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Adds forRuntimeClass and instancePerProject options to variable and property resolver along with new default decorative variable and property resolvers.

Adds three new extension ids that can be used to create default context symbol factories in tag meta-data for: unknown variables (creates map variable for which all props are valid), static value variables (creates variables of meta-data specified type) and value expression variables that can receive their variable type from the EL value result of another attribute on the same tag.

Also integrates code from to create a new JSFSymbolFactory to make it easier to do common symbol creation tasks.  The data model context factory has also been refactored into this factory.

Added exemplary usage of decorative variable resolvver to the trinidad tag support in the form a decorative dt variable resolver that resolves the same symbols as the runtime trinidad equivalent.

Finally, changes to tests to support changes (no new coverage yet).
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