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<project name="testsuite" default="run" basedir=".">
<property name="otdt-tests-workspace" value="${test.eclipseDir}/otdt-tests-workspace"/>
<!-- sets the properties eclipseTest-home, and library-file -->
<property name="plugin-name" value="org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.ui.tests"/>
<!-- library.xml need these properties-->
<property name="eclipse-home" value="${test.eclipseDir}"/>
<property name="" value="performance"/>
<property name="library-file" value="${test.eclipseDir}/plugins/${org.eclipse.test}/library.xml"/>
<!-- This target holds all initialization code that needs to be done for -->
<!-- all tests that are to be run. Initialization for individual tests -->
<!-- should be done within the body of the suite target. -->
<target name="init">
<fileset dir="${test.eclipseDir}" includes="org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.ui.tests.AllTests.xml,${plugin-name}.${file-id}.xml"/>
<!-- This target defines the tests that need to be run. -->
<target name="suite">
<!-- All OTDT UI tests -->
<property name="otdt-ui-folder"
<delete dir="${otdt-ui-folder}" quiet="true"/>
<ant target="ui-test" antfile="${library-file}" dir="${test.eclipseDir}">
<property name="data-dir" value="${otdt-ui-folder}"/>
<property name="plugin-name" value="${plugin-name}"/>
<property name="classname"
<target name="checkOS">
<condition property="os.isWindows">
<os family="windows"/>
<!-- This target holds code to cleanup the testing environment after -->
<!-- after all of the tests have been run. You can use this target to -->
<!-- delete temporary files that have been created. -->
<target name="cleanup">
<!-- This target runs the test suite. Any actions that need to happen -->
<!-- after all the tests have been run should go here. -->
<target name="run" depends="init,suite,cleanup">
<ant target="collect" antfile="${library-file}" dir="${test.eclipseDir}">
<property name="includes" value="org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt.ui.tests.AllTests.xml"/>
<property name="output-file" value="${plugin-name}.${file-id}.xml"/>