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Yupanqui Munoz75ad7cd2015-11-03 10:55:04 +01001# Handle line endings automatically for files detected as text
2# and leave all files detected as binary untouched.
3* text=auto
6# The above will handle all files NOT found below
8# These files are text and should be normalized (Convert crlf => lf)
9*.classpath text
10*.configuration text
11*.creationmenumodel text
12*.css text
13*.ctx text
14*.df text
15*.di text
16*.ecore text
17*.elementtypesconfigurations text
18*.expansionmodel text
19*.fml text
20*.genmodel text
21*.htm text
22*.html text
23*.ini text
24*.java text
25*.js text
26*.json text
27*.jsp text
28*.jspf text
29*.LICENSE text
30*.md text
31*.mediawiki text
32*.MF text
33*.nattableconfiguration text
34*.notation text
35*.paletteconfiguration text
36*.prefs text
37*.product text
38*.project text
39*.properties text
40*.sh text
41*.suite text
42*.svg text
43*.test text
44*.tld text
45*.tsv text
46*.txt text
47*.uml text
48*.xmi text
49*.xml text
50*.xwt text
52# These files are binary and should be left untouched
53# (binary is a macro for -text -diff)
54*.bmp binary
55*.class binary
56*.dll binary
57*.ear binary
58*.gif binary
59*.ico binary
60*.jar binary
61*.jpg binary
62*.jpeg binary
63*.pdf binary
64*.png binary
65*.so binary
66*.war binary