Merge branch 'push-sideband' into stable-0.7

* push-sideband:
  Reuse the line buffer between strings in PacketLineIn
  http.server: Use TemporaryBuffer and compress some responses
  Reduce multi-level buffered streams in transport code
  Fix smart HTTP client buffer alignment
  Use "ERR message" for early ReceivePack problems
  Catch and report "ERR message" during remote advertisements
  Wait for EOF on stderr before finishing SSH channel
  Capture non-progress side band #2 messages and put in result
  ReceivePack: Enable side-band-64k capability for status reports
  Use more restrictive patterns for sideband progress scraping
  Prefix remote progress tasks with "remote: "
  Decode side-band channel number as unsigned integer
  Refactor SideBandInputStream construction
  Refactor SideBandOutputStream to be buffered

Change-Id: Ic9689e64e8c87971f2fd402cb619082309d5587f