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Florian Thienelfa641e52011-11-10 00:49:26 +01001<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3 <feature url="features/org.eclipse.vex.feature_1.0.0.qualifier.jar" id="org.eclipse.vex.feature" version="1.0.0.qualifier">
4 <category name="vex_core"/>
5 </feature>
6 <feature url="features/org.eclipse.vex.sdk.feature_1.0.0.qualifier.jar" id="org.eclipse.vex.sdk.feature" version="1.0.0.qualifier">
7 <category name="vex_sdk"/>
8 </feature>
9 <category-def name="vex_core" label="Vex Core">
10 <description>
11 Vex Core Plugins. Contains the core functionality as well as built in support for DocBook and DITA.
12 </description>
13 </category-def>
14 <category-def name="vex_sdk" label="Vex SDK Source">
15 <description>
16 SDK Feature that contains source bundles that can be installed.
17 </description>
18 </category-def>