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Copyright (c) 2010 Stephan Herrmann and others.
All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
Stephan Herrmann - initial API and implementation
<project default="main">
Expected args:
component.short:what's building? Defined by where and customTargets.xml are found
OTScriptDir: where most build scripts are found (build)
build.root.dir: (testrun/build-root)
baseLocation: from where eclipse is running (testrun/build-root/eclipse)
run.eclipseScriptDir: relative location of's scripts
buildDirectory: where sources shall be built (testrun/build-root/src)
configs: what to build
baseos, basews, basearch: what platform we're on
<loadproperties srcfile="${OTScriptDir}/" />
<loadproperties srcfile="${builder}/" />
<target name="main">
<!--Default values for required properties-->
<property name="buildDirectory" value="${build.root.dir}/src" />
<echo message="BUILDDIR: ${buildDirectory}" />
<delete failonerror="true" dir="${buildDirectory}" />
<antcall target="" />
<property file="${buildDirectory}/" />
<!--fetch the HEAD stream of all projects if build type specified as N-->
<condition property="fetchTag" value="HEAD">
<equals arg1="${buildType}" arg2="N" />
<property name="fetchTag" value="" />
<!--set the compiler and compiler arguments-->
<!--the default compiler is set to the one used by eclipse rel. eng. -->
<loadproperties srcfile="${OTScriptDir}/compiler.${component.short}.properties" />
<!--this property required as of Eclipse 3.0 stream builds > 20031126 -->
<property name="buildingOSGi" value="true" />
<!--run the pde-build for the specified ${builder} (OT-Compiler or OTDT-Build) -->
<ant antfile="build.xml" dir="${baseLocation}/${run.eclipseScriptDir}" />
<!--and call our custom post- action -->
<antcall target="post${component.short}"/>
<target name="postOTDT-Build">
<!-- Export the build into an update site suitable to install by using the p2 director: -->
<ant antfile="${OTScriptDir}/p2helper.xml" target="createLocalUpdateSite" dir="${buildDirectory}"/>
<!-- add the bcel jar to the update site: -->
<copy file="${bcel.jar}" todir="${otdtUpdatesDir}/plugins"/>
<target name="postOT-Compiler">
<echo message="Nothing to do post OT-Compiler"/>
<target name="" unless="">
<mkdir dir="${buildDirectory}" />
<property name="date" value="${DSTAMP}" />
<property name="time" value="${TSTAMP}" />
<property name="timestamp" value="${date}${time}" />
<property name="buildId" value="${buildType}${date}" />
<!--this naming convention used by php scripts on download server-->
<property name="buildLabel" value="${buildType}-${buildId}-${timestamp}" />
<!--store the build label information in a file-->
<echo file="${buildDirectory}/" append="true" >
<echo file="${buildDirectory}/" append="true" >
<echo file="${buildDirectory}/" append="true" >
<echo file="${buildDirectory}/" append="true" >
<available file="${buildDirectory}/" property="" />