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<h1>New Graphit Plug-in Wizard</h1>
This wizard has been introduced with Graphiti 0.9.0 and allows the
creation of a new Eclipse plug-in project containing a basic Graphiti
editor. It is integrated in the <i>New Plug-in Project Wizard</i>
provided by Eclipse PDE and can be started via <i>File --&gt; New --&gt;
Project... --&gt; Plug-in Development --&gt; Plug-in Project</i>. The user can
specify the name along with the other settings for the new plug-in
project and on the third page of the wizard select the template <i>Plug-in
with a Graphiti Editor</i>.
<img alt="Template selection for new Plug-in with a Graphiti Editor"
src="images/NPW_Template.png" width="400px">
<p>On the next page, the user can change the pre-filled definitions
of the Graphiti Diagram Type, Diagram Type Provider and Feature
Provider to be created. The initial values proposed there are derived
from the name of the plug-in project.</p>
<img alt="Settings for new Plug-in with a Graphiti Editor"
src="images/NPW_Settings.png" width="400px">
<p>After finishing the wizard a new plug-in is created containing
the definitions and basic implementation classes for a new Graphiti
diagram editor that allows the creation of new shapes and connections
between shapes. The shapes and connections are not yet linked to any
domain objects but offer a good starting point for building a real
editor. The user may simply start a Eclipse Application as runtime for
this and simply create a new Graphiti diagram with the new type by
using the Graphiti New Diagram Wizard that comes as part of the