BETA_JAVA17 adjustments:

- Further adjust AstGenerator.caseStatement() for 'default'
- silence JobManager logging in OTJLD tests.
- fix an override in AbstractOTJLDTest (after signature change in jdt)
- exclude generated proxies from weaving (can't access the unnamed mod)
- integrate with new rules about static nested
- avoid secondary warning which confused ReportedBugs.testB11_ch5b
- fix exceptions from LocalStaticsTest:
  - better Dependencies.isLocalType() to avoid NPE
  - better Dependencies.hasErrors() to avoid AssertionError
- fix missing merge in InterfaceMethodsTest
- ensure default methods set hasParsedStatements
- add 'permittedTypes' feature to dom RoleTypeDeclaration
  - align code layout with TypeDeclaration for comparison
- update api_filters
11 files changed