- Rename ESF entry in context menu (ESF -> Safety Analysis)

- No separate model, analysis is done in the same model (implies that there is no specific SafetyArtifacts folder any more)

- Context menu for starting a component analysis is active on packages and classes. If called on a package, a 2nd menu lists all the classes in that package.

- Port direction is now a derived attribute of the PortAnalysis stereotype. Thus, it's not calculated once during the start of an analysis, but remains always in sync with the port (not a copy any more). Currently, implementation is based on provideds.size() > 0 => IN, requireds.size() > 0 => OUT, both > 0 => INOUT, which might hold in many cases, but may need port-customization specific handling in others.

Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <ansgar.radermacher@cea.fr>
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