Merge changes I057c782c,Idff096ce,Ic9be0280,I07014d1b,Id8a76ee7,I9080f3dd,I8c1a0eb8,Ibaf87bb5,I9e1f1f5a,I355e95fa

* changes:
  Prompt for passwords from the console in jgit command line tools
  Move AWT based SSH authenticator to ui bundle
  Refactor the cached Authenticator data out of AwtAuthenticator
  Only import the sample data packs on tests that need them
  Move T0007_Index to exttst
  Refactor RepositoryTestCase to use LocalDiskRepository instead
  Create JUnit test utilities for JGit derived sources
  Delete obsolete JarLinkUtil
  Refactor our Maven build to be modular
  Switch pgm, test to proper plugin projects