Bug 401415 - Can't show sources from installed plug-ins for some
teams/roles in o.e.objectteams.otdt.jdt.ui

- fix reading of CTF(set) under OTDRE (otmodel)
- include OT_CLASS_FLAGS in BinaryType.getFlags() via CFR.getModifiers
- use flag to create BinaryRoleType if needed
- strip __OT__ in one more ctor of BinaryType
- BinaryType.equals(): ignore __OT__ difference in parent classfile
- retrench some signatures for BinaryMethod, to make them selectable
- minor cleanup in ClassFileInfo

Improved source mapping for roles
- buffer lookup: don't directly consult the outermost enclosing type
- pass flags where known
- include team name for source lookup of role file

- support double-click opening of role file
9 files changed