setting got added to control severity of incompatible interface method with Object non public method.
1126This used to be reported incorrectly as an error by our compiler (e.g. <code>interface I { int clone(); }</code>), and
1127is now an optional problem (default severity is WARNING). Corresponding problem ID is: <code>IProblem.IncompatibleReturnTypeForNonInheritedInterfaceMethod</code>.
1129* COMPILER / Reporting Interface Method not Compatible with non-Inherited Methods
1130* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever an interface
1131* defines a method incompatible with a non-inherited Object one.
1132* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.incompatibleNonInheritedInterfaceMethod"
1133* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
1134* - default: "warning"
1137<li> New compiler problems got added to report declarations of unused private members (field/method/type). A JavaCore setting
1138got added to control the severity of these new problems (default severity is IGNORE). Note that currently only a valid local usage
1139is considered as a true usage (e.g. if a message send targets this method, but cannot see it, then the target method will still be
1140reported as unused). Corresponding problem IDs are: <code>IProblem.UnusedPrivateMethod</code>, <code>IProblem.UnusedPrivateField</code>,
1141<code>IProblem.UnusedPrivateType</code> and <code>IProblem.UnusedPrivateConstructor</code>.
1143* COMPILER / Reporting Unused Private Members
1144* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever a private
1145* method or field is declared but never used within the same unit.
1146* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.unusedPrivateMember"
1147* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
1148* - default: "ignore"
1151<li>CodeAssist now answers keyword completions. Note that there was already an API for these: <code>ICompletionRequestor#acceptKeyword(char[] keywordName, int completionStart, int completionEnd, int relevance)</code>
1152which wasn't invoked until now. There is currently no way to distinguish in between a 'synchronized' keyword used as a modifier or as a statement.
1156<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1157<a href="">26363</a>
1158[ast/dom] type bindings that return null for superclass
1159<br><a href="">22381</a>
1160Show unused fields and variables [refactoring] [search]
1161<br><a href="">19063</a>
1162code assist proposals for keywords
1163<br><a href="">29771</a>
1164No reference found to IResource.getLocation when no case sensitive
1165<br><a href="">28236</a>
1166Search for refs to class in hierarchy matches class outside hierarchy
1167<br><a href="">28951</a>
1168Source attachment rootpath field missing in UI
1169<br><a href="">29536</a>
1170Check use of IResource.getLocation
1171<br><a href="">29337</a>
1172Poor wording in task message "This method overrides deprecated..."
1173<br><a href="">29601</a>
1174TypeHierarchy: Avoid to use 'isInterface' / 'isClass'
1175<br><a href="">29540</a>
1176Search Engine return extra results
1177<br><a href="">29524</a>
1178Search for declaration via patterns adds '"*"
1179<br><a href="">26260</a>
1180task markers: limitting the number of problems per CU limits the number of tasks/markers (in general) per CU
1181<br><a href="">29306</a>
1182Can't get content of CU not on classpath
1183<br><a href="">3331</a>
1184DCR: Code Formatter should offer cast without space (1GI74GZ)
1185<br><a href="">29690</a>
1186Locked Resource Tree (JavaModelException)
1187<br><a href="">29585</a>
1188Core Exception as resource tree is locked initializing classpath container
1189<br><a href="">29487</a>
1190Internal compiler error: final field set in loop (in constructor)
1191<br><a href="">29546</a>
1192Project rebuild cannot write over .class files
1193<br><a href="">29636</a>
1194First anonymous type should be named X$1
1195<br><a href="">29638</a>
1196No field initializations on Object
1197<br><a href="">27413</a>
1198Should we reject that code?
1199<br><a href="">29211</a>
1200Should check the visibility of the array type before accessing its length field
1201<br><a href="">29213</a>
1202Should check the visibility of the array type before calling a method
1203<br><a href="">29621</a>
1204Wrong Delta When Adding to Filtered Folder
1205<br><a href="">29637</a>
1206Default debug attributes don't match with javac
1207<br><a href="">29538</a>
1208External jar not indexed
1209<br><a href="">28489</a>
1210PackageFragmentRoot.fullExclusionPatternChars() could be optimized for non-source roots
1211<br><a href="">29298</a>
1212Simplify AST creation for an IClassFile (minor)
1213<br><a href="">29374</a>
1214Excluded folder on project not returned by Java Model
1215<br><a href="">27485</a>
1216SearchEngine returns wrong java element when searching in an archive that is included by two distinct java projects.
1218<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1219<a href="">5997</a>
1220Code assist does not know about synchronized keyword
1221<br><a href="">3196</a>
1222DCR - CodeAssist - code assist doesn't assist for keywords (1G0FUQF)
1223<br><a href="">23300</a>
1224Context sensitive Code Completion
1225<br><a href="">29541</a>
1226Scrubbing wipes out entire build directory
1227<br><a href="">28393</a>
1228Duplicate 'missing require project' marker
1229<br><a href="">25976</a>
1230Bug in code formatter: can't be called twice in a row...
1231<br><a href="">25896</a>
1232weird formatting of import declarations
1233<br><a href="">26426</a>
1234Add preference to sort method in the source file.
1235<br><a href="">25875</a>
1236import splitting behavior
1237<br><a href="">23992</a>
1238Adding partial compilation for JAVA
1239<br><a href="">19501</a>
1240Found NPE in log
1241<br><a href="">13029</a>
1242"Build" sometimes builds files that have not changed
1243<br><a href="">13008</a>
1244Move a Java file, errors remain
1245<br><a href="">11572</a>
1246Cannot refresh a jar file
1247<br><a href="">8720</a>
1248include an external directory of classes in Java build path
1249<br><a href="">3359</a>
1250Get rid of source attachment root (1GJON3Q)
1251<br><a href="">28073</a>
1252[startup] on startup, jCore loads launching plugins which loads debug plugins
1253<br><a href="">29652</a>
1254Can't attach source to some ZIP files
1255<br><a href="">29229</a>
1256Internal compiler error
1257<br><a href="">28801</a>
1258Internal compiler error
1259<br><a href="">18239</a>
1260Startup takes too long with java editor open
1261<br><a href="">28819</a>
1262Nullpointer exception when building
1263<br><a href="">28820</a>
1264NullPointerException in compiler in M4
1265<br><a href="">28953</a>
1266internal compiler error: NullPointerException in file with inner class
1267<br><a href="">28954</a>
1268Internal compiler error -- assert statements in inner class
1269<br><a href="">28980</a>
1270Null-pointer exception on nested class assert
1271<br><a href="">29267</a>
1272NullPointerExc. occured when building project
1273<br><a href="">29088</a>
1274Internal compiler error compiling code in M4 edition of eclipse
1275<br><a href="">29031</a>
1276Internal compiler error
1277<br><a href="">5520</a>
1278Class files which are source not shown
1279<br><a href="">3531</a>
1280NewClass(Interface)Wizard - shows not-visible types (1G4GNH3)
1281<br><a href="">23033</a>
1282[Tasks] Create seperate setting for stopping build on a circular dependency error
1283<br><a href="">28076</a>
1284NPE during quick shutdown
1285<br><a href="">29144</a>
1286Missing code implementation in the compiler
1287<br><a href="">29527</a>
1288Organize imports fails on included code
1289<br><a href="">29501</a>
1290Uninitialized variable warning does not analyze the program thoroughly enough
1291<br><a href="">29394</a>
1292suboptimal handling closing/opening projects in autobuild
1293<br><a href="">29009</a>
1294ClassCircularityError in RequiredPluginsInitializer
1297Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1298Java development tools core</h1>
1299Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 15th January 2003
1300<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_291a
1302What's new in this drop</h2>
1306<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1307<a href="">29516</a>
1308SearchEngine regressions in 20030114
1310<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1313Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1314Java development tools core</h1>
1315Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 14th January 2003
1316<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_291
1318What's new in this drop</h2>
1322<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1323<a href="">28545</a>
1324JavaProject.exists() returns true if project doesn't have Java nature
1325<br><a href="">29404</a>
1326JavaCore.create(IProject) returns != null for non Java Projects.
