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Using the Object Teams test project POM
Olaf Otto & Stephan Herrmann
Using Object Teams with Maven3
Declaring <<<org.eclipse:objectteams-parent-pom>>> as the parent of your project will add basic capabilities
for using OT/J in your sources.
* Include the parent pom
For simple cases two declarations in your pom will suffice:
[[1]] declare the maven repository for fetching Object Teams related modules
<name>Object Teams Repository</name>
[[1]] declare the parent pom
* Effect
The above steps suffice to let you
* use OT/J syntax in your <<<.java>>> sources and have it compiled just like plain Java.
* run OT/J programs via surfire, e.g., as JUnit tests.
A predefined <<<\<surefire.argline\>>>> is used that ensures that all required jars are on the classpath and the
OT/J agent is activated.
* Override inherited declarations
The following declarations, although inherited from <<<objectteams-parent-pom>>> should be overridden per project:
* <<<\<scm\>>>>
* <<<\<url\>>>>
* <<<\<distributionManagement\>\<site\>>>>
<Note that Maven doesn't cope well with declarations depending on properties like \<project.artifactId\>
when this declaration is inherited from a project's parent.>
* Source
See the full source of {{{}pom.xml}}.