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<title>Creating a Plug-in Project</title>
<h1>Creating a Plug-in Project</h1>
<p>Vex can be extended to handle new document types by placing DTD
and CSS files into a special kind of project called a <i>plug-in
project</i>. You can create a plug-in project as follows.</p>
<li>From the main menu, select <b>File &gt; New &gt;
<li>Under the Vex folder in the resulting dialog, select Vex
Plug-in Project and click Next &gt;.</li>
<li>Enter a name for you project and optionally a location in the
filesystem to place the project folder, then click Finish.</li>
<p>The project will appear in the Navigator view with a folder icon
that has the Vex logo in the top left corner.</p>
<h5>Related Tasks</h5>
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