1327<br><a href="">28752</a>
1328J Search resports non-existent Java element
1329<br><a href="">22783</a>
1330Unexpected null in compiler error message
1331<br><a href="">29365</a>
1332Syntax error inside method body is fooling NLS string detection
1333<br><a href="">29277</a>
1334ToolFactory.createDefaultClassFileReader: Retrieving of classfile location
1335<br><a href="">29376</a>
1336Remove 65k limit on static data
1337<br><a href="">29176</a>
1338[DOM/AST] Statement.get/setLeadingComment should be deleted
1339<br><a href="">29274</a>
1340Surface non-java projects as model non-java resources
1341<br><a href="">28531</a>
1342Classpath Entry: Output folder can not be set to project
1343<br><a href="">28824</a>
1344Quick Fix: Type Mismatch -&gt; Cast bug [quick fix]
1345<br><a href="">28599</a>
1346validateClasspath rendering of paths
1347<br><a href="">29079</a>
1348Buildpath validation: No check that output folder is inside project
1349<br><a href="">29159</a>
1350DeltaProcessor walks removed project
1351<br><a href="">28822</a>
1352ClassCastException in ProblemBinding
1353<br><a href="">28596</a>
1354Default output folder cause of validation error even if not used
1355<br><a href="">28672</a>
1356Batch compiler should support argument expansion
1357<br><a href="">28617</a>
1358Qualified super reference cannot be surrounded with parentheses.
1359<br><a href="">27298</a>
1360Must return result error could be more accurate
1361<br><a href="">28869</a>
1362Parse error with final local vars without immediate assignment
1363<br><a href="">28682</a>
1364org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.ForStatement's body position is incorrect
1365<br><a href="">28622</a>
1366Check deprecation should handle unicodes
1367<br><a href="">28559</a>
1368@deprecated has to be at the beginning of the comment line
1369<br><a href="">20844</a>
1370Indexing space usage
1371<br><a href="">26820</a>
1372Out of Memory indexing new plugins
1373<br><a href="">27289</a>
1374ClassCircularityError forces ClassNotFoundException's
1375<br><a href="">27401</a>
1376[startup] Review JavaCore.startup()
1377<br><a href="">28557</a>
1378Deprecation is not checked when subclassing a deprecated member type
1379<br><a href="">28615</a>
1380Cannot optimize out -0.0 in array initializers
1381<br><a href="">28750</a>
1382Compiler crashes with M4
1383<br><a href="">27241</a>
1384Missing code generation for the qualifier of a static method invocation
1385<br><a href="">3173</a>
1386Constant field code generation (1FEWXZW)
1387<br><a href="">28583</a>
1388Missing one unit in package view
1390<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1391<a href="">3297</a>
1392DCR - JM - Packages view empty (1GEWRYI)
1393<br><a href="">28934</a>
1394Using assert keyword in methods of nested classes causes
1395<br><a href="">25980</a>
1396NullPointerException during Refactor/Move operation
1397<br><a href="">29343</a>
1398[M4] Scribbling on missing return statement needs to go on a diet
1399<br><a href="">29197</a>
1400NullPointerException when compiling Class with an assert in a method of an inner class
1401<br><a href="">29082</a>
1402Can't access Inner class static field through an instance
1403<br><a href="">28675</a>
1404NPE in indexer
1405<br><a href="">28908</a>
1406ClassCastException in JavaProject.computePackageFragmentRoots
1407<br><a href="">27430</a>
1408Java model hangs onto many ClassFile objects
1409<br><a href="">29030</a>
1410Compiler Bug -- incorrect visibility of protected constructors
1411<br><a href="">28830</a>
1412Flexible projects cannot share output directory
1415Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1416Java development tools core</h1>
1417Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 17th December 2002 - 2.1 MILESTONE-4
1418<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_290
1420What's new in this drop</h2>
1422<li>Added new JavaCore options
1423 <ul>
1424 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Prefixes for Field Name<br>
1425 When the prefixes is non empty, completion for field name will begin with
1426 one of the proposed prefixes.<br>
1427 <ul>
1428 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.fieldPrefixes"</li>
1429 <li>possible values: { "&lt;prefix&gt;[,&lt;prefix&gt;]*" } where &lt;prefix&gt; is a String without any wild-card</li>
1430 <li>default: ""</li>
1431 </ul>
1432 </li>
1433 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Prefixes for Static Field Name<br>
1434 When the prefixes is non empty, completion for static field name will begin with
1435 one of the proposed prefixes.<br>
1436 <ul>
1437 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.staticFieldPrefixes"</li>
1438 <li>possible values: { "&lt;prefix&gt;[,&lt;prefix&gt;]*" } where &lt;prefix&gt; is a String without any wild-card</li>
1439 <li>default: ""</li>
1440 </ul>
1441 </li>
1442 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Prefixes for Local Variable Name<br>
1443 When the prefixes is non empty, completion for local variable name will begin with
1444 one of the proposed prefixes.<br>
1445 <ul>
1446 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.localPrefixes"</li>
1447 <li>possible values: { "&lt;prefix&gt;[,&lt;prefix&gt;]*" } where &lt;prefix&gt; is a String without any wild-card</li>
1448 <li>default: ""</li>
1449 </ul>
1450 </li>
1451 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Prefixes for Argument Name<br>
1452 When the prefixes is non empty, completion for argument name will begin with
1453 one of the proposed prefixes.<br>
1454 <ul>
1455 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.argumentPrefixes"</li>
1456 <li>possible values: { "&lt;prefix&gt;[,&lt;prefix&gt;]*" } where &lt;prefix&gt; is a String without any wild-card</li>
1457 <li>default: ""</li>
1458 </ul>
1459 </li>
1460 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Suffixes for Field Name<br>
1461 When the suffixes is non empty, completion for field name will end with
1462 one of the proposed suffixes.<br>
1463 <ul>
1464 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.fieldSuffixes"</li>
1465 <li>possible values: { "&lt;suffix&gt;[,&lt;suffix&gt;]*" } where &lt;suffix&gt; is a String without any wild-card </li>
1466 <li>default: ""</li>
1467 </ul>
1468 </li>
1469 <li>ODEASSIST / Define the Suffixes for Static Field Name<br>
1470 When the suffixes is non empty, completion for static field name will end with
1471 one of the proposed suffixes.<br>
1472 <ul>
1473 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.staticFieldSuffixes"</li>
1474 <li>possible values: { "&lt;suffix&gt;[,&lt;suffix&gt;]*" } where &lt;suffix&gt; is a String without any wild-card </li>
1475 <li>default: ""</li>
1476 </ul>
1477 </li>
1478 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Suffixes for Local Variable Name<br>
1479 When the suffixes is non empty, completion for local variable name will end with
1480 one of the proposed suffixes.<br>
1481 <ul>
1482 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.localSuffixes"</li>
1483 <li>possible values: { "&lt;suffix&gt;[,&lt;suffix&gt;]*" } where &lt;suffix&gt; is a String without any wild-card </li>
1484 <li>default: ""</li>
1485 </ul>
1486 </li>
1487 <li>CODEASSIST / Define the Suffixes for Argument Name<br>
1488 When the suffixes is non empty, completion for argument name will end with
1489 one of the proposed suffixes.<br>
1490 <ul>
1491 <li>option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.codeComplete.argumentSuffixes"</li>
1492 <li>possible values: { "&lt;suffix&gt;[,&lt;suffix&gt;]*" } where &lt;suffix&gt; is a String without any wild-card </li>
1493 <li>default: ""</li>
1494 </ul>
1495 </li>
1496 </ul>
1498<li>New API class : org.eclipse.jdt.core.NamingConventions<br>
1499This class provides methods for computing Java-specific names.
