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<title>Creating a New Document Type</title>
<h1>Registering a DTD</h1>
<p>You can register a new document type with Vex if you have a DTD
file describing the document structure.</p>
<li>If necessary, <a href="create-plugin-project.html">create a
plug-in project</a> to contain your DTD.</li>
<li>Copy the DTD file and any related files to a directory in the
plug-in project. If you copy these files outside of Eclipse, you
may have to refresh the workspace in Eclipse by right-clicking
the project in the Navigator and selecting <b>Refresh</b> from
the context menu.</li>
<li>In the Navigator, right-click the DTD file and select
<li>Select the Vex Document Type property page and provide a
Name, Public ID, and System ID to use for this document type. You
may optionally select which elements in the DTD may be used for
document root elements when done. Click OK when done.</li>
<p>You can confirm that your DTD file was successfully registered
by checking out the <a href="show-configuration-view.html">Vex
Configuration view</a>.</p>
<p>Note that you must also <a href="register-css.html">register a
CSS stylesheet</a> and bind it to your new document type before you
can edit documents with the type.</p>
<h5>Related Tasks</h5>
<li><a href="create-plugin-project.html">Creating a Plug-in
<li><a href="register-css.html">Registering a CSS file</a></li>