several improvements regarding generics & roles (while working on an example for bidirectional relations):
* more wrapping/unwrapping of roles used as type param
* fix a reentrance issue in ClassScope.checkParameterizedTypeBounds()
  (via RTB.isCompatibleViaLowering -> ensureRoleState(LENV_DONE_FIELDS_AND_METHODS))
* make RTB override also findSuperTypeOriginatingFrom(int,boolean)
  -> should however check if it's better to let RoleSplitter copy superinterfaces from extends!
* fix NPE in local class of RTC.internalWrapQualifiedRoleType
  (non-final anchor is team&role)
* fix NPE in RTC.maybeWrapUnqualifiedRoleType
* fix wrong generated type reference from UnresolvedReferenceBinding
6 files changed