1501package org.eclipse.jdt.core;
1502public final class NamingConventions {
1503 public static char[] removePrefixAndSuffixForArgumentName(IJavaProject javaProject, char[] argumentName) {...}
1504 public static String removePrefixAndSuffixForArgumentName(IJavaProject javaProject, String argumentName) {...}
1505 public static char[] removePrefixAndSuffixForFieldName(IJavaProject javaProject, char[] fieldName, int modifiers) {...}
1506 public static String removePrefixAndSuffixForFieldName(IJavaProject javaProject, String fieldName, int modifiers) {...}
1507 public static char[] removePrefixAndSuffixForLocalVariableName(IJavaProject javaProject, char[] localName) {...}
1508 public static String removePrefixAndSuffixForLocalVariableName(IJavaProject javaProject, String localName) {...}
1509 public static char[][] suggestArgumentNames(IJavaProject javaProject, char[] packageName, char[] qualifiedTypeName, int dim, char[][] excludedNames) {...}
1510 public static String[] suggestArgumentNames(IJavaProject javaProject, String packageName, String qualifiedTypeName, int dim, String[] excludedNames) {...}
1511 public static char[][] suggestFieldNames(IJavaProject javaProject, char[] packageName, char[] qualifiedTypeName, int dim, int modifiers, char[][] excludedNames) {...}
1512 public static String[] suggestFieldNames(IJavaProject javaProject, String packageName, String qualifiedTypeName, int dim, int modifiers, String[] excludedNames) {...}
1513 public static char[][] suggestLocalVariableNames(IJavaProject javaProject, char[] packageName, char[] qualifiedTypeName, int dim, char[][] excludedNames) {...}
1514 public static String[] suggestLocalVariableNames(IJavaProject javaProject, String packageName, String qualifiedTypeName, int dim, String[] excludedNames) {...}
1515 public static char[] suggestGetterName(IJavaProject project, char[] fieldName, int modifiers, boolean isBoolean, char[][] excludedNames) {...}
1516 public static String suggestGetterName(IJavaProject project, String fieldName, int modifiers, boolean isBoolean, String[] excludedNames) {...}
1517 public static char[] suggestSetterName(IJavaProject project, char[] fieldName, int modifiers, char[][] excludedNames) {...}
1518 public static String suggestSetterName(IJavaProject project, String fieldName, int modifiers, String[] excludedNames) {...}
1524<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1525<a href="">28434</a>
1526Open Type broken when workspace has build path problems
1527<br><a href="">28326</a>
1528"Open Type" dialog could not open selected type
1529<br><a href="">28476</a>
1530JRE container description wrong
1531<br><a href="">28447</a>
1532Unreadable error message from build class path validation
1533<br><a href="">23210</a>
1534Member variable name proposal
1536<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1537<a href="">9511</a>
1538Exclude files and whole packages from build
1539<br><a href="">27925</a>
1540Openable.hasChildren is slow
1541<br><a href="">28246</a>
1542Class files written to custom output and default output
1543<br><a href="">27275</a>
1544Random craches with corupt jar in library path
1545<br><a href="">28357</a>
1546NPE on importing plugins
1549Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1550Java development tools core</h1>
1551Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 16th December 2002
1552<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_289
1554What's new in this drop</h2>
1558<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1559<a href="">28316</a>
1560Missing references to constructor
1561<br><a href="">28104</a>
156233 Parsers and 35 Scanners created when opening a type hiearchy
1563<br><a href="">28298</a>
1564SANITY CHECK error when compiling a specific switch statement
1565<br><a href="">28296</a>
1566parser gives cast expression an incorrect length
1567<br><a href="">28000</a>
1568Too many deltas on startup, when resolving cp variables/containers
1570<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1573Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1574Java development tools core</h1>
1575Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 13th December 2002
1576<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_288
1578What's new in this drop</h2>
1582<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1583<a href="">28109</a>
1584Excluding a source file doesn't remove its Java problems
1585<br><a href="">28115</a>
1586Ubiquitous resource in the JavaModel
1587<br><a href="">28064</a>
1588Stack overflow in java editor
1589<br><a href="">28150</a>
1590ClassCastException in completion
1591<br><a href="">22139</a>
1592Array initializer used inline causes syntax error
1593<br><a href="">27941</a>
1594ClassCastException in CompletionParser
1595<br><a href="">27284</a>
1596misspelled variable name proposals for array with type name ending in 'y'
1597<br><a href="">27852</a>
1598We should not reject a class named java if it is in the unnamed package
1600<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1601<a href="">28208</a>
1602IClasspathEntry.getExclusionPattern: String[] would be better
1603<br><a href="">28114</a>
1604Missing type if defined in nested source folder
1605<br><a href="">27371</a>
1606code assist / auto inserting "()" broken
1607<br><a href="">28087</a>
1608on build, findMarkers called 3 times for each project
1609<br><a href="">27992</a>
1610Incremental compile time = complete build time
1611<br><a href="">28095</a>
1612JDTCompilerAdapter references old Main constructor
1613<br><a href="">23231</a>
1614[resources] Ability to hide resources from the builders
1617Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1618Java development tools core</h1>
1619Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 11th December 2002
1620<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_287a
1622What's new in this drop</h2>
1626<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1627<a href="">28069</a>
1628JDTCompilerAdapter and compiler.batch.Main out of sync in I20021210 build
1630<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1633Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1634Java development tools core</h1>
1635Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 10th December 2002
1636<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_287
1638What's new in this drop</h2>
1640<li>Added API <code>IJavaProject.isOnClasspath(IResource)</code> that returns whether a given resource is on the
1641 classpath of the project and whether it is excluded.
1643<li>Added mechanism to allow generic container user to request updating definitions held by
1644container initializers, onto <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.ClasspathContainerInitializer</code>:
1648 * Returns <code>true</code> if this container initializer can be requested to perform updates
1649 * on its own container values. If so, then an update request will be performed using
1650 * <code>ClasspathContainerInitializer#requestClasspathContainerUpdate</code>/
1651 *
1652 * @param containerPath - the path of the container which requires to be updated
1653 * @param project - the project for which the container is to be updated
1654 * @return boolean - returns <code>true</code> if the container can be updated
1655 * @since 2.1
1656 */
1657public boolean canUpdateClasspathContainer(IPath containerPath, IJavaProject project) {
1658 // By default, classpath container initializers do not accept updating containers
1659 return false;
1663 * Request a registered container definition to be updated according to a container suggestion. The container suggestion
1664 * only acts as a place-holder to pass along the information to update the matching container definition(s) held by the
1665 * container initializer. In particular, it is not expected to store the container suggestion as is, but rather adjust
1666 * the actual container definition based on suggested changes.
1667 *
1668 * IMPORTANT: In reaction to receiving an update request, a container initializer will update the corresponding
1669 * container definition (after reconciling changes) at its earliest convenience, using
1670 * <code>JavaCore#setClasspathContainer(IPath, IJavaProject[], IClasspathContainer[], IProgressMonitor)</code>.
1671 * Until it does so, the update will not be reflected in the Java Model.
1672 *
1673 * In order to anticipate whether the container initializer allows to update its containers, the predicate
1674 * <code>JavaCore#canUpdateClasspathContainer</code> should be used.
1675 *
1676 * @param containerPath - the path of the container which requires to be updated
1677 * @param project - the project for which the container is to be updated
1678 * @param containerSuggestion - a suggestion to update the corresponding container definition
1679 * @throws CoreException when <code>JavaCore#setClasspathContainer</code> would throw any.
1680 * @see JavaCore#setClasspathContainer(IPath, IJavaProject[], IClasspathContainer[], IProgressMonitor)
1681 * @see ClasspathContainerInitializer#canUpdateClasspathContainer(IPath, IJavaProject)
1682 * @since 2.1
1683 */
1684public void requestClasspathContainerUpdate(IPath containerPath, IJavaProject project, IClasspathContainer containerSuggestion) throws CoreException {
1685 // By default, classpath container initializers do not accept updating containers
1688<li>Added helper method to <code>org.eclipse.jdt.core.JavaCore</code> so as to retrieve a registered
1689classpath container initializer:
1691 * Helper method finding the classpath container initializer registered for a given classpath container ID
1692 * or <code>null</code> if none was found while iterating over the contributions to extension point to
1693 * the extension point "org.eclipse.jdt.core.classpathContainerInitializer".
1694 *
1695 * A containerID is the first segment of any container path, used to identify the registered container initializer.
1696 *
1697 * @return ClasspathContainerInitializer - the registered classpath container initializer or <code>null</code> if
1698 * none was found.
1699 * @since 2.1
1700 */
1701public static ClasspathContainerInitializer getClasspathContainerInitializer(String containerID)</pre>
1705<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1706<a href="">27890</a>
1707Batch compiler option -nowarn or -warn:none doesn't remove the warning for conversion from char[] to String
1708<br><a href="">27670</a>
1709ClasspathEntry.rootID allocates a lot of throw-away objects
1710<br><a href="">27595</a>
1711Add isOnClasspath(IResource) as API
1712<br><a href="">27652</a>
1713DCR - Need a way to request container initializers to update their container definitions
1714<br><a href="">27555</a>
1715[startup] PackageFragmentRoot - source attached too early (?)
1716<br><a href="">27861</a>
1717VerifyError not being caught in jdt core tests
1718<br><a href="">27914</a>
1719Infinite loop setting breakpoint
1720<br><a href="">27853</a>
1721Incorrect invalid unicode
1722<br><a href="">27840</a>
1723Computing non-java resources on a project should not create a NameLookup
1724<br><a href="">27690</a>
1725SourceElementParser doesn't parse local declarations even if it is requested
1726<br><a href="">5295</a>
1727Segmented view misses field comment
1728<br><a href="">27714</a>
1730<br><a href="">27735</a>
1731CodeAssist - No completion for type
1732<br><a href="">27370</a>
1733code assist not working with "new .."
