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Using the Object Teams Parent POM
Olaf Otto & Stephan Herrmann
Using the Object Teams Parent POM
Declaring this module as the parent of your project will add basic capabilities
for using OT/J in your sources.
* Include the parent pom
For simple cases two declarations in your pom will suffice:
[[1]] declare the maven repository for fetching Object Teams related modules
<name>Object Teams Repository</name>
[[1]] declare the parent pom
Starting with version 2.1.1 the parent pom also supports using OT/J in tycho builds (projects using OSGi).
* Example
See the {{{../objectteams-compile-test}objectteams-compile-test}} project for an example of how to use this parent pom.
* Under the hood
** Standard OT/J dependencies documented
All OT/J projects using the <<<objectteams-parent-pom>>> implicitly depend on the following artifacts which are developed
independent of maven and simply repackaged using the {{{../objectteams-artifact-deployer}org.eclipse:objectteams-artifact-deployer}} module:
[org.eclipse:objectteams-runtime] the Object Teams runtime repackaged from the <<<org.eclipse.objectteams.runtime>>> OSGi bundle.
[org.eclipse:objectteams-otre-agent] the Java agent that hooks the Object Teams runtime into the JVM (repackaged from file <<<otre_agent.jar>>>
from the <<<org.eclipse.objectteams.otdt>>> project).
[org.eclipse:objectteams-otj-compiler] a compatible replacement for <<<org.eclipse.tycho:org.eclipse.jdt.core>>> that enables the
<<<org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-compiler-jdt>>> plugin to compile OT/J sources.
The following module is indirectly used:
[org.apache.bcel:bcel] the original {{{}apache bcel}} Byte Code Engineering Library.