Fix for Bug 316628 - [doc] User guide is lacking an entry for the binding editor
diff --git a/plugins/ b/plugins/
index 18ad11d..74e474c 100644
--- a/plugins/
+++ b/plugins/
@@ -25,11 +25,18 @@
   	  <li><a href="editor.html"><b>Editing</b></a> OT/J:
   	  	<ul style="margin-bottom:0px">
   	  		<li>Syntax highlighting, <a href="editor.html#navigation">navigation</a>, <a href="contentassist.html">content/code assist</a>, <a href="callinmarker.html">base code annotations</a></li>
-  	  		<li>A table based <b>Binding Editor</b> specifically supports the creation of <i>connectors</i></li>
   	  		<li><a href="methodcompare.html"><b>Comparing</b></a> bound methods to facilitate co-evolution of a role with its base</li>
 			<li><a href="refactoring.html"><b>Refactoring</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
-	  <li>Object Teams <b>structural/navigational views</b> (<a href="packageexplorer.html">package explorer</a>, type hierarchy, outline)</li>
+  	  <li>Enhanced <b>structural/navigational views</b> and a tabular editor
+  	  		<ul>
+  	  		<li>A table based <a href="bindingeditor.html"><b>binding editor</b></a> specifically supports the creation of <i>connectors</i></li>
+	  		<li><a href="packageexplorer.html">Package explorer</a> with support for role files/team packages</li>
+	  		<li><a href="outline.html">Outline</a> showing all OT/J elements</li>
+	  		<li><a href="typehierarchy.html">Type hierarchy</a> with support for team inheritance</li>
+	  		<li><a href="callhierarchy.html">Call hierarchy</a> showing control flows induced by callout/callin method bindings</li>
+	  		</ul>
+	  </li>
 	  <li><a href="compilation.html"><b>Compiling</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
 	  <li><a href="running.html"><b>Running</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>
  	  <li><a href="debugging.html"><b>Debugging</b></a> Object Teams programs</li>