1734<br><a href="">27658</a>
1735Infinite loop when checking cycle
1736<br><a href="">27683</a>
1737Index should be saved right after a project was indexed
1738<br><a href="">27330</a>
1739Signeture should reuse Scanner object
1740<br><a href="">27294</a>
1741Performance - getTypeSignature should not rescan element names
1742<br><a href="">26604</a>
1743Forward references unilaterally dissallowed
1744<br><a href="">27532</a>
1745Rebuild sometimes introduces invalid errors
1746<br><a href="">27597</a>
1747Ant adapter on a 1.4 JVM sets the target to be 1.4
1748<br><a href="">27494</a>
1749Source folder output folder shown in Package explorer
1751<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1752<a href="">27783</a>
1753Build output folder should not always be in the project subdirectories
1754<br><a href="">27600</a>
1755NPE while searching
1756<br><a href="">26602</a>
1757Incremental compile/build produces invalid header classes
1758<br><a href="">25752</a>
1759References list displays nulls for package name parts
1760<br><a href="">26967</a>
1761Upon exit always receive "JVM Terminated message"
1762<br><a href="">27748</a>
1763JUnit import fails
1764<br><a href="">27660</a>
1765Stack overflow causes startup crash
1766<br><a href="">27236</a>
1767search: references to constructors - a subclass constructor reported
1768<br><a href="">27603</a>
1769NPE in AbstractImageBuilder
1770<br><a href="">27448</a>
1771using SearchEngine the constructors, inner classes or packages are not found
1774Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1775Java development tools core</h1>
1776Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 3rd December 2002
1777<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_286
1779What's new in this drop</h2>
1781<li><b>Code completion enhancement:</b>
1782 <ul>
1783 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is after an operator and the type of
1784 proposal is compatible with the operator.
1785 <br>In the following example <code>var1</code> is more relevant than <code>var2</code>.<pre>
1786 public class X {
1787 int var1;
1788 Object var2;
1789 void foo() {
1790 int i = 1 + var&lt;cursor&gt;
1791 }
1792 }</pre>
1793 </li>
1794 </ul>
1798<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1799<a href="">27487</a>
1800Builder doesn't handle move to nested source folder
1801<br><a href="">27499</a>
1802Bogus ClasspathVariableInitializer is found in JavaModel
1803<br><a href="">22039</a>
1804Provide facility to exclude files from compilation
1805<br><a href="">26251</a>
1806project compiler settings : some are not set
1807<br><a href="">25538</a>
1808Conflict of classfolder and outputfolder not reported
1809<br><a href="">27310</a>
1810CompilationUnit#lineNumber(..) doc seems flawed
1811<br><a href="">27235</a>
1812Bug with assignement with no effect mask
1813<br><a href="">25928</a>
1814Cannot nest entries in Java Build Path - Request for Feature Removal
1815<br><a href="">26806</a>
1816Source build path should allow subdirectories of directories already on path
1817<br><a href="">27322</a>
1818ClassCastException during code assist
1819<br><a href="">27247</a>
1820Missing generation for the qualifier in 1.4 mode
1821<br><a href="">22407</a>
1822Can't set Java project build output folder to different project
1823<br><a href="">27250</a>
1824Walkback asking for a full rebuild
1825<br><a href="">27173</a>
1826API: add methodInvocation.resolveMethodBinding
1827<br><a href="">24123</a>
1828Support for multiple output dirs
1829<br><a href="">27151</a>
1830NPE searching in hierarchy
1831<br><a href="">24308</a>
1832Performance - Optimization of search in hierarchy
1834<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
1835<a href="">27204</a>
1836AST.lineNumber(position) is not working, if the class didn't have a new line at the end of file.
1837<br><a href="">27374</a>
1838project specific JRE settings
1839<br><a href="">27295</a>
1840Relevance of member type in type cast should be higher
1841<br><a href="">27254</a>
1842Inexact matches found when search references to UnconditionalFlowContext#maxFieldCount
1843<br><a href="">26938</a>
1844Build Project-command removes all from build-dir
1847Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
1848Java development tools core</h1>
1849Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 26th November 2002
1850<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_285
1852What's new in this drop</h2>
1854<li><b>Source attachment enhancements:</b>
1855 <ul>
1856 <li><b>Source folder attachment:</b> The source attachment mechanism got generalized to all binary
1857 package fragment root. In the past, only archives did support to carry a source attachment, in the
1858 form of a source archive. Now, both binary folder or archive can be associated with sources, which
1859 can be either a source archive or a source folder. In particular, mixed modes are supported (binary
1860 archive associated to source folder and reciprocally). For more details, see
1861 <code>IPackageFragmentRoot.attachSource(IPath, IPath, IProgressMonitor)</code> and
1862 <code>JavaCore.newLibraryEntry(...)</code>.
1863 </li>
1864 <li><b>Automatic root path detection:</b> If null is specified as the root path (see
1865 <code>JavaCore.newLibraryEntry(...)</code> and <code>IPackageFragmentRoot.attachSource(...)</code>),
1866 then the Java Model will do its best to compute this root path automatically. The underlying algorithm
1867 finds the first .java file, parses it, and extract the package declaration to compute the root path.
1868 </li>
1869 <li><b>Root path detection:</b> The new API
1870 <code>IPackageFragmentRoot.computeSourceAttachmentRootPath(IPath sourceAttachmentPath)</code>
1871 allows to detect the root path for a given source attachment and package fragment root.
1872 </li>
1873 </ul>
1875<li><b>Code completion enhancement:</b>
1876 <ul>
1877 <li>Relevance of a proposal is lesser if the proposal is in a variable initializer and the proposal is the variable.
1878 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is less relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
1879 public class X {
1880 int var1;
1881 int var2 = var&lt;cursor&gt;
1882 }</pre>
1883 </li>
1884 <li>Relevance of a proposal is lesser if the proposal is static and the qualified expression is non-static.
1885 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is more relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
1886 public class X {
1887 static int var1;
1888 int var2;
1889 void foo() {
1890 this.var&lt;cursor&gt;
1891 }
1892 }</pre>
1893 </li>
1894 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the completion is not qualified or is a local variable.
1895 <br>In the following example the field <code>var2</code> and the parameter <code>var1</code> are more relevant
1896 than field <code>var1</code>.<pre>
1897 public class X {
1898 int var1;
1899 int var2;
1900 void foo(int var1) {
1901 var&lt;cursor&gt;
1902 }
1903 }</pre>
1904 </li>
1905 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is equals to the current token.
1906 <br>In the following example the field <code>var</code> is more relevant than field <code>varPlus</code>.<pre>
1907 public class X {
1908 int var;
1909 int varPlus;
1910 void foo() {
1911 var&lt;cursor&gt;
1912 }
1913 }</pre>
1914 </li>
1915 </ul>
1919<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
1920<a href="">24916</a>
1921quick fix: does not handle additional dimentions sometimes [quick fix]
1922<br><a href="">26903</a>
1923VerifyError when casting null to an array type
1924<br><a href="">27002</a>
1925Scanner allocates new ArrayList(10) everytime it's created
1926<br><a href="">26912</a>
1927'null == null' fooling blank final analysis
1928<br><a href="">26817</a>
1929Class File Editor shows words translated which shouldn't be
1930<br><a href="">26452</a>
1931Wrong automatically generated import statements
1932<br><a href="">26881</a>
1933Yoyo in the debugger again
1934<br><a href="">26753</a>
1935Suspicious yoyo behavior when stepping through if condition
1936<br><a href="">25148</a>
1937Can't have different case package names
1938<br><a href="">26883</a>
1939Should report unitialized blank final field
1940<br><a href="">20932</a>
1941Cannot add a source directory as the source of a JAR file.
1942<br><a href="">8719</a>
1943DCR - Attac h Java Source: allow un-jarred source tree?
