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Alex Lagarde6741df72013-05-23 16:32:39 +02001# about.ini
2# contains information about a feature
3# file (ISO 8859-1 with "\" escapes)
4# "%key" are externalized strings defined in
5# This file does not need to be translated.
7# Property "aboutText" contains blurb for "About" dialog (translated)
Alex Lagarde97a1cb92013-05-23 16:32:39 +02008aboutText=Mylyn Intent - Documentation tooling (Generator for Intent documents)\n\
9The following feature contains a set of generators allowing to export Intent Document under several formats (HTML Bootstrap...).\n\
10Intent is a tool allowing developers to easily write a documentation up-to-date with any development artifact (models, code, environment...).\n\
Alex Lagarde97a1cb92013-05-23 16:32:39 +020011\n\
12(c) Copyright Obeo and others. 2010, 2012. All rights reserved.\n\
Alex Lagarde6741df72013-05-23 16:32:39 +020015
16# Property "featureImage" contains path to feature image (32x32)
Alex Lagarde97a1cb92013-05-23 16:32:39 +020017featureImage=feature.gif