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       <img src="images/screenshots/CallHierarchy.png"
 	  	   alt="Call hierarchy showing Object Teams method bindings">
+	  <p>Additionally, whenever the call hierarchy shows the <b>lifting constructor</b> 
+	    (<a href="otjld/def/s2.html#s2.3.1.b"><img src="../images/ot_paragraph.png"> 2.3.1(b &amp; c)</a>) of a role
+	  	(either as an intermediate node or when requesting the call hierarchy for
+	  	the role class) all those locations are considered as callers that involve
+	  	lifting a base object to the given role, because the lifting operation
+	  	can implicitly trigger creation of a role instance. According to
+	  	<a href="otjld/def/s2.html#s2.3.b"><img src="../images/ot_paragraph.png"> 2.3(b)</a>	  	
+	  	lifting can occur
+	  	<ul>
+	  	<li>in a callout method binding (for the return value)</li>
+	  	<li>in a callin method binding (call target and arguments)</li>
+	  	<li>in a team method with declared lifting</li>
+	  	</ul>
+	  </p>
+      <img src="images/screenshots/CallHierarchyLifting.png"
+	  	   alt="Call hierarchy showing implicit role creation by lifting">
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 	Binding markers are enabled/disabled globally on the <span class="ui">Object Teams</span> preference page.<br>
 	Detailed configuration is possible via <span class="ui">Window->Preferences->General->Editors->Text Editors->Annotations</span>
-  </body>
+	<p>
+	Whenever the same base method is affected by multiple callin bindings of the same kind (before, replace or after),
+	the compiler will add a warning marker. This should help to prevent situations where different callin bindings
+	could potentiall interfere with each other.
+	</p>
+	<table>
+	<tr><td class="caption">Multiple-callins marker
+	  <td><img src="images/screenshots/NN21/MultipleCallins.png"
+	  	   alt="Warning marker for multiple callin bindings">
+	</tr>
+	</table>  </body>
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     role/base/team instances. For that reason, filtering of these variables
     can be toggled from the variable view's menu: <span class="ui">Java &gt; Show OT/J Internal Variables</span>.
     The same holds for the detail drill down of the team monitor.
+    <h2><a name="hot-code-replace">Hot code replacement</a></h2>
+    During debugging, code changes can automatically be swapped into the running program even for classes
+    requiring bytecode weaving. Naturally, this is bounded by the inability of the JVM to handle
+    signature changes (incl. addition & removal of methods / fields) for hot code replacement.
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 	  <li><b>Templates (source patterns)</b> for Object Teams specific language constructs
 	  using content assist (<b>Ctrl+Space</b>),
 	      e.g. <code class="keyword">within</code> (<i>Expression</i>) <i>Statement</i>
+	  <li><b>Code formatting</b> for OT/J syntax.
 	  <li>New <a href="callinmarker.html"><b>binding marker</b></a> annotations in the vertical ruler (for base classes/methods bound using playedBy/callin/callout)
 	      allowing navigation to the affecting role.
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