1944<br><a href="">6912</a>
1945Attach Source Requires JAR/ZIP
1946<br><a href="">26255</a>
1947project compiler settings : cannot go back to worspace settings
1948<br><a href="">26841</a>
1949Compiler - Does not detect non-visible member type in import
1950<br><a href="">26784</a>
1951problem M3 sourcebuild, linux/gtk - build error
1952<br><a href="">26706</a>
1953Cannot create project with comma characters in project path
1954<br><a href="">26195</a>
1955JDT compiler doesn't report recursive constructor invocation
1956<br><a href="">26747</a>
1957IllegalArgumentException reading build state
1958<br><a href="">3243</a>
1959SourceAttachment - automatic computation of the package root does not work (1GCMTLP)
1960<br><a href="">26785</a>
1961Unreachable empty blocks should be reported in 1.4 compliant mode
1962<br><a href="">26664</a>
1963deprecated interfaces are not allways recognized
1964<br><a href="">26759</a>
1965Cast Compiler Error
1966<br><a href="">26134</a>
1967JACKS - VerifyError running invalid code
1968<br><a href="">26253</a>
1969task tags: two tags on one line creates one task for first tag
1970<br><a href="">26677</a>
1971Code Assist - expected type must be qualified.
1972<br><a href="">23542</a>
1973CodeAssist proposal should offer non-qualified ones first
1974<br><a href="">25890</a>
1975code assist displays static members on non-static expressions
1976<br><a href="">26025</a>
1977Search should not use a file based name environment
1978<br><a href="">26138</a>
1979JACKS - The null literal should not be considered as a constant expression
1980<br><a href="">26585</a>
1981Wrong code generation in conditional expression
1982<br><a href="">26588</a>
1983Code Assist - variable must be less relevant in initialization
1984<br><a href="">26142</a>
1985JACKS: Must reject invalid character after class definition
1986<br><a href="">26141</a>
1987JACKS: Should report unterminated comment
1988<br><a href="">26129</a>
1989JACKS: VerifyError, because opcode jsr_w not used
1990<br><a href="">25888</a>
1991Open on selection fails on private binary inner class contructor
1992<br><a href="">23126</a>
1993allow selecting directories when attaching source to jar's
1994<br><a href="">22145</a>
1995Attach source directory in addition to archive file [build path]
1996<br><a href="">26459</a>
1997Unused NonVoidMethodRequestor
1998<br><a href="">26122</a>
1999JACKS: VerifyError when affecting final local in anonymous class header
2000<br><a href="">26124</a>
2001JACKS - Compile error not reported when break; used in a labeled statement
2002<br><a href="">24934</a>
2003Move top level doesn't optimize the imports[refactoring]
2004<br><a href="">25250</a>
2005Scrapbook shows wrong error message
2007<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2008<a href="">26580</a>
2009java element deltas not sent out?
2010<br><a href="">21837</a>
2011Eclipse hangs trying to set a breakpoint
2012<br><a href="">25406</a>
2013Package name change disallowed because of case insensitivity
2014<br><a href="">26885</a>
2015binary representation wrongly flagged as error
2016<br><a href="">26526</a>
2017Inner class imports flagged as errors
2018<br><a href="">26652</a>
2019Encountered "case statement must be constant" error
2020<br><a href="">23076</a>
2021compilation does not create class files!!!
2022<br><a href="">24015</a>
2023CVS synchronize with outgoing changes only causes Java rebuild
2024<br><a href="">25478</a>
2025Unresolvable import statements Problem Marker malfunctioning
2026<br><a href="">26658</a>
2027No deprecation warning
2028<br><a href="">26132</a>
2029JACKS - Blank final instance must be assigned before the end of constructor
2030<br><a href="">26340</a>
2031Using javadoc comments to generate and manage bookmarks.
2032<br><a href="">9020</a>
2033More intelligent code assist.
2034<br><a href="">25962</a>
2035Output classes is scrubbed due to error in compiling a source.
2036<br><a href="">26166</a>
2037compile single file
2038<br><a href="">25684</a>
2039SelectionEngine to be made API?
2040<br><a href="">26454</a>
2041DCR: IScanner.setSourceReader
2044Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2045Java development tools core</h1>
2046Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 14th November 2002 - 2.1 MILESTONE-3
2047<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_284
2049What's new in this drop</h2>
2053<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2054<a href="">26259</a>
2055Errors reported on save which go aways on rebuild
2057<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2060Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2061Java development tools core</h1>
2062Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 13th November 2002
2063<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_283
2065What's new in this drop</h2>
2069<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2070<a href="">26128</a>
2071packages don't appear in package explorer view
2072<br><a href="">26044</a>
2073Unexpected full builds
2074<br><a href="">26098</a>
2075Wrong line number attribute.
2076<br><a href="">24517</a>
2077type view does not notice when jar disappears
2079<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2080<a href="">26063</a>
2081MacOS X: Error saving files
2084Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2085Java development tools core</h1>
2086Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 12th November 2002
2087<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_282b
2089What's new in this drop</h2>
2091<li>In case someone deletes the .classpath and no corresponding classpath exists in memory,
2092 a default .classpath is not automatically created any longer but a marker is created on the
2093 project preventing this project from being built.
2094 This covers the following scenarii:
2095 <ul>
2096 <li>Someone checks in a .project file with the Java nature but doesn't check in the .classpath file.
2097 When the project is checked out, a marker is created indicating the .classpath file could not
2098 be read.</li>
2099 <li>Someone shuts down the workbench, deletes the .classpath and restart the workspace.
2100 When attempting to built the project, a marker is created indicating the .classpath file could
2101 not be read and the project is not built.</li>
2102 <li>The Java nature is added to a project without a .classpath file. A marker is created indicating
2103 the .classpath file could not be read.
2104 </ul>
2106<li><b>Selectivity API</b> - Source folders can be associated with filters allowing to exclude
2107specified portions of the resource tree rooted at this source entry's path. Exclusion patterns
2108are expressed using the Ant file pattern syntax (i.e. **, *, ? wild-cards; where ** can stand for
2109one or many folder names).
2110 <ul>
2111 <li>Added <code>JavaCore.newSourceEntry(IPath path, <b>IPath[] exclusionPatterns</b>)</code>
2112 </li>
2113 <li>Added <code>IClasspathEntry.getExclusionPatterns()</code>
2114 </li>
2115 </ul>
2116 Full implementation will be available by 2.1 milestone-4.
2118<li><b>Multiple output folder API</b> - Source folders can be associated with a specific output
2119location. The project output location is now corresponding to a default output location.
2120 <ul>
2121 <li>Added <code>JavaCore.newSourceEntry(IPath path, IPath[] exclusionPatterns, <b>IPath specificOutputLocation</b>)</code>
2122 </li>
2123 <li>Added <code>IClasspathEntry.getOutputLocation()</code>
2124 </li>
2125 </ul>
2126 Full implementation will be available by 2.1 milestone-4.
2128<li>The Java builder now iterates over the resource tree, allowing to take advantage of forthcoming
2129workspace structure enhancements (in particular: linked folders). As a consequence, the Java builder
2130will only consider the resources officially reflected in the resource tree (as opposed to existing
2131underlying files not yet reflected when the resource tree is out of sync).
2132Note that the build state format has changed to reflect this evolution, as a consequence, if reusing an existing
2133workspace, the first build action will have to be a rebuild-all projects, since incrementally it will
2134not be able to re-read old build states associated with prerequisite projects (and an incremental build
2135cannot tell the build manager a full rebuild is necessary).
2137<li>An option allows to control whether the Java builder should clean the output folder(s). Since
2138options can be specified on a per project basis, each individual project can be toggled for cleaning
2139the output folder or not (default is to clean). Also, "scrubbing" output folder got renamed into
2140"cleaning" output folder.
2142* BUILDER / Cleaning Output Folder(s)
2143* Indicate whether the JavaBuilder is allowed to clean the output folders
2144* when performing full build operations.
2145* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.builder.cleanOutputFolder"
2146* - possible values: { "clean", "ignore" }
2147* - default: "clean"
2150<li>Integrated patch from Genady Beriozkin for bug <a href="">25092</a>.
2151The compiler will now optionally diagnose assignments having no effect (e.g. x = x).
2152Added the following option to control this behavior.
2154* COMPILER / Reporting Assignment with no effect
2155* When enabled, the compiler will issue an error or a warning whenever an assignment
2156* has no effect (e.g 'x = x').
2157* - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.problem.noEffectAssignment"
2158* - possible values: { "error", "warning", "ignore" }
2159* - default: "warning"
2164<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2165<a href="">26053</a>
2166builder out of order in I-20021112
2167<br><a href="">25859</a>
2168Error doing Java Search
2169<br><a href="">25092</a>
2170Detect/Warn on possible user typos
2171<br><a href="">25894</a>
2172Memory leak - Global ThisReference is leaking bindings
2173<br><a href="">25885</a>
2174Code Assist - exact expected type should be more relevant than subtype
2175<br><a href="">25184</a>
2176Operations on cu outside classpath should fail
2177<br><a href="">25876</a>
2178Code Assist - void method are proposed in assignment
2179<br><a href="">23586</a>
2180Creating a new project deletes files in the parent folder
2181<br><a href="">25815</a>
2182Code Assist does not propose member type.
