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<title>Comparing Bound Methods</title>
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<h1>Comparing Bound Methods</h1>
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<strong>The OTDT provides a special action for comparing a role method with the base method to which it is bound.</strong>
To invoke this action the <strong>context menu</strong> of a callin method binding (in package explorer or outline)
is used: <span class="ui"><nobr>Compare With > <img src="../images/callinbindingreplace_obj.gif"> Bound Base Method</nobr></span>.
Alternatively, the context menu can also be used on a <code class="keyword">callin</code> method.
When invoked this action opens a <strong>compare editor</strong>, the left hand side showing the role method
and the right hand side showing the bound base method.
The role method is editable whereas the base method is shown read-only.
The action is most useful for <code class="keyword">callin</code> methods that are created
by copying the base method in order to apply fine grained modifications.
In this situation the compare editor can be used to inspect and update the modifications
as well as adopt any changes that might have occurred to the base method during evolution.
<img alt="Compare menu" src="images/screenshots/CompareMenu.png">
<img alt="Compare editor for bound methods" src="images/screenshots/CompareWithBaseMethod.png">