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# Language-specific strings in plugin.xml
pluginName= Vex XML Editor
providerName= Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) Incubator Project Plug-in Build Problem Decorator Configuration Debug Document Type
NewDocumentWizard.desc=Create an XML document using the Vex editor. Plug-in Project
NewPluginProjectWizard.desc=Create a new Vex Plug-in project. Plug-in Builder Plug-in Project Decorator Plugin Project Nature Style XML Editor XML Editor Multipage XML Editor XML Documents
extensionPoint.doctypes=Vex Document Types
extensionPoint.styles=Vex Styles Vex - Visual Editor for XML Add Element... &Duplicate Selection Convert Element To...
# dynamic names for 'Remove Tag' see Remove Tag
# dynamic names for 'Remove Tag' see Add Row Above Add Row Below Move Row Up Move Row Down Remove Row Add Column to the Left Add Column to the Right Move Column Left Move Column Right Remove Column Previous Table Cell Next Table Cell Split Block Element Split Item &Document &Add &Element... Row &Above Row &Below Column to the &Left Column to the &Right &Move
menu.Move.RowUp= Row &Up
menu.Move.RowDown= Row &Down
menu.Move.ColumnLeft= Column &Left
menu.Move.ColumnRight= Column &Right &Remove &Row &Column Row Add Above Add Below Move Up Move Down Remove Column Add to the Left Add to the Right Move Left Move Right Remove Style