2183<br><a href="">25820</a>
2184NPE in Code Assist
2185<br><a href="">25811</a>
2186Code Assist for variable name suggestion is not perfect.
2187<br><a href="">24010</a>
2188IType::resolveType returns null for inner types
2189<br><a href="">25735</a>
2190Non-NLS strings are not reported properly when the ending tag is missing
2192<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2193<a href="">22509</a>
2194Unable to start some Java application
2195<br><a href="">21864</a>
2196Associate package hierarchy with top-level source directory
2197<br><a href="">12957</a>
2198Copied resources out of synch
2199<br><a href="">24276</a>
2200javadoc - Imports marked as unused when they are really necessary.
2201<br><a href="">18320</a>
2202Compiler Warning/Error/Ignore when Assigning to a Parameter
2203<br><a href="">25994</a>
2204Marker for "static method should be accessed in a static way"
2205<br><a href="">25995</a>
2206Marker for "static method should be accessed in a static way"
2207<br><a href="">25582</a>
2208Cannot specify java source path for resource !
2209<br><a href="">25665</a>
2210AST adds implicit super call (PR 22306 needed on 2.0.2 stream)
2211<br><a href="">25304</a>
2212Code assist and parameter assistance.
2213<br><a href="">24783</a>
2214method parameter name code completion
2215<br><a href="">25872</a>
2216Eclipse considers the Unicode char '\u000A' an invalid character constant.
2217<br><a href="">25255</a>
2218ICompilationUnit::getUnderlyingResource throws an exception
2221Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2222Java development tools core</h1>
2223Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 5th November 2002
2224<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_281
2226What's new in this drop</h2>
2228<li>Code completion enhancement:
2229 <ul>
2230 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is in a variable initializer and its type is compatible with the variable type.
2231 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is more relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
2232 public class X {
2233 Object var1;
2234 int var2;
2235 void foo() {
2236 int i = var&lt;cursor&gt;
2237 }
2238 }</pre>
2239 </li>
2240 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is on the right hand side of an assignment and its type is compatible with the left hand side type.
2241 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is more relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
2242 public class X {
2243 Object var1;
2244 int var2;
2245 void foo() {
2246 int i;
2247 i = var&lt;cursor&gt;
2248 }
2249 }</pre>
2250 </li>
2251 </ul>
2255<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2256<a href="">24626</a>
2257codeSelect - does not work in catch clause
2258<br><a href="">25688</a>
2259Non NLS strings improperly reported when the line separator is \r only
2260<br><a href="">25687</a>
2261codeSelect - fails with inner class as method parameter
2262<br><a href="">25605</a>
2263[API] someJavaProject.getRequiredProjectNames(); API should specify that the array is returned in ClassPath order
2264<br><a href="">25358</a>
2265Creating a new Java class - Browse for parent
2266<br><a href="">25495</a>
2267Ant compiler adapter should treat bogus imports as errors
2268<br><a href="">21957</a>
2269'refactor rename' allows subpackage name to start with a space
2270<br><a href="">25591</a>
2271ClassCastException in CompletionEngine
2272<br><a href="">25539</a>
2273Unexpected inaccurate search results
2274<br><a href="">25578</a>
2275Abstract method declaration completion should be more relevant
2276<br><a href="">25221</a>
2277Code assist after new keyword
2278<br><a href="">25347</a>
2279Deprecation-Flag in Ant doesn't work with Eclipse Compiler
2280<br><a href="">25551</a>
2281Ant javac adapter always reports build successful even if there are compiler errors
2282<br><a href="">24939</a>
2283Code Assist doesn't find protected constructor for anonymous class
2284<br><a href="">3717</a>
2285Smoke 114: Progress reporting when switching to different default VM (1GEHXMV)
2286<br><a href="">24565</a>
2287CodeAssist proposing twice the same method
2288<br><a href="">25520</a>
2289Possible problem in JavaProject#findPackageFragmentRoots(IClasspathEntry)
2290<br><a href="">24518</a>
2291Public flag not set for interface method
2293<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2294<a href="">18212</a>
2295Java Build Paths no updated correctly when checking out multiple projects
2298Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2299Java development tools core</h1>
2300Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 29th October 2002
2301<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_280
2303What's new in this drop</h2>
2305<li>In 1.4 compliant mode, the compiler will report errors for unterminated line comments (i.e. not closed with a line break). For backward compatibility reason,
2306the stricter check isn't performed in 1.3 compliant mode. See <a href="">23096</a> for further details.
2307Also note that from now on, the trailing line break is part of the line comment source range.
2309<li>The API setLeadingComment(String) on org.eclipse.jdt.core.dom.Statement class has been updated to reflect the changes made for <a href="">23096</a>.
2310This API strictly fits to the JLS. It doesn't use the compliance mode settings. So a line comment needs to be closed with a line break in
2311order to be valid.
2312See <a href="">25206</a> for further details.</li>
2315<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2316<a href="">22358</a>
2317[api] Would like CharOperation made API
2318<br><a href="">23207</a>
2319Flags.isDeprecated(IMethod.getFlags()) doesn't work
2320<br><a href="">23984</a>
2321validateEdit not called when changing .classpath
2322<br><a href="">25439</a>
2323toString() on IBinding subclasses
2324<br><a href="">25347</a>
2325Deprecation-Flag in Ant doesn't work with Eclipse Compiler
2326<br><a href="">25396</a>
2327NPE importing external plug-ins
2328<br><a href="">25433</a>
2330<br><a href="">25377</a>
2331Error location is not correct for empty array initializer
2332<br><a href="">25174</a>
2333Wrong code generation of the eclipse java compiler
2334<br><a href="">25298</a>
2335One out of two non-externalized strings reported
2336<br><a href="">25188</a>
2337Debugger won't stop on method first statement breakpoint
2338<br><a href="">25233</a>
2339NPE in CompletionParser.buildMoreCompletionContext
2340<br><a href="">25206</a>
2341DOM/AST: Statement.setLeadingComment specification is inconsistent with the JLS
2342<br><a href="">25229</a>
2343Compiler should not reject innerclass scenario
2344<br><a href="">25183</a>
2345AST: ITypeBinding of interface returns constructor
2346<br><a href="">24833</a>
2347TODO: not detected if there is only a comment in .java file
2348<br><a href="">24744</a>
2349TODO: Task not found if comment after last closing brace
2350<br><a href="">23096</a>
2351Compiler does not report end of line comment error
2352<br><a href="">24559</a>
2353TODO: items disappear when there is a syntax error in a method body
2354<br><a href="">13907</a>
2355Scanner does not report whitespace tokens at end of input
2356<br><a href="">25185</a>
2357ClassFormatError compiling a method with a compilation problem
2358<br><a href="">25124</a>
2359AST: IllegalArgumentException on creation
2361<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2362<a href="">23208</a>
2363The javadoc shown by Eclipse is different from what javadoc produces
2364<br><a href="">25464</a>
2365NPE during import plugins
2366<br><a href="">25170</a>
2367opening .java files from outside of classpath is much slower then other files
2368<br><a href="">23307</a>
2369Refactoring and Search are applied only on open files
2370<br><a href="">20985</a>
2371[GM1] REGRESSION: eclipse wants to import class already imported
2372<br><a href="">24906</a>
2373new non-nls strings not noticed on typing
2374<br><a href="">25378</a>
2375Switching from jdk1.3.1 to jdk1.4.1 leaves me without CVS support
2376<br><a href="">22304</a>
2377JavaModel: inner Node Constructor shows syntetic argument
2378<br><a href="">25373</a>
2379options now with 'Map'
2380<br><a href="">25297</a>
2381AST: DCR: Allow subclasses of ASTNode
2382<br><a href="">20751</a>
2383[F3] Discrepency between light bulbs and compiler
2384<br><a href="">25163</a>
2385AST DCR: Parameter names in IMethodBinding
2386<br><a href="">25103</a>
2387Formatter indentation
2390Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2391Java development tools core</h1>
2392Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 23rd October 2002
2393<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_279a
2395What's new in this drop</h2>
2399<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2400<a href="">25197</a>
2401NPE importing external plugins
2403<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2406Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2407Java development tools core</h1>
2408Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 22nd October 2002
2409<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_279
2411What's new in this drop</h2>
2413<li>By default, the compiler will produce warnings for unused imports and non-static references to static members.
