Fix bogus errors reported by the reconciler:
 + fix analysis of method overriding:
   + change parameter of restoreRole from Class to Class<?>
   + detect overriding during resolveGeneratedMethod if we're past verify.
 + avoid reporting of missing IBoundBase._OT$addRole
   + support detection of non-OT types as generated
     - IBoundBase is a regular ifc
     - The method is missing because it has an invalid OT identifier
   + tag referenceContext as having errors after silencing an error to avoid
     generating code from broken AST
 + reconstruct valid AST from o.o.Team.__OT__Confined by reverting role splitting
   + remove __OT__ prefix (was already happening)
   + remove super interface Confined to avoid cyclic definition
   + don't convert the interface Confined
 + Connect two old patches with newly reported bug
   Bug 320841 -  TypeConverters don't set enclosingType
7 files changed