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<title>Refactoring Object Teams programs</title>
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<h1>Refactoring Object Teams programs</h1>
<p style="margin:20px;"><em><u>Note:</u>
The extended refactoring support has been developed based on Eclipse 3.0.
Some of this functionality has not yet been ported to Eclipse 3.5 and thus is not yet available in OTDT 1.3.0.<br>
Work is underway to integrate even more complete refactoring support later in the 1.3 cycle.
<p>Significant work has been put into supporting the automated refactoring of OT/J code.
The following refactorings take into account the Object Teams-specific
relationships (implicit role inheritance, team nesting, role-base bindings and method
<li>Extract Method
<li>Move Method
<li>Rename Method
<li>Rename Project
<li>Rename Source folder
<li>Rename Field
The Rename Package refactoring is also available, with the only limitation
that you cannot rename team-packages. The Rename Type refactoring does not
yet support role files (<a href="otjld/def/s1.html#s1.2.5"><img width="15" border="0" src="../images/ot_paragraph.gif"> 1.2.5</a>).