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<title>What's New</title>
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<h2>Changes in the Object Teams Development Tooling are present per release:</h2>
<li><b><a href="news/new_in_2.0.html">OTDT 2.0 New&amp;Noteworthy</a> - "Indigo" Release June 2011</b></li>
<li><b><a href="news/new_in_0.7.1.html">OTDT 0.7.1 New&amp;Noteworthy</a> - Service Release (Incubation) September 2010</b></li>
<li><b><a href="news/new_in_0.7.html">OTDT 0.7 New&amp;Noteworthy</a> - Release (Incubation) July 2010</b></li>