Several issues regarding initialization order
+ new tests re compile order (had issues requesting and annotations too early)
  + fixed by using an UnresolvedReferenceBinding when initializing type/package annotations
  + also make initialization of type annotation and annotation of its package more independent
    to better serve various call scenarios
  + perform more analysis even if a method has no parameters
Improved reporting and quickfixes:
+ avoid reporting issues inside dead code (would be imprecise anyway)
+ added a test re Bug 354554 - [null] conditional with redundant condition yields weak error message
+ new IProblem ParameterLackingNullableAnnotation (same parameterized message, though)
+ support quickfixes for a few more IProblems, but for ParameterLackingXYZ don't propose to change the super method
+ fixed which annotation to add (depending on modifyOverridden)

6 files changed