Updated News&Noteworthy for M7 with latest contributions
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 	<h1>Graphiti &quot;New and Noteworthy&quot; for Juno</h1>

-	<p>Last revised January 31, 2012</p>

+	<p>Last revised May 9, 2012</p>

 	<p>This document describes the new development topics that were

 		addressed during the milestones towards the release 0.9.0 within the

 		Juno release train.</p>

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 				undo after that operation. Now all editors can be undone or redone

 				without hitting that block.</td>


+		<tr id="bug 377419">

+			<td class="title"><a

+				href="https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=377419">Hide

+					Underlying Text while Direct Editing is Enabled</a></td>

+			<td class="content">For MultiLineText shapes the current text is

+				now hidden when direct editing is enabled. Showing both texts (the

+				current one on the diagram and the edited one in the direct editing popup)

+				was irritating and looked ugly.</td>

+		</tr>

 		<tr id="bug 361736">

 			<td class="title"><a


@@ -99,6 +108,14 @@
 				Graphic Algorithm properties has been introduced. It answers some

 				questions that were aften asked on the effect of these properties.</td>


+		<tr id="bug 359227">

+			<td class="title"><a

+				href="https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=359227">Link

+					with Editor Example</a></td>

+			<td class="content">The Graphiti tutorial implementation now

+				provides an example how to implement the Eclipse functionality "link

+				with editor" for the Project Explorer.</td>

+		</tr>

 		<tr id="bug 375533">

 			<td class="title"><a