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Florian Thienele82b4752012-03-19 21:08:44 +01001README for the DocBook Schema
3For more information about DocBook, please see
7Please send all questions, comments, concerns, and bug reports to the
8DocBook mailing list:
10This distribution contains:
12 README This file
13 VERSION The version of DocBook in this distribution
14 docs/ Documentation (see also
15 docs/howto.* A "HOWTO" describing how to upgrade from DocBook V4.x
16 docs/*docbook.* The DocBook specification
17 tools/ Tools for working with DocBook
18 tools/db4-upgrade.xsl An XSLT (1.0) stylesheet for upgrading DocBook V4.x
19 documents to DocBook V5.x
20 tools/ A Perl script to aid in the transition from external
21 parsed entities to XInclude
22 rng/ DocBook schemas implemented in RELAX NG
23 dtd/ DocBook schemas implemented in XML DTDs
24 xsd/ DocBook schemas implemented in W3C XML Schema
25 sch/ Additional normative constraints expressed in Schematron