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<title>Registering a CSS Stylesheet</title>
<h1>Registering a CSS Stylesheet</h1>
<p>Vex uses a CSS stylesheet to determine the fonts, colours, and
spacing to use while editing your document. You can register a new
CSS stylesheet with Vex as follows.</p>
<li>If necessary, <a href="create-plugin-project.html">create a
plug-in project</a> to contain your stylesheet.</li>
<li>Copy the CSS file and any related files to a directory in the
plug-in project. If you copy these files outside of Eclipse, you
may have to refresh the workspace in Eclipse by right-clicking
the project in the Navigator and selecting <b>Refresh</b> from
the context menu.</li>
<li>In the Navigator, right-click the CSS file and select
<li>Select the Vex Style property page and provide a Name for
your stylesheet. You must also select all document types to which
the style applies. Click OK when done.</li>
<p>You can confirm that your DTD file was successfully registered
by checking out the <a href="show-configuration-view.html">Vex
Configuration view</a>.</p>
<h5>Related Tasks</h5>
<li><a href="create-plugin-project.html">Creating a Plug-in
<li><a href="register-dtd.html">Registering a DTD</a></li>