unify diagnostics for different nodes, using the same "type mismatch" messages throughout

revert to previous strategy to call  bindArguments from resolveTypesFor:
+ now that annotations are no longer inherited, defaults must be applied first
  and we must have annotations of super methods evaluated from defaults 
  before doing the inheritance check.
+ include fillInDefaultNullness in bindArguments
+ also force-trigger type.getAnnotationTagBits() before bindArguments
  because only then we know if the type has a default annotation

Synthetic Annotations also need declarationSourceEnd (otherwise ASTConverter fails)

Started to update the quickfixes to the current implementation (Work in progress)
+ after unifying IProblems we will have to do more analysis on the AST
  to find out what correction to apply

Reorganized tests (extract better suitable runTestXYZ methods)
and update expected compiler messages
9 files changed