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<title>Graphiti &quot;New and Noteworthy&quot;</title>
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<h1>Graphiti &quot;New and Noteworthy&quot; for Kepler</h1>
<p>Last revised August 20, 2012</p>
<p>This document describes the new development topics that were
addressed during the milestones towards the release 0.10.0 within the
Kepler release train.</p>
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<td colspan="2">
<td colspan="2">The main focus for this milestone has been set
on bugfixing and implementing round-offs. Besides project related
tasks were focused.</td>
<tr id="bug 377871">
<td class="title"><a
<td class="content">The Gerrit code review system has been
enabled for the Graphiti Git repository.</td>
<tr id="bug 383768">
<td class="title"><a
API for configuration provider</a></td>
<td class="content">The Graphiti configuration provider is now
part of the official API. Clients can access it through the public
method getConfigurationProvider in the diagram editor class.</td>
<tr id="bug 386913">
<td class="title"><a
<td class="content">Clients can now register a 'single-click
feature' analog to the already possible 'double-click feature'. By
doing this any custom feature can be started on clicking once with
the mouse onto a shape.</td>
<tr id="bug 384330">
<td class="title"><a
<td class="content">A wrong method reference has been fixed in
the Graphiti documentation.</td>
<tr id="bug 383512">
<td class="title"><a
<td class="content">A bug when moving a polyline has been fixed
that lead to wrong positioning of the moved shape when the line does
not start at position 0, 0.</td>
<tr id="bug 380439">
<td class="title"><a
<td class="content">The DefaultRemoveFeature now also removes
connections of nested shapes.</td>
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