New strategy for OTRE jars:
* revert fragment otequinox.runtime to a regular plugin with nested jars (otre & BCEL) (no equinox issues any more)
  - otequinox.hook accesses the OTRE now via a new service (IOTTransformer) provided by otequinox (new class TransformerServiceDelegate)
* let otequinox re-export objectteams.runtime for easy access to o.o.Team et al. (all OT-bundles depending on otequinox)
* objectteams.otdt now only hosts otre_min.jar and otre_agent.jar
* cleanup management of classpath variables and dependent paths
  - OTRUNTIME_LIBDIR now directly points to the lib dir containing the jars
  - all paths are now served from OTREContainer
  - use only one classpath variable initializer for both variables
20 files changed