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+    <title>Java builder extended for Object Teams</title>
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+    <h1>Java builder extended for Object Teams</h1>
+    <p>The <b>OT/J builder</b> is a seamless extension of the Java builder for Object Teams.
+    It manages the incremental compilation of individual source files within a project,
+    which aims at performing minimal work only, as to speed up compilation for large 
+    projects if only small changes have been performed.
+    </p><p>
+    By the introduction of role files 
+    (<a href="otjld/def/s1.html#s1.2.5"><img src="../icons/ot_paragraph.gif"> 1.2.5</a>)
+    even inner classes (here: roles) can be compiled individually.
+    Incremental compilation is guided by an analysis of the various dependencies among classes.
+    </p><p>    
+	If for some reason incremental compilation fails were it should not, a full build can
+	be triggered by <span class="ui">Project-&gt;Clean...</code>.
+	</p>
+    <p>Note that the produced class files contain standard Java byte code. However, for execution
+    the Object Teams Runtime Environment (OTRE) is needed in order to weave aspect code into
+    base classes. Additional options in the launching dialog will take care of this detail for you
+    (see <a href="running.html">Running Object Teams programs</a>).
+  </body>
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