1. 8533414 Ensure all packages are exported. Make necessary packages visible to test plugins. by itrimble · 15 years ago
  2. fbbd02e Fixed Java5 compile problem (had 'bad' whitespace) by cbateman · 15 years ago
  3. c28253f Switch over from wst proxy to platform proxy preferences. *NOTE* this change hasn't yet been tested because a JSFLibrary change is causing it fail on setup. by cbateman · 16 years ago
  4. 919c34d Plugin refactoring to: by cbateman · 16 years ago
  5. 14e9cc8 Plugin refactoring stage 1: jst.jsf.context plugins (except context.symbol) and contentmodel.annotations have been moved to jsf.common, obsoleting previous plugins by cbateman · 16 years ago v20061121_checkpoint_2 v20061128_checkpoint_3
  6. 78cc5ad Basic coverage testing for JSF EL 1.1 validation. by cbateman · 16 years ago