remove references to "RCx" in preparation for the real release.
diff --git a/plugins/ b/plugins/
index 2552c6e..50a659b 100644
--- a/plugins/
+++ b/plugins/
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
 <h1>OTDT 2.0.0 - New and Noteworthy</h1>
-<div class="navigation"><i>Accumulating changes since the 0.7.1 Release - status: 2.0.0 RC1</i></div>
+<div class="navigation"><i>Changes since the 0.7.1 Release</i></div>
 <div style="width:40%; padding:2px;background-color:#707070;"><div style="text-align:justify;background-color:#def4fe;padding:3px;">
 Note, that milestones towards the 2.0.0 release where named 0.8.0M<i>x</i>.
 The switch in version numbers has been made between 0.8.0M7 and 2.0.0 RC1 in preparation for the project's graduation from incubation status.
@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@
-    <td><p align="right"><b>Dealing with lifting problems</b><br>
+    <td id="bug337413"><p align="right"><b>Dealing with lifting problems</b><br>
         <span class="since">since&nbsp;2.0RC1</span><br>
         <a class="buglink" title="consider changing LiftingFailedException to a checked exception" href="">337413</a></p></td>
     <td><p>Whenever lifting fails (due to a role binding ambiguity or an abstract relevant role) a <code>LiftingFailedException</code> is thrown