User Guide update as of  Bug 316703 -  [help] update user guide for 0.7.0
(see comment 1)
diff --git a/plugins/ b/plugins/
index beae173..5f1dd62 100644
--- a/plugins/
+++ b/plugins/
@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
   	  		<li>Syntax highlighting, <a href="editor.html#navigation">navigation</a>, <a href="contentassist.html">content/code assist</a>, <a href="callinmarker.html">base code annotations</a></li>
   	  		<li>A table based <b>Binding Editor</b> specifically supports the creation of <i>connectors</i></li>
   	  		<li><a href="methodcompare.html">Comparing bound methods</a></li>
+			<li><a href="refactoring.html"><b>Refactoring</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
 	  <li>Object Teams <b>structural/navigational views</b> (<a href="packageexplorer.html">package explorer</a>, type hierarchy, outline)</li>
 	  <li><a href="compilation.html"><b>Compiling</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
@@ -34,11 +35,6 @@
  	  <li><a href="debugging.html"><b>Debugging</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
-	The following feature -- although available in the JDT	-- is only partially adapted for the OTDT:
-	<ul>
-  	  <li><a href="refactoring.html"><b>Refactoring</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
-	</ul>
 	If you have never used the eclipse Java IDE before, please consider getting familiar with the
 	<a href="/help/topic/org.eclipse.jdt.doc.user/concepts/concepts-1.htm">Java Development Tooling</a>, as