2415<li>Code completion enhancement:
2416 <ul>
2417 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is in a return statement and its type is compatible with the return type.
2418 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is more relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
2419 public class X {
2420 Object var1;
2421 int var2;
2422 int foo() {
2423 return var&lt;cursor&gt;
2424 }
2425 }</pre>
2426 </li>
2427 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is in a cast statement and its type is in the hierachy of the cast type.
2428 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is more relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
2429 public class X {
2430 Object var1;
2431 int var2;
2432 long foo() {
2433 return (int)var&lt;cursor&gt;
2434 }
2435 }</pre>
2436 </li>
2437 <li>Relevance of a proposal is higher if the proposal is an argument of a sent message and its type is compatible with the parameter type.
2438 <br>In the following example <code>var2</code> is more relevant than <code>var1</code>.<pre>
2439 public class X {
2440 Object var1;
2441 int var2;
2442 void foo(int i) {
2443 foo(var&lt;cursor&gt;
2444 }
2445 }</pre>
2446 </li>
2447 </ul>
2451<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2452<a href="">25040</a>
2453getPackageFragmentRoots(CP entry) implementation doesn't match spec
2454<br><a href="">25041</a>
2455IJavaElement#getUnderlyingResource - should fail if element doesn't exist
2456<br><a href="">24505</a>
2457Refactoring an empty package makes it disappears
2458<br><a href="">24775</a>
2459Wrong delta when replacing binary project with source project
2460<br><a href="">25018</a>
2461parseCompilationUnit(..) does not report a compile error
2462<br><a href="">24773</a>
2463CompilationUnit.getProblems: not all problems?
2464<br><a href="">24747</a>
2465incorrect compile error message
2466<br><a href="">24974</a>
2467Broken link in JDT Plugin-in Developer's Guide
2468<br><a href="">24691</a>
2469Missing interface makes hierarchy incomplete
2471<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2472<a href="">24213</a>
2473[M1] dependency checking too conservative
2474<br><a href="">24671</a>
2475Attaching source to JAR triggers build
2476<br><a href="">25039</a>
2477Non-existing package fragment roots should not be openable
2478<br><a href="">23311</a>
2479Need a way to include external JARs in the indexer
2480<br><a href="">24956</a>
2481Compiler misdiagnoses exception sequence
2482<br><a href="">24019</a>
2483Jar Refresh Problem
2486Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2487Java development tools core</h1>
2488Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 15th October 2002 - 2.1 MILESTONE-2
2489<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_278
2491What's new in this drop</h2>
2493<li> Added soft dependency on plug-in "" to account for fileTypes contribution
2495 <li> JavaCore option added for specifying the task priorities (default is <code>""</code> meaning
2496 tasks have normal priority).
2498 * COMPILER / Define the Automatic Task Priorities
2499 * In parallel with the Automatic Task Tags, this list defines the priorities (high, normal or low)
2500 * of the task markers issued by the compiler.
2501 * If the default is specified, the priority of each task marker is "NORMAL".
2502 * - option id: "org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.taskPriorities"
2503 * - possible values: { "priority[,priority]*" } where priority is one of "HIGH", "NORMAL" or "LOW"
2504 * - default: ""
2506 </li>
2509<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2510<a href="">23272</a>
2511Plugin dependence problem
2512<br><a href="">24741</a>
2513Search does not find patterned type reference in binary project
2514<br><a href="">23812</a>
2515Configurable (TODO) Markers priority in takslist
2516<br><a href="">22840</a>
2517Refactor-&gt;Move doesn't update Local History
2518<br><a href="">24685</a>
2519Inner package fragments gets deleted - model out of synch
2520<br><a href="">24498</a>
2521Duplicate entries on classpath cause CP marker to no longer refresh
2522<br><a href="">24630</a>
2523NPE in MethodBinding
2524<br><a href="">24622</a>
2525ast: problems with missing ParenthesizedExpression nodes #2
2526<br><a href="">24529</a>
2527compiler must accept empty source files
2528<br><a href="">24502</a>
2529AST: No binding for type accesses to a non-visible type
2530<br><a href="">24511</a>
2531AST: Resolve on non-visible import
2532<br><a href="">24501</a>
2533AST: No binding for fields accesses of non-visible fields
2534<br><a href="">24500</a>
2535AST: No binding for field instance access in constructor invocation
2536<br><a href="">24499</a>
2537AST: No binding for instance access in constructor invocation
2538<br><a href="">17104</a>
2539Compiler does not complain but "Quick Fix" ??? complains
2540<br><a href="">21893</a>
2541IType::isMember works the other way round
2542<br><a href="">22581</a>
2543Ignore unreachable code for unread variables
2545<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2546<a href="">21175</a>
2547Incorrectly identified: Catch block is hidden by another one in the same try statement
2548<br><a href="">23523</a>
2549Ouliner not updated after catch-up from repository
2550<br><a href="">24230</a>
2551search: does not find a references to constructor in anonymous type creations nodes
2552<br><a href="">24522</a>
2553New Class Dialog: No interface method stubs generated for nested class
2554<br><a href="">24567</a>
2555problem with hierarchy in working copy
2556<br><a href="">21901</a>
2557JavaCore.setClasspathContainer is not generic enough
2558<br><a href="">24623</a>
2559AST: No method body when abstract modifier is existing
2560<br><a href="">24558</a>
2561compiler error, method declaration in interface -&gt; NullPointerException
2562<br><a href="">24621</a>
2563Cannot specified JRE for each project separely ...
2564<br><a href="">24600</a>
2565ECLIPSE_HOME not set
2566<br><a href="">14194</a>
2567Java source files shouldn't show errors when in src dir, but not java resource
2568<br><a href="">24514</a>
2569dependency analyzer is broken
2570<br><a href="">24400</a>
2571Compiler bug or java 'feature' ?
2572<br><a href="">24243</a>
2573Heuristic to differ between internal JAR and external JAR.
2574<br><a href="">23769</a>
2578Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2579Java development tools core</h1>
2580Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 8th October 2002
2581<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_277
2583What's new in this drop</h2>
2585<li>Search for constructor references now finds implicit constructor calls. Indexes in old workspaces are recomputed when restarted which may result in longer startup times.
2589<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2590<a href="">24449</a>
2591AST: Resolve on field access
2592<br><a href="">24453</a>
2593ast: problems with missing ParenthesizedExpression nodes
2594<br><a href="">23112</a>
2595search: need a way to search for references to the implicit non-arg constructor
2596<br><a href="">24440</a>
2597NPE when complete qualified allocation expression
2598<br><a href="">24406</a>
2599AST: Resolve on method invocation
2600<br><a href="">24376</a>
2601Attempt to change resource while tree locked during container initialization
2602<br><a href="">24346</a>
2603Method declaration not found in field initializer
2604<br><a href="">13939</a>
2605DBCS: no error message to DBCS whitespace in java source
2606<br><a href="">23829</a>
2607IType::resolveType incorrectly returns null
2608<br><a href="">22541</a>
2609JDT core test suites should be on
2610<br><a href="">2857</a>
2611Renaming .java class with errors to .txt leaves errors in Task list (1GK06R3)
2612<br><a href="">24245</a>
2613IJavaSearchScope.enclosingProjectsAndJars doc misleading, hard to use
2614<br><a href="">24140</a>
2615Searching for references to a private field within heirarchy seems very slow
2616<br><a href="">24268</a>
2617DOM: NPE in NaiveASTFlattener#visit(SwitchCase node)
2619<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2620<a href="">23644</a>
2621hierarchy: getAllSuperTypes does not include all superinterfaces?
2622<br><a href="">23593</a>
2623search: strange method reference match found
2624<br><a href="">8489</a>
2625space instead of tab
2626<br><a href="">24370</a>
2628<br><a href="">24205</a>
2629TypeHierarchy omits subtypes
2630<br><a href="">24375</a>
2631Casting of primitive final fields to its own type causes VerifyError
2632<br><a href="">22548</a>
2633IndexOutOfBoundsException during jdt indexing
2634<br><a href="">24347</a>
2635AST: Resolve on type name qualifier
2636<br><a href="">23211</a>
2637Bug with search/reference !
2638<br><a href="">22894</a>
2639Improperly formed ICompilationUnit?
2640<br><a href="">24324</a>
2641AST: IVariableBinding.getModifiers not same as in source
2642<br><a href="">23930</a>
2643Eclipse crash when a rebuild project !???
