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= JGit Wishlist =
Below are some of the areas that needs work. Also take a look at JGit
related issues in the EGit project:
== Switch Branch ==
Switch to an existing branch, updating the working directory to match.
Note that updating the working directory may require a 3 way merge
if the working directory is dirty (git checkout -m).
My usual git working style is to not switch branches with a dirty
working directory; I always commit to the current branch before
switching to a new one. I mention that because I assume it'll be
easier to implement that workflow first; once you have commit
capability, you can do that style of branch switching (either
preventing the switch or doing an implicit commit when the working
directory is dirty) without having to worry about merging. ''--
Steven Grimm''
== Merge ==
Merging changes from one local branch to another.
Again, like fetch I'd like to keep egit/jgit 100% pure Java and
implement merge-recursive in Java. We may need to invoke RCS
merge if Eclipse doesn't have its own 3 way file merge algorithm
available, or do what core Git just did and implement a 3 way in
memory merge algorithm. git-merge-recursive is only 1336 lines of C
so it should not be too difficult to port the algorithm to pure Java.
== SVN Integration ==
It would be swell -- but put it at the bottom of your priority list
-- to have git-svn interoperability; sadly most of my git usage at
the moment is in cloned svn repositories and it would be great if
egit could do the right thing when the current git repo is cloned
from svn. What "the right thing" is, exactly, is debatable, but I
suppose some kind of integration with the Subclipse plugin is one
possibility (and if nothing else, that plugin probably has code
that can be reused.) I'd like to be able to update from and commit
to the parent svn repository. ''-- Steven Grimm''
I'm considering this to be out of scope for the time being, but if
someone takes it on and submits reasonable patches we'll include
them. ''-- Shawn Pearce''