2644<br><a href="">21905</a>
2645Class file editor should indicate that .class file is missing debug attributes
2646<br><a href="">21741</a>
2647Error while Build and doesn't allow to create ServerProject also
2648<br><a href="">22376</a>
2649Parent of JarEntryFile
2650<br><a href="">24274</a>
2651ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from source mapper
2652<br><a href="">23677</a>
2653java.lang.OutOfMemoryError when setting class path
2654<br><a href="">24233</a>
2655Impossible to compile projects - followinf of BUG 22509
2656<br><a href="">24233</a>
2657Installed JRE detection doesnt work correctly
2660Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2661Java development tools core</h1>
2662Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 1st October 2002
2663<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_276
2665What's new in this drop</h2>
2667<li>Registered classpath variable initializers are now taking precedence on values persisted during previous session. This allows
2668initializers to rebind their variables when restarting a workspace, and thus fix up their values. </li>
2671<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2672<a href="">23594</a>
2673code resolve: incorrectly resolving method invocation
2674<br><a href="">21763</a>
2675Problem in Java search [search]
2676<br><a href="">22846</a>
2677Cannot add in a new classpath entry
2678<br><a href="">20197</a>
2679Classpath Variables pref page does not refresh with latest variables [build path]
2680<br><a href="">24134</a>
2681JDTCompilertAdapter doesn't throw BuildException on compile error
2682<br><a href="">24001</a>
2683Classpath variable/container initializer should activate
2685<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2686<a href="">23656</a>
2687hierarchy: type hierarchy on interfaces does not contain Object
2688<br><a href="">23890</a>
2689Changing Package Declarations triggers full project rebuild
2690<br><a href="">24172</a>
2691Strange behavior with wrong package declaration
2692<br><a href="">24093</a>
2693NPE in Java Builder
2694<br><a href="">22445</a>
2695Compiler inconsistent with javac when code returns from inside a finally {} block
2696<br><a href="">24189</a>
2697need a way to verify that a string can be a type name
2698<br><a href="">23925</a>
2699Class path vars missing
2700<br><a href="">24210</a>
2701NPE renaming project
2702<br><a href="">24164</a>
2703Cannot use a specif rt.jar for a specific Java project
2704<br><a href="">23989</a>
2705Build Path page reports cycle even if there is none
2706<br><a href="">22754</a>
2707JRE-Settings independent for each project
2710Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2711Java development tools core</h1>
2712Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 26th September 2002
2713<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_275
2715What's new in this drop</h2>
2719<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2720<a href="">24083</a>
2721NPE accessing JavaProject preferences
2723<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2726Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
2727Java development tools core</h1>
2728Eclipse SDK 2.1 Build - 24th September 2002
2729<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_274
2731What's new in this drop</h2>
2733<li>Added new API findDeclaringNode(String) on CompilationUnit. This new method should be used to retrieve ASTNode
2734declared in another compilation unit. See javadoc for further details or bug <a href="">23734</a>.
2736<li> New APIs added onto IJavaProject to enable project custom options. Project custom options are persisted into a file ".jprefs"
2737located inside the project metadata JDT/Core plugin location. Project can be specified custom options, and inherit global ones from JavaCore.
2738At this point, it is unclear whether we will attempt to share these custom properties (like .classpath file).
2739 <ul>
2740 <li>
2742 /**
2743 * Helper method for returning one option value only. Equivalent to <code>(String)this.getOptions(inheritJavaCoreOptions).get(optionName)</code>
2744 * Note that it may answer <code>null</code> if this option does not exist, or if there is no custom value for it.
2745 *
2746 * For a complete description of the configurable options, see <code>JavaCore#getDefaultOptions</code>.
2747 *
2748 * @param optionName the name of an option
2749 * @param inheritJavaCoreOptions - boolean indicating whether JavaCore options should be inherited as well
2750 * @return the String value of a given option
2751 * @see JavaCore#getDefaultOptions
2752 * @since 2.1
2753 */
2754 String getOption(String optionName, boolean inheritJavaCoreOptions);
2756 </li>
2757 <li>
2759 /**
2760 * Returns the table of the current custom options for this project. Projects remember their custom options,
2761 * i.e. only the options different from the the JavaCore global options for the workspace.
2762 * A boolean argument allows to directly merge the project options with global ones from <code>JavaCore</code>.
2763 *
2764 * For a complete description of the configurable options, see <code>JavaCore#getDefaultOptions</code>.
2765 *
2766 *
2767 * @param inheritJavaCoreOptions - boolean indicating whether JavaCore options should be inherited as well
2768 * @return table of current settings of all options
2769 * (key type: <code>String</code>; value type: <code>String</code>)
2770 * @see JavaCore#getDefaultOptions
2771 * @since 2.1
2772 */
2773 Map getOptions(boolean inheritJavaCoreOptions);
2775 </li>
2776 <li>
2778 /**
2779 * Sets the project custom options. All and only the options explicitly included in the given table
2780 * are remembered; all previous option settings are forgotten, including ones not explicitly
2781 * mentioned.
2782 *
2783 * For a complete description of the configurable options, see <code>JavaCore#getDefaultOptions</code>.
2784 *
2785 *
2786 * @param newOptions the new options (key type: <code>String</code>; value type: <code>String</code>),
2787 * or <code>null</code> to flush all custom options (clients will automatically get the global JavaCore options).
2788 * @see JavaCore#getDefaultOptions
2789 * @since 2.1
2790 */
2791 void setOptions(Map newOptions);
2793 </li>
2794 </ul>
2796 <li>Added <code>, IProgressMonitor)</code> that allows batching
2797 of java model operations. Only one Java element changed event is reported at the end of the batch.
2798 For example the following code snippet notifies listeners twice:
2799 <pre>
2800 ICompilationUnit unit = ...;
2801 unit.createType("class B {}", null, false, monitor);
2802 unit.getType("A").createField("int i;", null, false, monitor);
2803 </pre>
2804 To be notified only once, use the following:
2805 <pre>
2807 new IWorkspaceRunnable() {
2808 public void run(IProgressMonitor monitor) throws CoreException {
2809 ICompilationUnit unit = ...;
2810 unit.createType("class B {}", null, false, monitor);
2811 unit.getType("A").createField("int i;", null, false, monitor);
2812 }
2813 },
2814 monitor);
2815 </pre>
2816 </li>
2818<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
2819<a href="">23977</a>
2820.classpath corruption
2821<br><a href="">23734</a>
2822AST: CompilationUnit.findDeclaringNode only finds bindings from its own ast
2823<br><a href="">23979</a>
2824Build Path page reports cycle even if there is none
2825<br><a href="">20881</a>
2826"organize imports" does not find an import statement "add import" does. [code manipulation]
2827<br><a href="">7091</a>
2828turn off the debug info on a project by project basis
2829<br><a href="">19663</a>
2830Java|Compiler|Other|Filtered resources needs to be project/team specific
2831<br><a href="">14062</a>
2832JDK Compliance against a project
2833<br><a href="">22289</a>
2834To have file encoding by project
2835<br><a href="">7395</a>
2836Set the compiler options per project instead of per workspace
2837<br><a href="">23894</a>
2838Extra (TODO) Markers : There is no todo task when there is no error
2839<br><a href="">23162</a>
2840DOM: clients should be able to control if bindings are available even if AST is modified
2841<br><a href="">23901</a>
2842CCE in DefaultBindingResolver
2843<br><a href="">23597</a>
2844cannot resolve a call to a protected superclass method
2845<br><a href="">23573</a>
2846AST: clone &amp; source locations
2848<h3>Problem Reports Closed</h3>
2849<a href="">22618</a>
2850incorrect warning about unread vars
2851<br><a href="">3239</a>
2852CodeFormatter: need to be able to set linedelimiter used (1GC0LFK)
2853<br><a href="">22979</a>
2854using IScanner inside comments
2855<br><a href="">23550</a>
2856Micro-java, embedded java
2857<br><a href="">23833</a>
2858Java source attachment does not work
2859<br><a href="">23402</a>
2860Cancel on compile has no effect
2861<br><a href="">23635</a>
2862Compilation Errors Inconsistent
2863<br><a href="">21520</a>
2864'Errors during build: org.eclipse.jdt.internal.compiler.lookup.SourceTypeBinding' error
2865<br><a href="">22148</a>
2866Qlfd. vs. unqlfd. Name from IField.getTypeSignature
2867<br><a href="">21475</a>
2868No source for classes without debug information [general issue]